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23 / (they/them) / germany im domino & i try very hard to not be bad at art. ask me abt commissions/requests

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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

dominodamsel·a month agoAnswer

I have a question about that post about radical feminism that you made when you were ~16 do you still feel the same? I saw it and was curious

short answer: no, i do not feel the same anymore.

long answer: sometimes, someone new follows me. oh how wonderful, i think, a droplet of serotonin forming right above my braincell, ready to fall and soak it in that good good happiness. i click on their blog. their most recent post is a reblog of that godforsaken comic. the familiar colors haunt me. my own handwriting mocks me. my caption has been deleted, not that it would have made much of a difference. one of the comments says “I’m going to get hate for this, but it needs to be said”. the comment was made by an adult in the year of our lord 2020. i close my eyes, breathe in deep, and block the new follower. i consider trying to remember my old blogs password, but it feels like the easy way out. this, this recurring humiliation that seeks me out when i least expect it - it keeps me on my toes. it reminds me to just fucking think sometimes. it reminds me that i deleted all the asks i answered on that old blog after i posted the comic - all the input from people explaining patiently why i was wrong, the arduous journey how i changed my mind. i deleted them because i somehow thought i was still going to use this blog. foolish. those asks that show i changed my mind basically immediately are gone, but the link to dominodamsel persists. one day, a callout post will be made about me, and this damn comic will be on the top of the list. i hate this comic so damn much. i hate every point made in it, and i cannot believe adult human beings still agree with it to this day

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dominodamsel·a month agoPhoto

there he is! i just simply wanted to draw laslow in real fancy clothes. also a blackbird bc ive been thinking about his dark materials and i think that’d be his daemon. basically just a lot of ideas in one. i drew this for me only to be very honest

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dominodamsel·2 months agoAnswer

Good Twink

twinkification of characters that should have never been twinkified part 1

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dominodamsel·2 months agoPhoto

more pets as animal crossing characters! up top my own dog, ronja; then, below, requests from people on the animal crossing subreddit.

(disclaimer: ronja is 4 months old and very energetic, so she wants to play with charlie, who’s not super impressed. however, we obviously make very sure she doesn’t get rough with him and admonish her when she scares him so she’ll learn to be gentle. we’ve owned both cats and dogs simultaneously for years, so we do know what we’re doing. please dont come into my inbox talking about animal abuse based on one joke panel i beg of you)

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dominodamsel·3 months agoPhoto

i did the meme! except i only asked friends, not followers,,, i was worried no one would send asks lol

disclaimer that this is meant to be trans woman ferdie, because my friend mimi really likes that headcanon :,) 

as for kanae, please do not tag as karen/she/her, thanks!

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