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I cannot answer questions about whether or not something you experienced was trauma and I cannot give you personal support beyond encouraging you to connect with your local mental health resources. I answer asks on Mondays and Fridays.

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a black woman named zoe amira posted a video on youtube. this video is an hour long and filled with art and music from black creators. it has a ton of ads, and in result will rack up a ton of revenue. 100% of the ad revenue from the video will be dispersed between various blm organizations, including bail-out funds for protesters. it will be split between the following, dependent on necessity

  1. brooklyn bail fund
  2. minnesota freedom fund
  3. atlanta action network
  4. columbus freedom fund
  5. louisville community bail fund
  6. chicago bond
  7. black visions collective
  8. richmond community bail fund
  9. the bail project inc
  10. nw com bail fund
  11. philadelphia bail fund
  12. the korchhinski-parquet family gofundme
  13. george floyd’s family gofundme
  14. blacklivesmatter.com
  15. reclaim the block
  16. aclu

turn off your adblocker and put the video on repeat. do not skip ads. let it play on loop whether you’re listening or not. mute the tab if you need to focus elsewhere. but let. it. play.

youtube will donate to blm for you.

please, please reblog. for people who don’t have money to spare, this is incredibly important information to have.

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while i don’t claim to be a “book blogger” by any account (more of a cranky publishing-person blogger most days), i know a lot of people have followed me through my book posts, so i’m taking advantage of that captive audience to boost these bookstores. shop them through their own websites and if you’re local, look into curbside pickup to minimize shipping costs and overhead. okay that’s all thanks bye stay safe.

  1. the lit bar (a personal favorite and the bronx’s one remaining bookstore)
  2. hariett’s bookshop
  3. semicolon bookstore
  4. mahogany books
  5. uncle bobbie’s
  6. loyalty bookstore
  7. dare books
  8. listening tree books
  9. underground books
  10. multicultural bookstore
  11. pyramid books
  12. black dot bookstore
  13. brain lair books
  14. medu bookstore
  15. wild fig books and coffee
  16. frugal bookstore
  17. olive tree books
  18. detroit book city
  19. cafe con libros
  20. revolution books
  21. sisters uptown bookstore
  22. source booksellers
  23. hakim’s bookstore
  24. sankofa books and cafe
  25. turning page bookshop

a different booklist offers curbside side pickup in toronto as well as free shipping across canada

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This quarantine has finally given me time to sit in my room and listen to all of my favourite classical pieces in full, from beginning to end, without interruption. And honestly, it’s like meditation. With that music, my mind is transported elsewhere.

To have nothing on my hands but time makes me feel like a 19th century noble lounging in a salon listening to the chamber group play for hours, or like a shepherd watching the sunset in the spring and just letting time pass them by…

Classical music is such a fantastic form of art that can take your mind to different times, places and moods, and I’ve gotta say that being able to take a moment to listen to it is so soothing.

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Figured out a way I can actually do a little movement without leaving my house - our front porch has a low-ish cement stair up to our porch and I can just use it like a 90′s fool in a step aerobics class. Just did it for like, five minutes and could feel my heart rate get up there! And now I feel more relaxed. This will help stabilize my hips and knees which are always a bit woog-edy due to hypermobility.

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I’ve seen a lot of posts with free ebooks about race and policing lately, so here’s a little masterpost of them. Find something else? Add it on!

Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? by Joe Macaré, Maya Schenwar, and Alana Yu-lan Price from Haymarket Books - free until June 5

The Torture Letters: Reckoning With Police Violence by Laurence Ralph from University of Chicago Press - free until June 6

The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale from Verso - no end date listed

Introduction to Critical Race Theory Course - Dr. Adrienne Keene has kept an entire course with course readings linked online, and free.

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when i was a toddler i thought god was an imperceivable web of white pulsing membranes stretched over itself a million times and i thought he lived inside the wooden pulpit at my church

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Music is a way of experiencing time. Understanding beat and pulse is a deeply primal way of marking time passage. 

It’s just now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now.

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The Snow Queen and Other Stories by Hans Andersen Illustrated by Edward Dulac 1912

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