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feralbeaststeeb·25 days agoText


Cant stop me from doing halloween. Also my cat wanted in.

He did get tired after a bit tho

Not Feral but hey, it IS me so that’s fair. Might do a drawing for halloween today tho!

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feralbeaststeeb·a month agoPhoto


AUtober day 22: Feral Stevens Crew

A tad different style today because I didn’t feel like lining it (and still have a comic page due tomorrow and so much of my animation I’m gonna die oof.)

Zaps was my favorite to draw, but Feral turned out the best imo.

Individuals below!

Feral, Zaps, Hypo, and Cobra belong to @feralbeaststeeb​ and @feralstevenscrew

Babiess!! Absolutelly lovely! Always as great as usual harmony!! <3

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feralbeaststeeb·a month agoText


Okay so recently I have had reports of people copying Falsification and my AU. This is disheartening because I put a lot of work and time into falsification for it to be shadowed by those who take my ideas into their content and get more recognition. I would like to make something clear however, I am not targeting anyone who makes a corrupted AU. You can have a corrupted AU, that isn’t what I see as stealing or copying..

The people I have seen have taken specific ideas within Falsification such as his key necklace and it’s mechanics, having one wing and the same origin, having similar accessories, same story line, etc. It breaks my heart seeing the stories I put into Steven in this AU being taken and made bigger by someone else. I cannot say that’s why I have gotten asks that weren’t very nice, which was why it was closed for a while, but I would like this behavior to stop… 

This is also the case of why I have been slow. It’s been harder to make Falsification lately due to knowing that my work is being made only to copy and be branched off as someone else’s work with more popularity. This also drives people from there to come attack me in my inbox. I apologize if that’s why I have been absent but will try my best for you all but can only ask for patience..If you see anything like this please let me know, thank you gemstones…

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feralbeaststeeb·2 months agoText


Important news!~

The morse code au will now be co-owned

I would like to welcome our very important person~ @definetellynotavampire or as some of you may know as the owner of feral steven aka the cutest furball you will see and codes favourite tortue child~

I am hoping you can welcome them with opens arms like i myself has already, but now with this benifit of an amazing person there will be new things

  • The messaging is now gone, im sorry to say but any convos with prior messaging are gone and the only way for us to talk is by asks, or you can ask either @capeta my main blog or @definetellynotavampire my partners main blog some questions
  • The comic is going tto be a lil different, im still working on it, so dont you worry your sweet little heads~ from now on from time to time my partner in crime will help if they are up to it! Meaning you get to see hints of their amazing art style through the comics if you look hard enough

That seems about all! Enjoy all of your day and remember~

-.. — -. - / - ..- .-. -. / .- .-. — ..- -. -..

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feralbeaststeeb·2 months agoText

I’ll be doing goretober in another of my accounts and reblogging it here when it’s feral, so please if you are sensible to any of it, I’ll make sure to put the tags #goretober #horror #feral horror if you want to block any! I wouldn’t like to make any of you uncomfy

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feralbeaststeeb·2 months agoText


I don’t want to do OCtober anymore, so I thought of a better plan. I’ll finally get around to making fanart for my favorite AUs! This isn’t official, but anyone can do it if they want.

However, I have way too many favorites for 30 days… So I need your help! I’ll include my favorite Undertale and Steven Universe AUs below the cut. Send me an ask or reply requesting one of the AUs or characters, and I’ll add them to the list! My top favorites are marked with “*”. Ask away!

I’m more likely to do UT AUs more than SU AUs, but only because I’m more in the mood for them. You can choose your own AU if it’s on the list too! You can include a prompt if you’d like, but it’s not required. I won’t be able to get to them all and may prioritize certain ones.

So sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged, I’ll remove it if you’d like! So many tags. ;^;

3 Undertale AUs left!

  1. Griffen Universe SU AU
  2. The Life of the Green Squad
  3. Littletale
  4. Yellow Diamond Steven
  5. Seraphim Sans
  6. Tiny Perfect T posing for power asdfghjkl
  7. Endertale
  8. The Steven Squad
  9. Underswap
  10. St-eve-en
  11. Timetale
  12. Mama Spinel
  13. Chutsu AU
  14. Space Vagabond
  15. Alivetale
  16. Perfect Steven
  17. Paper Crane
  18. Inverted AU
  19. Over the Void
  20. Gamer Steven
  21. Ink Sans
  22. Feral
  23. Universetale
  24. Coren
  25. WD Steven
  26. Shattered
  27. (UT)
  28. Droid Steven holding a Poppy
  29. (UT)
  30. Rose Steven (KK)
  31. (UT)

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feralbeaststeeb·2 months agoText


if you ever tag me in something and i don’t acknowledge it feel free to send me via dm, especially if it’s something that means a lot to you. because most of the time tumblr’s like, “you have 20 new notifications” but when i click on them only 5 really show up. this hellsite refuses to show me all my notifications. many replies and messages get lost, posts tagged with my tracking tag take forever to show up and they don’t even notify me of posts people literally tagged with my url. some things end up showing up after hours, others never do and it kills me to think about all the posts i missed along the way because of that.

so please, don’t hesitate to send me things you want me to see!

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