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Hi doll moth! Can I request a platonic madrigals with a reader that still has her dreams powers from the last request about it but the reader dies in their sleep to something and the family is distressed, but then they keep seeing her in dreams in her dream world form with the little clouds on their hair and they uses the clouds to help guide them into their main domain in the dream world where she controls everything and they tells them that even after death, they are still here for them.
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela  after your death they both fell into a state of disarray and sadness trying to find out anyway to bring you back whenever she would actually get sleep at this point she would see you and always try to run and get you but you would always disappear Without a Trace
💙Julieta and agustín  they probably miss you the most trying your best to help the town you overwork yourself to death sometimes they still see you in your dreams even though you're slightly different they always try to get you back they always kept your body but it was practically useless but for some strange reason you can't decay
💙 Isabela  she always decorated your room with flowers so she probably missed you the most even though you were gone for such a long time she couldn't get over it she wanted to see you again so she would always fall asleep to see if you were in her dreams you were but you were different but whenever she would try to get you you would disappear
💙lusia  she probably was one of the worst affected by your desk thinking that it was her fault that you died but of course she knew that wasn't true since you died in your sleep you would always try your best to even help her in her dreams even though your dreams form with your final form you couldn't go back to your body you are too weak
💙Maribel  when she figured out that she felt a great deal of sadness you what are one of the only people that actually respected her and treated her like family despite her not having a gift so you being gone really affected her instead of being happy and getting a she would be resentful and bitter even in her dreams she would see you as someone who left her but she missed you too much to be mad
💛Pepa and Fèlix  they missed you a lot don't get me wrong they felt so guilty when you passed away because you passed away in their room you never wanted to leave even though everything that they did was terrible even though you wish you had freedom you love them or is that Stockholm Syndrome oh you don't care your parents love you
💛 Dolores she wouldn't stop crying for hours you know she was really close to you since you would be the only person that calms her down in her dreams or from overstimulation from loud noises you had to do something but you tried to help her even in your final moments
💛 Camilo he blamed you you would always be there by him but there is nothing you could do about it you were dead and he knew it you would never come back and he felt guilty for hurting you for so long but he knew it was necessary he misses you so much but yet he still blames you
💚 Bruno  not even his Future Vision could bring you back it and he felt so building he didn't know what to do he missed you so much and you would always be there to calm him down but you are no longer there even when he was sleeping and you were in his dreams he couldn't bear to be by you
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Tumblr media
🧡 Platonic yandere Carlos 🧡
🧡 if you thought Camilo was bad this guy's way worse Carlos is mean and no hesitation to be mean he will put you down no matter what if you try to actually need someone to be your partner she will definitely put them down to the point where they don't want to go by you anymore especially with his shape-shifting involving animals he person likes turning into your favorite animal to cuddle with you otherwise he's a complete dick
🧡 this guy may be a little bit more violent than Camilo he personally likes killing them in front of you especially when he's jealous then he'll comfort you later"Mi preciosa I'm sorry you forced my hand you will thank me later you'll only need me" and then he'll leave you with the bloody body in front of you as extra punishment
🧡 he puts you down so much that you believe the things that he tells you now you're in the palm of his hand and he loves it. He loves control when I mean he loves control he wants to take control of everything how you dress how you talk or even how you look at things this man is jealous if you even stare at someone that's not him for too long she will grab your hand and squeeze it until he hears a crack and then you look up at him trying not to cry from pain he only smiles 
🧡 you to start matching outfits because he likes the idea of people knowing that you're a part of his family and it doesn't really matter your mother just things you two are cute and matching little do you know he's just marking you as his little sibling and people won't mess with you especially with him because they know how ruthless is pranks will be
🧡 you just try to be happy in the moments that you have time alone whenever you're in your room you normally just have some peace and Casita doesn't gives you that piece unless it's night time even then whenever you go to sleep you can still feel Carlos's eyes watching you like a hawk
🧡 unlike Camilio where he would never punish you Carlos does painfully whether you like it or not you're staying in the family his family he sees you as his only connection to his family whether you be is cousin or sibling you will forever be a part of this family no matter what and you will never try to escape
"Mi preciosa I'll always be here for you"
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Be honest guys you know how originally Camilo was named Carlos and he was originally going to be the mean cousin would you guys like if I made yandere headcanons of him platonic obviously
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Hi doll moth! I hope you had a good day! Can I request a platonic madrigals with a reader who has a magic cookbook. The cookbook has tons of magical spells that the reader can bake like shut me up shortcake, which makes the person who eats the shortcake go quiet. The reader also can creates spells too. Spells can be broken by doing something like forgiving the person you shut up using the shortcake, or using a counter spell like wide awake beef Wellington for a sleepy stew spell.
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela she knows that you are very useful to the town so she knows that they mostly have to work for you or appreciation and she agrees no one is good for you except for the family but that doesn't change her mind that your cooking is very useful like julieta's so you like spending a lot of time with her so everyone does get a little jealous especially her and she knows it's just because it's closer to the kitchen
💙Julieta and agustín  being your aunt and uncle they normally try to fulfill your gift and definitely does help but you helped them a lot with your gift if you ever need a music moose you'll give it to a Agustín or even a power of Pie to make their gift better he mostly just try your best to be useful but people do like abusing your power so they mostly get rid of them
💙 Isabela  she personally love stealing your attention allow the time to the point where it does get a little distracting whenever you're trying to cook but you do try your best and that's all that matters she gets a second try of your cooking and she loves it even if it does affect her it doesn't matter
💙lusia  she looks have the stress relief tea which is not like normal teas that make you relieve your stress it actually does because of your gift so she actually feels calm so she feels the most safe around you so she tends to gravitate around you and I mean that a lot she will follow you around if she finishes her chores early
💙Maribel  she loves your cooking to even if it has no effect on her allow the time she personally just likes eating it because it's so good it reminds her of her mother's and you being a nibbling doesn't really matter she would love you either way sibling aunt or Uncle anything just to try your cooking
💛Pepa and Fèlix  being your parents they are the most supportive people that you'll ever meet and they will definitely eat your food and even if it's something they absolutely despise a just want you to be happy and they just love your little smile they want to see all the time
💛 Dolores she personally loves it whenever you start to hum whenever you're cooking it is absolute music to her ears and she probably loves it because it reminds her when you were young you did a lot of singing when you were young so she personally likes it a lot and she person likes trying your food a lot of the time
💛 Camilo he loves your cooking more than his aunts and that just says something you try your best to improve your recipes and make them good so he's definitely the first to try it and he does score for down but you do want him a lot of time that it does have consequences he doesn't listen he likes it even though he was once completely shutting out by your shut up Shortcake
💚 Bruno  Future Vision future version just in case if someone pisses you off and if they do you are a very bad forced to piss off so he never does it but he does tend to be a little possessive which gets on your nerves he doesn't care he just like spending time with his favorite nibbling( gender-neutral term for niece or nephew)
Everybody come on over
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Hi doll moth! Can I request a platonic madrigals with a reader who has a relationship manipulation. She can make people fall in love with others or themselves, make others be friends or make them hate each other. The reader would most likely make everyone their friend because they don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side. Their power works when they engage in a conversation with the person they want to manipulate.
Can do!
also thanks for 200 followers! :D
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela even though she knows their gifts at heart isn't harmful she believes it is you are very nice and very kind to other people but the problem is with your give people can instantly fall in love with you and take you away which makes everyone angry especially her you really can't do anything about it but stop using your gifts to do so you mostly just have a group of friends that can't really hang out with you and mostly they're just obsessed with you like they they are and abuela always gets most of her grandchildren to shoo them away
💙Julieta and agustín  jealousy jealousy jealousy like I said everyone will feel some sort of jealousy with your gift being focused around relationships you're not allowed to use it especially around people when I mean about that is people who they can potentially see as a partner you're not ready to have a partner you're too young you're obviously too young to Dan but you're old enough to you so you have to disrespect them and use your gift and it doesn't turn out that well the punishment you got left you with a large scar in your back last time
💙 Isabela  like I said jealousy will be prominent with all of them so you're going to hear that word a lot be prepared to be pulled away by a Vine of posted up in the air by one while she gives them a death glare you shoo them away quickly before they died she never punishes you but does feel a great deal of possession towards you you are definitely one of the sweetest people because of your gift you don't normally abused it but you do use it to get some friends because normally they run away after they figure out who you are related to so you feel alone all the time but don't worry Isabela is here to be your friend
💙lusia  being that she's one of the strongest people ever be prepared that you will definitely be babied and constantly carried around she will never punish you she's too soft for that but she would definitely give you a Stern talking-to as much as everyone feels jealousy she's not much of a jealous person possessive and her thing but that doesn't really change much it's just as bad and you won't get away with anything when you're around her
💙Maribel  she's probably one of the most Jealous Ones you really need to be ready for her to almost kill some people she even starts carrying around a small knife or a pair of scissors and people better to do some sewing on the Run since she does a lot of embroidering you really need to prepare for her to run two people and almost killed them you have to stop her for most of time
💛Pepa and Fèlix they will do a lot to get the people away from you and you to stop using your gift although you're very sweet and kind you're not allowed to use your gifts around them not at all no matter what it doesn't matter about anything they will definitely try to get you to not use your gift at all even if you are desperate for friends you just need the family no matter what
💛 Dolores she can hear you use your gift a mile away so be prepared to get a smack cross your head not to use it jealousy flows through her veins she will almost definitely kill them at some point but you stopped her and eventually bring her home be prepared to get a big talking to she doesn't like punishing you after you got that large scar on your back
💛 Camilo being the most jealous and possessive out of all of them you will be smack hit even kick sometimes so you don't use anything you're not allowed to use anything you don't need anyone but the family and him especially if you ever accidentally gift because it's a random outbursts you won't be punished but they will be killed after a while so they don't go by you soon the town people just don't go by you anymore
💚 Bruno  people do Future Vision any time you do your gift so he will be there so you don't use it he will definitely have a firm grip on your hand so you don't get any bright ideas so just be prepared he will definitely send his rats after you too watch after you to make sure you don't do anything
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Can I please request a yandere madrigal family (with a big focus on Pepa bc she’s my favorite) with a Reader who has mind reading powers? I think it would make keeping reader locked up really hard and tricky and so reader and the family (again, mostly Pepa) are constantly playing this cat and mouse game where it gets harder and harder to keep reader locked up.
Tumblr media
💛 she's absolutely Furious you know why because you are constantly winning she wants to protect her baby so she always has to be one step ahead so you start noticing some small things going missing but because of your gift you immediately know pretty well but when Pepa strikes you against your head to knock you out that's something you didn't expect
💛 little boy and when you get out of your prison again you will be punished since she's so good at conducting electricity she mostly just wraps you up and the metal mostly gold gold is amazing conductor did you know that you get shocked until you passed out and you didn't expect it but you would expect it next time hopefully
💛 cat and mouse cat and mouse cat and mouse that's constantly throwing through Pepa's head you are the cat she is the Mouse but it should be reversed and soon it becomes reversed you are slowly revealing but soon things will be coming her way you will become the mouse
💛 send me when you walk into your mother's room because you expected something bad to happen yours you are ambushed by a random sheet of metal which you can't even use your gift by finally she knows your weakness metal especially gold and it's easy to come by since she has a bunch of jewelry so she melted out if you for things and wrapped it around your neck so you can do anything it was like a pretty necklace
💛 of course you were absolutely angry and you try to use your gift against your mother it didn't work you tried again didn't work and finally you when and you start backing away from your mother she only gets closer and forces you into a hug
💛 you're obviously hidden away from your father and she just explained you ran away of course he was upset but he made a search party so you would hopefully be found you wouldn't be found for a while most the room is soundproof and it's almost like Bruno's old place you are better with your mother obviously so you're staying there forever
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Hi! Can I request a platonic madrigal with a reader who can hear people who are in need of help through thoughts. She can hear distress thoughts that range from losing a key or helping someone that collapsed under a rock. The reader generally pushes herself and helps everyone out even with the most simplest things.
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela  knows you overwork yourself to the point of Luisa you practically do overwork yourself you work for the boy that you pass out can you work to the point where you practically barely get any sleep so you might as well honestly not be working at all sometimes she even forces you just just a little bit later at lunch so you don't get your working what stresses you out but you usually get calm down by your Abuela
💙Julieta and agustín 
Being your aunt and uncle they usually try their best to make sure you get all the proper rest that you need you're practically spoiled by them with lots of food and music especially when they go in town and buy your favorite candy they mostly buy it in bulk but you usually don't Splurge you make it last a few months mostly when you ever start overworking yourself again to the point where you pass out I mostly let you sleep in their room since it's the closest
💙 Isabela  is always on top trying to be the favorite cousin do you need any safe she'll get it from whatever you want to hang out with someone hang out with her she loves messing with your hair and doing your makeup sometimes she even gets you the most expensive outfits in town and you usually do wear them whenever you fall asleep in her room she makes to where you are spoiled with a bunch of blankets sometimes she even brings up a drug that will make you sleep even longer so she can just watch you sleep
💙lusia  is the one who will forcefully bring you home no matter what you tried to escape boy you get ready for a bone crushing up to the point where you just give in and let her do the work you mostly try your best no matter what you have to get your hours and no matter what and she'll be right there to stop you when you are known to overwork no matter what you will get bone-crushing hugs from her
💙Maribel  expect her the mostly try to stop you because of your gift you're mostly very hard to stop and your caffeine intake you drink a lot of coffee you practically drinking as much as water practically your water she mostly tries to restrict your coffee and cake and she will hide it on the top shelf even though you could probably reach it
💛Pepa and Fèlix  being your parents they are definitely mostly concerned about you they definitely try to stop you from overworking yourself definitely when you are having one of your bad days I know you don't sleep well so you might as well be spoiled you are practically spoiled beyond belief and you will be baby even though you're only the second youngest being 13 you try your best to stand your ground but yet again it doesn't work
💛 Dolores whenever she has to see if she will take you into her room so you can properly get some quiet her room is completely soundproof and you will be absolutely baby we have blankets wrapped around you coffee and you won't even get entertainment from your uncle's rat TV which is pretty entertaining but it doesn't stop whenever you meet someone that you like she gets rid of them pretty fast and I'm like her brother she doesn't make it bloody
💛 Camilo like I said he's one of the worst out of all of them he will not hesitate to make sure that force you to get some proper sleep sometimes you even where is Pancho whenever you go to sleep she tries to keep you warm and you try your best to escape his hugs but unlike your sister or your cousin he doesn't really let go when you want to he's not a strong but he is convincing whenever you try to Escape I like his sister he is probably the most bloody out of everyone he will get rid of them as painfully as possible
💚 Bruno  personally he knows the feelings being overworked so he understands where you're coming from but he does blame himself for giving you that Jean you practically look identical to him with that eye bags looking the same but she does like watching you sleep and taking care of you personally he likes cuddling with you especially when you curl up next to him and you actually get some proper rest he's the most gentle all of all of them but also probably the most unstable
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Hi! Can I request a madrigals family with a reader who has a nun aesthetic and her power is that she enhances anyone’s abilities whenever she prays. An example is when a person who is strong and when she prays, it enhances their abilities by 2 times their regular strength.
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela  she will probably pamper you a lot especially because you're very is with Community especially for the family you're no allowed to leave the house most of the time make sure to keep you prim-and-proper you became The Golden Child so Isabela never really held anything against you so that's good she mostly believe you you deserve it
💙Julieta and agustín  being your mother and father you are treated very well by then you are their favorite child you're often treated so well you get food time you want to keep an eye out for for your favorite food it comes out constantly and your favorite music constantly but you do wish you could get something different now and again but you don't complain
💙 Isabela  she spoils you a lot too and gives you a lot of advice but mostly is the person that will do the most killing she's pretty good by knowing the vitals and instantly killing she'll probably one of the most dangerous of the Madrigal get ready she'll the third worst
💙lusia  she'll probably sweetest she hugs you constantly and expect her to be the one that holds you back she's going to be the one that gaslights you a lot if you ever try to leave she usually asks you to boost up her powers but mostly they hear your voice
💙Maribel  she tries her best to spoil you but knowing she doesn't have the kid she thinks that she's practically useless to you so she usually gives you a lot of things dresses stuffed animals she constantly spoils you and protects you for a most things she's commonly going to almost as bad as Camilo so get ready for some serious spoiling analog death glares
💛Pepa and Fèlix  personally they love it even though Fèlix doesn't have any powers mixed Pepas Powers way better and you usually calm her down so it's even better and with your outfits are always getting pampered and you always getting pampered by your favorite aunt and uncle are probably going to be for the best
💛 Dolores is the one he normally loves to hear your praying it's like music to her ears and she'll ask you to do it even if it does give her a boost and hurts her ears but then you lead her to your room which is usually a giant Chapel with soundproofing and she loves it she personally loves to mess with your amazing outfits they're always so Grande full of magical
💛 Camilo he's the worst out of all of them whenever you do give him an extra boost on his gift it's definitely use for full for him he can mimic people's voices now which is pretty cool are you guys use that to our advantage if you have anyone that you actually like which I doubt he will definitely copy them and break up for you as them which will break your heart and he's usually there five minutes away to give you a hug and she loves it
💚 Bruno signs your gift very useful no matter what you're very humble than you always try your best to help people and you're very kind no matter what whenever he needs help with his visions and they aren't really coming out well he does ask you for some help and your help usually works and normally people do love you because of your kindness so you technically are some of towns folk favorites so his jealousy does go all over the place picture of a sea dad get out of line sometimes so you have to be prepared for that
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Hi! Happy weekend! Can I request a platonic family madrigal with a reader who has a futuristic aesthetic and her ability is that she can pull out one of the billions of useful technology that she has in her bag but after a day has passed, the item will break.
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela  is probably going to put you two most of the work to help the town even though they break in a day you are pretty useful giving them some technology that will help them since they're cut off from the world little boy that does not like them taking advantage of your kindness and making you produce multiple things it makes you exert a lot of energy and sometimes it's very painful so whenever that happens she doesn't allow you to work with them anymore
💙Julieta and agustín  make sure you get a full day's rest making sure you get a perfect morning before you go to work you always get your favorite thing for breakfast and your favorite music you are very much spoiled they're your parents after all but your siblings don't really care because they're dressed as bad as your parents
💙 Isabela  is one of the worst out of all of them she will grow your favorite flowers and make a cute little flower crown but she will also follow you around to see what the people do with you she mostly hides away so you don't know if she's there and once they notice you are overwhelmed they kind of back off but when they don't she immediately gets out find you and picks you up with their Vine so you don't overwork yourself
💙lusia  is almost the same as Isabela except she picks you up and brings you along to her work which you usually help her for with your technology but then she stops you so you don't overwork yourself she will pick you up like your bag of rocks if you even talk to someone you like no one would be worthy of Your Love
💙Maribel  personally she will definitely take advantage of the technology sometimes but because they break in a day it's not really useful so usually takes up her sewing machine to make it go faster and she is very very grateful for you so she's very over protective over you practically following you everywhere and when she randomly burst in the song half the time it's about you
💛Pepa and Fèlix are probably going to be on your back most of the time trying to get you a break if the people are taking advantage of you so properly get some rest whenever Pepa has her thunderstorms usually calm her down and whenever you are with Fèlix and someone starts flirting with you expect them to mediately runaway the glare will honestly make them pissed their pants
💛 Dolores will hear you create the machines and honestly they're pretty impressive you even gave her some sound proof headphones that you fix every time when they break so you can come and lie see her relaxing by you she rubs off of her mother and father so she's the best of both worlds per say and if anyone spreads rumors about you expect her to spread rumors back
💛 Camilo is probably going to make you laugh most of the time and won't cause any bad things happen do you but what cause bad things to happen around you he will probably cuz a lot of chaos to pursue with his pranks going to bad people who hurt you
💚 Bruno  will have most future visions of what's going to happen to you so expect some definitely him holding you back he will physically hold you down with a hug sometime so you don't go out especially when it's a bad day so what's that the only good days for you but also expect some bone crushing hugs
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He saw someone walking. HIS best friend.
"Oh hello Jackie" Hamildere  said in a very calm but tired voice John wondered about this wasn't she living with her brother now after an incident with her mother? It took him a minute to actually make conversation" you sound tired" John very sympathetic but unsympathetic voice " wow thanks" she said in a light giggle she was friends with him for a long time so he understood what he meant" I haven't slept the past few days even though I don't live with my mom I have a stripped studying schedule with her still at her work". John looked at her in shock. Martha Jefferson had to go. Continue to look at her, noticing some light bruises he hated Martha. He hated Jonathan and they were awful parents. They put so much stress on her all because Thomas was born without an arm and they needed an heir for their business. Martha had to go Jonathan had to go, they all had to go. As they were walking in, a random man pummeled her to the ground, his tan skin and the Nirvana shirt, his hair cut and a half shave and she had the stink brown eyes and a goatee" HAMILDERE!".  
Who the fuck is this 
" Alexander you're the College student that's going to be here" she said confused being helped up by The Tall Man "fuck yeah short stack" he said well giving her a noogie. John never understood this feeling he felt a burning hatred why why was she so jealous she wants to see her happy but only with him Superstar side but how is hand out to shake Alexander's hand " and you must be the famous John has heard about I heard about you from your criminal record" he said while laughing shaking his hand and pulling John  in for a hug disgusted by this man there's something awful about him. " that's not very funny" there was a small Snicker and he looked it was coming from Hamildere, " you haven't lost your humor yet Alex" Alexander was smiling" well Shucks you haven't changed a b look at you are you still playing the violin are you still on top of your class!" Alexander said happily walking with her and leaving John behind in the dust " yes and yes I also have picked up a piano". John this is walking behind them he was staring at Alex with such intent it was search scary intent what did he want with his best friend and yes he means his it's obvious no wait she was her own person there was no need to get so jealous but she couldn't help it he quickly brought it in and walked in the middle of them taking Hamildere hand and started forcing her to walk away she quickly said goodbye to Alexander and started walking with her John.  
This wouldn't be the first time that he felt such jealousy
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“Medical professional having to deal with an unruly patient trying to take off their mask”
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you believe in best friends forever this person did and well this is the story of best friends Hamildere and John.
" I really don't think you should hang out with John anymore" said the tall man with dark skin his hair was Curly and coarse" Thomas you know that he's the only friend I have" set a young woman long brown hair that was curly tail and pale skin with freckles with deep dark bags it was obvious what was going on it was a conversation between family, the man obviously named Thomas was born without an arm so he was deemed unworthy by the family so they adopted a young woman Hamildere even though they weren't biologically related they were very close they were still siblings even though it wasn't my blood. It was obvious that they were closed. Thomas was always very critical with her friend John. There was something off about him, something unstable. He was so nice to her there but rude and even sometimes extremely violent to other people. This is maxed out by 10 if they have ever tried to interact with her. But like she said he was her only friend she was a freak to the other people she mostly focused on school so she really couldn't make any other friends but she tried but she's only made friends with the teachers and John obviously. Thomas set down the breakfast by her and sat down " I know you two were really close but there's just something dangerous about him I mean boy has a criminal record he's been to juvie I don't want you getting hurt by him Hamildere" Thomas said gently rubbing her cheek she flinched slightly " now please eat we only have a few minutes before school starts and I have to drive there extra early today someone is going to join us today at a college help student"
" a college help student?"
" yeah they're basically going to talk about what you're going to do after school I think it's going to be useful I think you're going to like it you're like the smartest person in the grade!" Thomas saddened over exaggerated tone 
" John you can't miss this day of school just get up and get through the day it's only a few more days until your plan can go into action"
John got up and started getting ready, putting his hair up and putting his mask on. He wasn't sick or anything, he was just scared people would find his mouth disturbing. It was heavily scarred after an incident. He slowly walked down the stairs looking at the fridge reading the note " hey hun I'm going to be out for a while. I have everything that you need for your big plan and a bunch of extra food. I know you like my cooking sometimes so I'm trying to make an effort"-jackson. "Tch Jackson….." his voice sounded bitter. He picked up something for breakfast and who created it as he started walking to the school. John start back to what his plan would be it was still in the early ages but he had to protect his best friend as he was walking to school he saw someone familiar someone that made him smile his best friend 
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dollmoth-productions · 8 days ago
Request are going to be open all day tomorrow but that's includes me showing up my second chapter of my original story best friends forever and I hope you bring it's some attention because I've been working on it for a while
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dollmoth-productions · 8 days ago
Hi it’s me! Can I request a platonic madrigal family with a reader who has a power of super regeneration. The reader can regenerate cuts to even regenerate from decapitation. As long as a part of the reader’s body is still there, then it will form the rest of the readers body until it is fully healed. I imagine the reader having bags from the amounts of times she has technically died. Thanks for all your hard work. Also happy almost Martin Luther king day!
Note: I'm afraid I'm not going to write about Antonio anymore it makes me a little uncomfortable and it's hard for me to think about what he might do because he's still so young so I hope you're okay with that
Note: I based this reader of Mai misaki
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela  knew that you were very aloof she knew that exactly what could happen to you you were impaled you survived your arm got chopped off it grew back with it help you would get some stars on the way you were annoyed most the time but mostly very Aloof you didn't show your emotions she never sent you to do anything because she cared about you so much she would mostly make sure her children or her grandchildren would be watching you constantly that you would somehow always get injured
💙Julieta and agustín are the most overprotective people that you'll ever meet you get a slight cut on your finger immediate food in your mouth need a smile you dad will play you a song they would do anything to make you happy and not see you injured so it is very shocking to see what would happen when you come in and you have no arm it takes a few days to completely grow back like a lizard otherwise you are babied completely by them
💙 Isabela  is one of the most concerned for you she would mostly rap you and Vines so you would never get out but you somehow always got out and you would always end up getting injured one time you even came back with one of your legs missing she was one of the first people to panic
💙lusia  is the one will pick you up and bring you around anywhere and everywhere because you are very easy to just get to do whatever you want she personally likes to bring you and her room and cuddle you like a stuffed animal because of that you are often with her a lot she needs a lot of reassurance and you give it to her even though you don't really talk much
💙Maribel  is the one that will stitch up your wounds even though your skin immediately seals up she's still very concerned sometimes you even have stitched up wounds because of it but the stitches do melt into your skin and they become a permanent attachment she realized it and Stitch In The Family Madrigal in you arm she absolutely loves it and loves you
💛Pepa and Fèlix  they are the most overprotective aunt and uncle whenever you come to see them and you obviously had your arm missing because of the scarring the immediately go into your staying with us for a few days so you obviously can be taken care of they will feed you hold you basically treated like a baby
💛 Dolores can you hear your injuries from a mile away especially the blood she doesn't like a tall you are very injury-prone because of all the the scarring on your body so we can't really do anything especially her she's the most sad whenever you come home with an injury
💛 Camilo it's probably the most unhappy about it you are very much a favorite to him you're his favorite cousin so you can't really do much he will be constantly follow you around whenever you have someone that you like around he will transform into that person's parents and quickly get them away and started Walking casually again he's probably the most overprotective when it comes to you because you get injured easily and even though you can regenerate it still hurts him
💚 Bruno  you make sure he has a Future Vision that make sure you are completely okay from that day on even watches you sleep just in case you might get injured in your sleep you very much I hate it whenever he watches usually but you can't really do much you mostly just get annoyed and roll your eyes he smiles wider whenever you wake up and don't make a nasty comment
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dollmoth-productions · 9 days ago
Hi again! Can I request on a platonic madrigals x reader who can make Portals to anywhere, anytime, and in different timelines and in different universes by using a magical monocle that she has on her at all times. She has multiple hanging monocles all over her room that show different universes or timelines that she set up when going their and has souvenirs when coming back to encanto. Thank you for doing my requests I hope you have a great afternoon!
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela hates the fact that you can teleport anyway and any time with your monocle she thinks it's dangerous for someone as young as you to have that much power hypocritical I know having all magical grandkids accept Maribel but it still doesn't shake off the nerves for her so she often takes away your monocle as punishment so you can't really teleport anyway
💙Julieta and agustín they love to spoil you and do anything for you personally Julieta likes to give you a bunch of food and a agustín loves giving you a show personally you love Julietta more for her being more calm but to be fair they're both the same level as crazy as their family they just know how to keep it under control personally whenever you teleport away so you escaped punishment or their possessiveness they're the first to give you some sort of punishment
💙 Isabela feels more accepted and finally gets out of the perfect mold she personally loves to see what you can do and personally her favorite thing is splashing pigment on you and getting your monocle dirty with it being dirty it's very hard to use so you often can't really do much
💙lusia  is the one that will always pick you up and allow you to do most of the things that you like to do such a Teleport and you allow her to relax but that doesn't change her mind that you always need to be by the family no matter what so she's the one that normally brings you home after you try to escape
💙Maribel  probably relates to you the most because you are mostly blind in one of your eyes because of the teleportation you often just to wear it because it makes you look cool she's probably the less yandere out of all of them but it doesn't change my mind that she would probably be pretty dangerous
💛Pepa and Fèlix are you in different ways mostly with love and affection so personally they will do most of the hugging and most of the picking you up spinning around doing anything sometimes Fèlix purposely hugs you too tight so you're Monolco will snap so you have to fix it and you can't pepa we'll always have a rainbow over her head whenever you're around personally she likes giving you some of her weather to fog up your monocle so you can't teleport anyway so you have to clean it off
💛 Dolores can hear you from a mile away if you think you can escape when she's around you are dead wrong whenever you try to teleport away usually have to make a small incantation so you can't really do anything she will usually call her mother to see if she can do anything
💛 Camilo personally thinks it's really cool but doesn't like it whenever you especially when you have to try to escape him he's probably the most dangerous he is the most violent I hope you have a high tolerance to pain because if you don't he will be in the world of hell
💛 Antonio  love to give you certain types of animals and question you about animals if you go into the future and give him an answer it will definitely make him pretty happy but personally he's really scared that you might leave the family so he mostly just agreed to the family to punish you sometimes
💚 Bruno  future Visions are hearse worst thing to do but sometimes he has to do it to make sure you are safe and not teleporting away once your Monica was taken away he will do a small Future Vision to see what will happen and if nothing bad happens he lets his mother know if something bad happens he will take it in his own hands
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dollmoth-productions · 9 days ago
Possibly part 4 coming soon
Tumblr media
💚⏳Platonic yandere Bruno⏳💚
Part 3
💚 Camilo try to tell everyone where you were but they just scolded him by making jokes like that and how he was doing it for attention or was missing his sibling but he most interesting part knew it was true and he knew he had to do it by himself and that's what he was going to do
💚 Bruno quickly went to his vision cave and get a small version seeing that he would be caught and we will be taking away so he had to act fast he would rewrite the plan until finally it showed you being happy and someone is by you in a green outfit he expected it with himself so he went through the plan he threw you over his shoulder carrying you on his back and he started walking away humming a small song
💚he know couldn't help but be excited would finally have a family member that would listen to him can actually be nice to him besides his sister's but they decide the singer song about him that makes him a villain so he became the villain he feared he embraced it
💚 he accepted that what he was doing was wrong but didn't care anymore he has lost his Humanity a long time ago and he was ready to go and probably already did it the real reason why he didn't kill Camilo is because it would already draw too much diversion to him soon he found an old abandoned house that was in pretty good shape
💚"ah mi dulce this will be our home and we'll be happy together forever" he said that holding you close" but we should get some rest it's been a long night" he was smiling ear-to-ear almost like his old self but there was something behind the smile and you knew it obsession this obsession with will continue to get worse and worse and worse no matter what
💚 he led YouTube room that had a bed and place you down tucking you and with his poncho and he just started watching you sleep his eyes glowing Emerald" sleep well mi dulce " Bruno got up and started walking to town and started stealing food and supplies when no one was watching he got enough supplies that would last you guy"s three months
💚 he couldn't help but smile he started walking away back to the house but he's felt a familiar presence" where are they Tío Bruno" Camilo 
💚 "it's past your bedtime" he said his smile fading turning into a more sinister grimace " I will tell everyone that you are out and I will find y/n" Camilo said a little bit louder he knew that will disturb someone and he quickly ran away"HEY-" before he could even chase after him she felt someone tug him away it was his mother and she was angry" disturbing the town at midnight Camilo that's it you're grounded" he was trying to explain himself but nothing worst she even got offended thinking that her brother could do anything like that
💚 Bruno's heart was pounding out of his chest he was almost caught almost taken away from his dulce but he quickly shook it off holding the blanket over his child he smiled and continued watching them sleep
💚 he would do anything for you and that includes killing your own family he doesn't consider the Madrigal family you were his only family now no matter what forever and forever you were his child and he was your dad
"mi dulce I would do anything for you"
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dollmoth-productions · 10 days ago
Hi! If you Don’t mind I would like to request you again you’re just my go to writer. Can I request a platonic madrigals with a reader with a sleepy soft pastel aesthetic that has the powers to manipulate dreams. They have a sleepy personality and always has a pillow to sleep on. In the dream world, they have little clouds that form from the readers hair at the end and help them navigate dreams. In their room, filled with clouds, they would have a projector for the fam to see them dreaming
I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela  absolutely adores you but hates that you kind of overwork yourself because of your job even though you help the villagers with their sleep you don't get enough sleep as is because when you were technically asleep you're not asleep because you're awake in a dream world so you don't get very good sleep so she kind of enforces you to not help the villagers as much she even starts threatening the villagers with kicking them out if they don't stop having nightmares and it's shockingly
💙Julieta and agustín love you I mean absolutely love you no matter what you are absolutely darling to them Julieta gives you the best meals and agustín plays you lullabies whenever you have bad sleep so you sleep well sometimes they even watch you you can feel it but because you're asleep you can't wake up you want them to stop they don't you try pushing them away but you're too weak to and you fall asleep
💙 Isabela  flowers flowers everywhere whenever you are in a very very deep sleep she decorates your room with flowers of your favorite color and personally she also loves watching you sleep she makes a small Vine of a swing so she can just have some entertainment watching you sleep but watching you sleep is enough entertainment. She doesn't stop she loves it too much
💙lusia  is the one that always carries you around no matter what you will be carried around even if you don't need to be whenever you're carrying around your pillow it makes her absolutely fall over in adorable she likes to carry you to your bed and personally like sitting on the little clouds that are in your room
💙Maribel  is probably never going to introduce you to anyone because she doesn't want you to get out to anyone they've already abused your power as is so new people we don't know about you don't need to know about you you obviously need your family more she likes to embroider a little things in your outfit she even embroiders belongs to the family in your little outfit
💛Pepa and Fèlix  absolutely darling to you they often don't really like the other villagers personally they hate them the most and whenever you accidentally fall asleep in between them they will absolutely guard you personally if you ever fall asleep in the village on the bench they will declare anyone trying to wake you up
💛 Dolores knows when you're sleeping because she can hear you lightly snore and she personally find a way to your room and like the rest of her family watches you sleep she tries hard not to make her squeak noise when you say who's there
💛 Camilo is the absolute worst glares the most murder and possibly the worst time ever he watches you sleep can't help it sometimes he even gets in your bed and Cuddles with you he even uses his Poncho to signify that you are off limits no matter what he often likes can mimic your style he thinks it's absolutely adorable like I said he's a worse so you caught him almost killing one guy who Disturbed you and you had to pull him he was covered in blood and still smile that you "ah Mi querida I had to do it if you are around I would have killed him"
💛 Antonio  sends one of his favorite animals to watch you sleep and cuddle with you personally they don't mind but they do think it's a little creepy because he does go a little bit far with this he likes the model all of his parents
💚 Bruno  loves to watch you sleep through the cracks in this wall but when she was accepted back he often join the rest of the family and watching you his eyes kind of glow like a cat and it gets even worse when you wake up in the middle of night and just see two glowing green eyes you often don't even recognize it's him so you often don't even know what to do but he does he likes to just make small comments"mi dulce you're so cute when you're asleep" and he just continues to sit there and smile
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