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A little infographic on relationships I wanted to make because I’ve seen some misconceptions out there! Had a lot of fun making it! Hope yall enjoy.

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I just opened up a check in the mail, went to the ATM & found 20$ 😭 I’m not passing these shits up NO more on my mama!

Even if I do not receive money or good news, I did smile at seeing this smiling Buddha.


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Why I Didn’t Report

Trigger warning

I was 8. You were supposed to protect me.

After, I was 9-10 and was “experimenting” with another sexual abuse survivor. We had no idea what we were doing was wrong, just that we couldn’t tell our parents. When they found out, she blamed me.

I was 10-17 and “experimented” with another female friend. We thought it was normal to express affection that way. My mom caught us when I was eleven.

Between 8 and 12 I messed around with my male cousins. We thought it was normal. Its not. My family thought it was cute when we kissed (given we aren’t blood related)

From 8 to 21, my molester grabbed my ass and boobs in front of my family and his wife. They never said anything.

I didn’t remember the first assault til I was 16.

My first boyfriend emotionally coerced me into sex after we had broken up. Saying he wouldn’t come around again or be my friend if I didn’t have sex with him. And yes, we had had sex many times before that. I was 16.

Another guy was my friend and we were hanging out in my room. He knew I had a boyfriend. But he kept pulling at my clothes. I was afraid of it getting violent. So I didn’t stop him other than trying to cover myself and trying to keep my legs closed. He was stronger than me. I faked 5 orgasms just to try and get him off me.

I told my best friend about my first assault that happened when I was 8. She didn’t believe me til he took advantage of her. It took me a long time not to blame her.

I found out last year there were a lot before me. And probably a lot after me. But none will come forward. Because I and they won’t tear my family apart. Nor will we be believed. So why didn’t I report?

The first one, It was too late by the time I remembered it. And I still don’t remember it all. My adolescent brain blocked it out. Plus I would never be believed. He’s the family golden boy.

the second assault, he was my best friend and everything. My “first” that I count

and the third? I didn’t say no.

because I feel like, even though we didn’t know what we were doing, I corrupted 4 other people by being molested. And by not reporting mine, caused my best friend to suffer the same consequence 8 years later.

I’m a monster too.

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You know what? I think we forget that Dib, as he grows older, really does become The most dangerous human on the planet. Not only does he have basically unlimited “family” money, he’s got:

  • A network of highly trained contacts who are part of the organization he’s been in since probably middle childhood
  • Knowledge of basically everything om Earth that people don’t like to acknowledge, from aliens (including hijackers and Irkens) to his dad’s sort of strange control of the world through science and business (capitalism) to bigfoot.
  • An actual fucking space ship. Like. I know we all forgot but he got Tak’s ship. He Still Has It.
  • Zim. Listen maybe they hate eachother like….all the time, but they still work together WAY better than they do with anyone else, and they’re Still the only ones they can depend on, and honestly? Zim would never let that die even if it KILLS him, and he’s probably the most dangerous nonhuman on the planet, considering he was a scientist and an explorer and then trained to be an Invader for an advanced, militaristic, space fairing race
  • Anger. This boy is filled with primal rage

I mean… You’re not wrong.

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Ranting Nny always sounds like Zim in my head. It may have something to do with having grown up on Invader Zim.

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