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dksartz·a day agoText

More 616 avengers warrior cats au concept doodles. wip

Definitely leaning towards shellheart for Tony’s warrior name, even tho it makes me wish id decided on wingheart for steve but tony can call him winghead as a joke maybe, idk.

Still have to decide what his fur color/pattern is tho xD

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dksartz·10 days agoText

I’ve been working on a couple different things to add to my etsy, including those dragon cats and additional pride cat stickers, but also I have been thinking about making coloring books!

Im going to convert some of my art/lineart and draw some new stuff from scratch, and the plan is to get them printed on paper stock that’s good for coloring with colored pencils, maybe Kraft cardstock, or other toned paper, and then I’ll bind them myself into books! (glue bound, so you can remove pages if you want) :D

Would anyone be interested in these? Im planning on four different books (starting with five copies of each maybe), Animals, Creatures (dragons, unis, fairies, cat people, dragoncats…), Characters (probs mostly Steve and Tony haha), and Landscapes/Flora/Still Lifes. Possibly also an Abstract book. Another option is to have mixed theme books, but that can get more confusing for me ^^’

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dksartz·16 days agoText

This is called watch mimi’s style change between 3 drawings….

Tony is a blue Abyssinian, Jan is a calico Turkish van, and Steve is just a domestic longhair ^^

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dksartz·2 months agoText

Somehow I have many more tank tops than I do shorts o.O

Well, I actually have a couple more pairs but I think of those as capris bc they’re longer than the other Bermuda shorts, and then I have actual capris too.. varying lengths. But still, weird, esp bc until recently I only had the one pair of Bermudas, and somehow managed??? Now I have 4+ pairs…

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dksartz·2 months agoText

Drawing my clothes to help plan for a trip, so far only managed to draw most of my tank tops…forgot to draw my basic ones. And the sizes are not to scale lol

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dksartz·2 months agoText

okay, so part of the problem with naming warrior cat au tony is that i cant decide what his fur should look like/what breed he should be, and it correlates to the naming. like i mean, i’ve had multiple varations on mcu cat tony, and 616 cat tony is no different. 

my first mcu tony idea was a smol brown and white tabby. then it was for both 616 and mcu i liked the black and white cat idea. then i tried bengal and other fun patterns and colors. i tried out savannah cat idea with mcu cat tony and then went and made an au of my au with savannah cat 616 tony too… steve is always a golden-furred tabby with white in varying amounts, bc that’s just…him. (name options goldenheart or wingheart, leaning towards the latter for 616 and the former for mcu) but tony i just. aefsdftrgfdxsetfgr 

like, if tony cat is red-furred you can use names that reference the coloration, if he’s golden-furred that’s another range of names that only work for golden fur (or golden eyes). if he’s a black and white cat, particularly the option for a white circle on his chest makes for some interesting name options. if he’s russet, spotted, that offers different names than if he’s silver and black. his eyes are blue in 616, so different name options than amber eyed mcu tony, since either way he’s joining the clan as an apprentice-age (or older) cat (as opposed to naming a newborn kitten who always has blue eyes, you cant name them something to do w eye color bc they might grow into green or amber eyes instead lol)

so. idek.

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dksartz·2 months agoText

616 warrior cats au thoughts stuff under the readmore

I decided the 616 au should kind of be different from the mcu au. Idk, just, Tony finds Steve in 616. But I wanted them to be friends first/for Steve to be the reason Tony joins the clan. But then it doesnt work, bc who is gonna vouch for Tony joining?

Why did Steve and bucky cat actually disappear, like what happened in the cat au that leads to them not returning/disappearing??? I dont know! And Tony is supposed to be friends with Jan and thor and hank etc before they find Steve, okay, I can still do that…

Tony came to the clan because he didnt have a home anymore and because he needed to at least try to find out what happened to Steve. They want him to leave at first but he explains why hes there, asks them about Steve cat, they dont know, he might be dead.

He says that he doesnt have a home anymore and Steve cat kept trying to convince him to join the clan so he knows about the code and starclan and he wants to be a part of their clan. They take him to the clan and he explains and they’re divided but since they’re down 2 cats and dont have a lot of cats, they accept him as an apprentice.

Tony is grieving Steve cat, but part of him doesn’t believe hes dead, somehow. He ends up befriending the others his age etc fairly quickly… Uhh it’s much later that they find Steve after star clan gets involved in Tony cat’s dreams, and the leader/med cat as well, decide to send a small group to investigate what the dream was pointing towards, and its Jan, thor, Tony, and hank.

Bruce is med cat maybe so idk if he should come. Also rhodey, let’s throw him in? Anyway they go on an Adventure and they do find Steve…idk what happened to him or bucky, why he didnt return, what happened at all, why he and bucky left/what they were doing.

Did they get caught by twolegs? Did they get attacked by the equivalent of bloodclan? Why were they near the twolegplace? Investigating something??? Maybe star clan meddling again, dreams, idk. Or, Bucky (younger than Steve like in 616 canon, Steve cat has just recently been made a warrior, bucky has only been an apprentice for a few moons) had tracked Steve bc his friend kept disappearing on him, on the way back from visiting Tony, bucky, who is following Steve, gets atta led by a cat or dog, Steve leaps to his defense, they have to flee, but get turned around/lost in twolegplace.

Maybe they find another cat in need and try to protect them and then get separated by accident. Steve cant find bucky, hes not sure how to get out of the maze of thunderpaths and twoleg paths and fenced in yards, etc. And he gets grabbed by some twolegs.

Meanwhile bucky has been captured by the bloodclan equivalent and forced to join them, he’s afraid. hes afraid to disobey or try to run because he doesnt know how to get out of fhe twolegplace, he doesnt know what happened to Steve and he cant fight them and hes not ready to die all on his own, this is not a battle he can win. But he will hate himself later. I guess. Cats dont really have brainwashing. Maybe he hits his head and forgets things, or maybe he was only just made apprentice and is manipulated. Idk.

Anyway so Steve is caught by twolegs and ends up in a shelter? He was caught for tnr lol but then hes scared theyll kill him if he fights so he acts friendly, so they think hes adoptable maybe, and theres a mix up with paperwork so they think he was fixed but he wasnt actually. But hes not friendly enough to adopt out, but acts friendly towards the people who work there sort of, so hes just trapped in the shelter for months??

Long enough for Tony cat to get his warrior name. Maybe Steve cat does get adopted, and that’s how he is found. He’s not sure how long it’s been since he was captured and he still has no idea what happened to bucky cat, and he feels guilty.

The twolegs who adopted him have a yard but they dont let him out into it, they have a screened in porch where he spends his time staring out at the forest over the fence. And then one day a group of cats leap over the fence into the yard away from yipping dogs one yard over, and Steve cat scrambles to his paws. The scent… could it be?

He isnt sure, he doesnt recognize them (they’ve changed and so has he!) And they dont quite recognize him at first, but as they approach theres recognition. Its Steve cat! And Steve realizes its Tony catches hes actually a warrior! Hes birdclan now! And those are Steve cat’s classmates! That is birdclan scent! They’re separated by the screen but they greet each other joyfully and have a million questions.

They work out a plan to get Steve out of the screened in porch (he was feeling too depressed/unhappy/guilty to try, before, and it is a strong material) and it works eventually. They do the cat equivalent of hugging and then get a move on. They got help from a kittypet on how to get out or maybe Tony knows because he found his way out to the forest and this is his area of the twolegplace (more residential area than the area where Steve and bucky were separated)

anyway so they make their way out of the twolegplace, though Steve has been trying to look for bucky the whole time and becomes more and more disheartened as they go. Those cats were vicious, moreso than their battles with snakeclan usually, and Steve cat fears bucky cat is lost to them…. and uhh.

Anyway so they go back to the clan together and things are good and fairly peaceful and they do fight snakeclan for or over territory, etc normal warriors stuff. (But their little group of warriors becomes known as the avengers). Some normal cross clan romance drama in the background probably. And uh Steve and Tony are falling in love and pining for each other. That’s a major thing!

They’re dumbos for all the usual reasons basically. They probably eventually become mates and later adopt orphaned kits or something. They definitely both mentor apprentices. Steve eventually becomes leader and Tony his deputy of course.

Uhh at some pt Steve falls into a sinkhole during a battle and everyone thinks he died and Tony doesmt believe it and wont go to get 9 lives but he does make Carol his temporary deputy and act as stand in leader. Some of the clan who never liked him think he’s behind what happened to Steve this time.

Eventually Steve claws his way back out and is like im not dead! And also dont blame Tony it was that redclaw, he tried to kill him and then Steve fell. snakeclan need to do something about that cat. Idk. Stuff!! Drama!! Okay!!

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dksartz·2 months agoText

Possible names for 616 tony!cat for the warriors au au..

Under the read more now

Ironflight / Ironwing / Ironsong / Shellhead~/ Shellwing / Birchwing / Silverheart / Silverwing / Ashwing / Skyheart / Owlheart / Owlwing / Moonheart (the black and white cat au Tony’s name) / ?????

Edit: more options maybe???

Duskwing /dusksong / Slatewing / slateheart / rabbitflight / Haresong / harewing / Silversong / Otterwing / Aspenwing / aspenheart / Alderwing / alderheart / Cloverheart / cloversong / cloverwing / Shellfeather / Shellfur / Greysong/ greywing / greyflight / greyheart / Larkwing / Badgerflight? / Dawnsong/ dawnwing / dawnflight / dawnheart / Smokewing / Shadewing / Brightwing/ Flintsong /flintwing / flintheart / Rushwing / rushsong / Mistwing / Flightsong / Asterwing / Asterheart / Bluewing / Blueheart / stormwing / stormheart


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dksartz·2 months agoText

Okay SO! i have inspiration and IDEAS for the warrior cats au again!! This is a 616 version though!!

steve is Wingpaw/Wingheart of Birdclan, tony is a housecat/showcat (fancy purebred). they meet when tony is peering over his yard’s fence/ looking out the window and sees steve!cat, and they start talking and steve keeps visiting (he hunts while he’s over there, buries the catches and then goes to chat w tony before heading home to the clan) and they become friends. Steve tells tony all about the clan, and tony is really interested, he’s very lonely (despite jarvis’ care) and the stories of how clan members help one another and protect each other, avenging losses, the community of a clan, etc, appeals to him. he doesn’t want to leave jarvis, though. 

Steve is really certain that tony would be a great warrior and addition to birdclan, but he sort of understands that tony cares for his twoleg (technically howard is tony’s twoleg, but he only really sees the man during shows, jarvis takes care of him mostly) (maria is also a cat in this universe, and she and tony were meant to show together - tony is the only kitten howard kept to show from the litter - but then she disappeared when tony was little…. tony wonders now if maybe she left to join a clan… he’s heard there are others, besides birdclan and snakeclan, far away…) anyway so steve cat doesn’t push too much. 

and then one day he stops showing up, and tony cat is hurt and confused, at first. and then more and more days pass without a single visit from wingpaw/wingheart. tony grows concerned, but maybe he didn’t matter that much to the other cat… But it’s been at least a moon, and he hasn’t seen him.

and then jarvis and howard are killed in a car accident. tony finds out when they dont’ come home, and then another twoleg is bustling around the mansion and mentions the loss. he also mentions on the phone that he’s going to sell the cat. So tony leaves. the twoleg left the back door open, so tony goes out and leaps the fence, and off he goes into the woods. he has nothing keeping him from investigating what happened to wingheart. (i think maybe steve got his warrior name and went to tell tony like, right before he went missing).

So tony joins birdclan, and becomes an apprentice (though he’s older than some of the other apprentices) and is named [??? shellpaw? idk still gotta decide on the name thing]. he finds out something, that the clan doesn’t know where wingheart is either….  eventually tony becomes a warrior and his name will pay tribute to wingheart in some way (either using wing or heart as his own suffix, either the leader decided or tony requests it). Eventually also he does find steve… etc etc.. still have stuff to figure out lol

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