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Rose. 21. Married. AO3/Fanfiction.net: PhoenixScamander I am open to prompts! I am multifandom!

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I strongly urge all of you to sign this petition demanding justice for George Floyd. It is our duty as citizens of this country to not only raise awareness in any means possible, but take action against positions of power shrouded in institutionalized racism. Join me in demanding justice from Attorney Michael Freeman鈥搕he four officers involved in Floyd鈥檚 death can not walk free.

You can find the super聽petition聽here. When you sign you can further instructions on actions you can take towards justice.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @fonulyn 鈾モ櫏鈾モ櫏鈾
took me a while to finish this, but here it is!!!!聽 I wish you all the best for your birthday and that you will be happy and healthy! Stay awesome :3 鈾モ櫏鈾


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A collab between me and @peachylixir ! a joint b-day gift for @yamiheart聽 based on the HP AU the 3 of us have been brainstorming for a while now! (still in the works!)

Peachy wrote the fic, which can be read here 鈥> archiveofourown.org/works/24431989

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Sero: We could be killed!

Kaminari: Or worse, Mr. Aizawa could give us another lecture on responsibility.

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Oh dude yours is so cute!!! 鈾ワ笍 tagging @mikey-putrid @welshbaes @kuukigajan @tatsueli @fallenangelofhades @fonulyn if ya guys want!!! No problem if not! :Dc


Tagging @theplanetbuster @hellishgoat @lukas-dreemurr37 and anyone else who wants to


skdksk this was so much fun!

tagging @phoenixqueenoferebor @adellama-99 @lukas-dreemurr37 @icdedpeople and @flowerpotsandpennykettles 馃挄鉁


Awww this made my morning, thank you!! :)

Tagging; @devilmayc4re @leafless-botany @hylianfury @gwennolmarie @ohmygoshwhatascream @squidpro-quo and anyone else who wants to do it!!


Oh hello hope you don’t mind me jumping on the bandwagon

Tagging @justjessiehere @ligeiasand @olivia-de @dwaalserenity @drowningbydegrees and anyone else who wants in!


Ahh I opened this and I’d already half-made this yesterday! Good job, past me.

It’s too early for brainthinks so imma tag anyone who wants to do it!


I shortened the thread bc it got really long, but tagged here by聽@daisyannewinchester 鈥! This might be the most me-looking one yet lol

And I double-tag @disasterboysandtheirgruffloves @humii369 鈥 and add @dinahdarling@a-kind-of-merry-war@noobtiedoo@flootzavut 鈥!


Picrew time again!


@lemillion-against-lesbophobia @femmesupportgroup @p0stmortal

The gorgeousness that is Theo 馃槏

Tagging @eustachthekid, @boku-no-omegaverse , @jessxcadrew and anyone else who wants to do it!

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me while writing very niche fanfic: there鈥檚 literally no way that, like, anyone is going to read this. you are writing this for you and you alone. you must accept it. you must be zen about it. you must expect nothing except the validation that comes of being able to go back and reread it yourself when you鈥檙e in the mood for this kind of fic.

me after posting said very niche fanfic: (obsessively checks ao3 every thirty seconds)

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I think so many people mistake the聽鈥榶ou should reblog鈥 message with聽鈥業鈥檓 greedy and all I want is notes鈥 when it鈥檚 really not at all like that.

When creators say they鈥檙e discouraged from creating because their posts get no notes, they don鈥檛 mean they will refuse to create unless their last edit reaches at least 1k notes. What they mean is that the effort they鈥檙e putting into creating something purely out of inspiration and the need to share their passion and creativity with the world is being consumed and forgotten, just like it is on Instagram. Tumblr has changed from having an even reblog-like ratio, or even twice as many reblogs as likes, to being another social media where users consume content instead of sharing it.

We鈥檙e not trying to force you to reblog everything or want you to fill your blog with things you don鈥檛 like. But Tumblr is built on reblogs and聽likes. This is not a fast-food company where you can order something, consume it, and then throw it away. The very base of this website is sharing, as opposed to Instagram. Here, likes don鈥檛 give our posts exposure, reblogs do.

Notes are not the problem, the fact that you want new content without supporting creators is. So yeah, don鈥檛 be surprised if creators stop creating because nobody wants to share their creations.


And its like…. people dont even fucking realize how special tumblr is

Tumblr doesn鈥檛 have verified checkmarks. Tumblr doesn鈥檛 have an algorithm to you show 鉂漈he Best Stuff鉂. Tumblr doesn鈥檛 display how many followers you have. Tumblr isn鈥檛 obsessed with subscriptions.聽

Tumblr is an even playing field compared to websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Which means its up to us, the users,聽to spread the word of people we enjoy– the way the internet聽should be.

I鈥檓 not asking you to reblog shit you don鈥檛 like. I鈥檓 not asking you to reblog everything out of pity. But when you see a post you genuinely like, reblog it.


My intention isn鈥檛 to BOSS people around. But people who don鈥檛 create on tumblr really have to understand that if creators stop posting here, you won鈥檛 have anything else to like but maybe memes. If you want content to circle around to your dashboard… you have to pay it forward and reblog. That is why this website is dying. The Ban is not the only reason.

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Anonymously - or not - tell me what passage, fic, line of narration, or anything you remember me by as a writer.

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i had three fic ideas.聽 wrote one.聽 i still have three fic聽ideas.聽 this is not how math is supposed to work.

can this post please back up it鈥檚 too close to home

I had five ideas, I wrote two, now I have seven

Listen. They鈥檙e called 鈥減lot bunnies鈥 for a reason, and it鈥檚 not just because they hop around all over your brain demanding attention.

馃幎99 fanfic ideas on my blog

99 fanfic ideas~

Take one down, pass it around

137 fanfic ideas on my blog馃幎

this post walked into my house and kicked in my ribs

My brain: IDEAS!

Me: okay, I鈥檒l write it out in a fic. When I鈥檓 finished with it, I鈥檒l move onto the next one.

My brain: No finish, only ideas.

y u p 馃榿馃槴馃槀馃槶馃ぃ

Oh MAN 馃槀

This is me to a T. Yikes. Thanks brain.

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Chris and Rebecca hugging Leon Please ?


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having interests is like. I am unashamed of these. no I’m not . yes I am. i am not <3

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raise your hands if you love your mutuals to pieces but are afraid to message any of them because you don鈥檛 wanna be a bother and so you just stare at them from afar and hope they feel your friendship vibes somehow

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8, 10, and 63?

Hi nonie!!!聽

8. Sexual Orientation: I am asexual, panromantic.聽

10. How tall am I? I鈥檓 5鈥9. I like to joke and say I鈥檓 the exact same height as Todoroki cause we both measure the same in centimeters xD

63.聽 Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens? Yes and yes. I do believe that some people鈥檚 spirits may be trapped in聽鈥渓imbo鈥 or stuck on Earth for various reasons. I鈥檝e also had instances where unexplained situations would happen near me but NO ONE was there. Also, when I鈥檓 alone like completely alone. Sometimes its like I鈥檓 not alone. Especially at night. With aliens, I think they do exist cause planet Earth literally can not be the only planet in all of the universe that has life forms. Honestly, if aliens really do exist (which I do believe they do), I want to meet one like omg. How cool would that be?!

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