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the untamed really raised my standards for tv shows/movies like, if a show that’s not allowed to say anything outright due to censorship can effectively and cleverly deliver one of the best depictions of a gay main relationship i’ve seen in a show where that is not the only focus of the story, then what excuse do these film companies and studios working under less strict guidelines have for acting like their mediocre crumbs are the height of representation 

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some of my random headcanons for Nie Mingjue

  • loves little kids. adores them actually. but he’ll never tell anyone this. when huaisang was younger, mingjue smiled more.
  • hates loquats. can’t understand how anyone can eat them.
  • secretly slips money to residents of qinghe who he knows struggle to make ends meet.
  • zonghui sat in the hallway with him when huaisang was being delivered.
  • has the prettiest eyelashes.
  • sings in the shower.
  • walks around his house without shoes whenever possible.
  • takes the hottest baths known to man and doesn’t even flinch.
  • says that he hates the birds that huaisang keeps but likes to feed them and whistle at them when he passes by.
  • he’ll go to the very top tower of his house at nightfall and stargaze for hours. when xichen can’t make it to play clarity for him, this is how he calms himself down.
  • got into a fistfight during a gusu lecture which resulted in him loosing one of his top molar teeth. the fight was started because someone called xichen a rude name.
  • doesn’t care cares very deeply that he’s placed 7th on the cultivator list
  • he would’ve 100% thrown down at jin zixun at the floral banquet if wei wuxian wouldn’t have walked in when he did.
  • yes, he has checked out wei wuxian’s ass
  • no, he has never told, nor will he ever tell, anyone about it.
  • but just so everyone is aware: it’s a nice ass.
  • tried to learn to play an instrument but got so frustrated that he broke it. lan xichen doesn’t know this.
  • is a very skilled archer when necessary.
  • has never broken a bone.
  • his first blood was from a night hunt creature. he was 12 and it was his very first night hunt. first hunt. first blood. nie dad was very proud.
  • he wants to learn to whittle but has no patience for it.
  • he carved a small horse for xichen once as a birthday gift when he was 7. it was the first time he ever saw xichen smile.
  • he couldn’t understand why his heart started racing when xichen smiled at him.
  • until he returned to gusu at 15 and saw that xichen still had the horse tied on his jade belt.
  • that’s when he fell in love.
  • likes braiding hair. anyone’s hair. doesn’t matter. if you have hair, mingjue wants to braid it.
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Maybe all the twentysomethings are obsessed with cartoons because all the “adult” shows show the same traumas, frustrations, and anxieties we already have to deal with 24/7.

Sometimes you just wanna watch a princess of power or a magical alien child do fancy magic stuff in a lower-stakes world where you can be reasonably sure you won’t be subjected to depictions of extreme violence, gore, assault, and sex without warning, ya dig?

It’s true and you should say it

so much adult media likes to pretend hopelessness and pessimism and cynicism are something profound instead of the same depressing nonsense that you can find self-righteous assholes spouting on any given corner of the internet

society acts like we’re supposed to outgrow hope somewhere between sixteen and twenty-two and it’s absolute bullshit

being an adult isn’t about giving up

hold on, let me repeat that

just in case y'all didn’t hear me in the back

being an adult isn’t about giving up

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I’m sorry, what was that about Joe not being liberal enough for y’all?

Because me and my six figures worth of student loan debt would like a word.


[Picture ID: Tweet from @itshilarybuff, October 5th “Not a drill: Joe Biden commits to eliminating student debt for those who make under $120k. Y’all Go Vote!!!” Below that is the quote tweet from NBC News showing a clip from a town hall in Florida.]

btw, his plan, as stated here, doesn’t wipe my stupid loans, those aren’t going away shy of economic miracle, and I still love this answer. He’s talking specifically about killing loans going forward for people, and to handle the loans we already have, I copied from his website below.

From joebiden.com/beyondhs/#

  • More than halve payments on undergraduate federal student loans by simplifying and increasing the generosity of today’s income-based repayment program. Under the Biden plan, individuals making $25,000 or less per year will not owe any payments on their undergraduate federal student loans and also won’t accrue any interest on those loans. Everyone else will pay 5% of their discretionary income (income minus taxes and essential spending like housing and food) over $25,000 toward their loans. This plan will save millions of Americans thousands of dollars a year. After 20 years, the remainder of the loans for people who have responsibly made payments through the program will be 100% forgiven. Individuals with new and existing loans will all be automatically enrolled in the income-based repayment program, with the opportunity to opt out if they wish. In addition to relieving some of the burden of student debt, this will enable graduates to pursue careers in public service and other fields without high levels of compensation. Biden will also change the tax code so that debt forgiven through the income-based repayment plan won’t be taxed. Americans shouldn’t have to take out a loan to pay their taxes when they finally are free from their student loans.
  • That is much better than what the current set up does. Minus taxes and essential spending will be a fight over what that means depending where you live, but its a really good thing.

    He also wants to help with job training so we don’t all get these degrees that don’t help us get dang jobs. And he wants to go after private for-profit universities. And he wants to better fun grant programs. and, and, and.

    Most important of all? This guy listens. Sure, sure, politics is gonna politic, but millennials are the largest voting block in the country now. If we raise a fuss, it actually matters. But only if we vote.

    Actually, let me just show you some math. Actual total of loans doesn’t really matter above a certain point to be honest because the interest grows faster than you can pay them, so lets say you’re on that sinking ship, where the payment amount to actually pay them off would mean paying something like 2700 a month. obviously not gonna happen. So you’re on an Income Based Repayment Plan with your borrower. You can be asked to pay between 10 and 20% of your net income (depending on many factors)

    Lets say you’re a single human person, working a good job, 60k a year; after tax, you have around 45k. Under Biden’s plan, they start by taking 25k of that, putting it to the side and removing it from the calculus. Then. they take an amount off for essential spending. Don’t know what that math works out to yet, so lets assume someone awful gets to decide it, and its 12.7k a year (the poverty line for a single human) Then, they only can bill you for 5% of the remainder. So.

    60k - taxes = ~45k

    45k - threshold = 20k

    20k - essential spending = 7.3k

    $7300 x 5% = $365 a year -or- $30 a month

    Sure, Strife, that’s a pipe dream, you say, what happens if the ‘essential spending’ part dies in congress? Fair point, Congress is a sinkhole of evil. But lets see:

    60k - taxes = ~45k

    45k - threshold = 20k

    20k x 5% = $1000 a year  -or- $83 a month

    Yeah, you say, but I’m a curmudgeon and I want to assume the worst because I hate politicians, what if they lose the threshold, and only get the 5% through and everything else stays exactly the same?

    In that case, it will straight up cut everyone’s payments in half. Minimum. Whatever you’re paying now? Half that. In the case of the example above, that means

    60k - taxes = ~45k

    45k x 5% = $2250 a year  -or- $187 a month

    So this guy is out here going after free college for the younger parts of GenZ and all of our kids. AND he’s going to make the loans we have into a much more bearable burden. PLUS. If you didn’t see up there? That he’d kill the taxes paid on forgiven loans? Yeah, that’s a thing right now. If you pay for 20 years, and end with 60k in loans to be forgiven, you pay taxes on the 60k all at once. Which means you owe the government around 15k. Which. Ironically. Usually means you have to take out another loan.

    And this would apply to everyone, you can opt out if you wanna clear yours sooner, but you don’t have to do the jump through hoops and beg routine like you do now.

    This is a really really really good plan, folks, please look at something other than tumblr and fb, please look at his website, there’s some really good stuff in there. If you don’t understand, ask for clarification, bc there is so much good.

    #the biden plans are heavily inspired by the progressives#Liz wrote parts#Bernie wrote parts#AOC wrote parts#the man is listening#so get him in office#and flip the senate#so Liz can drop a six inch binder called ‘plans to get shit done’ on the desk#and make McConnell cry from his minority leader desk

    I’m sorry but you can’t just leave this in the tags

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