Mild-mannered evil man who likes fun and jokes. I want to see Hell so bad I guess I'll just kill myself to go there and see how it looks like, I'm just so curious about it! I dabble in the occult too, motherfucker.

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epilepticsaints·16 hours agoText

Uuuuuuuuuuuuh, guys

What’s with some “ironically racist” comedians we follow on the internet, Sam Hyde and the “Really Good Comics” guy and some of their friends? Like that turd Frank Hassle? What’s the deal with them?

They literally stopped being funny when this started, the blm protests. They just stopped.

They started showing an annoying face, showing enthusiasm for the conflict, the violence between different groups of people, and it’s clear they don’t respect any of them, not even the Police, which is the one beating black people, something they enjoy looking at.

And again, they aren’t being funny about it, they’re not being funny at all. It’s like they forgot they’re comedians.

At the same they aren’t doing ANYTHING in regards of the protests. And they fantasize about a “race war”. It’s like this picture some real fascist radicals posted in one of those Telegram comedy groups I follow:

The funny thing is that they don’t respect Trump anymore, the guy they very likely voted for. They think they can just leave him behind, stop supporting him or something. They don’t respect him because he’s literally not arresting ALL African Americans and putting all of them in concentration camps or something like that.

On the other hand, the cumtown guys have remained cool about this. They remain funny and they’re not making a shit show. So, there actually is a way to be funny and not become insufferable.

So… I don’t know what’s my point here. I’m not here to tell you what to think. I’m just saying these “ironic” guys aren’t being funny, they’re not being ironic right now. Something similar happened 5 years ago, some of the prominent “alt-right” leaders stopped being funny when Trump won. They’re being in a sad downwards spiral ever since.

The things they care for are stupid and by being so serious about it it renders all their comedy stupid and unfunny.

Shaking my god damned head.

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epilepticsaints·2 days agoPhoto

Who made this hyper-realistic portrait of me?

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epilepticsaints·3 days agoLink
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epilepticsaints·4 days agoText

Drawing swastikas is hard man

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epilepticsaints·4 days agoPhoto


“For I do not exist: there exist but the thousands of mirrors that reflect me. With every acquaintance I make, the population of phantoms resembling me increases. Somewhere they live, somewhere they multiply. I alone do not exist.”

And all of them have penises

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