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emmatheward·18 hours agoAnswer

Straight dissecting someone, is that a Naga/lamia or mermaid?

Yes it’s a naga. It ate something & Baba wants to know what it is. She’d lay out everything & draw it like a still life.

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emmatheward·a day agoAnswer

Honestly Osubo just seems like an all around good guy. Seems like the sort to be like 'I'm not here to be your dad, but you're important to your mom, so you're important to me' about things.

That is a solidly perfect way to put it!

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emmatheward·a day agoAnswer

He won't get exhausted will he? Like a baby bird? When trying to hatch?

Michi will be very exhausted. Baba & Aiko can’t help him hatch right away since the blood vessels of the egg aren’t shut down yet. If they immediately broke him out of the egg he’d bleed to death.

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emmatheward·a day agoAnswer

Is Michi making little baby birds peeps as he hatches or is he human baby crying? This is the most important thing ever. OH MY GODS ITS BABY TIME!

Baby daitengu don’t make peep sounds, they cry just like human babies.

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emmatheward·a day agoText

My sister told me to look at her fish cause it was pregnant. I didn’t believe her cause that fish was alone for a few months after the other one died. I looked at it & gracious it was definitely pregnant. Apparently female guppies can keep male sperm alive inside them for up to six months, I learn something new everyday.

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emmatheward·2 days agoAnswer

IT’S HATCHING baba don’t have a motherly panic attack or faint

- There’s really nothing that can make Baba faint, don’t worry about her. 

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emmatheward·2 days agoAnswer

I’ve been following your accounts for....a good 3 months and I love this so much! Your characters' design and story are so amazing and give me some inspiration for stories and ideas of my own! I can’t wait to see more from you and can’t wait to see Baba and Aiko’s life with their newly born child.

Aw thank you so much!! ❤️3❤️ That truly means a lot! I have so many more ideas in mind for Baba & Aiko it makes me wonder how much longer I’m going to be drawing & developing them for! I’m happy I could inspire you!

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emmatheward·2 days agoText

Was gonna go look for some frogs, snakes, & salamanders out in the woods till my parents said they’ve stepped in dog shit, bear shit, & have picked three ticks off their skin. Haha ok nope.

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emmatheward·3 days agoAnswer

This idea just popped into my head. Babata and Aiko are in the secret marketplace when suddenly a magical sage appears out of nowhere and casts a curse on baba then says "Scoopity dee! Lactose intolerant now are thee!" Then runs away. What would happen next?

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emmatheward·4 days agoAnswer

Does Baba like foods from other cultures?

There’s some foods she likes that she doesn’t see everyday such as hamburgers, ravioli, & cheesesteaks. She’d kill a man for an Australian meat pie.

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emmatheward·4 days agoAnswer

Oh my gawd!!! Aiko looks so cute! Absolutely adorable and beautiful! I especially love that dress! Thank you for making this!

Aw no problem! Wasn’t sure about her scarred skin under a dress, thank you!!

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emmatheward·4 days agoAnswer

Now I just thought of Baba trying on different clothes, but they all end up being just a slight variation of her usual outfit. Aiko still loves each one.

Baba would be very interesting for the clothing meme. She only wears robes & gowns. She really wouldn’t look good in anything else with the size of her weight. Aiko does want to see her in swimwear but Baba would rather cut off a finger.

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emmatheward·4 days agoAnswer

Do baba and aiko have someone to take care of the house and the pet snakes when they're off making cash money doing badass shit?

There’s no one looking over the house or taking care of Baba’s serpents. They can kinda take care of themselves. Baba usually carries 6 of them at a time underneath her robe, I just really need to draw them more.

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emmatheward·4 days agoAnswer

Queeeeen. Absolute fashion icon!!! She looks so good in all of them!!!

Thank you!! That was fun to draw, I might do some more!

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