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fairydropart·5 days agoAnswer

Your style and works are so unique and gorgeous! I hope you feel good about them because they are amazing! Sending lots of love xoxo

Thank you so much!! 

I really enjoy where I am in my art journey at the moment. Mushrooms became a favourite subject to draw a couple of years back, and I am having so much fun with turning them into little characters! 

Your support means a lot <3 

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fairydropart·18 days agoAnswer

Do you do commissions? :D I would pay a lot (alot)

I will try to open up commissions over the summer! Thanks for asking! ^^

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fairydropart·18 days agoAnswer

Would you be willing to do a commission for a tattoo? I’m in love with your artwork but wanted to ask on anon first bc I wasn’t sure how to outright ask👉👈

Thank you very much! Sorry for taking a while to reply. I’m currently trying to work out the details, but I will definitely try to open up commissions over the summer! :D Thank you for asking! 

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fairydropart·a month agoAnswer

Where are you getting those textures??? They're so good ;_;

Thank you!! I have a sketchbook with greyish brown paper that has a lot of structure to it, so I scanned it, and it is my go to texture! 

I also like adding a noise filter over my color layers, and I just play around with different settings and combinations until I find something I like! I usually set the blending mode to overlay, but if there are some really light areas I sometimes add some texture on a multiply layer on that specifik area! 

Hope that answers your question! :) 

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fairydropart·2 months agoAnswer

could i use one of ur mushrooms as an icon if i give u credit in my bio. if not that’s okay!!! i love ur art so much thank u for creating !!!!💛💞💛💞💛💞💕

Thank you so very much!! It’s ok to use them as your icon if you credit me :) 

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fairydropart·2 months agoAnswer

your mushrooms are ADORABLE!!

Thank you <3 

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fairydropart·2 months agoAnswer

hi!! I just want to say that you have an amazing work, and I just love it, bye.

Hi! Thank you very much, it makes me so happy to hear!! 

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fairydropart·2 months agoText

During the last couple of days I have seen so many nice and kind comments about my art, and I am in awe of how much love my little mushrooms have received!!

These characters are a joy to draw, and I’m so happy they seem to bring out joy in others as well.

So from the bottom of my heart - thank you all so much!


P.S! If you use any of these characters as inspiration to a creative project of your own - please feel free to share the result with me :D

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