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drewsb12·18 hours agoAnswer

ficlet prompt: mike confesses to will over a walkie talkie but little does he know he's on the public channel with his other friends.

YES jamie ily full disclosure idk how walkie talkies work! 

“And that is why I’m in love with you…” Mike shook his head and ripped up the piece of paper, “No, way too cliche. C’mon, get it together.” 

A voice came from over his walkie talkie, asking, “Hey, Mike, what did you wanna talk about?” 

“Shit,” he muttered. Was it 6 already? 

“Yeah, give me a sec,” he called over to the walkie talkie. 

“Alright,” Will replied and Mike quickly scribbled down a few notes reading “radiant smile”, “gorgeous eyes” and “wonderful human being” before sprinting to the walkie talkie. 

“Ok, here I am,” he said. 

Mike could hear the other boy smiling as he replied, “Here you are.” 

“So, the thing is… you remember when we went to the movies over the summer with Max and Lucas and Max said it was like we were going on a double date?” 

“Yeah,” Will said after a moment. 

“Uhhh… well, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to ummm… do that some time? Again?” Mike stumbled over his words. 

“See a movie? Sure,” the other boy replied. 

“No, I meant…” he frowned a bit and then remembered Will couldn’t see him, “I meant like… I… uhhh… wrote this stupid poem and ummm… I’ll give it to you next time I see you, but the main take aways were…” 

He reached over to grab his paper and then read out, “Radiant smile, gorgeous eyes, wonderful human being.” 


“You! That’s… I was talking about you,” Mike clarified and then waited for either a rejection or “I love you too”. 

Instead, Will just repeated, “What?” 

“I… we could… the two of us? Like… a thing?” 

“Oh, you mean, like a…” the other boy trailed off. 

“Yes! Exactly!” he shouted. 

“But, why?” Will asked and Mike really wanted to shake him by the shoulders and say “why not?”. 

Instead, he just tried to use his words the best he could, “You are… the one thing that has always felt right. Like, at first I thought maybe this was how every friendship was supposed to feel but I… I mean, I look at you and you smile and I can’t breathe and sometimes, I really, really want to kiss you. Well, actually, all the time, and I just…. And yeah, I think I’ve loved you kind of for forever, so…” 

“Damn, Wheeler, you’re a poet,” Max’s voice crackled through his walkie talkie and he dropped it, screeching. 

“Uhhh, yeah, this is a public channel,” Lucas said through his laughter. 

“Go, Mike!” El shouted and Dustin was too busy cackling to say anything. 

Mike covered his face with his hands and wished he could dig himself into a hole forever. 

“Wait, Will still hasn’t answered,” Dustin pointed out after a minute. 

“Please say yes. I am way too invested in this relationship,” Lucas added. 

“Of course I’m saying yes,” Will replied, “Why wouldn’t I?” 

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drewsb12·18 hours agoAnswer

will talking about a crush and gushing about them, and mike is like 'oh :('. then will asks for advice on how to ask them out so mike gives him advice (sadly) and the next day will uses that advice to ask mike out.

yes thank you so much ily Jamie


“Will has a crush?!” Mike asked Dustin, flipping out internally. He was in the basement with the Party, talking to Dustin and eyeing Will from across the room. Will burst into laughter at whatever he and Lucas were talking about, and Mike wanted to die.

“Uh, yeah?” Dustin had brought it up casually, and now, he still seemed unmoved. “Why’s it matter?”

Why does it matter? Maybe because Mike had been in love with Will since like, forever!

“No reason,” Mike mumbled, following Lucas and Will up the stairs. The Party was leaving after playing one of Dustin’s campaigns. He was sad to see his friends (and his crush) leave, but also savored all the time he got in his basement, alone to simmer in his feelings. And boy, he had a lot of feelings.

The boys said their goodbyes, and Lucas and Dustin hopped onto their bikes and rode away. Will sat on the porch- he hadn’t biked. Hesitantly, Mike joined him.

“So… I hear you have a crush ?” Mike prompted. Maybe a weird thing to ask, but hey, he had to know.

Will blushed and smiled a bit. “Um, yeah… who told you?”


“Obviously.” They sat in quiet for a few moments before Mike decided he needed more info.

“Do you… want to talk about it?”

A pause. Then, Will sighed. “Ugh. Yes. He’s so obnoxious, but in a way that’s kind of cute. He’s sorta funny I guess? And he’s really cute. Oh, and I love talking to him.” Will kept gushing and Mike had only one thought in his mind.

He? He’s? Him? Will liked a guy that wasn’t Mike?

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Will Byers - Tropes 乛  requested by anonymous

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drewsb12·a day agoAnswer
Okay, the idea: Peter is like obsessed with making people impressed so when his idol, Captain America, comes around he's shook. He HAS to do something. Of course, they go on some mission and he shows off but ends up messing up the battle a bit, like people die or something that causes guilt (maybe he gets hurt idk) and is shamed in the Daily Bugle. He's super upset but Cap is like, yo, it's okay spidey, you did good my child and BAM!

OKAY, HERE’S A QUICK THING!  (Going to make him get hurt as opposed to having people die because I’m pretty sure if people die from his mistake, he would be a wreck, and I’m not at the emotional level to write that right now, lol) 

Peter’s eager as he follows Tony to a conference room, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet because he’s finally going to meet the one and only Captain America. No more lame promotional videos, or contact through Happy– nope. He’s going to come face to face with is top idol, and the thought alone has his heart thumping hard against his chest, pumping against a riveting jolt of adrenaline. 

“Be cool,” Tony tells him when the two stop before the conference door. “We’re here for strategic planning. Try not to freak out over Steve.” 

“I don’t ‘freak out’ over people, Mr. Stark,” Peter argues, but the second Tony opens the door and Peter spots Captain America sitting at the table, he sucks in a sharp gasp that Tony can only roll his eyes at. 

“What was that about not freaking out?” 

Peter’s speechless, his mind a jumbled wreck, but Steve addresses him with a simple “Hi, Peter. It’s finally nice to meet you,” and he needs to reply with something. He raises one hand in a shaky wave. 

“Hey, Stap– Ceve– Cap!” Mentally cursing himself, he offers an apologetic smile that Steve only laughs fondly at. 

Afficher davantage

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drewsb12·2 days agoText


Little Snip of a Little Man, I Know I’d Give My Life For You

y’all get bonus points if you know the song the title is a lyric from 

guys it’s true i would absolutely die for @parkrstark but i haven’t written a fic without tony playing with peter’s curls in like three months and i think it’s her fault (or the best idea in the world i haven’t decided)

so here’s so shameless peter whump PLUS curls 

i don’t know when this takes place, just bare with me. 

[tw: there’s a lot of blood]


“Mr.Stark, I don’t think that’s a good idea-”

“Don’t you trust me, kid? We’re going in.” The chemical warehouse is dimly lit, and he can hear the last thug rummaging through shelves.

“No, no, I do, but it just feels wrong.” The kid sounds so damn sure, but he doesn’t change his mind.

The man comes out from the shelves, his rusty knife dripping in a green liquid that looks somewhat like a melted jolly-rancher, and Tony’s ready to blast him, but before he can, something shocks his body sharply. He’s vaguely aware of his suit going dead and Peter getting stabbed in the leg with that knife before giving in to the pain.

This wasn’t the kind of mission you could just mess up. So how in the fucking world did Tony manage to do just that? He should have listened to the kid. Maybe he wouldn’t be withering on the dimly lit cell floor, desperately clawing his ears and coughing up blood.

Now the kid’s poisoned, and he has no suit and no way of contact with the others.

Yeah, Tony fucked up big time.

The kid’s face is exposed as he cries, because that neat group of low grade thugs were actually not so low grade and decided to learn some stupid spider-kid’s identity. He’s gonna kill each and every one of them.

“Mr.Stark, it hurts so bad.” Peter bites back a scream. Tony had decided hours ago there was no way he was letting this kid die alone, so he gingerly hugged Peter close to his chest as he cried.

For the first time in awhile, he feels helpless.

The wound in Peter’s leg is tinted with the same green liquid as the knife, and while Tony had attempted to wrap it with his ripped jacket, there was no way of telling what would happen if he accidentally touched it.

Peter claws at his bleeding ears again, and there’s so much blood.

It stains the ground, Peter’s lips, Tony’s shirt and hands.

It leaks from his ears, nose, mouth, leg.

Tony wants to scream as much as Peter does.

“I know, I know, it’s okay, Petey, it’s okay.” He grits out in a tentative voice, trying hard to keep his voice from cracking or showing any signs of uneasiness. Something like a mantra repeats in his head as if to say Let him know you love him. You have to show him. Don’t let him die alone.

The other part of him keeps saying He’s not going to die, because I’ll kill him if he does.

He wipes the blood away from his face with his sleeve.

He can’t shout to get their attention in fear of Peter’s sensitive hearing, so when the metal door swings up with a creek, he’s almost relieved.

He still cradles Peter close, shielding his face from the sudden light. It’s a man with a tall build, a buzz-cut, and a thick beard. The look on his face is one of cruelty, yet there was a tight smirk on his face as he meets Tony’s eyes.

“The famous Iron Man, captured by my hand. It’s truly an honor, Mr.Stark.” His words are of praise, but his voice gives Tony goosebumps. He feels Peter stiffen in his arms.

“And who are you?” Tony growls. The man’s smirk becomes a creepy grin.

“Ah, the name’s John. John Kenton. You don’t know me, but my guys have been trailing you for years.” He takes a step closer, and instinctively Tony clutches Peter tighter. John pulls back and chuckles.

“And that’s why you’re here.” He pulls out Peter’s mask from one pocket.

“What?” Tony chirps.

“We like watching what makes the great Tony Stark tick. What he hates, what he knows, but most importantly, what he loves.” John pauses and pulls a wad of gauze from his other pocket. “And because you keep eyes on that pretty little fiancée of yours at all times, we went for second best. The public seems to adore your relationship.” He gestured towards Peter, who was desperately trying not to cry out in pain. He watched as John rolled the gauze in his hands a couple of times before tossing it to him. He caught it without thinking, but didn’t register its use.

“That was your plan? Lure me and the kid to you silly little warehouse and kidnap us?” Tony wiped more blood from Peter’s nose.

“Well, it worked, didn’t it?” John snapped his fingers, and the same goon that stabbed Peter came in holding a tray. On it was what looked like water, though it was slightly grey, and a bread-type food. He set it down in front of them without looking up.

“The gauze is for his leg. He hasn’t got long, but it’ll still be fun to watch him die without you being able to save him.”

Tony felt the anger build up inside, and it took every part of him not to fight.

“Then what? You kill me?” Tony asked sharply. John simply shook his head and chuckled.

“Too easy. You’ll see what we’ve got planned.”

The metal door closed loudly, and the scream Peter had been holding in came out in a loud coughing fit. Tony carefully wraps Peter’s leg, and once he’s done he runs a hand through sweaty curls. He slides the tray over with his feet and sits Peter up, bringing the “bread” to his lips.

“You gotta eat, bud. You’ve got a spider metabolism, remember?” It’s a lame attempt, but Peter manages to take a small bite before coughing even harsher, his nose gushing.

“W-What’s happening t-to me?” He bites out, tears flowing down his cheeks. “I c-can hear v-voices. Why are t-there voices?” His hands cling tightly to Tony’s shirt.

“It’s okay, little man, it’s just me.” Tony soothes, tucking his head under his chin. “Listen to my heart, okay? Block it all out.”

He should have just listened to his kid.


The next day somehow gets worse. He knows in the back of his mind that the kid is going to die, but God knows he’s not going to give in so quickly.

He’s a sickly green color underneath the blood, and the raging fever on top doesn’t help at all. Tony’s taken to using to dirty water to wet stripes of his jacket in order to cool him off, but it’s almost no use.

“Talk to me, kiddo. It’s boring without your chatter.”

Peter barely stirs at first, but he slowly opens an eye to look at Tony.

“Talk?” He croaks out. Tony nods.

“Tell me a story, any story.” He returns his hand to his head of hair while Peter pulls a thinking face.

“Did I have tell ya ‘bout the time Ben an’ me saw a moose?” Peter slurs, his head drooping into Tony’s chest. Ben. Peter doesn’t mention him often. Only on the bad days.

Tony guessed this counted as a bad day.

“No, kid, you haven’t. Do tell.”

Peter nods, but then winces and touches the blood from his nose.

“Um, he took me to Maine for a camping trip. We were walkin’ and it came outta nowhere. He walked across the trail and went back into the woods. It was like we ‘magined it or something…” Peter trailed off and his head tipped back dangerously, Tony stopping it before he could swallow any blood.

“Tony,” he began after a minute of coughing. “Tony, am I gonna die?”

He doesn’t call him Tony unless he means it.

Tony sighs, and the tears he had been holding in since they arrived came out in one breath. He shakes as his hugs his kid, his boy, as close as possible.

“I don’t know, kiddie, I don’t have the answer.”

But he did have that answer.


It’s day three that’s both the best and the worse.

The kid won’t stop bleeding. It’s like a murder scene from a crime drama and Tony wants to burst right into tears. His eyes are hazy and unfocused, his skin boiling so much that even Tony is sweating. Peter has barely eaten or drank anything for three days and it’s catching up to him.

“Tony, Tony, make it stop!” Peter screams, sobbing in Tony’s arms as he rocks him tightly.

“Shh, Peter, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

But it’s not fucking okay.

Peter wraps his bloodied arms around Tony’s. He’s so small and childlike that it hurts Tony greatly.

“I can’t stop hearing them. It hurts so bad.”

Peter calms down after a bit, but it’s different.

The look on his face is a clear indication that he was dying.

Tony gently cups the back of Peter’s neck, using his free hand to sooth him by untangling the knots in his greasy hair.

“Peter, hey, look at me.” He says softly. The boy whimpered and looked up. Tony wiped stray tears from his face, finding a new sense of parental love he didn’t really know he had.

“I’m scared.” Peter cries. And it breaks Tony’s heart. “I don’t want to– I don’t-”

He chokes on more blood before Tony can turn him over. Tony shushes him and cradles him and wishes it were him instead.

“Hey Peter? Kid?” Peter looks up again.


“I love you, you know that? I forgot to say it before.” The words come out before Tony even realizes, but he means them all the same.

Peter tries for a smile, but his features go kind of slack before he can.

Eyes half lidded, Tony takes a shaky breath and waits, trying to give every ounce of love he can in one hug before the kid leaves him for good.

He’s ready to hear the kid’s last breath, when suddenly to door swings open, and it’s not John or the knife guy, it’s Rhodey.

“Tony! Tony–” He freezes when he sees Peter. “Oh my God.”

He rushes to Peter’s side, laying a hand on his forehead.

“He hasn’t got long, reunions later.” Tony grits out, placing Peter in Rhodey’s arms. Rhodey gives a tight nod, and as they exit the cell, Tony grabs the mask from John’s unconscious body.


Peter lives.


It takes three days for Helen Cho to find an antidote, and another four for it to work.

Pepper comes and goes, and while normally Tony would really need to be pushed to eat, he could eat half of Russia and still be hungry. So she brings him food and kisses his head and holds his hand and it’s nice.

But he doesn’t let himself feel at peace until Peter finally opens his eyes.  

It’s slow and he doesn’t see him for a little bit, but when Peter finally looks at him without blood all over his face, he breathes.

“Tony?” His voice cracks.

“Hi, little man.” He doesn’t know where the nickname came from, but he decides to stick with it. Peter smiles with tears in his eyes, but this time they’re happy.

“I feel like my bones disappeared from my body.” Peter whines. Tony laughs slightly.

“That’s what happens when you get poisoned, kid.”

Peter smiles again, and lazily closes his eyes. Tony thinks he fell back to sleep, but then he speaks.

“I love you too, by the way.”

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Tony Stark’s Home for Wayward Monsters

irondad and spiderson fluff

Tony’s life isn’t normal. He’s always known that. Hell, he’s Ironman. He’s been to outer space. Seen planets, defeated monsters, and when his own little boy gets bitten by a radioactive spider, honestly-

It’s all part and parcel of his life.

Peter Stark is the cutest little six year old in the world, as far as Tony and the other avengers are concerned. He’s so tiny, with the chubbiest cheeks and angelic chestnut curls and he bounces around and climbs up ceilings and makes little web-hammocks in the corner of rooms and often scares the life out of his old man by poking his little head down from the ceiling and Tony jumps so hard he nearly breaks his leg.

Peter is also the sweetest thing in the world. He’s such a good kid. Kind to a fault, and Tony would destroy everyone if Peter so much as grazed his knee.

Peter eats all his vegetables and gets excited by homework and is patient and adoring when watching Tony in lab- all big deer eyes and enthusiastically asking if he can have a go with the radioactive goo now, please daddy?

Natasha strolls in after picking Peter up from kindergarten one sunny afternoon, and Tony sips his coffee, frowning at the look on her face. She looks happy. That’s never a great sign-

And then Peter walks in-

He’s got a gigantic husky in his arms. The dog is bigger than him, seriously- but Peter’s strength- Christ- and that dog is all teeth and scabbed fur and-

“Daddy! Daddy! Look, Auntie Nat and I found a puppy!” says the big ball of fur with legs.

Tony stands, immediately wanting to yank Peter away from the dangerous canine, but the husky is apparently very content to be petted as Peter sets him down and then throws his arms around him in a bear hug.

The husky hooks its giant head over Peter’s shoulder- surrounding the boy- and bares his teeth as if Peter’s his young and Tony is the threat when-

Natasha takes pity on him, and hoists Peter easily out of the dog’s hold, and into Tony’s arms.

Peter giggles delightedly- dog fur all over his clothes. “Can we, daddy? Please! Please, please! I’ll look after him, I promise!” And his eyes are so wide and so earnest and-

Tony can’t say no.


But he taught his son a lesson that day. He taught his son that scared things, with too many teeth and not enough love, are to be brought up to the penthouse for their new home.

Peter, not two weeks later, comes in with Bruce (who was on pick up duty today, not like it’s a chore, though) and a man smeared with dirt and one very shiny metal arm.

“Daddy!” Peter announces proudly, “this is Bucky!”, and he tugs ‘Bucky’ (who looks so terrifyingly like an assassin that Tony briefly considers suiting up) into the penthouse.

Bruce looks utterly dazed.

Bucky looks frightened.

Ginger- the ferocious, but in actuality adorable, husky, rushes over to lick Peter’s face, and then nuzzle like a cat between Bucky’s legs.

Bucky relaxes, just a little, and pets the dog’s head.

“He was lost, daddy! And he doesn’t have a home!” His little face looks utterly-heart broken, and Tony stares in disbelief.

“I…” Bucky shakes his head, and tries to gently extract his fingers from Peter’s little hands, and looks very confused when the grip doesn’t come away. “I…He found me- I was- in an alley, and he said- something about-“

“A feeling,” Tony sighs. Peter’s ‘spider-sense’. A sort of extra-sense that tells him when something wrong is happening close by. “Listen, Peter- I’m sure Bucky here has-“

“Nowhere to go.” Peter pouts firmly, looking up at Tony with wide-eyes that glimmer with betrayal. “We’re gonna…he’s staying, right daddy?” He whispers, and Tony looks down at his little boy and-

Gives Bucky a guest room.

Just for the night.


Three weeks later, Bucky - the winter soldier- is firmly a part of the family. He takes Ginger for walks and has nightmares which make him stay up late at night with Tony in the lab, talking in hushed tones about Hydra, and giving information that’s vital- incredibly vital- to tracking down the last remnants of them.

Steve had taken one look at him and Tony had groaned.

Steve’s eyes had gone immensely blue and his jaw had dropped and Bucky had blushed and-

Tony had pinched the bridge of his nose and poured more coffee, before making Peter another blueberry pancake.

Peter is a few days before his seventh birthday, when he comes home with an astounded Clint, and a man with long black hair and angry-defiance in his eyes.

Peter is also dragging a huge hammer in his free hand.

It’s leaving a dent in the floor.

Tony stares.

And then sighs.

So Loki is a god, who Peter and Clint had stumbled across on their way home (maybe Tony should switch Peter’s school) and found Loki crying and trying to lift this hammer.

Peter had thought he’d needed help- and lifted it in one easy motion and now-

His seven year old is heir to the throne of a planet he’s never heard of.

“Cool,” Clint grins, ruffling Peter’s curls as Loki sulks in the corner, “make me a Duke or something, yeah, Petey?”

Peter shakes his head solemnly. “That would be abusing my powers.”

Tony can’t help it- he laughs. But he waggles a stern finger at Loki. “We are not keeping him.”

Loki gapes indignantly. Peter scrunches up his tiny nose in confusion. “But he’s hurt- and we…we help people when they’re sad and lost, don’t we, daddy?”

Bucky doesn’t meet Tony’s eyes, and Tony sighs.

It turns out though, Loki only stays for a few months.

And it’s a shame, really, because- goddamnit, the snooty prince was starting to grow on Tony.

Loki could conjure allusions- beautiful and intricate- and had spent a great many hours showing Peter little stories in the air- looking pleased at Peter’s effusive praise over Loki’s talents.

Loki could shape-shift- into anything- but mostly a pretty pony that Peter would ride around the penthouse.

Although, Loki sometimes stared at Tony’s arc-reactor for a touch too long, like he wanted to steal it and its power-

But then Peter would ask for some hot chocolate and tug on the end of Loki’s green robes and-

The god would settle back down.

But then in a hail of thunder and lighting, there’s another god landing in his living room- yelling with joy over having found his brother and his hammer and the new heir to the throne-

And Tony finds himself with the newest member of the avengers.

Bucky’s packing to move in with Steve when Peter’s eleven.

Tony muses over how different the penthouse will be without him-

And that’s when Peter comes home with a homeless man.

“He’s not homeless, dad,” Peter rolls his eyes, dragging in the sweaty wreck of a human being in behind him, “he’s got a symbiote.”

“It’s a parasite!” The man chokes desperately, looking like he’d love to run out, but his limbs keep jerkily propelling him forward. “A parasite!”

“Don’t call Venom that!” Peter scolds, reaching out his hand to pat some black goo on Eddie’s arm. “He’s much more than a parasite.”

“Yes, little spider,” croons a hissing voice that Tony- Tony cannot be dealing with this shit right now. “The spider understands. The spider would make a good host. But not better than you, our dearest Eddie-“

Tony hoists Peter up into his arms, settling him on his hip and shaking his head at Eddie (who he’s starting to recognise as that reporter who went missing) and saying firmly: “Ground rule: No using my son as a host.”

Eddie scrubs his face deliriously, and Venom asks for chocolate.


On Halloween night, Eddie comes back complaining about the taste of blood in the back of his throat, but his arms are cradled protectively around Peter who’s cuddled into his chest- supported by a tangled mass of black lines.

Tony looks up from his work and jerks to his feet- rushing over to his son.

“Some dude- tried to grab him.” Eddie whispers, and Peter is still crying a little, and Tony holds him tight- heart pounding. “We- I- We- we ate him.” Eddie mumbles. “Sorry.”

Tony decides right then and there, that Eddie might be his favourite… monster?Stray?

Tony spends the whole night eating chocolate with his son, praising him, telling him how kind and good and amazingly brave he is, and Ginger snuffles into Peter’s neck until the boy starts smiling again- wobbly and cautious.

Thor and Loki visit as soon as they realise what’s happened.

They bring a ship full of Asgardian gold.

Bucky comes too- and tells Peter about nightmares and how to make them go away.

Tony thinks there might be a thing to having a home for Wayward….monsters? Strays? Alien-people?

When Peter’s sixteen, he brings home a stray in the form of a boyfriend, and Tony is saying no before they’re even introduced.

“Dad,” Peter grins, rocking on his heels excitedly. “This is Wade-“

“No.” Tony says, but he has a horrifying feeling he’s already lost, because Wade is smiling like he won the lottery and- “No.” Tony says again, horrified.

Maybe he will send Peter to be the Asgardian King after all.

At least there won’t be any Wade Wilsons in space.

(Tony says yes, 6 years later, when Wade asks for permission for Peter’s hand. He also blasts him right in the chest with his gauntlet and Wade lets out a little ‘oof’. “You treat him right.” Tony says, though he’s said it before, and Wade has never ever treated Peter wrong. “It’s not just me who’ll destroy you- there are-“

“I get it, I get it. A whole universe of people on Pete’s side. Damn, your son’s really good at making alliances. You know he met some woman the other day? We were walking along and he got this feeling, so we went over to an old blockbusters and this woman named Carol was-“

“No.” Tony says, walking away. “No.”)

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