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this is such a good and wholesome image

2/3 of these people are dead and it’s been like two hours

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I’ve never seen a post like this before, so I had to write it myself: you can be autistic and se xy.

Many people tend to infantilize us because of our disability, telling us how adorable we are and shit… I am an adult. I don’t want to be adorable, sometimes I wanna be hot. And if you specifically think I’m ugly, good. Find another. But don’t treat me like a child.

And to the spouses of autistic adults that think we’re attractive in an adult way, sometimes that type of attention is nice. Thanks. That is a creative form of respect (of course, if solicited).

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kaede really said “ok shuichi you’re the protagonist now gl bro”

shuichi: gee kaede! how come danganronpa lets you have ANOTHER protagonist?

kaede: it doesn’t.

kaede: bye!

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i swear to christ if gonta took the shot put, then killed rantatouille with it from the a/v room, i’m going to.. idk

what if he didn’t mean it though?? he was in a fighting spirit from his bug movie :( he’s a gentleman he would never kill on purpose

god please


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droogdad·9 hours agoAnswer

good luck with drv3 its a wild ride of mess

oh damn if it’s even more wild and messy than the first two then i’ll definitely prepare myself

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i can be your BF (Bubblegum Fiend)

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To cis lesbian who said ‘we lost one’ when Elliot Page came out as transgender with he/they pronouns, fuck off. Gender identity and sexuality is a long and bumpy road and if your first reaction to someone being comfortable in their own skin is ‘oh now I can’t relate to them so I will be transphobic’, you are the problem. If Elliot Page uses he/they pronouns, then Elliot Page uses he/they pronouns.

If you have got a problem with that then you can fuck right off to space and die there. 

*Respect Elliot Page’s pronouns or burn* 

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I’m grateful to have gone to a college that requires honorifics in class bc otherwise I’d probably assume like most that “Mx. [surname]” is the only nonbinary option. I personally hate the tendency to put x in every gendered term and call it nonbinary so here are some other honorifics (but certainly not the only ones) I’ve seen nonbinary people use. For the sake of simplicity let’s say the surname is Jackson.

Ind. Jackson- honestly this one kind of fucks. Ind stands for individual, and it gets bonus points for being the nearest equivalent to literally just referring to yourself as comrade.

Misc. Jackson- this one is ok, runs the risk of being pronounced like Miss. Honestly a little too on the nose for my taste. Also not really sure what it’s saying? Miscellaneous? It seems odd with my name so I personally stay away but go for it if it sounds neat.

M. Jackson- *chef’s kiss* mwa. This is the one I use. It’s classy, it’s elegant, and I personally like how you have to form your mouth in an entirely different way than Ms. or Mr. It forces people to make more of an effort to learn it, in my experience. They can’t really play it off easily when they misgender you. However M. is also used shorthand in some languages for gendered honorifics (ie. Monsieur is M. in French) so if you’re not comfy with that association this might not be your best choice

Anyways! tldr: honorifics are important for nonbinary people to have for formal environments, but Mx. isn’t your only option. If anyone has more they use hmu in the notes bc I’m really curious what yall use.

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