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the WORST character archetype without question in any type of media in any genre is The Pervert™. has ANYONE ever been amused by that character or even found them even just slightly funny 

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my cat lets me pet her belly, imperial. can you say the same?

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The best thing about my “the Heart gives you Narrative awareness” hc is the Tribunal only managed to succeed because of the power of friendship (and friend-murder)

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Did You Know: Valkyn Skoria was a Dremora that Mehrunes Dagon mutated with the aspects of a Flame Atronach? This has left Skoria in constant agony, from constantly being on fire. Dagon, for his part, considered this transformation a success as Skoria was now somewhat more capable of destruction than he was before.

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Finished Alchemy’s quest and I’m just kind of really uncomfortable with it. I loveee Alchemy but I can’t be the only person uncomfortable with her quest basically revolving around whether or not to out her against her will, and then making a pathetic attempt at framing these decisions as “morally grey” when it’s really Not. Just uncomfortable.

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The absolute worst thing about cwc however was giving Sotha Sil a canonical SBURB planet

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I'm half-Altmer and I've been part of the Guild for some time studying Restoration and Artifice as supplement (prosthetics, assistive devices, that sort of thing). Recently I've been called to Summerset for personal reasons, but I'm concerned my particular physical and mental conditions might be an issue. I recently learned about the "Hulkynd", and had I been born in the Isles I would without a doubt been labelled one. If you have any advice I- I think I could use it right now. -A. Veryn

Ah, hello, Adept Veryn! It is wonderful to hear from you, and I do hope that you have not been called to the Isles for anything too urgent or troubling.

Unfortunately, if it is the acceptance of the populace of Summerset that you wish to gain, the simple fact that you are not from Summerset, and have not lived there from birth, is already a point against you, as is the fact that you are not fully Altmer. Altmer are, at their very core, purists, in every form and fashion, and are very hostile and unwelcoming to those they consider Ephem, or Nebarra. The former referring to one considered an outsider, who is not Altmer, and the latter meaning “unwelcome”, used also when referring to outsiders, even those of Altmer heritage.

This said, my advice to you is this; to Oblivion with what the Altmer of Summerset think of you! Their judgement of you means absolutely nothing, and is only used to make themselves feel more powerful and important. You are a fine mage, and a fine individual, and nothing that they can say or do will change that. You need not heed their snide remarks or their icy stares, for they have no control over you, or what you choose to do. None of their titles, nor their “Alaxon” have any real meaning outside of their own bloated, self-serving view of themselves.

Travel with your head held high, Adept, and know that it is you who is truly worthy of respect.

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let me explain…

No one would think it was funny to bully an Autistic Child™, and you don’t think bullying Autistic Children™ is funny! That’s horrible! But when I say that story about a “weird kid” you knew that got bullied isn’t funny, you’re like “Well…that’s different! She was really weird, I mean she MEOWED at people!”



I’m gonna be real here, I take neurotypicals’ opinions on “weird” people far more seriously than I take their statements of support for me or for autistic people in general.

Like your opinions on furries (putting aside any sexual connotations) are HONESTLY a better litmus test of whether you are a safe person for me or any autistic people than your opinions on Five Year Old Boy Disease.

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