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♡ I No Longer Love You ♡
Tumblr media
Summary - Pepa and Felix fall out of love with Y/n, resulting in them trying to replace her with someone else but what happens when they want Y/n back?
A/n - Thank you @ynfromencanto2430 for requesting this, I had fun hurting myself. So thank you <3. If you enjoy please like or reblog - it helps a lot. Also sorry if your name is Amelia ( A name I came up with on the spot )
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Your heart stopped, why? Did you do something wrong? Was it you? Was it the overdone affection? Too much I love you's? Were you babying them too much? Why? Why was this happening? No, it couldn't be you, could it?
It was Her!!
The pretty little blonde cowering away behind Felix like an abandoned puppy. She caused this, she made you look like the bad guy. She wanted you gone the minute you both met. She wanted to destroy your long-lasting marriage between you, Felix, and Pepa, the minute she found out that there was a third party member of this once healthy marriage.
She was the little homewrecker, the person who shattered the once perfect family picture frame.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"Dolores, it's time for bed" You announce, leaning against her doorway. "Mama and Papi are thinking about adding a new member to our family. They've been talking about adding another woman, Amelia" Dolores blurts out, as you comb her thick lushes curls.
"Oh? Tell me more, Mi Amour" You ask. "They're going to break the news to you tonight, in fact, both mama and Papi have only known Amelia for 4 days but think it's a good idea to welcome her into our family" Worry fills your daughters face. "What if the rumours about her are true?" Dolores continues.
"What rumours, my little dove?" You tilt your head, looking at Dolores through the mirror. "The rumours about her being a homewrecker. A whore, and a wicked witch" Dolores stares right back at you with the same worry you carry within your own eyes.
"She's been in and out of relationships. Let alone her last relationship with this other couple three years ago, from a town none of us has heard of-" You whip your head around and give your daughter a stern look. "Tell me about the last interaction your mother and father had with this woman" You creep closer.
"The last interaction was this morning when you went to go and cheek on Antonio because I told you I heard him weeping over something. When you were away Amelia convinced Mama and Papi to add her to their relationship but Mama shushed Papi before he got to mention you" Dolores casually says.
"Papi told me not to tell you but the gifts they were giving, the love they were willingly giving to her instead of you, and all the sneaking around. Mother, I'm sorry, I should have said something sooner. This Amelia woman may be beautiful on the outside but she is a witch playing pretend, she's nothing like you" Dolores hugs your waist.
"Oh, my little flower. Don't apologize, it isn't your fault. I'll talk to Felix and Pepa soon. Sleep, it's getting late, my little love" You press a kiss to your 18-year-old daughter's head before closing the door and walking out of her room.
You tucked your youngest son Antonio in his crib before wishing Mirabel goodnight and making sure Camilo wasn't sneaking around. You gave Camilo his last cup of water before pressing a kiss to his head and tucking him into his sheets.
"Sleep, no sneaking out or scaring anyone in the middle of the night, you got it?" You cup his cheeks and pepper kisses all over his face.
Camilo giggles and laughs while trying to wave your hands away. "Yes, Mama. I get it now let go!!' Camilo's little charming smile never leaves his face. "Goodnight and sleep tight" You turn off his light.
Standing outside of your shared bedroom with Felix and Pepa, you take a deep breath, preparing yourself for the worse. Opening the bedroom door, Pepa threw herself into your arms. Her charming smile sends butterflies into your once worried stomach.
"I have exciting news to share. Well, we have exciting news to share" Pepa pats a spot on the bed for you to sit. You sit down with Pepa immediately taking your hands into her own.
"Wheres Felix, Mi Amour?" You ask looking around the room to see no trace of him anywhere. "He's just preparing the surprise" Pepa squeals.
"So, Felix and I have been thinking and we've been pondering this idea to add a fourth member into our marriage. Doesn't that sound exciting?!!" Pepa's smile grows while she squeezes your hands.
"Oh," You look at her feeling kinda unwanted. "Oh?" Pepa's smile disappears. "It's just, why didn't you both talk to me about this first? I should also have the right to have a saying in this, Pepa" You look away once you notice a grey cloud forming above her head.
"I thought you'll be as excited as Felix and I. We thought we met, Amelia at the right time" Pepa continues with a worried look. "Pepa, I bet she's great but not informing me about this fourth member-" Your eyes widen once Felix walks out of the bathroom with a blue-eyed blonde girl.
"Tadah!!" Felix smiles with Amelia wearing your blue robe. You huff walking up to her and pulling your robe right off her shoulders. "My mother gifted me this robe before her passing, my name is on the inside of the robe" You hiss while storming out.
Felix chases after you. "Mi Amour, come on she didn't know. Give the robe back-" You smack his hand away from your robe. "Felix Madrigal, you dear tell me that you didn't inform her about my belongings?" You whip your head around with pure anger.
"Well yes, but she was cold and-" Felix watches you glare hellfire at him. "Goodnight Felix" You walk into the nursery to sleep on the spare bed.
"Well that didn't go to plan, did it?" Felix looks at Pepa while itching the back of his neck. "Did I do something wrong?" Amelia asks with a pout while holding onto Pepa's arm. "No, Mi Amour. No, you didn't, I think Y/n needs some time to cool off that's all" Pepa takes the blue-eyed girl to bed.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
It's been a week since that woman step foot in Casita and she's already pissing you off. Julieta as usual was cooking and baking foods to heal the townspeople as you help her fill the baskets with magical food when Amelia walks into the kitchen wanting to 'help', causing you and Julieta to share a look of dismay.
Julieta was not a fan of her sister's new lover and neither was everyone else. She's only been around for a week and she has rubbed Julieta up the wrong way several times, almost dropped baby Antonio, wore your clothes, and most importantly does nothing but complain instead of helping the family. But of course, she never does anything thing bad when Pepa, Felix, or even Alma are around. No, she is as kind, cute, 'helpful', and perfect when they're around or looking.
You and Julieta pretend you both didn't notice her, instead, you both continue in playful conversation.
"No, way. Well, at least we both know who the real hunk is, right?" Julieta nudges you playfully while you both share a laugh. "Hehe, right? He must really be a real ladies man" You joke"
"Oh, for sure" Julieta looks at Camilo from the kitchen window trying to flirt with a girl he has had a huge crush on since he was five.
"Who?" Amelia comes up to the window, staring out trying to catch a glimpse of Camilo. Julieta moves closer to you with an annoyed expression. "She's wearing your dress" Julieta whispers to you. "Ugh, I know but if I tell her to change she will go crying to Felix or Pepa again and I've been trying to keep my marriage from falling apart" You whisper with the same annoyed expression.
"This is the fifth time this week. Get your dress back before she stains it like the last dress" Julieta looks you dead in the eyes before you sigh and roll your eyes. Throwing your sweet little smile on, you look at Amelia and take a deep breath in.
"Amelia, sweetheart I would like you to give me back my dress. It's from my closet not your own now please give it back" You ask nicely while wiping your hands clean with your apron.
"But Pepa said it's her favourite. It's a surprise for her" Amelia looks at the dress and does a little spin. "Of course, it's her favourite. It's the dress I wore on our tenth anniversary, now give it back" You ask a little harsher than intended to be.
"Give. It. Back" Your eyes glow danger. Julieta matches your cold expression. "She asked for her dress back now give it back" Julieta rests a hand on your shoulder. "Why are you both being so rude!! It looks better on me anyway!!" Amelia's face reddens with anger.
"It barely fits you, you look ridiculous" Julieta comments. Amelia runs off to find Pepa, causing you to roll your eyes. "Look what happened, ugh I'm going to get another scolding" You and Julieta share a look.
"Y/N!!" Pepa's voice echos through the halls but you decide to ignore it and continue filling the baskets. The sound of thunder closing in tells you and Julieta that she is coming to you.
"I can't believe this girl" Julieta whispers to you, causing a small laugh to slip through your lips. "At this point, you better believe it" You ignore the big green eyes glaring daggers at you.
"Why is Amelia crying?" Pepa asks from behind you. You ignore her like you've been doing whenever Amelia goes crying to Pepa or even Felix. "Don't you ignore me!!" Pepa tugs at your sleeve. You don't dare give her your time of day when she has been giving you none of hers, only when she's scolding you after you 'upset' her perfect little angel, Amelia.
"Julieta pass me that basket over there will you, my little firecracker?" You ask, damn well knowing it's pissing Pepa off to hear the pet name you gave to her being given to her sister. The thunder only grew louder, dangerously loud, with every passing second.
"Thank you, sunshine" You whisper into her ear with an intoxicating tone. What made it worse was the fact Julieta was playing along. Swaying her hips your way, her hand coming up to rest on your lower back, and her little peck on your ear finally pushed it.
Pepa growls and snatches you away from Julieta causing her older sister to laugh. "Apologize to Amelia, now" Pepa closes the gap between you both with fuming rage and rain showering you both. "Get her to take off my dress and keep her out of my closet. I just might apologize" You were the only one who would ever challenge Pepa but she is just way too damn hot when angered.
"Amelia, dress off and stay out of Y/n's closet" Pepa doesn't look away from you or back up. "But babe it's for you" Amelia whined, holding her arm trying to pull Pepa's attention to her. "Off, I'll get you a new dress. Just take it off" Pepa hisses with rain growing stronger.
"Hmph" Amelia stomps upstairs to change while you smirk up at Pepa and her pissed expression. "Thank you, Mi Amour" You cup the fuming woman's cheeks and ghost a kiss across her lips.
Within seconds Pepa is a whole pile of mush, melting at your touch, forming a rainbow above her head. "Oh, my beautiful beautiful, Pepa. Calm down, you know how much of a turn on you can be when angered. Be nice and I'll be all yours if you keep Amelia out of my belongings" You whisper in her ear, leaving only ghost-like kisses against Pepa's skin.
She inhales your scent, butterflies swarming in her stomach, her core dripping with anticipation. Everyone knew how easy it was for you to tame the redhead and how easy it is for you to make her drool for your love. She was your little love that will always come back for thirds.
You look her in the eyes, running your thumb over her rosy lips. Pepa took your thumb into her mouth and began to suck while her big green doe-like orbs fall under your enchantment. "Oh, you really think you're going to get a reward now?" You laugh at her need to please eyes.
Pulling your thumb out of her mouth with a pop, you smirk at her disappointed face. "Hmph" Pepa looks at you with a pout while crossing her arms. "You have chores and I've got a complete stranger to lock out of my closet" You set off back to the kitchen.
Amelia walks back downstairs with a new outfit on. "Baby, what's wrong?" Amelia asks trying to caress Pepa's cheek. "Just stay out of her closet and do not touch her belongings, do we have an understanding?" Pepa's sour tone causes Amelia to nod her head before Pepa stomps off to attend to her chores.
Amelia storms into the kitchen once again. "Well, where's my apology?" Amelia asks, an eyebrow raised and her arms crossed. "I thought you were too busy weeping but seeing that you are more than okay, I guess I don't have to owe you anything" You look back at her smirking.
"How dare you? I'll tell-". Your laugh causes the skinny looking blonde to pause mid-sentence. "Look honey, if you want to help then help. I will not stop you, have an amazing day" You press a quick kiss to her forehead before walking off with Julieta and the baskets of food.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Amelia has been lounging in your shared bedroom waiting for Pepa or even Felix to come home from a long day of work. "It's been a month. One would think that you will notice that none of my parents will return until the sun begins to set" Camilo says out of the blue with his one-year-old brother holding his hand. "Mind your own business, boy" Amelia hisses, closing in.
"He was just saying" Dolores appears out of nowhere, shielding her brothers from the evil witch. "Mama, Papi, and mom will return soon. So I'll advise you to move downstairs to the kitchen to help out before either of them get home" Dolore puffs up her chest, knowing that if she doesn't stand up for her brothers, the evil witch won't think twice before laying a hand on either of them.
"Help out? I've done enough helping for today" Amelia sticks her nose up. "Is yelling at our mother all day really helping? I wouldn't call being a brat helping" Dolores sour tone drips with anger. "Excuse me? Is this how you should be speaking to your mother?" Amelia crosses her arms.
"You're not our mother, you evil witch!!" Camilo spat. "Your nothing but a bully towards our mommy, and a huge lying witch" Camilo gets in her face. "Oh, that is it!!" Amelia strikes your son's face, causing him to fall and Dolores to run to his aid while little Antonio cries out for you.
"Oh, SHUT UP!!! All you do is cry!!" Amelia yells. "Then I guess you both have something in common" You appear at the door, immediately picking Antonio up and checking on your teary-eyed son.
"Mom, she hit me" Camilo cradles into your side, tears staining your shirt. You stroke his hair while Dolores hides behind you. "Shhh, Camilo my little man, it's okay. It's just a scratch, nothing tia Julieta can't fix" You press a kiss to his head while calming Antonio down.
"That's it!! You Amelia are done!! This is the last straw" You growl. "Lay a hand on my children again and I'll have you praying to God that you have never stepped foot into our lives" You hiss with your finger in her face.
"Come on, my dears. Dolores take Camilo to tia, okay? I'll set this one up with his bath and as for you, you better come up with a good damn story before Felix and Pepa return home" You were beyond angry, this was it and you were more than done with this ugly woman.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
You were reading Antonio a book when Pepa and Felix stormed into the nursery with Amelia behind them. Her eyes bloodshot from her fake tears. You look at Mirabel and signal her to leave with Antonio, she takes Antonio with her while shooting you a worried look before rushing off to get her mother.
A thunder cloud stood above Pepa's head, her cheeks redder than a tomato, her hands balled up into fists, she looked as if she was about to explode. Felix stood behind Pepa with a look you could never forget. A look of disappointment.
"Did you lay a hand on Amelia?!" Pepa yells on the top of her lugs. "No, Pepa. Darling, do you really think I would ever lay a hand on anyone?" You look her in the eyes with pure honesty. "Then explain this" Felix shows you her face, a massive scar slashed across her cheek.
"Mi Amour, you know me. You know I would never do such a thing" You try convincing them both. "Really? I don't believe you for one second that you would never do this to her. Ever since you met her you've been jealous of her" Pepa closes in and points a finger at your face.
"You've been cruel, rude, and by the things she has told us it only makes sense to hurt her, don't you think?" The cloud above the redheads head grew larger by the second. "Pepa, Mi Amour the room, breath. Let's take a minute, clear skies-" Your heart stopped, your cheek slashed open, a loud smack hitting your skin left you stunned and frozen in place.
"WE DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE!! Pepa screamed.
"We will never love you, AGAIN!!!" Pepa shock your shoulder as you stare at the ground, still shocked.
"Pepa!!" Julieta shoves Amelia and Felix out of the way, immediately shielding you from her younger sister. "What in the world is wrong with you?!" Julieta glares at her sister with pure anger, hellfire, and rage. "Y/n will never lay a hand on Amelia. She will never raise her hand to you either so how dear you hurt her!!" Julieta shoves her sister into Antonio's crib.
"Get out and don't you ever come back, do you understand?" Pepa yells at you while you run out of the flooded room with hot tears. The rest of the family ran out of their rooms and watched as you ran out of the house, sobbing.
"What on earth is happening in here?" Alma shows up and looks at the damage. "The room is flooded, Antonio's crib is broken, and oh my god Amelia are you okay?" Alma caresses the 'poor' girls face.
"Y/n hit me. Pepa and Felix were just trying to protect me" Amelia says between sobs. "You no good, backstabbing LIAR!!" Julieta stomps towards her, more than ready to throw hands. "She is NOT A LIAR!!" Pepa and Felix Sheilds Amelia from Julieta.
"She is the one who hit Camilo, she is the homewrecker. A lair, a witch" Julieta spits venom with every word she spoke. "It was Y/n who hit Camilo and the one who hit Amelia" Felix defends the small blonde.
"Is that what she told you? And you believe her?"Julieta turns to face her sister with a disappointed look. Pepa just crosses her arms over her chest, all Julieta did was shake her head.
"Unbelievable. You believe her over the girl who has been my best friend since diapers and your wife for over ten years. I can't believe I got her together with the both of you" Julieta shakes her head and knocks Amelia out of her way while she leaves with her head held high.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
When you left La Casita was quiet, the Madrigal's have not seen you since the fight, Pepa and Julieta are not on talking terms, and as for Dolores and Camilo, they were told not to see you or even talk about you. If Pepa and Felix were being honest, they missed you.
Ever since you left no one was there to read them a book before bed or cuddle them when they needed it most, or you coming up from behind them to shower them with kisses until their faces were covered with your lipstick or tame the redhead when she was feeling down or angry.
Felix missed the overdone I loves you's, your teasing kisses, your talented hands, but most importantly your laugh and smile. Pepa missed your scent, your soft hands, the way you made her heart sing, but most importantly someone to listen to her rant about whatever without interruption and with zero judgement.
But you were gone, you actually listened to Pepa when she said "don't you ever come back". After all, she claimed that she and Felix no longer love you so why go back anyway?
Now here they are, dealing with Amelia's constant whining, complaining and laziness. She does nothing to help around the house or even with the kids. Whenever Antonio needs someone to take care of him or even love him, she sticks her nose up and throws him to Dolores or even Camilo.
Saying she treats Felix and Pepa poorly is an understatement, in fact, she'll cry until she gets her way. The whole house will have to stay up until she quits her whining. The woman is sucking all the love out of their relationship to the point where Felix and Pepa would find somewhere else to sleep until Amelia is done having an episode.
All three members will go days without talking to one another. There is never a time where there isn't a thunderstorm roaring, or even a grey cloud washing over Pepa while she hides in a corner with tears streaming down her face from an argument or over what Amelia said.
Felix and Pepa miss you and so do your kids.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
- Four years later -
You stood with your new partner holding gifts for Dolores, Camilo, and your little boy Antonio. You were nervous, what if your kids no longer love you? What if they do not want to see you? What will Pepa and Felix think when they see you again?
"Hey, my little dove. Calm down I bet they miss you more than anything" Maria calms you down with small little kisses to your forehead. "You're right after it is Antonios ceremony and I'm not about to miss my son's special day" You walk into the house, Casita Instantly recognizing you.
"Hi, Casita," You say shyly as the floor tiles jump in excitement. Dolores's head pops up at the sound of your voice, she follows your breathing until she catches sight of you standing there eating a piece of chocolate.
Her heart jumped at the sight of her mother, she had thought you left Encanto for good but here you were. Her eyes began tearing up as she grabbed Camilo by the wrist and points at you.
"MOM!!" They both yell before running up to you with their arms wide open. You barely had enough time to react when they both threw themselves into your arms. You catch them into a massive bear hug, spinning them around before putting them down.
"Oh, my dear babies. I've missed you both so so so much, oh how my heart has wanted to hold you both for so long" You pepper kisses all over their faces, ignoring how big they've gotten.
"Mom" Both Camilo and Dolores whine as you shower them with your burgundy red lipstick. You notice tears falling from their cheeks. "Aww, my little loves don't cry. Mother is here" You wipe their tears away with your thumb as you use to.
Camilo and Dolores press your hands to their cheeks with little sniffles. "We missed you so much" Camilo mutters out of his lips. "I missed you more" You smile before pressing a kiss to both of their cheeks.
"Oh, I almost forgot. Close your eyes" You watch as they both cover their eyes with huge smiles. "Okay in my defence I just couldn't help but buy you both more than one thing" You show them both two massive gift boxes. Camilo's smile grows while Dolores yelps her head off.
Camilo rips through the wrapping paper while Dolores takes her time with great excitement.
Pepa sighs for the last time, trying to escape Amelia for the fifth time since the party started. She grabbed herself a cup of water, looking around when she caught sight of you. Standing in all your glory, your hair grew out a lot more, you wore a red dress that matched your lipstick and the rose holding back your hair, your smile still the same- wait where is your wedding ring?
You never took your wedding ring off, you promised her and Felix that you would never take it off. And who's that? Pepa's eyes widen to see another woman beside you with her arm around your waist while introducing herself to Dolores and Camilo.
She didn't realise she was dragging Felix with her until she stopped only a few feet away from you. Felix's eyes matched her own. You were still as beautiful as the day you left. Of course, it wasn't the greatest day but you were still as beautiful as the rose in your hair.
"Y/n?" Felix broke free from Pepa's hold. Your eyes widen. "Felix, umm" You rub your arm. "Y/N!!" Felix pulls you into a hug. "I missed Mi Amour. I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am. Pepa and I have missed you" Felix shoves his face into your stomach.
You couldn't help but pet his head, rewarding you small little sobs. "Don't cry, Felix. You're going to ruin my dress" You say while continuing to stroke his hair with small laughs.
His big brown eyes stare up at you while he sniffles. "Does this mean you'll stay?" Felix asks with hope in his eyes. You just shook your head and looked Pepa in the eyes with a look that she will never forget.
"I no longer love you"
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They’re Singing Happy Birthday
A/N: Yes. This title is from Tik Tik… Boom. Don’t @ me. And a very happy birthday to the wonderful @doloresswife !
Dolores Madrigal x GN!Reader
A soft kiss was pressed to Y/N’s lips, drawing a sleepy smile and a content sigh.
“Corazon?” A hand touched their shoulder, shaking gently, they opened one eye, peering at the brunette tiredly. “Happy birthday, mi amor.” Dolores smiled fondly down at her lover, who was suddenly wide awake.
“It’s my birthday?” They asked excitedly.
Dolores nodded, leaning forward to press another kiss to their lips. “Yes. Now, vamos! Presents!” She pulled them to their feet and pulled them through the door.
The day was a whirlwind, full of small activities with every member of the family before ending with a large dinner.
Dolores took their hand, face hopeful and a small smile on her lips.
“Was today okay?” She whispered. “I’m sorry if it was too much. Abuela wanted to throw a huge party and the whole village would come, but I said-“
She was cut off by a firm kiss. “It was perfect.” They beamed. “Today was perfect. You’re perfect, the family’s perfect. Today was perfect.” They repeated, a small smile crossing their lips.
“Ay, díos, I love you.”
“Te amo.”
A/N: It’s short but… birthday fluff, yk? Happy birthday sweetheart!
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We’ll Meet Again
dolores x reader
summary: you know that scene in The Book of Life where maria gets sent away? yeah.
a/n: they’re like 12-15 at the start, btw.
you and dolores laughed as you navigated your father’s stallion through the streets of the encanto. you had impulsively decided to steal her in the early morning before dragging dolores, your best friend, with you.
“come on, maria!” you laughed as she began to speed up, making dolores squeak and hold onto your waist tighter.
“Y/N! maybe we should stop.” she whispered, but you couldn’t hear her.
“woo!” you cheered as you navigated the horse into the woods, choosing to let the people of the encanto be for a while. you smiled widely as maria slowed down by your father’s stables. “gracias, maria.” you kissed the horse before jumping off. you held your hand up and helped dolores down.
“that was fun.” dolores smiled at you.
“yeah! now we just have to get maria back in with my papi seeing.” you told her, glancing at the horse.
“uh- Y/N?” dolores asked, looking up at the tall man behind you.
before you could say anything, he spun you around, holding your wrists in his hands, tightly. “what the hell is wrong with you, girl?” he asked, making you gulp.
“we- we were just having some fun.” you told him.
“fun? i woke up to a group of people complaining about my daughter terrorising them, Y/N!” he raised his voice. “and, on top of that, señora alma paid me a visit.” you glanced at dolores, who was now looking down. “she told me about how my daughter is a bad influence on her second oldest grandchild and i, quite frankly, agree.” he told you. “you need to be separated.”
“what?” you asked, a new fire shining in your eyes. “you can’t separate us! why would you do that? you- you can’t-“ you were cut off by a hand swifty hitting your cheek. you gasp as you head snapped back up to your father, who straightened his stance. it was clear that he didn’t expect to lose his temper so easily.
“you should go, señorita madrigal.” your father said to dolores, who didn’t take her eyes off of you.
“go, dolores.” you gritted, glaring at your father. she tried to argue, but your eyes quickly turned to her with a pleading look. “please, dolores, just go.” you begged, making her gulp before scurrying off. you turned back to your father. “i hate you so much.” you told him before pushing past and storming to the house.
“you’re going to spain with your mother’s family.” your father called out from behind, making you spin around.
“i don’t even know them- i didn’t even know my own mother, and you expect me to go and live with her family that is so far away from here?” you asked incredulously.
“there’s a school. one that will teach you to be more ladylike.” he spoke, seemingly pleased with himself.
“Vete a la mierda.” you said bitterly, making his face turn red with anger, before running into the house, slamming the door.
you ran through the encanto, not caring about the people that you accidentally ran into. not sparing a glance at them. you needed to get to dolores. “lo siento!” you called out absentmindedly every time you heard someone curse you.
your legs began to ache as you mentally cursed your father for choosing a house so far away from casita. panting, you came to a halt at the front door. “hola, casita, can i?” you asked, before going to open the door.
only, this time, the door opened the wrong way, hitting your head, making you groan in pain. you cursed casita before going to push the door open again, only to discover that it wouldn’t move.
“casita, por favor, i need to see her.” you said, trying to open the door again, falling through, making dolores look down at you apologetically.
“lo siento.” she whispered, helping you up before looking around. “what the hell are you doing here? if abuela sees you then you’re dead! and i’m dead! i’m too pretty to die.” she told you dramatically, making you crack a weak smile.
“i agree. you’re way to pretty to die, mi damisela.” you told her. “it’s a good thing i’m tu caballero de brillante armadura (your knight in shining armour).”
dolores rolled her eyes as she felt her cheeks heat up. “what are you doing here, Y/N?” she sighed.
“my father’s sending me away.” you said bluntly, making the colour drain out of her face. “i don’t know how long i’ll be gone, or if i’ll even come back, so i came to say goodbye.”
“you’re lying.” she accused. “you can’t leave me. you promised you wouldn’t leave me!” she whisper yelled.
“dolores, i don’t have any say in this and you know that.” you told her, holding her shaking hands. “i love you, mi amigo, and i would never willingly leave you like this.”
“i-i know, i just-“ dolores cut herself off with a sob. “please don’t leave me. please don’t.”
“i love you so much, dolores.” you smiled, kissing her knuckles. “i’ll see you soon.” you gave her a smile that didn’t reach your eyes.
“i love you too, Y/N.” she told you, looking into your pain eyes.
“dolores!” doña alma called out, making the two of you tense and look to her.
“i should probably-“ you cut your self off with a yelp when you saw a flip flop fly past you. “adiós!” you shouted behind you as you ran back to your home.
this was going to be a long couple of years.
dolores had been miserable since you left. she was too upset to go down and wave you goodbye as you hopped in the carriage, making you a tad bit disappointed. especially when you had to hear that she wasn’t coming from isa.
you didn’t hold it against her though.
pepa, being the best mother (joint with julieta, of course) comforted her daughter the whole time. hugging her when she cried; listening to her stories about the two of you; listening to her blame you, even thought they both knew that she didn’t mean anything she said, simply being blinded by rage.
when she finally felt okay enough to get back on her feet, she did. instead of getting up to mischief with you all day, she now constantly helped the people of the encanto until it drained her. non stop. all day, every day. it became routine, until she found someone.
he was a nice guy, mariano. he almost made her forget about you. almost. but who forgets about their first love? even if she didn’t care to admit it then, she was head over heels for you. completely and utterly in love. but you were just children. you barely knew anything about love.
dolores would like to think that you were out there, happy. maybe you met a guy, maybe you courted. but she couldn’t forgive you or, more so, she couldn’t forgive herself. she had let you go without telling you of her true feelings. the one thing she promised she would not do.
but, alas, this part of the story is about dolores’s boyfriend. you had missed a lot. dolores would be sure to tell you when you got back. if you got back. bruno’s vision had been proven, the man of her dreams was betrothed to another. her cousin. but, after the casita collapsing, isabela had come clean about not wanting to marry him, before setting up dolores and mariano.
dolores really liked mariano. she wouldn’t use the L word (love, not lice) yet. mariano wouldn’t leave her. mariano wouldn’t hurt her. mariano was all the things you weren’t. but that wasn’t a necessarily good thing. you were smart, at least that’s how she remembered you to be. you were brave, not that mariano wasn’t, but she admired you for it.
dolores would still smile at the odd memory of the two of you together, but when mariano would ask her why she was in such a good mood, she’d just shrug it off. she didn’t love him. she couldn’t. not when she was still madly in love with you.
“did you hear?” isabela asked, making dolores let out an amused laugh.
“right.” isa mentally face palmed. “so, you know that Y/N back coming back then.” she said, making dolores freeze in her steps. “i’ll take that as a no then.”
“she what?” dolores asked, widening her eyes. “no no no no no. she can’t.” she began to panic. “how did you hear about this?”
“señor Y/L/N is throwing a formal get together-slash-party.” isabela told her. “i feel like it’s all everyone’s been talking about.”
“well, i didn’t know.” dolores told her cousin. “we’re going, isa.”
“what?” isabela asked, widening her eyes. “i’d rather not- fine.” she broke under dolores’s glare. “i can’t believe you.” she muttered under her breath.
“i heard that.”
“Y/N.” a man tipped his hat at you, making you smile and courtesy, though you didn’t recognise him. “it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” he held out his hand to you.
you raised you hand to his, and he took it, raising it to his lips where he kissed them. “hola, señor.” you greeted back, grimacing at the cold lips on the back of your palm. “and the pleasure is all mine.”
“your father tells me you’re quite the woman now.” he said, making you chuckle. “that boarding school really straightened you out, huh?” he then chuckled as you hummed in agreement.
“he was right. i was too immature and boyish.” you said, slightly gritting your teeth. “but, yes, that school works wonders.” your eye twitched, realising that he was one of your father’s friends.
“Y/N!” you heard a much younger voice call out, making you look to a boy that couldn’t be older than fifteen.
“excuse me.” you smiled at the man before going over to the boy. “do i know you?”
“i’m offended that you don’t recognise me.” he pouted, making you look at him apologetically.
“lo siento.”
“camilo.” he held his hand out, making you widen your eyes.
“camilo!” you exclaimed, bringing him into a hug. “hi, how are you? my, you’re so big now.” you gasped. “i last saw you when you were, like, this-“ you held your hand to your knees. “tall.”
“well, you have been gone a while.” he told you, making you frown.
“yeah, i guess i have.” you said before your mind drifted off to dolores.
“she misses you, a lot.” camilo told you. “she cries herself to sleep sometimes.” he says bluntly. as if you could feel anymore guilty. “oh, but don’t take it personally! a lot of stuff has happened, like, her boyfriend was supposed to marry our prima! and casita collapsed and we all lost our powers!” he said, noticing your expression.
“what?” you asked incredulously. “casita what- wait. boyfriend?” you asked, clearing your throat at the bitter voice.
“…yeah.” camilo said unsurely.
“you okay?”
“peachy.” you put on a fake smile before clearing your throat. “if you don’t mind, i’m going to get a drink. see you later, camilo.” you waved before heading to the kitchen.
“hi.” you jumped at the quiet voice and turned to see isabela in the corner.
“jesus christ, isa. you can’t scare a girl like that.” you held your hand over your heart. “i’m glad you’re here. is, uhm, is she here?” you quietened your voice.
isabela shook her head, making you sigh. “she was here for a bit, but got, i don’t know, sensory overload.” she told you, making you frown. “she told me to give you this.” she held out a piece of paper.
you scanned over the paper before leaving the kitchen without muttering a word. once you left the house, you held up your dress and ran to the hill. when you got there, you saw dolores looking at the moon, fiddling with her hands. you walked up behind her, despite knowing that she could hear you, and covered her ears. “guess who.”
“hmm. i don’t know, isa?” dolores played along.
“guess again.”
“Y/N?” dolores smiled as you spun her around.
“i missed you so much.”
a/n2: the ending didn’t save, and i cannot be arsed.
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The Letter
A/N: Hey. I felt in a writing mood. So here’s an Alma fic for the Alma lovers. Tagging- @notmanagingmymischief​ @badussy69 @winters-witch-bitch idk if ya’ll want to see this or not. But… here you go.
Tumblr media
Alma Peregrine x GN!Reader
 It took almost three weeks to convince Alma to let you go. Three weeks spent arguing, sleeping on the couch and late night conversations. When you had finally convinced her, the days were spent exchanging kisses as much as you could, desperate to make the days go slower. Desperate for the two of you to not part.
But where were you going, might you ask? War.
Abe wanted to leave. He wanted to see the world and protect his people. Not just his fellow peculiars, but his fellow Jews, also. The people who were being tortured under the hands of monsters.
And, if you pseudo son was leaving, so we’re you.
The day came. You left with Abe. The children cried. Alma watched, stone-faced, not letting any emotion pass through until later than night, behind her bedroom door.
The children didn’t mention it.
Three months passed, letters were written most days, the envelope bulging by the end of the month to be sent home.
And then-
And then the letters stopped.
The children feared the worst, Alma refused to acknowledge the likelihood of your death, choosing instead to keep sending the letters.
Every letter was sent without a reply.
Another month passed, and a telegram arrived.
Alma LeFay Peregrine, The secretary of war desires me to express his deep regret that your ward, Lieutenant Y/N L/N has been reported missing in action since twelfth February 1942 in France. If further details or other information are received you will be promptly notified. -General R. Dwight
She stared. And stared. And then… cried. In front of her children for the first time.
The weeks passed, they kept writing letters. There was no mention of your name in the house, and, if someone cried in the night, nobody dared mentioning it.
In his correspondence, Abe mentioned you once or twice, and Emma broke down in the middle of reading his letter, having to read it at least three times before she could get through it without crying.
And then-
A letter.
March 29 1942 My dearest Alma, I hope this letter finds you in good health. However, I’m afraid to say that I haven’t sent this letter in good health. On February 9 1942, just over a month ago, I was captured by Caul and Myron. Thankfully, however, they didn’t recognise me from that brief time we had met when you and I first began courting. They found me just off the coast of Calais, and held me in an abandoned loop until I had managed to escape on February 15. I have sustained many injuries on my travels, but my biggest pain is not being near you. I apologise for not sending anything in the three months that I have been on the run, but I feared that they would somehow find me. Or worse, find you and the children. I must admit that hunting Hollows is much more scary than I had thought it to be. Abe and I had stuck together until we were sent on different missions. I cannot reveal too much, though I can say that I was sent to France and he was sent to Germany. I miss you and the children very much. Please tell them as such. I’m so terribly sorry for leaving you, my darling. I hope you can forgive me. Your Y/N
Alma almost broke down into sobs again. You were alive.
Wounded, but alive.
Thank the gods.
A/N: I might do a pt2. Should I do a pt2? Ye ima do a pt2.
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the chokehold this song has on me
Tumblr media
The hold this song has on me.
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i am so in love with this woman
˗ˏˋ MIDNIGHT! ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ IN WHICH: Two strangers meet at a hill, trying to get their minds off things, so they decide to get to know each other.
·˚ ༘Disclaimer: In this imagine dolores is not dating/with Mariano, Isabela is :)
˚ · . Dolores Madrigal x fem!reader.
Tumblr media
Y/n shifted on her bed, trying to find a somewhat comfortable sleeping position but just groaned in stress as she realized this was one of those nights that just weren’t for sleeping. 
She shoved her face in her silk pillow but an idea popped up in her mind. What if she went out for a walk until the sunrise? What could happen? Plus, she knows the perfect spot for times like this.
She got up from her bed, observing her closet and looking for a basic jacket. Once she found it she threw it on quickly, i mean it’s not like she was in a hurry… she was just eager to lay down in the grass and stare at the stars, maybe she could clear all the overwhelming thoughts that piled up in her brain.
As Y/n was jumping out her window sneakily, Dolores was in her room choking back sobs as tear drops fell from her shiny eyes. She felt so lonely and felt as if people only used her to get information or secrets about others. It was exhausting and nobody cared to ask if she was okay. Her ears are sore most of the time and not even her family asked about it.
Dolores wiped the tears that were dropping like shooting stars with her wrist and sighed. She ached and swelled in a hundred places, but mostly in the middle of her kind heart. She sat up and pat her red pajama dress. “What do i do with all this pain swelling up inside me? Somebody tell me.” She talked to herself but jumped in fear when casita slammed her window open. She furrowed her brows at casita. “I’m not going out” She simply said but casita moved the floor tiles and put dolores’ slippers in front of her feet.
“Hmph, fine. Maybe this is a sign from the universe” She hummed and stood up, slipping the fluffy vibrant colored slippers and walking towards the open window. The cold breeze hitting her face causing goosebumps to form on her skin. She closed her eyes and jumped out, falling on the grass. “Ow..” She mumbled.
When one is lonely, the body gladly lingers in the wind, or the rain, or splashes into the cold river, or pushes through the ice cold crusted snow. Anything that touches. Y/n found herself going up the grassy hill, touching every flower she saw. The tulips, sunflowers, roses, every single one. She pulled a big pink rose from the ground and put it in her hair. The color accompanying her features very well, making the flower glow against her h/c locks.
She smiled and twirled, as she reached the top of the small hill, her eyes glanced down to the beautiful river behind the hill. She threw herself on the grass, laying down facing the stars. Since she was on a hill she could see the stars better and brighter. As she laid there she began to hum a song.
Dolores had no idea where she was going, she just walked. walked and explored the villages details like she hasn’t gone outside for years. The night sky looked so beautiful above her. She smiled at the sight of the glowing full moons light. She came across a small tall hill and shrugged as she walked up. She gasped at the field of flowers on the hill but her ears perked up at the sound of angelic hums near by.
The wide eyed girl got frightened but ignored the fear and bravely walked more rapidly up the mini mountain. When she reached the top she gasped for air. “Hmph” Dolores squeaked when her eyes widened at the sight of a pretty e/c eyed girl with a pink flower in her h/c hair. The humming girl jumped up at the high pitched squeak that came out of the curly haired.
“What the-” Y/n started but dolores interrupted her hurriedly. “I’m sorry for interrupting, i was just walking and i saw this hill and i didn’t want to stop walking because i’m so stressed, i feel so drowsy so i went up it and then i heard your pretty voice but i ignored it and kept walking but-” Dolores ranted as tears started welling up in her doe eyes while she spoke.
Y/n slightly titled her head at the stressed out stranger in confusion and guilt. She got up and walked over to her. “It’s okay, calm down and breathe. It’s all okay, i actually came here for kinda the same reason” Y/n comforted the sad girl with a pat on her shoulder. Dolores’ lips trembled as she felt the urge to cry onto the sweet girls shoulder. Finally, a person who cared. Even though she was a stranger.
“Thank you..” Dolores mumbled quietly at the smiling girl who sat down. Y/n sat on the grass and patted down on the space next to her, signaling to the stranger to sit besides her. Dolores was in shock that this unknown girl was so sweet to her.
Dolores sat down as Y/n spoke up. “So, what’s been on your mind, desconocida linda?” (pretty stranger) She questioned with a grin. Dolores blushed at the pet name but ignored the warm feeling and answered. “Well, i dont really know i’ve just been feeling so… empty. People only want me for telling them about other people. It’s like they only want me for my power and not just… for me.” Dolores vented with her head down.
“Power? Wait- Are you that madrigal who can hear from far away?” Y/n widened her eyes as she realized who was this pretty stranger she was talking to really was. Dolores sighed, “Yes” She replied. “Oh, well i’ll tell you something, linda. It may seem that people only want you to specific things but trust me, i bet your family loves you for who you really are. And more people too! You seem amazing” Y/n gave the flustered girl a toothy grin.
“Thank you, you’re such a sweetheart. By the way, What’s your name?” Dolores asked as she looked into her e/c orbs. “Y/n. But i prefer you call me your amada” Y/n winked as she did a bad attempt as flirting. Dolores giggled with a hand covering her mouth. “I’m dolores, mi amada” She teased, rolling her eyes at the pretty strangers flirting.
Now it was Y/n’s time to hide her blushing pink face. “So… How come i’ve never seen you around the village?” Dolores questioned Y/n. “Well, i don’t really like going outside and interacting with people. But for some reason, i feel open with you, desconocida” Y/n sighed, feeling the flower in her hair fall slowly.
Dolores noticed and fixed it for her before she could, their hands met and they both flushed red. “And how old are you?” Y/n asked, breaking the growing tension between them. “21 but i feel 40” Dolores answered with a groan. Y/n laughed and nodded. “Same” she looked up at the moon and sighed.
They talked and gossiped for hours. laughed and ranted until they saw the dark sky fade to lighter pastel shades. They both glared at the beauty of the sun rising. “Ah, well now you’re not a desconocida anymore” Y/n looked besides her to glance at the doll faced girl with a smile. Dolores nodded and stared at Y/n’s facial features. Y/n’s smiles faded as she did the same.
She noticed how her red tinted lips were plumped, her lashes were dark and long, and her light freckles splattered all over her rose pink cheeks. Even though they met a couple hours ago, they both felt their hearts warm up at the sound of the others soft voice speak.
So slowly, she leaned in to her. She smelled of bergamot and soap, of sunshine and sugar. They were both so so lost. They felt insane for falling for someone so quickly but it just felt right. They pulled away as they heard footsteps behind them. Dolores looked back to see her brother with a teasing smirk on his face.
Her already widened eyes widened even more. “Oh no” Dolores squeaked with shock. Y/n sat there with furrowed brows as she looked down she saw her hands connected with hers. She chuckled nervously and got up.
“Well, i gotta go! I’ll see you later dolores!” She said nervously and ran off to the wrong direction in panic.
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as if i needed more angst this morning
Mahd Wy'ry
A Thena x reader story!
warnings: angst
"Oh, Thena," you whispered, watching as your girlfriend's eyes began to turn whiter than her hair.
Before you could say another word, she was attacking you, her sword slashing through the air as it attempted to make contact with your skin. You evaded each swing easily, your powers of speed allowing you to escape quickly.
She turned in circles, narrow eyes waiting for any sort of movement that would indicate either you or one of the other Eternals. The only thing on her mind right now was to kill.
Suddenly, Sersi appeared, a smile on her face at the sight of Thena, though it immediately fell when she realized that the woman was going through yet another episode of mahd wy'ry.
Thena leapt towards the brunette, sword ready to kill, and Sersi narrowly dodged her attack, causing the white-haired woman to stumble forwards upon not making contact with anything.
She quickly readied herself again, facing Sersi with nothing other than anger written on her face.
"We're friends, Thena!" Sersi pleaded as she attempted to defend herself against the woman. However, she was exhausted from her previous fight against the Deviants, and it was a known fact that Thena was one of the best Eternals at combat.
Just as Thena attempted to stab Sersi, you ran through the fight, grabbing the brunette and carrying her to safety hundreds of feet away. Unfortunately, you were unable to avoid Thena's weapon as you were too focused on saving Sersi.
You collapsed to the ground, Sersi holding onto you as you fell, and your hands covered the bleeding wound that you had suffered on your side.
"Sersi," you groaned. You both knew that you weren't going to make it out alive.
She quieted you, holding her own hand over yours. "It's okay; you'll be okay." You nodded, even though you knew that it was a lie.
"Tell her I love her, Sers. Tell Thena?" The brunette nodded, tears pricking at her eyes once your breathing fell shallow and your hand began to go limp. "Tell her I forgive her. I'll be okay."
The moment that your breathing stopped, the entire ground around you turned to water to mimic Sersi's tears. She screamed, ignoring the burning in her throat.
Druig and Makkari were the first to appear, him in her arms. They left a trail of dust as they stared at your figure on the ground, unmoving and cold.
"Was it...?" Druig trailed off, motioning towards where he knew Thena was being calmed by Gilgamesh. Sersi nodded.
Sprite appeared next, running towards Sersi and kneeling before your body, her tears falling from her cheeks onto your own.
Kingo stood in the background, hands clasped in front of him to avoid any bolts of energy from flying out of his fingers. He had never been particularly close to you, but the fact that Thena had done this left his blood boiling.
Next was Phastos and Ikaris. The latter stood behind Sersi, a hand on her shoulder, as he stared at you. Phastos stood with Kingo, wondering what he could have done to have armored you better.
When Gilgamesh and Thena broke through the tree line, the woman immediately fell to her knees upon seeing your dead body. She crawled towards you, taking you from Sersi and cradled you in her own arms.
"My love," she cried, running her thumb across the apple of your cheek. When it once would turn red beneath her touch, it was now cold and pale. "I'm sorry." Thena held you closer, your head in the crook of her neck, as she sobbed, guilt wrapping around her heart.
And when she screamed, the rest of the Eternals had to cover their ears, for they refused to hear the everlasting pain that Thena would be in for the rest of her life.
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i did not ask to wake up to this pain-
i’m literally crying on the bus
He loved her first (Julieta x Reader)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning: angst.
@lilian-maximoff @academiagaymess here’s your angst! Hope you like it!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
You knew something was wrong when you heard the door of your house open and close quickly. Your visitor’s footsteps were quick and erratic and in just a few seconds, an agitated Julieta Madrigal appeared in front of you. Her eyes were bright with unshed tears.
You quickly abandoned your job and ran to your best friend. The brunette was trembling and her hands were cold. She worried you to death.
“Not again” you whispered
“I-I’m sorry”
“Julieta, you promised you wouldn’t let this happen again” you scolded softly.
Keep reading
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Tumblr media
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can’t wait to watch The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window 😄
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like fucking stop-
Brunito says no to incest
Tumblr media
be like Brunito 👍🏽
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Hi! I love you’re writing! I was wondering if you could a Delores’s Sister with also the same power? Or Delores’s Sister could make things fly with her mind? If you don’t wanna do this it’s fine! Have a Amazing day!
Been Best Friends Forever
dolores x twin!reader, reader x oc ‘rosalie/rose’
summary: the adventures of the madrigal twins.
5 Years Old
“dori.” you whispered poking you sister’s face. “dori.” you repeated your actions, making her stir. “dori, wake up!”
“i’m up, Y/N/N.” dolores mumbled sleepily, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. “happy birthday, melliza (twin).” she smiled at you, making your smile widen.
“happy birthday, hermana!” you squealed, jumping up and down. “what do you think our gifts will me? maybe mind reading, or something with fire!”
“niñas.” you heard your mother say and turned to pepa with a wide smile. “i see you’re both excited.”
“si, mami.” you and dolores said in unison before running up to her legs. pepa laughed softly before scooping the two of you up into her arms.
“let’s go have breakfast, mi amors.” pepa kissed the top of both of your heads before carrying you to the outside dining table.
you were bouncing in your seat as you and dolores whispered to each other about what the night would bring. after breakfast, the two of you got showered and dressed before following behind your mamá as she did her chores.
you giggled to yourself when you felt félix pick you up from behind. “how’re my little angels?” he asked, picking up dolores also.
“excited!” dolores squealed, making you nod rapidly in agreement. “can’t wait to get our gift.”
“i want to control water!” you exclaimed, confusing dolores.
“but you said you wanted something with fire earlier.” she pouted.
“i can’t decide.” you sighed melodramatically. “how long, papi?”
“uh… two hours.” he smiled at you after checking the clock.
those two hours were painfully slow, but when it was finally time, you and dolores wore your favourite dresses— ones that matched— and stood at the bottom of the aisle. you bounced on the balls of your feet and held dolores’ hand tightly.
“i’m nervous.” you whispered to her, eyes darting between the unfamiliar faces that were staring at you.
“it’s gonna be fine.” she whispered back. “if something goes wrong, we’ll always have each other.”
15 Years Old
“you’re not very sneaky, melliza.” dolores frowned at you, walking in on you trying to sneak your girlfriend into casita.
“damn you.” you cursed as you helped her through the window and onto her feet.
“hola, rose.” dolores waved, making rose blush and wave back. “wrap it up before you slap it up, et cetera.” dolores waved off before retreating to her bedroom.
“oh, my god.” you groaned in embarrassment, covering your face. “i’m so sorry that you had to hear that.” you whispered, grabbing her hand.
“super hearing?” rose asked, making you nod. “i see- wait, did she say ‘wrap it up before you slap it up’?”
“come on.” you chuckled lightly before dragging her to your door. “don’t think to hard about it.” you opened your door. “mi casa es su casa.”
“it’s so pretty.” she gaped, looking at the floating candles. (a/n: think harry potter). “i’m offended that you’ve never invited me here before.”
“well, in my defence, my family are very nosy.” you scoffed sarcastically. “don’t even get me started on mi hermano- dolores is bad enough as it is, but camilo? dios mío.”
“isn’t he 9?” rosalie asked, making you hum and nod. “come on, amor, let’s just chill.”
19 Years Old
“Y/N! get back here!” dolores whisper yelled, chasing you though casita. “camilo!” your laughs echoed through the building as you and your little brother ran through the building. “i swear to god, Y/N, when i get you, i’ll murder you!”
“you could try, but you won’t catch me!” you called out. “‘milo, you ready?” you smirked, making the twelve year old nod rapidly. “uno, dos, tres!” as you shouted the last number, the two of you went down separate hallways.
dolores came to a stop at the intersection and sighed. on one hand, she could follow you— sure, you were faster than camilo, but he was a child overdosed on sugar. “forget it.” she groaned, before running down the hallway you went down.
“you know, hermana, i think you could do so much better.” you joked when she reached you. “i mean, sure, he’s attractive and all, but he’s dumb. dumber than me, which is surprising, really.”
“i don’t think that’s possible.” dolores rolled her eyes, making you hold your hand over your heart. “look, you can’t tell anyone-“
“what? that you have a crush on ma-“ you cut off dolores only to be cut off by her covering your mouth. your words were muffled, but you licked her hand, making her face wrinkle in disgust and pull her hand away.
“that was disgusting.”
“you’re disgusting.” you retorted.
“wow, real mature, Y/N.” dolores snarked, wiping her hand on your shoulder. “why is it disgusting?”
“because… he’s, like, two whole years older than you.” you mumbled, not knowing how to answer. “you may as well be 20 and he may as well be 40!” you sighed melodramatically.
“oh, please.” dolores rolled her eyes before slapping the back of your head.
“hey.” you pouted. “mami, dolores is being mean.” you said when pepa walked by.
“dolores, stop being mean to your sister.” pepa sighed before walking out of the other room.
you looked to your twin with a pleased look on your face, making her glare at you. she launched herself at you, making you squeal and run from her. “get back here, you little-!”
22 Years Old
“see?” you asked smugly. “i told you that tío bruno’s visions aren’t always the full picture.” you gently nudged her shoulder, making her scoff.
“you only said it because he said that you were have a boyfriend and you got a girlfriend instead.” she rolled her eyes.
“yep! one that i love dearly.” you smiled widely at her, your eyes travelling over to rose, who was talking to mirabel. “but, enough about me. is mariano still stupider than me?”
“again, melliza, i’m like ninety-seven percent sure that that’s impossible.” she told you.
“well, excuse me. there’s no need to be so rude.” you held your hand over your heart. “so, really, how is he?”
dolores shrugged. “he’s fine.” she answered. “still writing poetry, helping his mamá. et cetera,”
“still want five babies?” you raised an eyebrow, trying to conceal a smirk. “or did you just say that to mess with isa?”
“i, uh…” dolores trailed off, thinking about her answer. “i just said it to mess with isa.” she said guiltily, glancing at your cousin.
“thought so.”
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doloresswife · 4 days ago
I literally Love your Fanfics!!!!
Thank you so much!
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doloresswife · 5 days ago
pepa x female reader where pepa forgets their anniversary and reader just stays quiet the whole day (finally breaks down when she's alone) and then pepa feels terrible and just makes it up to her? thank you!!
Forgive Me?
pepa x reader
a/n: the end is extremely rushed- sorry 😣
“buenos días, mi vida.” you greeted with a wide, loving smile. pepa sat up in the bed with confusing painting her face as you placed a tray onto her lap. “i hope it’s okay… i asked julieta for help, you know i’m not the best cook…” you trailed off.
“i’m sure it will taste lovely, mi amor.” pepa told you with a smile. you matched her facial expression and sat back down on the bed next to her as she tried some. “it’s delicious.”
you grinned as she dove into the breakfast. “i was thinking we could go down to the lake for a walk— or have a picnic.” you suggested.
“i’d love to,” pepa started. “but what for?” she asked, making your smile drop. “i mean, we both have a butt -load of chores to do today.”
“no, we don’t, remember?” you asked anxiously. she didn’t actually forget, did she?
“i’m pretty sure we do.” pepa furrowed her eyebrows.
“pepa, what day is it?” you sat up straight.
“uh- tuesday.” she answered unsurely, making you scoff.
“i’m gonna go- help julieta cook.” you said, getting out of bed.
“oh…kay.” pepa frowned at you as you left the room.
once she had finished the surprise breakfast that you had cooked for her— which she loved, by the way— she began walking round the house, looking for you. you were sat in the lounge, a frown on your lips, as you stared into the distance.
“mi amor…” pepa started slowly, walking up to you, but you just rolled your eyes and turned your back to her, making her sigh. “mi amor, did i do something? are you mad at me?” the second she put her hand on your shoulder, you stood to your feet and walked out of the room.
pepa was confused and upset, forming a dark cloud above her. “oh, no.” she heard bruno mumble. she quickly stood to her feet and turned to him, making him speed walk out of the lounge.
“bruno!” she shouted after him, making him freeze and turn to her. “do you know why Y/N is upset with me?” her face softened, but the storm cloud getting darker.
“try thinking about the date.” bruno told her with a frown.
“i don’t- i don’t know what that means.” pepa told him, dropping her face onto his shoulder. “i mean, what’s so special about a tuesday? and in the middle of august.”
“pepa.” bruno said softly, patting her back. “maybe you should talk to Y/N about this-“
“yeah, i tried, but they won’t talk to me.” pepa responded in frustration.
“okay, talk to julieta-“
“that’s a great idea. thank you, brunito.” pepa smiled, ruffling his hair before making her way to the kitchen. “julieta-!”
“ay, pepa, there’s no need to shout.” julieta cut off her sister before turning to look at her. “are you okay? did you like the breakfast Y/N made?”
“si, it was very good, but…” pepa gave her an uneasy smile. “i can’t figure out why she did it.”
julieta matched her uneasy expression. “have you thought about the date?”
“why does everyone keep saying that? it’s just a regular, old, boring tuesday in the middle of- it’s our anniversary.” pepa cut herself off with a gasp, the cloud above her head darkening. “i can’t believe i forgot. oh, god. they probably hate me.”
“probably.” julieta mused, making pepa glare at her. “lo siento.” julieta raised her hands in defence.
after the confrontation in the lounge, you stormed back up to pepa’s room, where you finally broke down. how could she forget? you went to the head of the bed brought your knees up to your chest. letting out a choked sob, you balled your hands into fists and put your head in your lap.
it felt like an eternity of crying before you felt a hand on your back. you jumped away from the person and looked up to see pepa with an apologetic look on her face. “i’m sorry, mi vida, i can’t believe i forgot something this important-“
you cut off her apology with a scoff. “whatever, pepa.” you strained, curling up into yourself again.
“look, i’ll make it up to you! we’ll have the best picnic tomorrow, down by the river. and-and i’ll make you breakfast in bed. and i’ll shower you in your favourite flowers.” she promised, kissing your hand. “i’ll make it up to you.”
you sighed, slumping down into the space next to her. “if you don’t keep your promise, i’ll kill you.”
and, she did keep her promise. it wasn’t your anniversary date, but it was still special. she woke you up in the early hours with a delicious breakfast, courtesy of julieta, then immediately brought you down to the river.
“forgive me?” pepa asked as they two of your stared up at the stars.
“of course, mi amor.”
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