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everlustsstuff 82 days ago

This is not a post I’ve drafted or carefully read through. It’s just something I wrote out of frustration.

Why are people pairing Nesta and Eris together? Why are some of you loving the interactions between them and hoping for friendship?

Have all of you forgotten he is an abuser? Have all of you forgotten his character? Eris Vanserra is not another male for Nesta to use, he is not someone to be involved and help with the relationship between Nesta and Cassian. Stop using his character to fulfill whatever fantasies you have created because his character isn’t meant to be sympathised with.

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everlustsstuff 246 days ago

This has been bothering me for the longest time and I wanted to see other’s opinion on this matter.

I have always been upset with the fact that Illyrian women are subjected to getting their wings clipped and often looked down upon. Yet Feyre - who is not Illyrian the slightest, decided to magically grow a pair of wings. What’s so wrong with that? Taking things out of context, it seems so magical and unique doesn’t it?

The problem here is because that is not the case for most Illyrian women. It is such a big slap to their faces to see a female who is Fae being able to possess wings. How painful it must be for them to hear Feyre being able to fly freely with other males and she isn’t even Illyrian at all.

Does it not seem unfair to you? I’m sure the readers have all understood that yes, Feyre is special. However it comes to a point where some of her powers and abilities are just not believable. I still hold on to a very tiny shred of hope that this will be addressed and questioned in ACOSF (in my dreams, this is called out by Nesta or Emerie lol).

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everlustsstuff 2 years ago

“But later in acofas, Nesta doesn’t even want to go to the Solstice party, but just does it bc Feyre pays her rent. She goes, says nothing to anyone, and leaves. Cassian goes after her, gets brutally rejected, and even verbally abused. He didn’t deserve that” - I read this somewhere quite some time ago and discovered it in my notes.

just does it bc Feyre pays her rent

Yes, that’s right. She went to the party not because she was invited, not because she happens to be close with any of them, but because her sister blackmailed her into going. Not one person except for Elain bothered to engage with her or give her anything, Nesta just sat there quietly and watched everyone get along.

Cassian goes after her, gets brutally rejected, and even verbally abused

Again, correct. Cassian followed Nesta, after ignoring her the entire night & flirting with his friend, and then tells her he doesn’t understand why anyone would love her. I would have choked him to death at this point, but Nesta just told him to go back home.

He didn’t deserve that

Really? Personally I felt sad reading him throw his present away, that was quite painful to read. But after doing all of the above, I doubt she (not just Nesta, but anyone) would happily embrace him and start making out. Nesta, someone already broken, just got told she was unlikable - but of course it’s poor Cassian here.


If I were being honest, I expected that whole situation during the Winter Solistice to be handled much worse. I was surprised there were still things that people deemed “toxic” when Nesta was all but rude. Nesta wasn’t there to make friends or sing carols, and adding on the fact that most of them there did not care about her, why was she expected to be like Santa Claus? If anything, that two chapters said a lot about the characters.

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everlustsstuff 3 years ago

I feel like there is a high expectation for ACOSF - and I think this has to be lowered.

See, SJM doesn’t lurk on tumblr reading the posts on why Feyre (or the IC as a whole) is problematic. She doesn’t read posts on what should happen in ACOSF either. I know it’s hard to accept it, but she will most probably continue writing the IC as heavenly saints whether we like it or not (we all know how much she loves the IC). Another thing that might happen in ACOSF that happens to be a very sensitive topic in this fandom is the apology. I don’t doubt there will be a scene where Nesta apologises to the IC, but I’m hesitant to believe SJM would make them apologise to her as well.

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everlustsstuff 3 years ago

People are becoming more worried about ACOSF after the Instagram live but I was always concerned. Personally I feel SJM does not see Nesta the same way stans do (plus she’s still obsessed with feysand), and I honestly think it would either be a great character development for Nesta or just random plots and “asshole” stuff thrown in for fans to gobble it up. I’m really hoping it’s the former because if it’s not …

And if it is something like the latter, with Nesta trying to fit in with the IC and all the concerns stans have posted here, then I’ll be extremely disappointed in SJM. And it’s come to a point where I don’t even have that much expectations than before because looking at how SJM keeps describing the book? Please, don’t ruin this for me.

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