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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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Worrying about your kids falling through wormholes just like you did and just like the love of your life did. Worrying for the worst, even if it’s highly unlikely to happen.

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(Galarian?) Silvally, AKA the one that RKS Laboratories was creating factory bootlegs with the ability RKS Download, a reskin of Color Change

edit: I have no idea why you like this so much, I personally think I fudged the design and barely scrapped something together

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5. Multiship or Monoship

I can Multiship for characters I’m not particularly the most attached to… But for my big OTPs? Definitely Monoship for the longest time for all of my OTPs. I can’t help it– I just really adore them together and don’t really see them with anyone else as an endgame. Maybe some previous relationships or unrequited loves here and there, but endgame OTP…

15. Thoughts on OC kids

Um. Well. I have like. Two of them for Looker x Anabel. And I’ve made previous fankids before. I think I have a pretty good view on them lol

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1. Three Ship Tropes you love
4. Physical Aspect of a Ship you love

These two are pretty much in the same but, I love Partners in Crime becoming Partners in Romance due to how they play off of one another as equals and covers their strengths and weaknesses, I love True Healthy ships where they’re obviously going to have disagreements or even moments that test their relationship only to come out stronger and more understanding (Communication is key), and Complementary Opposites like the whole Sun/Moon ships or Red/Blue ships or being two of a kind.

Which, works in my physical aspect of ships. Being two of a kind! Fire and Ice, Lithe and Muscular, and (hehe) Angry Eyebrow Stoic and Gentle Calm Smile~ I love it when designs really do fit each other like pieces in a puzzle, like it’s cool to have one but having both of them together are a masterpiece!

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11. Opinion on Platonic Ships

They exist and they are very much as wonderful as romantic ones~
I should know because I also was really big into some platonic ones in the past, like as much as my love for romantic ones but just all nice and platonic. And I love platonic fanart too, they’re just fun to see as friends and interact and be sort of like family. It’s a genuinely nice feeling! Same kind of happiness hormone haha!

I can give you three platonic ships and they all involve Nanu haha… Platonic Nanu content is really rare and yeah it’s depressing.

Nanu + Anabel and Nanu + Looker are two good platonic ones. Nanu trained them both and they both learned so much from him– He took two amnesiacs under his wing and really wanted them to shine.
Nanu + Acerola is really cute because Nanu totally adopted her but pretends like he doesn’t care. And then you see him melt a lil bit showing that he really does care and treat her like family, a whole lot really. Nanu cares, man.

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2 for the ask meme

2. Three Ship Tropes you don’t love

Characters getting badly written or completely changed for the sake of a ship is a big one for me, even if it’s for ships I like. I like characters to be independent and can hold their own, which makes them really lovely to see them interact with others and also the ship in question. 

Forced romances are super common place in media which actually makes me dislike a lot of action flicks or feel like some romances are totally unnecessary. This is why I tend to gravitate towards pretty off the beaten path ships with smaller known characters I guess. :y

And I guess the last one is when one character is made to be totally weaker than the other and hyper dependent and all swoony and doe eyed or basically reduced to being a massive bottom. Like… It’s more or less that one character is carrying all the charisma and the other is just a self insert.

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Decided to do this on Tumblr instead– But with a twist, either send me the question number via Ask Box or you can ask me questions on Anon for a short time today~

Also please don’t reblog this, I’m not the original creator of this meme, please reblog from the person credited.

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fallershipping·2 months agoChat
Anabel: A champion status does not impress me alone. You'll have to do more than that to prove your worth to me.
Looker: I disguised myself as a boulder once!
Anabel: marry me
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Hey there, trainer! Long time no see!

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