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If someone tells you what you are doing can be done better, you should look into it.

If multiple people are telling you, you need to look into it.

Keeping animals changes when new information is found. A good keeper understands this and changes their practices to improve.

It’s OKAY to be wrong. It happens. It’s NOT okay to continue being wrong for the sake of your ego or to prove something to others.

I recently ran into a young man on the internet who insisted stuck sheds are normal for snakes and not a husbandry problem, to which i mentioned if the animal has stuck shed and correct husbandry then there is an underlying health issue causing the stuck shed. He then called me “an elitist” and blocked me. He was obviously a new owner afflicted by the terrible dunning-kruger disease. He was unable to put his own emotional reaction away to see the stress he was putting these animals through, and unfortunately people like this are a huge problem in ANY animal keeping community.

Our ways of keeping cannot become stagnant. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working at the zoo, it’s to ALWAYS QUESTION yourself and others about keeping practices. New information is constantly found and we should be adjusting our procedures in both public and private settings to improve the lives of these animals in human care.

For that one must realize your practices are the not end-all of keeping.

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PSA about outdoor cats. today my friend called me to come get this little rabbit that the cat had brought inside, she didn’t know that it was old enough to be on its own so she gave it to me. I will be letting it go after letting it settle down for a bit. I’m going to be going out of town because this town is full of so many stray and outdoor cats that it’s likely this baby will just get eaten. please keep your cats indoors as they’re destructive to Wildlife. and please do not pick up baby rabbits that you see, if their eyes are open they are ready to be on their own.

if the cat brought it inside, check real well for any wounds at all

No worries friend! The baby has been checked once but will be checked over again before being released :) (I wanna double check because this little dude is 90% FLUFF)

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A recent research team attached GPS trackers to a group of pet cats to track their whereabouts when their owners were not around or sleeping. The daily movements of the pet cats surprised many owners. Take a peek below.

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We’ve spoken out of this blog multiple times about the dangers outdoor cats are exposed to when they roam. Here’s a gps tracking study that shows exactly how far from their ‘safe home base’ outdoor cats in Wales actually go in just one night. 

“When you speak to a lot of cat owners they say: “Oh my cat just (…) doesn’t go anywhere.” (…) Some of the cats have “gone three kilometeres from home”.”

This cat went in such a straight line it can only have been following a major road for a long period. 

This cat went more than a kilometer into the wilderness at night, potentially exposing itself to all sorts of urban and rural predators. 

This cat traveled repeatedly through the yards of other houses as well as spending a good amount of time in the middle of the road. 

Don’t think your cat travels? It does. Keep your cats indoors. Keep them safe.  

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(My picture)
Taken at Petco. These cuties were all wrapped up together and they were so freaking adorable.
Went back a week later and they were all still cuddled up together! If I had the money I’d buy all of them so they could stay together.

Ahhh gosh I hate to be that jerk that bursts someones bubble but these ball pythons are actually fighting for the space. You see, they don’t have bonds like humans and other animals. They can’t love or feel connections.
This is actually also very dangerous for the animals as well!! They could eat each other, spread diseases, overall cause stress to one another.

Bummer, I know. But they’re actually much, much better off alone.

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Don’t let your reptile out when your cat or dog (or other animal e.g bird, ferret, rodent, etc) is in the room. It takes a fraction of a second for either to get scared and harm the other. Even a tiny scratch from a cat or bite from a dog can kill a snake or gecko.

I cannot count the number of posts I’ve seen where a gecko, beardie, or snake was out in a room with a cat or dog and the other animal bit or scratched the reptile resulting in sever injuries that required euthanization. Likewise if you have a large reptile like an adult boa or monitor they can cause harm to the other pet (one bite from a monitor like a tegu could break bones in a cat or dog)

If you have other pets and want to have your reptile out then make sure the other pets cannot get near your reptile (preferably keep them on the other side of a locked or closed door). One wrong move and one of your pets can be injured, often fatally. No matter how many times ‘nothing happened’ it takes a split second for something to go south and you can NEVER take that moment back. Supervision is not enough in this situation. 

If you love your pet you won’t introduce unnecessary risks. 

I HATE seeing pictures of reptiles and other pets. No, they ARE NOT friends. Just because nothing has happened YET doesn’t mean it won’t. My philosophy is if it doesn’t benefit the animal, there’s no reason to be doing it. Your dog doesn’t need to befriend your snake. Period.

I did introduce my dog back when he was alive to figment so that he would know, but he was very well trained to the “leave it” command. I let him smell the snake and told him leave it so he would know it was a thing to stay away from in case she ever escaped. Not all dogs have this discipline. Which is why locking cages are a wonderful invention.


I had a customer telling me all about how his cat and his leopard gecko were best friends, and the leo would just climb on the cat. I explained to him why he should never do this - one swipe from the cat, even playful, accidental, can fatally wound a small gecko like that. The cat’s saliva can kill it alone. He just laughed and told me it was fine because the cat never swipes at it. 

What? So, great for you, it hasn’t happened YET but what I’m telling you is that it only takes ONCE. ONE TIME for your special snowflake cat to not be a perfect angel and, you know, do that thing all cats do - swipe or nibble or otherwise explore this Moving Thing, or finally see it as prey -an instinct that ALL cats have and is not magically gone because your cat is *special* and *so well behaved*-.

Just once and your animal, your PET, is dead. Why would you ever risk that??

Not any species mentioned, however, had a similar situation happen about 2 years ago.
Mother let the dog inside. This dog is an absolute sweetheart.
We had a bird that sits outside of his cage.
Bird flew down to the dog, and the dog decides birdy was a chew toy that day.
I’ve warned them about letting the bird socialize with the cats and dogs can be potentionally dangerous, but they laughed it off. The bird has been attacked and almost killed by the cats multiple times and they see it as “playing”, now he’s gone.
I get immediately pissed when I visit that house every time and I wish I could’ve taken all the animals with me when I moved out.

Seriously, don’t do it.

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He’s going into shed, so he’s a bit crinkly, but here’s my cute little snoot named Booga

When going into shed your snake should not look like this, their skin should be loose in a few places but they shouldn’t look this wrinkly and dry. Bump up your humidity and add a humid hide if you can (tupperware container with moss in it and a hole big enough for them to fit in) Booga is probably going to have a rough time shedding by the look of it so when he does if it’s stuck give him a 15-20 minute soak in lukewarm water to help loosen up the skin then put him in a pillow case and tie it so hopefully he can rub it off. Don’t try peeling it off yourself unless it’s extremely loose, if it doesn’t come off with the soak just put him back in the enclosure and repeat this the next day until it comes off.

Additionally, this snake is very skinny. Please make sure you are feeding prey large enough to leave a bump. Roughly 1.5x the size of the widest part of its body or 10-15% of its weight.

I want to add a positive note that your enclosure looks very nice!! I hope it’s well regulated and I hope a speedy recovery for the bab. :3

Just keep him well hydrated and feed him appropriately-sized rats!

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Anyone have experience buying from Perfect Prey and using the 3-day shipping? I’d rather not pay $$$$$ for next day.

But I’m also really hesitant to use 3 day shipping on a frozen order…

Last time I bought from The Big Cheese, just the $29 flat rate shipping and it got here the next day. Cheap AND fast shipping, perfect quality rats. It was great, but TBC is out of stock in the sizes I want, has been for a week.

So I’m considering buying from PP but 3 day shipping seems kinda iffy? The other part of me is thinking it would HAVE to work or else why would they even offer 3-day shipping?

What do you guys think? I just want it to be frozen when it gets here.

I have not used them myself yet but have heard good things about them. The 3 day ship was brought up in a couple FB threads and people confirmed they arrive frozen solid.

I’ve literally just received my first order from Perfect Prey yesterday! It arrived within 2 days, everything was very well insulated and organized. I also saved an extra $50 in total comparing it to BigCheeseRodents. :3

Recommended. (y)

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