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What is this sorcery????

I don’t think noncreators understand just how big of a deal this is. The reblogs are actually bigger than the likes on something that (I’m presuming) isn’t a meme or random text post turned meme. 

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where do i fucking buy this. im begging. i have $130 and i am willing to take a human life to have this. please anyone dm me

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roman, a confused asexual: just use your butt thomas!! that’s a thing people like right?? butts??! i ve seen them talk about yours. that’s what people always think about, they LOVE them. use yours to charm him!! come on. you know you want to.

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You wished me sweet dreams…. but little do you know, the sweetest dreams I have are always the ones with you in them.

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no sideblogs, we chaotically cram our personal posts, aesthetic posts, and 800 hyperfixations into one blog like men

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i just had an experience i dont think anyone else on earth has ever had before where i saw a tumblr ad and thought “wow that seems interesting i want to check that out” (it was an ad for a new method of learning to speak welsh) and for the first time in human history i actually intentionally clicked on an ad on tumblr to see more information about a product and the fucking link it had embedded was broken and didnt work

you: oh cool I’m interested, where does this link go?

tumblr ad: 

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but if i don’t hyperfixate i’ll get depressed and die

*runs out of hyperfixations* oh god oh fuck *lies in bed feeling empty and useless for 48 hours*

*desperately digs through old hyperfixations* there must be SOMETHING

*begs ur last hyperfixation to come back*

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so in an among us game the other night, a player in chat said “does anyone want to get married?”

and bc i was in it for shits and giggles, i said “yes”

he asked where we should get married and i told him we’d meet in comms, which was right at the end of that round. we started the next game, ran to comms together and danced around each other for a minute, which constituted our marriage ceremony. he then proceeded to just run around with me as we did tasks, which amused me to no end, and in out first body report meeting, he exclaimed, “I’M A MARRIED MAN.”

and then, inevitably, an impostor ran right up to us and murdered me. my new video game husband immediately reported my body.


everyone voted blue immediately, successfully avenging me

and then. the twist. my husband got caught murdering.

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i hope you heal from the things no one ever apologized for

i hope you heal from the things people apologised for too, because an apology doesn’t heal you immediately and that’s okay. do not expect yourself to be automatically okay just because someone apologised. do not be hard on yourself if you’re still hurt even after someone apologised.

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when covid ends i will be kissing all my friends on the lips in greeting like an italiana mobster

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december 1st! the first day of

not drawing jewish characters in christmas sweaters and honoring canon jewish characters and jewish headcanons by drawing them in hannukah sweaters with menorahs and blue and white instead of christmas sweaters and pine trees and red and green

that would be a great step, but that’s also still very much inspired by christmas, because the whole “chanukah sweater” thing is just catering to christmas norms.

want some ideas for how to draw or write jewish characters doing something warm, fuzzy, cute, and holiday themed, without anything christmas-y?

- character(s) playing dreidel: laughing, pointing fingers, menorah in the background, donuts on the table, music playing, coins clinking on the table, everyone staring in concentration as the dreidel spins, someone is attempting sabotage, pausing for latkes, shaking the table to get it to fall on someone else’s turn

- eating chocolate coins (called gelt): they’re melting too fast and getting all over their hands or mouths, milk chocolate vs dark chocolate, trading coins of different types and sizes, if it’s ship art then one can be teasing the other about it, kissing the chocolate at the edge of the other’s mouth

- making/eating latkes: standing over a hot stove together, sizzling oil, hugs from behind while one character makes them, fighting over the spatula for who gets to flip them, flipping one too high, biting into a latke together, peeling potatoes, juggling potatoes

- lighting the menorah: holding the shamash together while lighting it, hugs from behind while looking at the menorah, saying the brachah aloud, singing maoz tzur, playing instruments, just sitting next to the candles and watching them burn, silhouettes in front of the menorah, holding hands

- opening presents: standing next to the menorah or sitting on the floor in front of it, laughing, ripping paper, excitement, things flying in the air, can be emotional meaningful gifts or funny humorous ones

there are so many great concepts for drawing (and writing!) jewish characters over the holidays, and most of them haven’t even been done before so no excuses!

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