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21 year old. Aspiring fantasy novelist, poet, & photographer. Lover/follower of Jesus Christ over being into books, pets, cartoons, lofi/jazz music, & pastel/wave aesthetics. Called to singleness & celibacy through aromanticism/asexuality & heavier God dependence through neurodivergency/mild autism. Moderate politically & an egalitarian feminist because pro person & anti sexist. 13+ here, but all ages other social media.

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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

emilymikaelarichardwrites·2 hours agoText

I read the Princess Bride book last summer and while it’s still good and I liked learning more about the characters and authors, the movie is more fun and I can see why people tend to usually like it better.

I highly recommend it, but be warned, don’t read the last section of the book titled ‘Buttercup’s Baby’. Trust me, it is not nearly as good and will drive you insane because it is incomplete.

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emilymikaelarichardwrites·3 hours agoText

Britt Nicole was a singer I listened to all the time as a kid. I still enjoy her music today and am glad she’s found happiness with her husband and children during current days.

There’s just something very relaxed and real about her songs. She’ll talk about stuff that hurt but also isn’t going to have a lot of light hearted stuff in a lot of it and music videos.

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emilymikaelarichardwrites·3 hours agoText

Owl City was my favorite music group growing up. I listened to Adam Young’s music more than anyone else’s as a kid.

He reminded me of how it was ok to be imaginative and creative as I wanted to be when I believed otherwise. His music made me feel valid for my love of fantasy legends and lore when I was told that it was wrong. Also, that having fun is not actually bad.

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So I watched some episodes of Crikey! It’s The Irwin’s while I had my few week free YouTube TV subscription. So, I got to watch the wedding episode. It was my favorite one.

Bindi and Chandelier are such a cute couple and I’m sure they’ll have many happy years together. Since they have the same passions and desires in wildlife conservation and working with animals, I highly doubt they will get divorced any time soon if ever. They both seem to really love and genuinely care about each other. The foundations of a good relationship and healthy marriage appear in both this one and in the one of Bindi’s mother and father before her own. R.IP. Steve Irwin, so sad he didn’t live to be there.

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I watched Bad Hair Day while I had my YouTube TV free weeks. I agree that it’s bad, but I wouldn’t say it’s that awful. It’s actually so dumb it’s fun to watch in my opinion.

Another Cinderalla story I can say the exact same thing for since it has that 2000s cheesy teen movie to it on top of that, which makes it better and more of a guilty pleasure.

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I mentioned I show I randomly found a while back (thank you Angry birds app!) that I watched out of random curiosity, and quickly became addicted to for a while. It makes no sense whatsoever, but it’s very fun to watch and is intentionally nonsensical. This sounds terrible, but even though you know he’ll never win, I kind of root for Zig and Bernie because of how much hard work and they put into capturing that dumb mermaid so Zig can eat her.

These are some hand picked episodes from the first season. There’s no need to watch any in order, so they aren’t in that. Let me remind you that I only like the first season, hate the other two.

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This show man, I still don’t get how I was allowed to watch Rescue Heroes why I was a kid, but not this. Probably for the same reason as Kim Possible. So what if Kim and April wear crop tops, it’s no big deal! One of my siblings also started watching it and my parents are making fun of us for it because we either just turned 19 or are almost 22.

These are the episodes I’ve watched so far: Season 1 episodes 1-9. I’m about to get to the two part episode 10 & 11.

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This is for the POC ladies from a white female ally. I’m sorry if I’m not always the best at it, but I’m trying.

I’ve actually heard of intersectional feminism and I find it fascinating and beautiful. It’s important for other marginalized peoples like women of color to be heard alongside us white ones.

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I found this on Instagram and thought it was cute while also bringing up something serious going on still in today’s crazy world.

To all black people and other people of color out there as a white person, I support you as a fellow human and see your skin color and just as beautiful and equal to mine in the eyes of my God as the creator of all colors.

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One misconception I want to clarify about feminism that we are all anti man and are sexist against men. At least with the kind that I believe in, that is not at all it.

I am every bit as against sexism against men as I am the kind against women. Prejudice and sexism against men does exist, just in a different way than with women. They get hurt by social expectations and forced ideas too. I just acknowledge as a feminist that men do have much higher privilege than women in most of the world and there is still somewhat a stigma with women being below them, not being able to do as much as them, and having to submit to them in more pro woman nations like the 21st Century United States Of America.

There are many religious groups that promote ideology that is against us and places us way lower than men. Purity and modesty culture are great proofs of that kind of stereotyping and bigotry. Trust me, I grew up with it. I know what it’s like to have people not respect my feelings, interests, or lack of because of the gender roles they shove in my face. It sucks and I know the boys had advantage over the girls.

So yes, you can be both feminist and egalitarian. You can be both passionate about fighting for women’s basic human rights that many places lack and acknowledge that we are not more important than men just as we are not below their level either. I’ve meet men that don’t respect me and make me feel uncomfortable because I am a woman, but I’ve also known men that do treat women with value and are good friends. The whole movement and passion with girls is a good thing, as long as we make sure not to leave out or devalue the other side of our human population.

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