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fattywattyart·17 days agoText


There’s probably a lotta these out there but I wanted to make one of my own! Hopefully these are fun<3 

Send an emoji for each question!

 🖍️ When did you start drawing? Do you remember?  

 ✏️ Do you prefer traditional art or digital to relax?   

📏 What’s your go-to canvas size?

☕ Do you do warmup sketches before drawing? (Bonus: do you have any to share?)

🙃 Which is easier: faces facing left, right, or front view?

📚 How many layers do you typically use?

🐻 Your go-to things to draw when you need comfort?

🎁 Do you prefer drawing fandom stuff or your own characters?

🌈 Do you use more warm or cold colors?

🎼 Your favorite music to draw to right now?

🙌 Draw a doodle with your non-dominant hand

📐 Whats your favorite kinds of lines to draw?

💐 Do your drawing suit your aesthetics?

🦋 Do your drawings resemble you?

✨ How often do you draw?

🌗 Is night or day better for drawing?

🍭 What’s your main art blog / what do you tag your art with?

🍀 You wish your art was more..(fill in the blank)

🌊 What’s the hardest thing for you to draw? 

🙊 Share your latest silly doodle with no context

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fattywattyart·a month agoText


I do wanna ask ya’ll cause I’m curious but what characters would you all like to see me draw at some point?

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fattywattyart·a month agoText

I do wanna ask ya’ll cause I’m curious but what characters would you all like to see me draw at some point?

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fattywattyart·a month agoText

             If anyone’s interested commissions are always open.
                    Only five dollars for a fully colored picture. 
If you’ve got any questions you can send an ask or hop into my IM’s!

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fattywattyart·2 months agoAnswer


Do you like crossovers? Do you have any that you like more? Less?

I love love love crossovers! There’s just so much fun mixing characters or worlds into a hodge-podge of goodness! One of my favorites as of this year is probably the whole Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing meme. It works surprisingly well and I absolutely love it.

I think my favorite kinds of crossovers are the more outlandish ones? Ones where you can really let out your creativity. As an example, I once had an idea for a Doom and Portal 2 crossover. Glados experimenting with advanced portal tech, opens a mini-tear into Hell and a few demons pop up. Despite the few numbers they still pose a great threat so now Chell and Glados have to work together or else they’ll both be violently torn apart! 

Crossovers in general are just good though.

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fattywattyart·2 months agoText


This is a mix bag of questions about your characters, personal writing styles, likes/dislikes, and more! 

  1. Who is your favorite character in __?
  2. Who is your favorite OC?
  3. Do you have a favorite AU?
  4. Name one thing you don’t like about your character.
  5. Name one thing you love about your character.
  6. If you have multiple characters/OCs, who is your personal favorite?
  7. Who is your favorite muse to RP with that is not yours?
  8. Any other blogs? 
  9. If there is one thing you can change regarding your character’s world, what would it be?
  10. Draw your muse?
  11. What one character you’ve thought of RPing but haven’t yet?
  12. What made you start RPing your muse?
  13. How long have you been RPing for? 
  14. Is there anything character-wise or writing style-wise that you can’t stand? 
  15. When is the best time for you to sit down and write replies?
  16. What kind of anonymous questions are your favorite?
  17. What is your weakest point in writing? Angst, fluff, dialogue, etc.?
  18. Is there one thing you will not write at all, either due to personal choice or other reasons (you do not need to specify why if you do not want to)?
  19. Do you prefer writing paragraphs or simple sentences?
  20. Has your character(s) changed over the time that you have been playing them? How have they changed? 
  21. Are you prone to go a few days without responding due to life/personal reasons/lack of inspiration?
  22. Have you ever deleted/abandoned a muse before? 
  23. What fandom do you like but have never interacted with?
  24. Do you like crossovers? Do you have any that you like more? Less?
  25. Do you like OCs? 
  26. Name one thing about your character(s) that no one knows about.
  27. Name one thing about yourself that no one knows about.
  28. If the site closes down for good at this minute, could/would you go to another platform to RP on? 
  29. If your character(s) were paint colors, what would their paint color names be? (Go silly if you want!) 
  30. Free Question! Ask any question you wish with this number!
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