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faewithfangs·17 minutes agoAnswer

So Jann Turner who filmed rage(3.05), ie lawsuit scene, rage room etc is filming buck begins, (oli insta story)

I saw that! I’m very excited about this!. That episode was fantastic! let’s be honest. subject matter touchy, and we already know how I feel about it on this page so we entirely will not go there, but fan-fucking-tastic episodes, so Buck Begins. it is so late that I really almost called this “Evan Begins” not wrong… just not correct lmao 😂


Buck Begins is going to be great! we know the writer of the infamous Kitchen Scene, and now the director of Rage… this episode is about to be a fucking bop.

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faewithfangs·an hour agoAnswer

Okay your tags on that Eddie's ass gifset is ICONIC!! LEGENDARY!! INCREDIBLE!! AND I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU!! That's too much ass for one person, for me to be able to function correctly!! I truly wonder how one Evan 'Buck' Buckley gets through his day without completely malfunctioning because WHATTA MAN INDEED!! 🔥🔥🔥


um yeah, I entirely clowned on myself there. L M A O.

I saw those cheeks, and um my humps immediately started playing in my head, so those tags happened, and I’m still unsure if I have regrets over those tags lmao entirely unclear on the regret front 😂

um are we watching the same show? Evan Buckley malfunctions on the daily esp around Eddie lmao this man is a complete bisexual disaster 😂

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faewithfangs·5 hours agoText


The Distance We Don’t Have - 506 words

For Day Two of Women of 9-1-1 Week, Prompt “Sorry can’t fix this…” + Angst

May and Athena get into a fight when their personal relationship mixes with their professional.

-Day Three will be part two for this-

(Spoilers - information from the Season 4 promos)

AO3 Link

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faewithfangs·6 hours agoText


i’m just saying that totally spies, spy kids, and Kim possible had me believing that “teen spy” was a legitimate career option

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faewithfangs·7 hours agoText


it honestly pisses me off how white and american most discussions about trans men’s and transmasc’s oppression and experiences are. yall think all transmascs are white american upper class boys and it shows. no one gives a shit about trans men of color’s oppression but us.

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faewithfangs·7 hours agoText


The idea that racism will die out with the white baby boomers is a myth perpetuated by white millennials who do not want to take action and responsibility for calling out racism in their own generation. White millennials are not inherently less racist than white baby boomers and racism does not disappear with a generation. Racism is a construct that exists in all aspects of society, from politics to economics to social norms and activities. It can only be eradicated with constant and fervent dismantling of these powerful constructs in place and new generations must keep working at it. I’ve heard too many fellow white people say that when all these ‘racist old people’ die off then we’ll be fine but we all know that racism is not limited to old white people and that the alt-right is littered with white millennials. Check your friends and family on bigoted and racist remarks. Be a good ally. Sitting back for old people to die is not good allyship and you’ll soon see that they are not the only racists in power.

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faewithfangs·7 hours agoPhoto


Petrova was her real name. Katarina Petrova, to be exact How did you know that? Back when, I saw it engraved on an old heirloom. Men snoop too, you know. Let me know what you find, I’m very curious myself.

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