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elinvindr · 10 days ago
i have a few wips i hope to finish smth soon 🤕
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elinvindr · a month ago
returning home. [kaeya x gn!reader]
Tumblr media
genre; fluff
warnings; none
word count; 751
author’s note; i know this is super short but my brain requires tiny comfort scenarios….
Tumblr media
it was a long week. a far away mission, paired with a bunch of incompetent soldiers. rightfully so, kaeya was worn out. so worn out in fact, he barely made to the door of his own house. he didn’t even notice how the light was still present inside in the dead of night. he pushed the door open and lousily stumbled in, shutting it behind himself. kaeya yawned with a distinct sound and crouched to take his unusually heavy shoes off.
“you’re back.” a quiet voice caught the captain off guard. he slowly lifted his head up and saw you sitting on the couch, covered with a blanket in front of the hot fireplace. you were looking back at him with a warm smile gracing your face, which stayed on as you made your way to the tired man.
“you’re still up?” kaeya asked, his vision blurry from the tiredness. he squinted a little to make out your dark figure looming over him.
“let me help you a little,” you said, ignoring the question just like kaeya ignored yours. your hands softly unlatched the fasteners of his fur accessory, taking the heavy thing off. you threw it over your shoulder and crouched back down to kaeya’s level to unbutton his vest. he was still untying the shoes so you waited until he was done to help him out of the vest, positioning it next to the fur on your shoulder. you stood up and moved away from kaeya to let him finish up himself and put away the clothes, “you look tired, kaeya. are you sure you’re not overworking yorself?”
“why are you still awake?” he said incoherently and stepped deeper into the room, turning to your figure fiddling with his vest.
even in such simple moments he found you breathtaking: the way your hands moved buttoning the vest back up to hang it up pretty for him to get ready the next day. how you lips curved into a small smile again after his question and your eyes squinted. alberich got to explore the tiniest of details on your face and body once again. he missed you dearly for the whole week. he missed your gentle touch, your soothing voice and calming gaze. not having you by his side was an order from jean herself: you two would usually travel together, but this time kaeya was tasked with recruit training, and had to venture out on his own. it wasn’t difficult to overcome hardships, but with a herd of young inexperienced trainees it is hard to organise both them and yourself, which wore the cavalry captain out immensely. he knew with you next to him this mission wouldn’t have such a toll on him, but things went a little differently, with you staying back in mondstadt. but he was finally back, and ready to take the much needed rest.
“i was waiting for you, of course,” you said, finishing up with the clothes and moving back to the couch, grabbing the blanket and placing it back over your shoulders.
“you should’ve went to sleep…" kaeya lousily waddled to you and sat close. the warmth of the fireplace instantly melted him into the couch. you know, the cold winds of dragonspine could make anyone shiver, even a cryo wielder.
“i couldn’t, and you know it…" you said, pulling him closer to you and under the blanket. kaeya’s cheeks blushed with a pretty shade of pink as he felt your hands squeeze him in a tight hug. he let out a breath of relief, placed his head on your soft chest and let himself close his eye, “i honesty couldn’t wait for you to come back. it’s been hell here without you…i was forced to run errands! stupid little errands instead of exciting missions! i would’ve really enjoyed going up that mountain with you guys and committing myself to some good old training: it feels like i held my weapon years ago…how about you? how did it go-”
you shifted your eyes to kaeya’s calm face, his body still in your embrace. you could feel his chest go up and down with each steady breath, and his heart beat in unison with yours. obviously, the worn out mentor was now asleep. you wondered how long ago he got a good night kiss, so you planted a quickie on his  forehead before placing your own head on the couch and quietly chuckling. 
you couldn’t be happier kaeya was finally back.
Tumblr media
i’m. so lonely.
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elinvindr · a month ago
home to you (diluc x reader)
summary: diluc comforts you after a long rough day
genres: fluff, kinfa hurt/comfort and diluc being a softie
word count: 626
author’s note: i’m sorry this is so small but i just wanted to share this soft little thing i wrote to comfort myself hehe i hope you’ll like it too!
The room is dark and quiet, and Diluc seems to be asleep already so you go further and sit on the side of the bed trying your best not to wake him up. His face that's always frowning looks calm and relaxed now, his chest is going up and down slowly as he breathes and his eyelashes tremble from time to time. You would stare at him forever but a sudden yawn interrupts you and reminds you that you still need to go take a shower after a rough day and a mission that’s almost failed.
Getting out of the shower you change into your nightwear feeling much better and fresher than before. As soon as your head touches the pillow you feel the wave of tiredness wash over you again but you turn to Diluc and look at him again. Just seeing him like this, by your side and under the same blanket, looking almost vulnerable, makes you feel so much comfort that you absolutely forget about aching wounds from today’s mission. You reach your hand to put aside the hair from his face but Diluc suddenly catches your wrist and leaves a soft kiss on your palm.
“Hey. You’re back”.
“I thought you were sleeping”.
His voice is a little bit rusty but sounds like home to you, just like always. You cup his face and kiss him too, on the cheek and then on the nose. He turns to you and weaves his fingers with yours.
“I was waiting for you but eventually fell asleep for a little. How was your day? How did the mission go?”.
You lower your gaze and sigh; remembering about some of the mages almost beating the shit out of you doesn’t feel nice.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”.
Diluc puts his fingers on your chin and lifts your head a little bit. His eyes are shining with concern and reflection of the moonlight entering the room through the curtains that are not closed completely. His voice sounds worried too and suddenly he doesn’t seem like he woke up from a nap just a few minutes ago.
“It went bad... We managed to defeat the majority, but a few mages escaped and some of our people got hurt too. I feel like I didn’t do my best, I didn’t even do enough”.
“Okay, but I think you should stop here. People get hurt every time the knights plan an operation like this, you can’t prevent it, you know? It’s just how being the part of the knights is”.
You feel his palm squeezing yours tighter and you press your lips together. He suddenly lets go of your hand and you panic for a second, but when Diluc pulls you closer to him and embraces you a sigh of relief leaves your lips and you put an arm around his chest, starting to draw different shapes on his back while listening to him talking.
“And you don’t have to push yourself too hard to be enough. You were there, you helped, you did your best at that time and that’s what matters the most”.
Diluc’s words sound earnest. You let yourself relax in his arms and breathe in the scent of his skin, you let yourself melt in the warmth of his body that makes you feel at ease.
“Thank you, really. I need these words right now”.
“It’s okay, darling”.
He pulls away a little just to press a soft yet full of love and appreciation kiss on your forehead, making your heart explode with all kinds of sweet feelings. He then presses his cheek to your forehead and pats on your head a few times, just as softly.
“Don’t worry, you’re doing just fine. I’m so proud of you”.
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elinvindr · a month ago
candlelit (lucifer x reader)
summary: You bring tea for your favourite demon and he is suddenly very soft and tender tonight
genres: fluff ! 
word count: 926
author’s note: soft lucifer is one of my personal reasons to live so enjoy touchy-feely first born <3
You knock on the dark wooden door with your foot slightly and open it after hearing an approving hum from the other side. You push the door with your hip, holding two cups of tea, and enter the room where a few candles on the desk are the only light source. Lucifer is sitting there, curled up and frowning above the piles of paper.
“Are you still busy?” you ask, placing one cup on the table. Lucifer lifts his head and his eyes are so tired you swear you can see little “I wanna sleep so bad” lines in them. “God, did Diavolo give you even more work today?”
“Yes, he did”, Lucifer answers with a sigh putting down his pen. “What are you doing here? What’s the time?”
“I brought you tea. And... It’s almost midnight”.
“Why are you still not in bed? You have school tomorrow”.
“You have school tomorrow too”. Lucifer arches his eyebrow. “I took a shower and was going to the kitchen to make myself goodnight tea. But I saw the light coming from under your door so I figured out you were still awake and decided to make tea for you too. Thought you’d need it”.
“That’s... Not actually a decent reason to stay awake”.
You gasp dramatically.
“It actually is! See, you’re working so much you can’t even think straight anymore. Come on, get some rest, you can finish it tomorrow”.
You sip your tea and watch Lucifer scratching his forehead. You hate the fact that sometimes he has so much work that he barely even leaves his room in the evenings; you don’t even remember the last time you went for a walk together — that’s how long it’s been since then.
Lucifer eventually takes a deep breath and reaches for his cup, makes a few sips and then sighs in relief.
“You are right; I only have work left for a few more hours, so I will finish tomorrow. Now, come here”.
He opens his arms in a warm gesture and pushes himself and his chair further from the table. You put your cup on the desk too and come closer to the demon, reaching your hands to his, feeling his dry warm palms against your skin. He pulls you in closer and you fall to his lap, he is fast to wrap his arms around you and hold you tightly, hiding his face in the nibble of your neck. You feel the rush of goosebumps because of a sudden contact, but you can’t help but smile at his sudden tenderness. You put an arm around his shoulders; your other hand is already playing with his hair, scratching his head slowly. He sighs right into your neck and you feel his lips curl into a smile, this only making you smile even wider.
You love how soft Lucifer is sometimes, you love the fact that he only shows his soft side to you, you absolutely can’t believe that he trusts you this much. You are probably the only person he can let himself be vulnerable with, and when it happens it makes you feel the happiest in the whole Devildom. Who could’ve thought that the all-mighty Lucifer would be all soft and cuddly with a human!
But here he is, holding you in his arms like you are his most precious treasure, and you are. You breathe in the scent of his hair and skin, and it smells like wood, cinnamon and the herbal tea you brought him earlier. His room looks comfortable in slight candlelight. His embrace is so warm and relaxing that you start to feel a little bit dizzy, and you press your cheek to his head, closing your eyes.
“Hey?” You hear Lucifer ask quietly, almost whispering, while leaving a soft kiss on your neck.
“Do you want to stay in my room tonight?”
You open your eyes and lift your head and meet his gaze at once. His eyes look soft but somewhat sad and lonely. You feel his lack of love and attention that he’s become really addicted to since you started dating, and you cup his face with your hand.
“I can if you want me to”.
He nods barely noticeably, tilting his head to feel your palm on his cheek closer. You brush your thumb against his skin and lean closer, your lips meeting his. His lips are warm and dry, and one of his hands is fast to move to your neck to deepen the kiss. You feel his lips curl into a smile once again and you do the same thing, feeling the rush of happiness go through your whole body.
He doesn’t stop leaving soft kisses on your skin even when you’re both in his bed, his arms wrapped around you even tighter than before. Lucifer’s body is hot against yours and you feel your skin melt under his touch.
“You know what? We’re not going to school tomorrow”, Lucifer says suddenly and you turn around to face him. He clears his throat after seeing the slight worry in your eyes. “We will just take a day off, Diavolo won’t be mad, I’ll talk to him. I’ll finish my work in the morning and we can spend the rest of the day together”. Lucifer tucks the strand of your hair behind your ear and lifts the corners of his mouth.
You know you can trust him with his life, and you will. In his arms, you feel the happiest ever since you came to Devildom.
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elinvindr · a month ago
Tumblr media
hi i have fallen into the pit that is genshin impact
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elinvindr · a month ago
double dose of hugs (beelzebub x reader)
summary: Beel is being a soft and caring demon boyfriend to you when you’re suffering from a cold you’ve caught.
genres: the PUREST fluff, just cute things
word count: 869
author's note: this is a little bit old work of mine, but still i really wanted to post it here. i have a soft spot for beel in my heart, so have this *gently holds*
As the class is over, you rush into the corridor to finally wipe your nose with the handkerchief you have fortunately not forgotten in your room this time. You spot Asmo flirting with some other demon in the distance, sigh and sneeze three times in a row. You feel someone’s heavy hand land on your shoulder, hear familiar “Bless you” and turn your head.
“You should’ve stayed home today”, Beel says with worry in his eyes as he’s staring right at your red nose.
You shake your head and hide the handkerchief in the pocket of your uniform. “Nah, I’m alright. I’m thinking about skipping the next class though. It’s our last one for today, isn’t it?”
Beel checks the schedule in his D.D.D. quickly and nods in response. “Good”, you say covering your mouth with a hand to cough. “And yes, you are probably right; I shouldn’t have come to RAD today.”
You see Beel nodding in approval and smile to yourself.
The cold you had caught during the weekend was not really bad until Monday, when you had to leave your warm bed with tea and medicines beside it. Beel has told you a few times that it would be better if you stayed away from going to school for a few days until you really feel better, but the urge not to meet Lucifer’s strict gaze and maybe punishment was too strong to skip classes.
And Beel was just impossibly caring and cute all the time, bringing everything you had needed to your room and offering hugs every fifteen minutes saying he’d read something about hugs being the ultimate medicine for everything. You were sure he’d lied about it but you didn’t really mind; sometimes it felt like Beel’s hugs could really cure any disease that had ever existed in the world.
“Where are you going?” you ask Beel as you see him going beside you towards the exit of school.
“I’m going with you,” he says casually.
“No, go back. I won’t let you skip classes just because I skip them. I don’t want you to get in trouble”. You stop in the middle of the corridor and wait for Beel to stop too and turn to you. “You don’t really need to look out for me everywhere I go, do you?”
“I do, actually”, you both chuckle. “What if you feel worse on your way home and something bad happens?” He reaches his hand to fix the big red scarf on your neck he has given to you earlier. The scarf smells like cotton candy and makes you feel warm and comfortable. It reminds you of Beel. “I can tell Lucifer that I was worrying about you going back home safely so I decided to go with you. Plus, I’m really hungry. I’m sure he will understand”.
“Alright then”, you said, hiding your smile behind the scarf. Beel gives you a soft smile and keeps walking towards the exit.
You touch his forearm gently with just fingers, being too shy to just take his hand. Fortunately being bolder than you, Beel finds your hand pretty fast and intertwines his fingers with yours, squeezing them tightly. You feel your face burning up and want to cover your whole head with this damn scarf that’s now definitely matching the colour of your cheeks.
Beel’s hand is big and warm, he is big and warm himself and it makes you feel protected from everything bad in the world when he’s beside you. He is soft and fluffy, so irresistible to hug, and you can already imagine how you’ll be cuddling with him when you get home. Just the thought of it makes you forget about your sore throat, running nose and headache.
“Aww. you’re holding hands again!” Asmo almost sings as he stumbles across you both, a stupid wild smile on his face.
“Yeah, we’re dating, remember?” you say a bit sharply, hiding behind Beel a little; you have always found Asmodeus too energetic, and now he’s only making your headache go stronger.
“You are. Since Saturday, right?”
“So what?” Beel is obviously annoyed a little by this conversation, Asmo is obviously enjoying it, maybe even too much.
“Nothing, nothing! Just was wondering how your future children would look like” He giggles before leaving the corridor and waving his hand. “Bye, lovebirds! Good luck getting punishment from Lucifer for skipping the class!”
You sigh in both, relief and hopelessness, thinking about Lucifer’s reaction. The memory of his cold strict look sends goosebumps but you immediately shake your head. For some reason you feel like he’s not really going to be that mad. Or maybe you’re just mistaking what you wish for what will happen, who knows.
A soft kiss on the forehead takes you back to reality and a moment later you feel your skin burning where Beel’s lips has just been.
“I think you may have a fever. Let’s hurry and I will make you tea. And bring you pizza if you want. And give you a dose of my healing hugs.”
“What about a double dose of hugs? I think I may really need it.”
“Sure. Double dose of hugs it is then.”
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elinvindr · a month ago
hello! thank you for visiting my page <3
this is my blog for different character x reader stuff i'm writing, mainly with obey me! and genshin impact characters. i hope you'll find something fitting your wants and needs here!
my ask is always open for your requests or just any stuff you would want to send me, i will always be happy to see something here.
i'm trying to write everything featuring gender neutral reader, i will probably not writing something else. also, i will not be writing anything about child-like characters (luke, klee, diona, qiqi). probably i also won't be writing many nsfw works since i'm no good at it for now (but who knows what future brings us right *smirking emoji*)
anyways! thank you again for visiting my page. i hope you will stay, i will try to make this blog nice and interesting.
here, have some tea or coffee and cookies! <3 ☕ 🍪
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