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dxdx·4 hours agoAnswer
hello!! i really liked the chart you did for jimin and i was wondering what you think about his relationship with taehyung? this is not supposed to be a shippy ask lol i just always found their friendship really fascinating bc it seems so genuine for two people who are so....i cant find a good way to phrase it, not fake, guarded maybe? ah i'll just hope you'll know what i mean

I really do, anon! I totally get what you mean. I think their friendship is so pretty to see since they’re both very reserved, it’s so cute to me that they actually grew up to be so close to each other. I guess it has a lot to do with their age since koreans take that very seriously and both being 95 liners helped them with that, but it’s certainly not only that. If you watch everything they ever did since predebut you can actually see their friendship growing and it’s just. Argh. So beautiful. Sometimes I get the feeling that while the boys do get along not everyone in BTS is as close to the other as they might like us to think, but these two… It looks very, very real to me.

First, I’ve said this before but I think Taehyung’s Ascendant might be in Libra - and that would explain a lot, not only with his relationship with Jimin but also with Jungkook.

Secondly, as funny as it sounds by just watching their videos and stuff: for Jimin, Taehyung is a good shoulder to cry on (I remember saying this before, that Jimin probably only truly opens up to Taehyung and Hoseok). The amount of placements in Capricorn on his chart bring enough stability to Taehyung to not only be a loyal friend, something that Jimin needs, but also a great resource of emotional security. In general, people with strong placements in Capricorn will have long-lasting relationships with people with strong placements in Scorpio - Capricorn helping Scorpio with controlling their emotional intensity and Scorpio helping Capricon with allowing themselves to feel more. It’s sort of a karmic relationship? Like, while they’re very different, they teach each other a lot. They were meant to meet each other and help each other. Venus in Scorpio combined with Venus in Aquarius in any kind of relationship also leads to this, so yet another point helping them at being so close even though they can be so different. Also, the way they both have Air signs on personal planets connects their minds in a nice way - they might approach things differently, but they understand each other’s logic.

I feel like their friendship is so adorable to watch specially because they’re not getting along just because they get each other or have similar tastes - it’s mostly because they’re helping each other grow with their differences, teaching the other different views, being there for constant support and honest advices, etc. And I swear I’m not being biased because like I’ve said before I don’t ship anyone in BTS. lol Thank you for reading Jimin’s chart and also for this ask, I feel like I wrote too much but anyway.

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dxdx·2 days agoText


do any other scorpio/aquarius/capricorn placements just get incredibly annoyed when people ask too many questions. you can answer your own questions by observation, you dont always have to question everything out loud. just pay attention and i promise you, you will come to a solution. 

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dxdx·2 days agoAnswer
I seen this the other day: “You can find the type of partner a Woman is attracted to in her Mars sign. You can find the way a Woman will pursue someone in her Venus sign. You can find the type of partner a Man is attracted to In his Venus sign. You can find out the way a Man will pursue someone in his Mars sign.” What is your opinion on this, Miya?

Hi anon! Hmmm it can be read that way, yes. But it’s like… You read the things that talk about relationships (the 5th, the 7th, Venus) and then proceed to check what they mean, the aspects they do… And at the end of that you can indeed check Mars’ sign on a girl’s chart if she’s attracted to guys and vice versa. But it’s more of a technique of trying to be sure? It’s the last thing you should check?

One’s long time partners will always be the ruler of the 7th and one’s flings, crushes will always be one’s 5th ruler. Always. So checking Mars and Venus like that is just too simplistic. You can apply that idea you mentioned like this though: if the ruler of the 7th is Mars in a girl’s chart then that girl is likely to be attracted to manly men, masculine one’s, masculine features, army or sportsy guys (as Mars talks about the military and one’s will to conquer in different ways). And Venus in a guy’s 7th can indeed talk about said guy being attracted to womenly women (like with a very feminine body, per se) and things like that. Hope this helped!

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dxdx·2 days agoAnswer
Is it true that Saturn in the 12th house means I would marry someone younger than me? What else would indicate that?

Hey anon! Not at all. That doesn’t even begin to make sense to me, where did you read that? To get who your gonna marry you have to read your 5th, your 7th, their rulers and their aspects, the Sun if you’re a girl and Venus if you’re a guy, arabic parts, Venus on its own… Just a planet being in a house alone means nothing. And it’s very hard to tell the age of the partner one will have, simplistic things like Saturn talking about older people etc don’t really apply. Each chart will show it in a different way cause every marriage is a different marriage, you know? Like Aries talks about spring, youth - but if defined by Mars can actually talk about older people. Sometimes can mean someone that is older but is immature. Saturn can actually talk about having to be held responsible for the partner in different ways, not exactly defining their age. You know what I mean? It’s kinda complex to find one thing alone that will explain it all.

Sorry I can’t be too specific on this but I’d be lying if I said these are easy to find out. If anything the only two things that I personally normally see in natal chart’s leading to marrying someone younger is the ruler of the 11th aspecting the 7th, or Jupiter doing the same. Since both talk about children (as in younger, not actually marrying children lol), youth. However it alone won’t do anything. Hopefully this explanation kinda helps you though…

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dxdx·2 days agoAnswer
Hello! I've read that 7th house is of partnerships. I have aquarius there and I've read that there is possibility of dating "different" people; with different ideas, different from my upbringing or from a different country etc.. Also, my other saturn placements is in mars and venus conjunct capricorn. What are your thoughts?

Hi, anon! The sign the 7th house is in can talk about your type, but not fully so. Like, you have to combine other things. So Venus in Capricorn can be attracted to intelligent and loyal and responsible people at the same time that the Aquarius in your 7th can make you attracted to people that have different tastes and whatnot. The 5th (the house of romance) also has to be understood, and I’m taking yours is in Sagittarius so it means you’re also attracted to people that like philosophy or talking a lot. Stuff like that. Gotta combine your Moon too, and the house it’s in. Many things. Also, those houses will also talk about your posture towards love so it implies in many things - like Aquarius in the 7th and Sagittarius in the 5th could easily mean that yes you like smart people but you also love your freedom. So needy people could annoy you. But again, gotta understand the rest of the chart to properly understand this, ‘cause Venus in the 6th can make one attracted to people they’ll have to take care of in a way… Which can mean you are likely to love needy people (in a way) too. Makes sense? As usual, my answer is that you have to read it all but I hope this short explanation sorta showed you how to get to the results. Reading here could help too. :)

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dxdx·3 days agoAnswer
Hey Miya 💕 You recently said that having a mars in 9 make a person you know a liar but would like a Jupiter in the same sign change that , or would it make that person more egotistical? My life is influenced by that house . Anyways have a good travel .. enjoy yourself and stay healthy

Hey anon! Oh it’s not always the case though, gotta get the aspects involved, much like the sign… But if you mean Mars conjunct Jupiter in the 9th that actually makes it an even bigger chance of it being the case. Because Jupiter is blessings and protection, so if one has the will to lie then Jupiter might protect them as so people never find out that they do. Makes sense? But I’d have to read it all, there’s many other little things to it for it to be true. And if you’re coming to me to ask about this seems like you’re not! Or else you’d be sure of it. :) Jupiter in the 9th is quite cool, even if it’s the case of it being in a bad sign for it… Can bring some real cool things related to travel, people of different cultures or even just your ability to work with your mind (could possibly be meaning you’re very, very smart). I don’t know, anon, from the way you expressed yourself doesn’t seem like lying is your case… But you can overthink stuff, maybe, with that Jupiter (exaggeration) influencing your mind by being in the 9th. So don’t fret it. :) And thank you loads for the kind wishes, I hope you enjoy this end of the year and that you take care of your health as well!

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dxdx·3 days agoAnswer
Hiii! I’m really starting to get interested in astrology, and I was wondering if you knew anything about 0 degree in a planet? For instance, I always thought I was a Capricorn, but apparently I’m an Aquarius! (0 degrees 10’ 28”) Even though Im technically an Aquarius, I always look at Capricorn on those posts with “zodiac signs as..” it’s a bit of a dilemma. Because I want to believe I’m a Capricorn, but I’m really not according to my chart. Sigh.

Hi Sara! When it comes to your personal characteristics it does have an influence according to many astrologers. Some don’t believe in it though, just to be clear. But often it’s taken into account. I personally think it’s relevant because progressed charts are a thing. So you’re a mix of both when it comes to personal traits, I’d say, even more so because those signs have the same ruler. Depending on your age too. Gotta read your Saturn to check how it’s going though.

But when it comes to predictions, to what it’s ruling in your chart… Then it’s only considered at the exact degree it’s at. For example if your 4th is in Leo and the ruler of the 4th is always the father then it’s the Sun - and I’d read it at the house Aquarius is at, not Capricorn. Makes sense? Hope this helped!

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dxdx·6 days agoPhoto
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dxdx·8 days agoAnswer
what placements will make someone more agitated? i'm always randomly dancing/moving and singing and it always annoys my friends haha —dramatic anon

Hey, sweetie! Fire signs, mostly. Aries because it wants what it wants and it wants it NOW. Leo because it’s right and amazing and everyone should know it NOW. Sagittarius because it knows what it’s talking about and there’s so many things to learn and it wants to learn NOW.

Mars can also make one agitated since it talks about action, but depends on the sign and the house. A Mars in Taurus, for example, can actually be quite slow and lazy if not backed up by other placements. So Mars alone does nothing, but could definitely make one agitated depending on those things.

The fidgeting thing could be influenced by fire signs ruled by malefics (Mars or Saturn, like Jungkook and his Saturn in Aries making him agitated af) or a Mercury Retrograde combined with fire placements (like Mark and his Mercury Retrograde in Virgo combined with Venus in Leo and Moon in Aries, also an agitated af guy). But when it’s talking about one’s mood like you mentioned, like one that likes to sing and to keep moving according to their ~happy vibes~, it’s normally because of Jupiter. Jupiter brings joy overall if it’s in a good sign for it but if in a fire sign it’s likely that that person’s happiness will be a characteristic one, that can light up the room and all. But you have to read the whole chart ‘cause if something in it is actually stopping said Jupiter to properly function then that person might be agitated but not in a pleasant way. But overall it has to do with fire signs. I’d pay attention to how those are working in your chart if I were you, there’s definitely something going on if you’re constantly moving. :) Jupiter talks about inner strength / energy so if it’s being caused by it in your case it can also mean you tend to be optimistic or even nicer than most because you’re comfortable in your skin that way. It’s an interesting placement, I love Jupiter in fire signs. It’s funny how it can affect people differently though, like Taehyung and Jimin. Taehyung is more agitated while Jimin is more chill (or, at least, not as agitated as Taehyung). So yeah. I’m just rambling now. haha Hope this helped!

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dxdx·8 days agoAnswer

Hello Miya! I was wondering if there are certain rising signs that make people can’t sit still and have to be physically active all the time. I was looking at the charts of 2 actors that have similar placements but one is a sloth and the other can’t stop moving. Both have taurus in their sun and mercury and fire signs in their moon/venus/mars. Thanks!

Hi anon! The Rising will indeed explain a bit about how one’s likely or not to want to be active at all times (or most of the time) but as you said yourself there’s other planets one should check. Houses too.

The 6th house inherently talks about one being prone to acting lazy or not, and for you to get that you’ll have to understand the ruler and its aspects. A very simple example is how Jimin is known for overworking, arrives early and always practices until late. Known for being a perfectionist. He has Sagittarius (a fire sign, therefore agitated) in the 6th, with Jupiter there (which expands everything it touches). And Mars, which is the planet of action, is in a good sign for it (Scorpio) - has harsh aspects but still very strong so definitely making him more decisive. A lot of available energy to do what he wants and to achieve whatever he wishes to. I’ll won’t go much into it but as you guys know he also overworks to the point of hurting himself at times… So he’s very physically active but at the same time it doesn’t always mean a good thing.

But you know what’s interesting? Jimin is also a Libra Sun, the sign ruled by Venus much like Taurus. Venus is enjoying things, knowing how to view and get pleasure, loving whatever it is that one loves and how they act on it. The Sun defines a lot of who someone is, and if that is being defined by a sign that talks about enjoying things… Easy to say that although Jimin has this whole really decisive side of him he’s also very much inclined to loving naps or enjoying good food. I say good food especially because his Ascendant is in Cancer which is ruled by the Moon and the Moon talks about feeding. And his Moon is not only in a malefic house but opposing that Jupiter, an aspect of hate - part of him loves to just nap and chill but another side of him is so hardworking he won’t allow himself breaks. That’s how he can suffer the consequences of an unbalanced lifestyle, which that weak Sun in Libra explains a lot about on its own.


(i mean it’s obvious that for someone to be so dedicated of course there’s bad sides to it)

He’s a great example of how you have to take everything into consideration to see if one is being physically active in a good way or not, to what extent, things like that. Fire signs will give one a lot of willingness to be frequently acting on things because of the element itself, a strong Mars will always talk about one wanting to be successful and how they’ll do so (more often than not will talk about being athletic somehow, even if it’s just like a businessman that works out), the 6th house is imperative to get how one is willing to do things (any kind of service or activity) and how they’ll do it or not. The house order is defined by the Rising so those two actors you mentioned probably have different ones therefore different 6th houses, and that can change everything. As for every subject, really. Hope this helped!

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dxdx·8 days agoText
I’m really sorry if it will trigger someone but I have to finally say it. The last two months I was coming to that statement and no matter how difficult it was for me to admit this, I have to finally do this.
Kpop is fake. Yes, for some of you it might be nothing new, you probably already knew that but some of you have yet to see this. I saw it only now. After four years of being delusional to believe idols are showing us their real selfs. I wouldn’t be more wrong. What I saw until now was not real. It never was. Kpop groups = Business. It’s nothing more than that. Groups are made by a company, music for said groups is chosen by a company, concept is chosen by a company as well. Idols clothing is chosen by their stylists that are hired by a company. Idols hairstyle is chosen by their hairdresers that are hired by a company. It’s company that decides what their idols can say, it’s company that decides how their artists public persona will look like. It’s company that decides whether their idols can date or not. It’s all about what their company wants. It’s company that promotes fanservice. It’s company that controls idols lives. Idols themselfs are like robots. They are training for years supposedly to improve their vocal and dancing skills. But it’s much more than that.
For years or month idols are learning how to act, how to behave, what they can say and what they can’t, with who they can be friendly and with who they can’t, how fanservice looks like - it’s all about what company wants. And therefore they are selling us beautiful, young and talented robots without a life of their own. They are controled by their company 24/7. They all have their own fake personalities that appeals to the public. We have a sexy one, a sweet one, a cute one, a cold one, a funny one, a talented one and a leader. I can’t be the only one that noticed this. They are all the same, always perfect, without any flaws - exactly how their fans like it. They are all friendly with each other, treating each other like family or flirting with each other, acting like couples and more - but not because they want to. They are like this because this warm family-like image sells well. Because people likes the idea of cute young people being all sweet and friendly with each other. If some bandmates would openly dislike each other, this image would crumble and honestly would you support the group with a knowledge that some members dislike each other? Before I probably wouldn’t, how about you?
Kpop groups are literally a bunch of young people, completely not knowing each other, putted in one band. There’s different personalities and shit idols are only people. I really doubt they are all best friends only because they are in one group. If anything I would be really feed up with people I have to live with and see literally everyday. I don’t believe in friendship between idols. After all show business is all about rivalry, competition. It’s much easier to believe they dislike or some even despise each other.
I also don’t believe in romantic ships between idols. I used to think some of them might be innocently flirting with each other and also I didn’t want to be so closed off so I believed some same sex couple exists in kpop industry. But now even that seems fake. Now all I see is fanservice. Fanservice sells well, I never noticed it before but now looking at two really popular bg I see it’s not as impossible as I thought. Fanservice = Popularity.
BTS most popular members are Taehyung and Jungkook. The most popular ship is Vkook.
EXO most popular members are Chanyeol and Baekhyun. The most popular ship is Chanbaek.
Why those ships are the most popular? Because those members have the most moments together. People say it’s the proof they are together. But why would they act this way and risk their careers only for a few moments together? It doesn’t make sense for me.
I’m dissapointed in myself for believing for so long in that perfect idol image. I’m dissapointed in myself that it took me so long to realise I was manipulated all this time by korean music companies and this perfect idol’s image that is nothing more but fake and directed.
I still remember how video with Wanna One with them complaining about their situation and them acting like many young people got leaked. I really think that’s how many other korean idols are in private. That’s them being normal people with flaws. Eating, shitting, swearing, feeling emotions other than happiness and gratefulness for being an idol.
I will end this rant now. I already said what zi wanted to. Agree or not if you want but I had to say it. I hope no one got offended or something. And if you did then sorry.




Dec 21, 2018

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dxdx·9 days agoAnswer

Miya what are the differences between the secrets of 2nd house and 8th house?

Hi anon! The 2nd is more about your own hidden secrets or things you don’t particularly see about yourself, hidden motives. The 8th is about people’s hidden motives, their own secrets towards you. Depending on how these houses are working they could also be about shame regarding those secrets.

I’ll give two short examples. Like Yoongi and his 8th being the secrets of his family and upbringing (the ruler of his 8th being in his 4th and in a bad sign for it) so much so that he used to be ashamed of what his family thought of him. While Jungkook has his 2nd with Mars there. Mars is there and in a good sign for it and in his chart representing his career, so - he’s not exactly ashamed of how he makes his money or how determined he is but he does see his faults regarding that (secrets) and will try to fix it somehow (he’s far too young now but when he’s older I can see him doing a lot of charity to try to compensate to what in his mind is a lot of privilege). So in his case it’s like a healthy level of shame regarding money which is fine and can be helpful in the long run (for others). Hope this helped you understand it!

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dxdx·9 days agoAnswer
Hi Miya! how are you doing? I hope you're taking care of yourself and getting good sleep! You must be busy so i hope you're in good health :) I was wondering what placements make a person very honest/blunt? I'm known to be a very blunt and straightforward person but that's only because i think it's important to be sincere lol even if people might hate it. Is this the sag moon i have?

Hi anon! I’m good and you? Thanks for worrying, you’re a cutie. And I hope you are too!

Any fire sign working with Mercury, Moon or Venus can have that effect. And a proeminent 3rd house or it aspecting the Moon in any way (because both talk about speed, and can mean the speech’s speed meaning one will end up being blunt without even wanting to). But there’s also different kinds of blunt.

Namjoon is as blunt as one can be, and he’s not only worse because that Mercury in Libra of his helps out. lol But we’ve seen him blurting out things without thinking for sure, much like honestly answering things in a way that could even be considered offensive (but trust me, he doesn’t intend to lol it’s his Moon in Sagittarius). Jupiter is justice, being fair and Sagittarius belongs to it and is a fire sign. So it’s even more characteristic the way this sign can make one sound rude without meaning too simply because they’d rather express ther honest opinions. 

Aries is more of a Mars, action, decision kind of situation - why think a lot about it instead of just fighting about what you think? lol Yoongi and his sharp tongue are a great example with his Venus in Aries.

On the other hand, we have Aquarius which is a funny, funny sign. Because it belongs to Saturn, the planet of time. And Aquarius represents the man that gives water to the people, making it his goal to feed society (be it with thoughts, hard work - depends on the chart). So although it’s prone to respect time it is also very impatient when time is wasted according to them - that’s why it’s so funny to me how it can be blunt and abrupt to others because they just cannot stand the idea of something dumb being discussed or their authority questioned since they just know what’s best. Or so they say. haha But that’s why Taehyung is so interesting and somewhat of a puzzle at times, because dude has a Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 1st combined with a Venus in Aquarius in the 3rd and a Moon in Aries in the 5th. Combine with a Mars conjunct Mercury even. Trust me when I say that when this dude decides to be blunt, he’s the bluntest of all. He truly, honestly just isn’t as showy about this side of him because Saturn in his 4th is being a bitch to him and forcing him to be less irresponsible much like his Medium Coeli is in Libra, so he strives for diplomacy. He works his best to be so. But his nature is more of an arguing without thinking and just being bluntly honest than anything else. Great at being a little bit too honest to the point of it even being hurtful. He’s very self controlled so this won’t show often but when he chooses to do it’s like the perfect weapon. As I always say, great guy to have as a friend but someone to really fear if you cross him. lol

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dxdx·9 days agoAnswer
Hey Miya! First of all, I LOVE YOU. AND THIS BLOG. Thank you for teaching us about lovely things. My question is, can you read in somebody’s birth chart if and to what extent this person is in touch with their feelings and emotions? Like if they can recognize what they feel inside and deal with it in a healthy or unhealthy way? I always felt that Namjoon is very aware of his inside world most of the time. Nowadays even more so than in the past. (1)

And if he’s confused, he asks himself why. I’ve always admired that about him. But I also remember Jungkook saying that Namjoon specifically doesn’t really express his feelings, especially when it comes to affection. That was when Joon asked for a hug from each of the members at a concert. So my second question is which placements make a person have a hard time expressing their feelings, especially towards other people. (2)

Hi anon! Love you right back, you cutie. :) And definitely, that’s something very easy to check even. First I do have to go all dramatic about this and mention how humans are basically all fucked up, just in different ways. lol So the likelyhood of someone knowing fully how their feelings are working and exactly why… Is very low. There’s always something people are in denial of or that they just don’t have knowledge of. That being said, of course there’s levels to it and there’s people that are gonna excel at being emotionally unaware of their own being.

When it comes to Namjoon… It’s a bit of both. He’s someone that was ignorant of his own feelings and rage for a long time but as time has been passing and he’s been learning through different people and topics that he gets interested in he’s more skillful at picking on things and their consequences in his mood and emotions. One of the biggest things about this and I’ll try to not get too excited about it (Namjoon is just really interesting when it comes to knowledge and his chart talks about it so beautifully!) is that he’s very stronlgy influenced by Jupiter and Mars at the same time. Jupiter is the seek for knowledge, justice, freedom of thought. Mars is about war, goals, very defined plans. So although they can be a good combination they also clash in a few things. Mars wants things to be done a certain way forever and ever by following rules while Jupiter is all about different possibilities and faith. 

Not only that but his Jupiter (the planet that expands everything it touches) is in Scorpio, a sign that belongs to Mars. And when we talk about the nature of Scorpio we need to understand that even though it’s a water sign it is not as clear as the others as both Pisces and Cancer are ruled by benefics. While being ruled by a malefic planet, the water that Scorpio is supposed to control in one’s life is harder to see, touch: instead of an ocean, a Jupiter in Scorpio can therefore provide a… Swamp. I know, so poetic. But really, only like this it’s easy to understand that then things get hard to see, it’s not clear water. And if Mars is about goals and rage enough to achieve them and Scorpio is mud that wants you to swim hard in it while it’s hard to let it go (the mud sticks to you, much like the memories Scorpio has such a hard time letting go of) and Jupiter is constantly seeking for more and more knowledge without stopping to consider what would be too much… Namjoon is very eager for his goals and to show what he came for (not only Scorpio, but also his Moon in Sagittarius that gives him great arrogance - which is sometimes great when used for good things as it gives one confidence) and he wants to get to places but his mind is still thinking about all of these things that have ever happened to him, he can’t simply let go of them. So they’re still there, even if unknowingly. They’re still there, even though he tries to ignore them. If one is so ready to fight for his beliefs but at the same time has great sorrow caused by things said and done to him and his pride it’s obvious then that although he acknowledges that such feelings exist he always tries the hardest to get away from them. And mud, right? He can’t simply get rid of it entirely, his memories stick to him so much that even on a good day, even when having a nice mood the boy can easily snap because his feelings are everywhere.

However Namjoon is very wise and the rage he couldn’t seem to control when he was younger that made him sound plain rude and disrespectful at times has since then toned down. His seek for information and new things is greater and by achieving such knowledge one learns how to deal with oneself. Moon in Sagittarius alone can talk about this, about trying to learn about one’s own self by reading other people’s ways to deal with their feelings and things like that. But the combination of it all is what does it. He likes reflecting on his own mistakes to learn from them as he sees it as not only a necessity to properly grow but also to keep on fighting. Because for Namjoon life is a battle, will always be. And that’s why he appreciates his alone and chill time so much. Only then can he relax, because when surrounded by others and talking about work, and goals… Too much determination there, you know? The thing about him is that not only does he likes to think (and overthink, if I might add, with that Virgo Sun) but also that he loves planning, controlling results - and that helps him get his emotions because he stops to think about exactly what he wants and when he wants it. And if you know your needs, your real needs, you understand your feelings better.

Babbled a bit, sorry. But he’s truly someone that is interesting to watch while he grows. He has everything to just be like hey, let’s chill now. I’ve achieved some things so it’s all good now. Nope. He wants more, more knowledge and more achievements and more days where he feels so in-tune with his mind and feelings that nothing else matters. Judge me if you will, but Namjoon really appreciates the whole idea of loving oneself. And he’s getting great at it.

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