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This image which has now been spread around was on a very good but very large discourse post and I just wanted to show off the bad ass vibe of one of the commenters

Thank you @strawberry-kitkat

It鈥檚 absolutely among my favorite photos for just so many reasons. Asexual as a LGBTQ identity dates back around 100 years before even this. You can see the full post I mentioned here.

Activists at Barnard College were pictured to include 鈥渁sexual鈥 on a board advocating to 鈥渃hoose your own label鈥 and had their picture featured in Vol. 3, No. 6 of off our backs.聽The picture was intended to be released in the previous article which described asexuality to be 鈥渁n orientation that regards a partner as nonessential to sex, and sex as nonessential to a satisfying relationship.鈥


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It’s quite striking to watch Tin-Can settle so comfortably into the dynamic of ‘partners’ in such a short span of time. They have remarkably managed to establish an inevitability about their dynamic, a dynamic where they are beyond questions of what, when, why?

Is this a friendship? ? Is this a truce? Is this attraction or is this love? Maybe it’s all of the above or none of it. LOL. And an entity unto it’s own.

Can is steadfastly standing with Tin right now (ever ready to punch his Asshole brother) and Tin is moved by it. Tin sounds out all his thoughts in front of him, the stress, the confusion, the doubts and Can patiently listens and offers him advice as a partner (refering to his powerful punches obviously). Tin has subconsciously started to rely on the value of his support. Can gives Tin immense understanding when he is at his most vulnerable, where his own heart expands to take in whatever turmoil is going on inside Tin. Can could sense Tin’s agitation and his only goal is to soothe that away because he knows Tin is in the right here. (Ah, ever so loyal Cantaloupe!)

I can’t even quite put my finger on it but somehow this Tin touches my heart with his ability to be immensely soft and compassionate in the way he talks to Can, without being a cliched kind of thing. Perhaps it’s the softness in Mean’s tone when he plays this version of Tin that I quite like too.

When both Tin and Can talk to each other in these soft tones, clearly expressing what they are thinking, they manage to create a cocoon of their own intimate world where none of the existing rules or norms matter, where it’s just the two of them communicating.

I’m just more in love with Mean and Plan as an actors and performers and sigh I’m just falling in love with TinCan.

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All of the knights: *hug merlin when they find out he鈥檚 alive*

Arthur: *repressed shoulder squeeze*

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Do you know what? Merlin didn鈥檛 owe anyone a confession of his magic, and that includes Morgana. She was Uther鈥檚 ward, and he was a servant who watched several people get murdered even when it wasn鈥檛 proven they had magic (like Gwen鈥檚 dad). Whatever said and done, Morgana would have had a level of protection that Merlin would not have had. He could have lost his life if the secret was out. I know it affected Morgana when she believed that she was alone, but it doesn鈥檛 mean that Merlin is the villain in this. He doesn鈥檛 owe anyone a confession of his magic. No one.聽

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