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electronicsongoftoday·5 months agoAudio

There is more than one act of this name:

1) Barker is an alias of Berlin-based dance music producer Sam Barker (aka Voltek). He has released one solo EP, ‘Like An Animal’, and a number of other releases with Andy Baumecker as Barker & Baumecker.

2) Barker is a post-hardcore band from Leicester, England. They have released one EP, 'Barker Bloody Barker’, through Bandcamp.

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electronicsongoftoday·5 months agoAudio

1.) Black Heaven is a German darkwave/dark electro project by mastermind Martin Schindler (also: Mantus & Sepia). He’s responsible for production, vocals and lyrics. Mainly on the first three albums and the EP he’s also supported by his sister Tina a.k.a. Thalia on songs with female vocals. The fourth and fifth album “Kunstwerk” (in Engl.: “Artwork”) and “Negativ” feature almost only male vocals by Martin.
In 2009 they released the first Best of-compilation of Black Heaven: “History”.

* 2001: Chapter One
* 2002: Obscurity
* 2003: End of the World -EP-
* 2004: Trugbild (ltd. edition with a special 2nd CD “Black heaven feat. Mantus”)
* 2007: Kunstwerk (ltd. first edition with 7 track-bonus CD)
* 2008: Negativ (ltd. first edition with 3 multimedia bonus tracks)
* 2009: History (2 CD-compilation; 1st: “Best Of”, 2nd: “Remakes, Remixes and New Stuff”)

There is also a new remixed version of the song “Babylon” available on the official website done by Rudi Ratzinger (:wumpscut:) - this track also appears on “History”.

2.) Black Heaven is also the name of a Philippine band with heavy/progressive metal and rock leanings fused with that distinctive Filipino style. A little more information about this Baguio quintet can be found at their Friendster page.

3.) Black heaven the fictional band from the anime “black heaven : hardrock save the space”

4.) Black heaven was also czech doom metal band. They released two demos, Heaven in Black in 1993 and Fantasy in 1996, had songs on two czech compilations and then disappeared

5.) Black Heaven, a mexican metal band

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electronicsongoftoday·6 months agoAudio

Ameens long journey from Syria ended sudden in Hamburg, Germany, where he met Thorben. One night they where sitting in the kitchen and started drumming on the table and singing together. The spark leaped over and the project was born. For Ameen, music was never a big topic back in Syria, until they realized his talent in a kitchen somewhere in Germany. For Thorben music was always part of his life and he started with a classic piano-training in his childhood. After going through different stages and genres, he got to electronic music on a experimental basis.

Ameen and Thorben developed their own sound of arabic melodies mixed with classic harmonic structures, enriched with baselines and kicks. Piano, synthesizer, drum machine, percussion and vocals find their new home in oriental Slow-House. The feedback was amazing. Since that Shkoon played together on famous festivals and clubs like the Fusion Festival and Kater Blau in Berlin. They are also playing a lot on political and cultural events to spread their idea of intercultural sound.

“We feel good with jamming and performing live and love to spread positivity around, just to proof there is no borders between cultures.”

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electronicsongoftoday·6 months agoAudio

Steve Roach (born February 16, 1955, in La Mesa, California, USA) is an American ambient musician and composer. Originally a Motocross racer, at the age of 20, Roach taught himself to play the synthesizer after being inspired by the music of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Vangelis. His debut album Now appeared in 1982, followed by Structures from Silence in 1984; in 1988, he released his acclaimed Quiet Music series, along with what has been described by critics as his masterpiece: the double-album Dreamtime Return.

A California native, Roach lives in the Sonoran desert just outside Tucson, Arizona, to be closer to this long-standing source of inspiration. Like the stark, red-rock landscapes of Australia, the American Southwest has long provided Roach with the experiential and psychological richness that imbues his work with the power and serenity of nature, rather than the confining musical standards of popular culture and the urban textures of concrete, metal and glass. In this environment he has flourished with an uncanny ability to move between serene endless horizons of sound and intensely dynamic rhythmic forms, then morph this energy into an organic-electronic stew on the next project.

As a pioneering cornerstone of ambient-atmospheric/space-new-age music, the internationally recognized artist Steve Roach has dedicated nearly three decades to exploring myriad soundworlds that connect with a timeless source of inspiration, from the expansive, time-suspending spaces reflecting his spiritual home in Arizona to the fire breathing, rhythmic-shamanic expressions woven from all things electric and organic, Roach has earned his position in the global pantheon of major new music artists through a long list of groundbreaking recordings fueled by his prolific nature and uncompromising approach.

Roach stands on his own unique ground and brings into form a kind of recognition through sound that speaks of the ages in a language understood by people across many cultures and continents. It’s this primordial recognition in the sound that creates a bridge out of everyday reality and returns to a larger scope of the wonder and awe of life’s ebb and flow. The core of this innovative world of sound has been nourished by years of intense live concerts in many extraordinary settings worldwide, directly enhancing the emotive, cinematic, soul-stirring depth of his music.

Inspired early on by regular soul-searching trips to the Southern California deserts and mountains, along with the discovery of German synth icons Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and the European electronic music of the 70’s, Steve started his musical explorations directly on synthesizers in 1978. He made his recording debut with the album NOW (Fortuna) in 1982. Two years later he created one of the most pivotal albums of his early career, STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE (Fortuna/Projekt) which was one of the landmark ambient releases of the 80’s, presenting a new sound for its time which lives on today; the fourth edition was released in 2001. This album contained three long tracks of reflective, intimate timbres, and cascading lush harmonic waves. Roach enhanced the listener’s awareness and sense of their physical surroundings by capturing the influence of his experiences with deep meditations and the infusion of slow breath and silence into soundscape. Soon after this release had established itself in the 80’s new music landscape, QUIET MUSIC (Fortuna) was released to further accolades, including praise from minimal master Harold Budd. The passion of this young artist was well under way.

Alongside his laser beam-like focus as a solo artist, as a collaborator and producer over the years Roach has worked with some of the world’s finest electronic/ambient artists including Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, Michael Stearns, Jorge Reyes, Suso Saiz, Michael Shrieve, Stephen Kent, Kenneth Newby and Australian aboriginal didgeridoo virtuoso David Hudson.

Recognized worldwide as one of the leading innovators of contemporary electronic music, his body of work is approaching 75 solo and collaborative releases since 1981, including the 1997 award-winning live-studio masterpiece ON THIS PLANET (Fathom), 1998’s critically acclaimed THE MAGNIFICENT VOID (Fathom), the time-traveling EARLY MAN (Projekt) and a number of albums that are considered classics of the genre, most notably the ground-breaking double CD DREAMTIME RETURN (Fortuna, 1988). Many of Roach’s early works have stood the test of time, drawing a new generation of fans who are only beginning to discover the vast territory of sonic innovation of this uncompromising artist. In a 2002 poll of national music professionals by New Age Voice magazine, selecting the “25 Most Influential Ambient Albums of All Time”, Steve Roach was honored with two classic recordings in the top 5: DREAMTIME RETURN was #2, and STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE was #4.

Roach’s music often shape-shifts into many forms, from serene sound meditations to what is described by critic Dwight Loop as “techno-tribal music for the global village”, blending the visceral sounds he designs on synthesizers and samplers with the primordial rhythms of ethnic percussion and other exotic instruments, including the Australian didgeridoo. He studied these traditional techniques and made his own instrument with aboriginal didgeridoo master David Hudson during two extended trips to the Australian outback in the late 1980’s. Roach also scored the music for a PBS documentary on the rock art of the Dreamtime (the foundation of aboriginal mythology) and recorded several Australian artists for the influential release AUSTRALIA: SOUND OF THE EARTH (Fortuna, 1990). Roach went on to produce Hudson’s solo works WOOLUNDA (Celestial Harmonies, 1993), the first-ever compact disc recording of solo didgeridoo music, and RAINBOW SERPENT (Celestial Harmonies, 1994), which features Hudson in an expanded role as percussionist as well as didgeridoo virtuoso. The 1998 Roach/Hudson collaboration GUNYAL (Celestial Harmonies) is a visceral collection of dreamtime soundworlds combining powerful didgeridoo playing and surreal textures. Perhaps the pinnacle of Roach’s tribal, organic electronic period that started with DREAMTIME RETURN has to be ORIGINS and its companion release ARTIFACTS. These two releases can be compared to nothing else in Roach’s catalog, and clearly the years of his immersion in the primal mind of Australia’s influence is in full bloom on these recordings.

In recent years, Roach collaborated with Tibetan monk Thupten Pema Lama, blending solo chants with a subtle complement of soundscapes created in reverence to these offerings. He also produced two recordings for the African group Takadja, whose first album produced by Roach received a Juno Award, Canada’s Grammy, for best World Music recording. Roach’s music has been featured in a number of films including Heat (starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro) Pitch Black (starring Vin Diesel), and 187 (starring Samuel L. Jackson). His talent for creating atmosphere-drenched textures and surreal soundworlds has also led to increasing recognition of his work among film composers such as Graeme Revell and Brian Keane, who brought Roach on board as a sound designer for several film and television projects.

Roach’s numerous artistic collaborations include two releases with Suspended Memories: the award-winning EARTH ISLAND and the group’s enthusiastically-received debut FORGOTTEN GODS (Hearts of Space, 1993). In 1988, Roach teamed up with former Santana drummer Michael Shrieve on THE LEAVING TIME (BMG). Two sonic essays of the American Southwest, WESTERN SPACES (1987, reissued on Fortuna in 1990) and DESERT SOLITAIRE (Fortuna, 1989), were highly successful group projects with artists Kevin Braheny, Thom Brennan and Michael Stearns. With Robert Rich, he created two classic releases for Hearts of Space beginning with STRATA (1990), which hit the Top 10 on Billboard’s New Age chart and gained Roach recognition among the magazine’s Top 10 artists for that year. The duo’s sensuous follow-up SOMA (1992) received a four-star rating in Downbeat magazine. According to the magazine, listening to Roach’s music is like following “a reliable musical muse into a dark, hypnotic realm that wafts of mysticism instead of marketing.” But then again, Roach has always followed his instincts rather than any preconceived notions of what would sell. It’s this uncompromising approach that has been rewarded with a steadily growing audience worldwide.

His collaborations with long time collaborator Belgian artist Vidna Obmana include WELL OF SOULS (1995, Projekt) which according to the Detroit Metro Times is “an unequaled achievement, and nothing in ambient or space music can be compared to it.” The 1997 Roach/Obmana follow-up, CAVERN OF SIRENS (Projekt) continues to push the boundaries forward. After worldwide concerts, a live CD and a 3-CD box set, the duo created their most chilling merging of surreal acoustic-electric soundscapes yet, INNERZONE (Projekt, 2002). This album was featured in a live performance in Philadelphia.

Even his most challenging and esoteric albums have garnered consistently enthusiastic reviews and commercial success. THE MAGNIFICENT VOID (1996, Fathom) proved to be an overwhelming critical success, inspiring the most colorful and creative descriptions of his music to date from publications as diverse as Time, Wired, and Option. Poet/journalist Thom Jurek characterized the album as “an entirely new path of musical exploration; it is a benchmark for an already prodigious and celebrated career… younger innovators in the techno and ambient worlds revere Roach’s contributions and are amazed at his ability to stay years ahead of the curve. With THE MAGNIFICENT VOID, Roach ups the ante once again.” Alan E. Rapp of Wired went one step further, declaring “Roach gives us not new music, but new ears with which to hear.” Chris Meloche of the Detroit Metro Times felt listening to the VOID was “like watching the clouds roll across the sky, except you’re doing it while lying at the bottom of a swimming pool.” Daniel Buckley of the Tucson Citizen thought it “resembles after-tones of the big bang, as matter is sent chaotically writhing through the expanses of space,” and Option’s Bill Tilland heard “the rush of subterranean magma, the slow grinding of tectonic plates, and the natural resonance of massive granite boulders.”

In 1998 Roach started his own label, Timeroom Editions, as a complement to his online presence and extensive web site. The 11 Timeroom Editions releases include CORE (2001), self-described as a “molten blast of pure energy and impulsive forms with a feeling of unwinding the source directly off the spool, uninterrupted”. The most recent ALL IS NOW (2002), a 2-CD live set which has been acknowledged as the best representation of Roach’s live concerts to date. DARKEST BEFORE DAWN (2002) was released at the same time as ALL IS NOW and represents a polar opposite world to the live experience: a deep zone-world of glacial movement on the night side of some distant planet. This prolific artist’s momentum reached a high point in 2000 with no less than seven releases, plus concerts in both the U.S. and Europe, and his third AFIM award for LIGHT FANTASTIC (Fathom) in the Electronic/Ambient category.

After a long history of recording for the Fortuna and Fathom labels in the 80’s and 90’s, Roach moved on to establish a solid partnership – and the beginning of a continuous string of successful and innovative CD’s – with Projekt including four pivotal releases with Vidna Obmana, the modern electronic BODY ELECTRIC (1999) with newcomer Vir Unis, and a fascinating twist of a project called DUST TO DUST (1998) with guitarist Roger King; this Western-ambient sound painted a picture of ghost towns, “the lost and found dreams of the restless souls driven to go West, circa 1899.” Around this time yet another chapter began in Steve’s world of sound, MIDNIGHT MOON (2000) and STREAMS & CURRENTS (2001), both introspective meditations of late-night moods created entirely on processed and looped electric guitar. This represented a significant new sound and direction in his atmospheric work. In February 2001, a release that could be best described as “sonic archeology” found its way out into the world; in EARLY MAN, Pulse magazine’s John Diliberto noted “Roach’s hallucinogenic soundworld harkens back to electro-acoustic abstractions Karlheinz Stockhausen” and described “a hole ripped in time immersing you in the deep”. Roach describes it as day in the life of early man: “I set out to capture the textures, sounds, climate and movement of a day in the life of a distant relative”. Projekt also released the epic 2 CD shamaninc-electronic THE SERPENT’S LAIR with Arizona-based percussionist Byron Metcalf. This shamanic landscape of acoustic trance-driven percussion mixed with hybrid electronic grooves and other worldly soundscapes gives the entire album “the pallor of an extended hallucinogenic experience”, wrote Vision Quest. This acoustic percussion-soundscape driven direction was explored further in 2002 on TRANCE SPIRITS with percussionist Jeffery Fayman and featuring King Crimson legend Robert Fripp.

As one of the few electronic-based artists performing live consistently for over 20 years, Roach’s engagements have taken him from concert halls and unique venues in the United States, Canada, and Europe, to lava caves in the Canary Islands and volcanic craters in Mexico. These exotic settings and the experiences there in have helped him further shape his iconoclastic world of sound, a sonic vision that thrives in a sphere of ritualistic intensity beyond categories, national boundaries, cultural barriers, and quite often, time itself. — from www.steveroach.com

Similar music: Biosphere, Boards of Canada, Divinity, Global Communication, Jonn Serrie, Klaus Schulze

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electronicsongoftoday·6 months agoAudio

Pablo Nouvelle is a moniker for Fabio Friedli from Bern, Switzerland. A former architecture student turned film-maker and musician, Fabio makes songs from a combination of new sounds and old samples. He works under the name Pablo Nouvelle, out of a love of the French cinematic nouvelle vague of the late 1950s and early 1960s.

‘Is It OK’ was his first single, from the 2013 début “Pablo Nouvelle” on Feraltone. It was followed by “You don’t understand” on Black Butter Records and “Heartbeat” with Norma Jean Martine, again on Feraltone (2014). A further EP, “Take me to a place” was released in 2015 on Black Butter Records.

The début album “All I Need” was released in January 2016 via Armada Music and it features vocals by Sam Wills, James Gruntz, Josef Salvat, Liv and Lulu James amongst others.


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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Function is techno / minimal producer David Sumner who has released music on labels such as Infrastructure New York and Sandwell District.
2) Function is Matthew L Nicholson, an Australian born musician/composer/sound artist/producer. His nomadic collusion with a geographically vast network of talented friends creates Function. Begun as an occasionally tended to solo venture in 1995, Function in recent years have relocated to being based between USA & Europe, touring and recording more regularly.

Unpredictably ecstatic/dark/spare/maximal/lush experimental songs and pieces incorporating sound sources from all over the world, their work has been heralded highly by indie media worldwide since the release of The Secret Miracle Fountain by Locust Music of Chicago early in 2006. Not classifiable merely as psych-folk, sound-art, experimental indie, ambient, avant-rock, jazz, classical, minimal or world, Function is a foray into the Transcendental. Instruments tending to be used by Function include strings, winds, brass, bansuri flute, harmonium, tanpura, surmandel, kalimba, female voices, and a twisted psychadelic and heart-moving electro-acoustic remix of all therein.

Function have performed throughout Europe, USA, Japan and Australia in various forms in recent years with such artists as Piano Magic, Fennesz, Thalia Zedek, Dreamweapon, Gamelan Son Of Lion, Sir Richard Bishop, Ethan Rose, No-Neck Blues Band and Oren Ambarchi, recently having completed their 3rd US tour in January.

Function will be doing an extensive tour of 16 European countries all throughout August and September 2007 as a multi-instrumentalist 6-piece - Matt Nicholson, Patrick Liddell, Clare Tuckley, Pascal Babare, Felicity Mangan and Ian Wadley.

Function have produced works for release by Locust Music (USA), ::Room 40:: (Aus/UK), Fat-Cat (UK), Au-Go-Go (Aus), Love & Mercy (Aus), Wonderground (JP) and numerous soundtracks for documentaries, short films and art installations.

Nicholson and composition partner Patrick Liddell have recently been working in an orchestral setting in Chicago, writing and recording material for 2007’s Locust release (which is expected to have over 100 players listed), as well as sound design for Adi Da’s Venice Biennale exhibit, Italy 2007.

Function members and contributors also include Milo Mylecharane (Canyons!/Particles Collect), Chris Smith (Fat-Cat, Emperor Jones), Pat Ridgewell (Small World Experience), Dominic Johnson (Rachels/New Millenium Orchestra), John Chantler (Room 40), Matthew Golombisky & Quinlan Kirchner (Torrow Music Orchestra), Gabriel Lewis (Three Month Sunset), Aaron Robinson (Messes), David Wenngren (Library Tapes/Resonant), Shirley Hunt (PLAy Ensemble), Anna Steinhoff, Edward Nicholson, Pete Nicholson, Aaron Nakagawa, Georgina Ward, Joseph Burkett, Corey Dixon, Natalja Thomen, Tom Van Acker, Enrico Glerean and sometimes others, in various configurations.


3) Function is an experimental artist that releases music on Phitunes.

4) Function was a short lived orange county hardcore band during 1992-1993. It consisted of members from Blackspot. After they’re break up, members went on to form Eleven Thirty-Four.

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electronicsongoftoday·6 months agoAudio

There are two artists/bands by the name of Frameworks.

1. Frameworks are a melodic hardcore band from Gainesville, FL. Forming in early 2011, they released their debut EP Every Day Is The Same, in October 2011. They incorporate elements of post-hardcore and screamo/skramz together, promoting their own brand of melody driven hardcore.

After receiving a small following from their debut EP Every Day Is The Same, they gained backing from 13th Floor Records, an independent record label from Fort Mill, SC. Through them they released their latest EP, Small Victories in February 2013.

All 9 Frameworks tracks from both EP’s can be downloaded from the bands official Bandcamp page - www.frameworks.bandcamp.com. Go support the band if you like what you hear.

Useful Links - Bandcamp || Tumblr || Facebook || Merchandise.

2. Matthew Brewer, a musician based out of Manchester (UK).

To Follow upcoming releases please follow frameworks on http://soundcloud.com/frameworks or via his fbook page http://www.facebook.com/Frameworksmusicuk/

Matthew Brewer aka Frameworks Hails Manchester (UK). Frameworks is live musicians, sampled then sequenced over elaborate rhythm sections building graceful and eloquent productions. As a drummer Matthew tends to spend a lot of time on the drum sounds to get the right “frame” to his musical work. Pure cinematic down-tempo boom bap production at its finest, reminiscent of Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra, J Rawls’ Liquid Crystal Project, Tosca, Fourtet, Jon Kennedy.

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electronicsongoftoday·6 months agoAudio

Italian techno producer.

Over the past few years, Dozzy has been one of the chief characters at the Saturday night events at Brancaleone, one of Italy’s most celebrated clubs and a key promoter of underground music in Rome. He played a leading role at the microhouse night, together with some of the best DJs on the international scene, serving up DJ and laptop performances of great emotional impact, offering a microtrancey journey across the spectrum of electronic music.

His DJ sets are characterised by a lack of cymbols, deep, thudding, clean sounding kick-drums, and strange ambient noises constantly fading in and out.

He currently resides in Berlin.

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electronicsongoftoday·6 months agoAudio

Message To Bears is the musical alias of English folk/electronic composer and multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander.

Alexander creates beautiful soundscapes by interweaving acoustic guitar, piano, electronics, ethereal samples, strings and hushed vocals.

In 2007 Jerome self-released his first set of home recordings (simply titled EP1) which sold out almost instantly thereby catalysing a conversation with the then newly-formed Dead Pilot Records about a re-issue.

Having discovered a commonly-shared ethos, Dead Pilot Records and Alexander decided to work together again for Message To Bears’ second release (Departures), an album which was overflowing with lush strings and saw the first introduction of voice into Jerome’s recordings. Limited to 500 CDs, the album was packaged in an organic case, wrapped in brown parcel paper and tied together with string. Every single copy also came with an individual, unique old photograph hidden inside. As with EP1, this became quickly out of print.

In the summer of 2009, Alexander played his first Message To Bears live show in Oxford with the help of his close friends playing a wide variety of instruments. They have since shared the stage with artists such as Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds.

January 2012 saw the release of 2nd LP ‘Folding Leaves’ through Dead Pilot Records (UK) and Nature Bliss (JPN).

Jerome released a new electronic EP under the alias J.R Alexander during December 2012 through Sound In SIlence Records.

Jerome’s 3rd full-length album entitled ‘Maps’ was released 12th November 2013, his first self-released album since his debut.


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electronicsongoftoday·6 months agoAudio

No Bra is an electronic avant-garde band based in East London England who combine industrial grooves with sinister Germanic folk. The band had an underground hit with the single “Munchausen” in 2005. The track “Doherfuckher” was used as part of the sound track to Bruce La Bruce’s film Otto or up With Dead People. In 2007, the Dutch Scapino Ballet based a ballet performance on No Bra’s music which toured around Europe. Despite claiming to be “not gay,” No Bra’s Susanne was nominated as their gay icon by influential British post punk band The Raincoats and asked to perform with them at the gay icons exhibition at the national portrait gallery in London in 2009. No Bra also appears in the upcoming documentary about The Raincoats. The musician’s image has inspired several visual artists such as Christophe Chemin and Brian Kenny and photographer Wolfgang Tilmans. No Bra’s debut single Munchausen was BBC Radio DJ Pete Tong’s ‘Eclectic Tune of 2005’ and James Hyman’s 'Tune of the Year 2005’ and was described as essentially the London art-school answer to “Losing My Edge”’s Williamsburg smack down.

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Merzbow (メルツバウ) is an experimental music project created in Tokyo in 1979 under the direction of musician Masami Akita (秋田昌美). Since 1979, Akita has formed two record labels and has contributed releases to numerous independent record labels. As well as being a prolific artist, he has also written a number of books and has been the editor of several magazines in Japan. He has written about a variety of subjects, mostly about art, avant-garde music and post-modern culture. His more renowned works have been on the topics of BDSM and fetish culture. Other artforms Akita has been interested in include directing and Butoh dance.

The name “Merzbow” comes from German artist Kurt Schwitters’ artwork, Merzbau. This was chosen to reflect Akita’s dada influence and junk-art aesthetic. In addition to this, Akita has cited a wide range of influences from various progressive rock artists such as Frank Zappa and King Crimson to Japanese bondage.

In 2000, Extreme Records released the 50 CD box set known as the Merzbox. From 2004 onwards, he has been a supporter of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) which has influenced a number of animal-themed releases as well as Akita becoming vegan. Akita’s work has been the subject of several remix albums and at least one tribute album. Akita is a prolific musician and has produced over 400 releases since 1980. This, among other achievements, has helped Merzbow to be regarded as the “most important artist in noise music”.

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Loscil is the electronic/ambient music project of Scott Morgan, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The name Loscil is taken from the “looping oscillator” function (loscil) in Csound. Scott Morgan is also the drummer for the Vancouver indie band Destroyer.

A self-released album titled A New Demonstration of Thermodynamic Tendencies caught the attention of experimental music label Kranky who signed Morgan on to release his first album Triple Point in 2001. Triple Point features six tracks off his first independent release as well as four new tracks.

Loscil followed up the release with Submers, an aquatic-themed album. Each track on the album is named after a submarine. The last track on the album was produced in honour of the people who died on the Russian submarine K-141 Kursk.

His 2004 album First Narrows (a reference to the official name of the Vancouver bridge also known as Lions’ Gate Bridge) marked the incorporation of improvised performances by a number of guest musicians: Nyla Raney, cello; Tim Loewen, guitar; and Jason Zumpano, rhodes piano. Consequently, the songs were more organic and looser in nature than his previous work which he performed alone. Eight of his songs were featured on the film score of the 2004 documentary ScaredSacred by award-winning documentary filmmaker Velcrow Ripper.

Stases is an album made up of background drones from his other albums. It was released for free on the website for the One record label. The theme of his fourth album, released in 2006, continues the conceptual ascent each album has taken, from the subsurface geological depths (Triple Point) and watery depths (Submers) to the surface (First Narrows) and the sky (Plume). Plume continues his musical integration of other musicians into his ambient compositions, including Josh August Lindstrom on vibes and xylophone and Krista Michelle Marshall and Stephen Michael Wood on ebow guitar (as well as Zumpano again on piano).



* 1999 A New Demonstration of Thermodynamic Tendencies
* 2001 Triple Point (Kranky)
* 2002 Submers (Kranky)
* 2004 First Narrows (Kranky)
* 2005 Stases (Drones 2001 - 2005) (One)
* 2006 Plume (Kranky)
* 2010 Endless Falls (Kranky)
* 2011 Coast / Range / Arc (Glacial Movements)
* 2012 Sketches From New Brighton (Kranky)
* 2013 Erebus (with Bvdub) (Glacial Movements)
* 2014 Sea Island (Kranky)

Tracks Featured On
* 2003 Idol Tryouts: Ghostly International Vol. 2 (Ghostly International)
* 2003 Saturday Morning Empires (Intr Version)
* 2003 The Corporation documentary film soundtrack
* 2004 ScaredSacred documentary film soundtrack
* 2008 The Sleep Machine contributed to Chequerboards online Relay project
* 2009 Osmos computer game

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Beatrice Dillon was born and lives in London. Early on she studied classical guitar and then bass and drums. Recent releases include a series of tuned percussion vignettes produced in collaboration with composer Rupert Clervaux, Studies I–XVII For Samplers And Percussion; a compilation of Folkways drum pieces for The Trilogy Tapes, and a solo cassette album, Blues Dances, on Where To Now?

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1. Contagious is an underground heavy metal band from germany. They were founded in summer 2004 in Marl (Ruhrgebiet area). They have not recorded any records yet, but they are about to do it this year. There are some recordings from live gigs, which people may listen.
The style of contagious is a mixture of heavy, thrash, death and black metal elements with a lot of melody. some people say they sound like a mixture of old iced earth and slayer with some grunts in it.

2. Contagious is a christian band focusing on latin/salsa flavoured pop/rock music hailing from Ft Lauderdale, it is a christian ministry who composes, produces and performs for the purpose of reaching people of all ages and cultures with the message of God’s love and salvation through Jesus Christ.

3. Contagious is also an electronic producer from Russia.

4. Contagious was also a christian heavy metal band from Southern California

5. Contagious is also a punk alternative band from Southern Louisiana.

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Northern Lite is a electro/pop/rock band from Erfurt, Germany and is known for its live concerts in small clubs in Germany and also in Spain, England and Japan later.
The band was formed by Andreas Kubat and Sebastian Bohn (DJ Boon) in 1997.
Their debut album “Small Chamber Works” was released in 2001 on their own label “1St. Decade Records”.
Later, Larry Lowe (Guitars) joined the band and brought some rock influences. Since then they sound similar to bands like The Faint, Fischerspooner and Death in Vegas, with both rock and electro influences.
In 2004, Northern Lite released their sequel album called “Reach the Sun”.
In the same year, Larry left Northern Lite again and Sascha Littek took over his work.
One year later the band won the German Dance Award as “Best Indie/Electronic Artist” and they released their third album “Temper”. The album “Unisex” followed in 2006.
At the German “Bundesvision Song Contest 2007” Northern Lite represented their home state Thuringia, performing the song Enemy with the group “Chapeau Claque”.
Later the same year, Sascha Littek left the band, too. He was replaced with Valerian Herdam. A fifth album “Super Black” followed in 2008.
Their latest album, “Letters & Signs - Part One”, was released on the 18th September, 2009, followed by Letters & Signs - Part Two in 2010.


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Soulphiction, aka Jackmate, born in Stuttgart, owner of Philpot-records & phil_e. In 1989 Michel Baumann started spinning as a Hiphop-DJ at local jams in the Stuttgart area. In 1991 he became infected with Chicago and Detroit based house music, whilst working at a record store. 1996 was the year in which his first two releases came out on frankfurt’s “stir15” label, followed by the classic “the jacker” on the then new poker flat label. since that time he has released on Perlon, Playhouse, Mosaic, Freude am Tanzen, Philpot and many more.

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Jesse Kanda’s form-shifting explorations of the human body have been tapped for music videos by Björk, FKA twigs, and most prominently Arca, his roommate, close friend, and collaborator. Kanda’s artwork for twig’s 2015 album LP1 was also nominated for a Grammy for Best Recording Package. Today, the artist has shared his debut EP as doon kanda called heart. It’s out on Hyperdub and available for purchase at Bandcamp. “In my work, I try my best to make every decision count and mean something,” Kanda said of his visual art in 2014. “It’s often minimal, but it makes whatever is there mean more.”

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