Shay, 20something South Asian disaster. I sometimes make gifs. Do not follow if you are a: terf, Zionist, or Tr*mp supporter, or ship pedophilia/incest. The Martells are beautiful and BROWN. She/her pronouns

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life became so much simpler when i decided to just let people misunderstand me

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U know men always complain that the women they date are all gold diggers but they only date women in their 20s with debts who haven’t gotten their life figured out yet like that’s on you. Why don’t you date women your age who have a job perhaps? Why do you keep chasing pretty young girls then ask them to like you for your personality? You literally bring nothing to the table 🙄

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look the reality is that stan culture is unhealthy. period.

and i’m not talking about being a fan of someone and wanting to go see them on tour. im not talking about being happy when they drop something new or reach a cool milestone. im not talking about writing fanfiction and using them as a face character. im not talking about making edits/gifs of them, or anything like that. 

im talking about dedicating your life to this person. seeing them as some sort of deity who can do no wrong. monitoring their every move and always being ready with a comment/opinion/statement. feeling like you owe them something and that you alone are the key that will make or break their career. feeling like you need to defend them no matter what. attacking strangers just because they may not necessarily agree. creating drama day after day to the point where your online presence is just a steady stream of negativity with no end in sight. 

the internet has desensitized us to stan culture, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not wrong. it’s dangerous and gross and at this point, im afraid that most people are too far gone to recognise just how much of a horrible impact it’s made on our lives.

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Entire Georgia county claims no mail-in ballots.

How does Brian Kemp explain his incompetence? How does he explain suppressing votes from certain counties?

Just in case anyone missed this the last 2 or 3 times I reblogged it.

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If I got any gift from a crow I would keep it forever, I would affix these to the front door so they know I love and cherish them.

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The results of study after study point to social media inhibiting attention span and worsening mental illness symptoms, and half the people on this website will hear that and say, “Okay, boomer. Anyways, I haven’t read a book since I was fourteen, and starting a new TV show on Netflix gives me a panic attack.”

Inhibiting attention span huh?

But like isn’t that more on how fast we’re used to having things like instant search results and fast wifi rather than social media???

Lmao lower attention span *looks at the multiple multichapter fan fics and I’ve read within one binge read* *looks at the multiple 2 hour drama documentaries I’ve listened to*

It’s not that we can’t read anything longer than a paragraph it’s that I choose not to read long things that don’t interest me

You’re right. Researchers are lying. They’re just trying to hide the truth that stories where Mario has sex with Charizard is inherently more interesting than actual books. It couldn’t possibly be that your attention span is so damaged that you’ll only engage with material that features characters and situations you already know, not to mention the blocks of warnings that tell you absolutely everything that will happen in the story. You got them. It’s a big conspiracy to keep Margaret Atwood in a job. She’s just too old to learn what AO3 is.

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losing my mind over the 2020 tumblr survey

like can you imagine clicking this, unironically

i think they might be considering giving people the option to actually pay real cash money to view tumblr posts and idk what’s worse… the fact that some people will actually try and use this site to make money like what happened when on-blog advertising became a thing and i got anons in my inbox salty at me for criticising the virus-ridden ads because “some people need the money!!” and they thought they were going to make bank earning 0.001 cents per ad click, or the fact that some people will actually pay real cash money to view tumblr posts 

God I can just imagine the disk horse about how people who won’t pay $20 to read your vent posts are abusers because they don’t make an effort to monitor your personal well-being and how people who put their blogs behind a paywall but don’t actually make good content are also abusers because they con people into giving them money etc etc

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