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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

elchenco·4 months agoPhoto

I made the ending I’d liked to see after finishing Earthbound.
It’d be a dream to work in a remake of it. No 3d, just some extra and well crafted pixels with a Ghibli touch  

There’s a lot of work in this animation. At the beginning I planned to do only the lower scene with Ness and his friends, but then I realized that
I wanted to show their faces. Sketching, I came up to this idea of an animated comic panel.

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elchenco·4 months agoPhoto

I knew I had to play it, and I did. Instant love. Among my biggest influences from now.
Is not easy to explain how much soul this game has.

All the Sanctuary visions and the beautiful child like music, so positive, yet with lots of darkness and bizarre strokes added to constrast.
Giygas is so epic. Some dialogues during the game are pure gold. I completed this adventure today, but I feel like I played this years ago together with my
other favourite games of my childhood.  "Mother2" is stored in the same mind’s temple on which I preserve my most valued treasures.
I’m going to wait a bit before going for Mother3.

I loved how creepy Threed was when I arrived there. It won the chance of being my first Earthbound fanart.

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elchenco·5 months agoPhoto

I also did this one during my online classes xD
FF7 Hype got me a bit these days, it’s the most important game in my life with Chrono Trigger and Castlevania Sotn.
I don’t think somebody have painted a young barret before.
Here’s a video of the process of making this artwork, I also attached the previous Aerith Fanart video below.



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elchenco·6 months agoPhoto

Imagination is a good ally on these times.

Now that we stopped walking, is a good moment to think again if we like
the place our road is leading us. 

Someones are still obligated to be out, putting themselves in risk.
My best wishes for you guys.
Especially for all those heroes that are working to prevent more spread and
cure infected people.

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elchenco·6 months agoPhoto

How good is that Nature forces us to stop and get into insight mood?
It has been tolerating us so much! “Now go to your room and think in your acts! ” I think she may be saying.
All the system shuts down and we can think in a better Road to follow.

It’s incredible, but it seems that actually, our self destructive system has the ability to stop.
Enjoy the good aspects of these times!
I hope you, your family and fríends are okay.


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elchenco·7 months agoPhoto

Here’s the Gif version which looks much better than the vid.

For some reason, I couldn’t upload it before, as my account appeared to be deleted, and I only had access through my Ipad which transformed the gifs into vids automatically… strange.

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elchenco·7 months agoText

You can tell which OST I was listening to while doing this!

This game deserved all my effort to make a fanart.

If there’s a good game dev team who would like my art on their game, please notify me in a PM. Just a pro team plz, hopefully having already 2 game releases.

Usually quick made teams leaves projects very soon… 😔

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elchenco·9 months agoPhoto

4th concept for the #childhoodweek challenge! Theme: Castle.
I used to build up castles using… everything. Plastic chairs were especially a very good construction material, because it generated volume and free spaces. You should have seen my parent’s faces when looking at the masterpiece… plushie guardians were my loyal allies.

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elchenco·10 months agoPhoto

3rd concept for the Instagram challenge: #childhoodweek  theme: “Duvet”.
Raining outside, cat, 1 ton of colored rainbow soft duvets; a deep sleeping is guaranteed

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elchenco·10 months agoPhoto

2nd concept for the Instagram contest, “Childhoodweek”. Theme: “Fly”
I wanted a special concept about flying; the feeling of being over the clouds, and falling into the infinite blue through imagination.


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