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Jay: disabled beef cattle farmer from rural Australia. He/They. Bella & Nell: two terrible terriers living their best lives, 8yrs & 11yrs.

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new ask meme: whats my Thing. Like my Brand™ on

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Sometimes a vet will include euthanasia as an option, because for whatever quality of life criteria, it has become an option on the table for your animal. 

It’s not an option to avoid other treatment options. It’s not suggested on a lark to keep you from going to other vets. It’s not about convenience - it’s a professional making a recommendation based on their qualifications and experiences with similar situations. It’s about maximum care for animal and owner.

This should true with certified dog trainers. Sometimes, because of whatever quality of life criteria (safety), euthanasia becomes an option. 

It’s not to avoid other training methods. It’s not suggested on a lark to keep you from going to other dog trainers. It’s not about convenience. It’s a professional making a recommendation based on qualifications and experiences with similar situations. It’s about maximum safety for animal, owner and those around them.

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Speaking of wildlife:

Are you Australian?

Do you like birds?

Well the Aussie Backyard Bird Count is on again in October (19th-25th)!

All you need to take part is 20 minutes (or longer), the website or app (to record your birds), and an outdoor space. You don’t even have to leave home, and you’re contributing to BirdLife Australia’s information on what birds are hanging out in your local area! It’s absolutely free, and the app has a handy field guide to identifying birds if you’re unsure. The count can even help in conservation efforts for our wonderful native birds!

This starts tomorrow for all my aussies! @konmari-dogs is Thyme ready to count some birds?!

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I didn’t allow it when Aayla was a puppy. Now though I play rough and wrestle with her all the time.

Most of the time she doesn’t actually mouth me or put teeth on me. Instead she pushes me around with the side of her face and body slams me.



Do you let your dog get mouthy during play with people? Why or why not?

I never did with Pip when she was a baby pubby but now I’ll let her chomp my arms and hands when we are rough housing. She’s usually pretty gentle but sometimes I get pinched (usually we pause the game then). Just curious what other people allow!

I do also play gentle tug with my fingers behind her canines. It only works since she doesn’t have premolars, but I can pull her around like that.

Bella and my usual method of play is me sticking my hand in her mouth and shaking her face around while I roll her around on the ground. She’s not all the interested in toys except sometimes rope tugs, but being fake throttled? That’s her bread and butter.

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Why Get Your Pet? | Get Your Pet

In anticipation of my dog Audrey’s second birthday and 1.5 years with me, I wanted to make a little informative post about where she came from. Especially right now, when it seems that the reputable breeders have huge waitlists and many shelters/rescues (at least for dogs) are empty and/or have very difficult applications, people who want pets are having a lot of difficulty finding one ethically.

Please suggest to folks you know who are looking for a pet (or folks who cannot keep their pet) to check out It’s completely free to search for pets and to post your own, if you must rehome.* The website itself has good rationale for its existence:

The way it works in practice is: you browse for pets on their website with the option to filter pets geographically (zip code), by species (only dogs and cats unfortunately), size, and even more specialized things (for example, “lives with children” or “low energy” or “wire haired coat”). You can then read about each pet in more depth - here’s an example of my dog’s adoption page. (Fun fact, her given name is Nani)

As you can see this gives you a good indication of whether this animal is a good fit for your home. It’s the kind of self-reported details about the pet and their history that you’d expect from good shelter paperwork.

If you think the animal might be a good fit for your home, you can contact the owners and start a chat. The two of you can agree to meet up wherever you think is best, and then you can actually see the pet in a much lower-stress environment than a shelter. In my case, I got to see that my dog lives with cats, and how she treats them, which can be very hard to tell in a shelter environment (and even owner self reports may not be good)

Another advantage is that adoption is handled legally through the website, and it only costs $100 ($50 for cats). This is less than even municipal shelters around me charge, and much less than any rescue, who charge several hundred dollars. It also includes some perks like 30 days of free pet insurance, a free establishment-of-care vet visit and some credits to use on Rover if you’re so inclined.

Tl;dr: using this website is SO WORTH IT. The only other comparable service I know of is searching craigslist/facebook/social media for a pet, where you very often run into people who are “rehoming” their totally-not-a-puppy-mill dog for a low-low fee of several hundred bucks (plus perpetuating a horrible cycle of abuse.) This is basically direct action to support your community members who cannot keep their pet, while knowing what you’re getting into as far as the pet’s tendencies in its home and even its medical records directly from the owner and their vet. I still have the search alert that led me to Aud and I see so many awesome animals that owners can’t keep for financial or family hardships. I’m sure none of them want their pet to end up in a shelter.

Nobody paid me to write this, I just love my dog so fucking much, and was seriously despairing after searching for a dog for over a year unsuccessfully. I also never hear anyone suggest this site, and it is SO MUCH BETTER than anything else I used. I’ll probably use this to adopt future cats and dogs because I just really dig the premise of keeping pets out of shelters and in loving homes that are well suited for each other. Aud’s original owners were so relieved that we, Collie People, wanted to adopt her, and they weren’t linked up with the collie rescue community at all so they felt lost. It truly felt so serendipitous and knowing how much owning a dog that’s perfect for me has improved my life… I hope someone else can benefit from this knowledge.

*this is unfortunately US only. If non-US friends have similar resources feel free to add em on!

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Collies are like “excuse me. Excuse me. What is this? Personal space? You’re busy? Yes. You’re busy paying attention to me. Look. My head is in your lap. I am climbing into your lap. You can’t stop me.”

And you just have to be like “fuck dude you’ve got a point.”

I post this and then literally five days later Chip learns how to open the veranda door to come and visit me.

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Tagged by @boofblr who is wonderful

Last Song: Ride Safe by Syrup

Favourite colour: most shades of green, but also red. Red is my animal collar colour.

Last movie: The Outlaw Josey Wales, but not by choice. My grandma loves Clint Eastwood lmao

Last Show (completed): I think the last show I fully watched was Silent Witness. That was like… back in June or something.

Currently Reading: I just finished ‘A Thousand Splended Suns’ by Khaled Hosseni and it was wonderful, I highly recommend. Then I realised I only brought three books with me out here like an idiot. I’m trying to decide if I have the mental energy to reread Outlander again or if I’ll try reading ‘The Goldfinch’. They were the only two books in grandma’s library that I knew about. Jury’s still out.

Currently watching: nothing. Absolutely nothing. By the time we have dinner and wash up it’s 8:30pm and I just go to bed. Plus there’s no good shows on TV currently. Not that we really get TV here.

Sweet, Savoury, or Spicy: hmmm… sweet

Craving: Pink Musk Sticks. They’re in my bag at the other end of the house.

Coffee or Tea: Lipton Peach Ice Tea is the only valid tea and I do not take criticism.

Tagging; @canineandcaffeine @strayfriend @elvenferretots @thelittlespanielthatcould , if you feel like doing it!

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