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eliasbouchardslut·5 hours agoText

before I go to bed I just wanna thank everyone for making this blog a fun space for everyone and I just wanna remind you that there’s so much love in the world and choosing to be a part of that love and choosing to give your whole heart to everyone you meet is scary but it’s the best way to live and that kindness will always come back to you, though maybe not in the same form. took me years to get to a point where I realized love is the purpose of everything and that all you can do is send your heart out into the world and hope for the best

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eliasbouchardslut·6 hours agoAnswer

Not to be a basic ass gay, but the mitski song Happy reminds me of you, but only the lines "if you're going, take the moon, then maybe I will see you, in the night I'llsee you" and "when you go take this heart, I'll have no more use for it when theres no more you" I'm just in the pining mood tonight

this is so romantic and I’m so fucking soft honey… I’m literally giving you the sweetest kiss and telling you that I hope you know I’m sending so much love to you and I thank you for your kind words 🥺🥺🥺

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eliasbouchardslut·6 hours agoText

hi not to be insane on main but I just started crying because it’s like . holy fuck I’m actually loved yknow? like 98% of the time I overthink things and make myself believe I’m not but like wow. I feel loved rn and I’m crying cuz I’m so lucky to have people who care about me and I can’t express enough how much that means to me

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eliasbouchardslut·7 hours agoText

(gets thrown into the spiral) PSPSPSPPS WHERES THE MILFS

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eliasbouchardslut·8 hours agoAnswer

kath I’m the drunk girl from earlier and holy shit I’m so sorry I’m just very gay and I think I should be able to kiss women but rn I’m very hungover even though it’s 10:40pm and I kind of want to die. At least there’s left over Waffle House pancakes

omg no you’re fine that was so sweet and it made me smile a lot that you thought of me and eat some pancakes honey!!! drink some water!!! Dont make me come over and forcibly take care of you

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eliasbouchardslut·8 hours agoAnswer

bold assumption i wouldnt have u the question is if ud have me -🍷


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eliasbouchardslut·8 hours agoText

people think I’m cute ?? and hot??? and funny????

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eliasbouchardslut·10 hours agoAnswer

Oh my goodness kath!!!! What a joy it is to behold you again!!!!! Thank u for blessing us in this day hhhh it's like. I feel like Narcissus but your face is the reflection on the pool meaning I can stare at it forever and idk but you're really pretty!!

🥺🥺🥺 oh this made me so happy I love you so much angel im giving you gentle little kisses and squeezing you so tight

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