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I give free blowjobs worldwide to all guys who can name this song in a heart beat

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I washed my clothes without water. I went to a lake. My chubby kitten Lemmy helped me out with the his tiny dick and fluffy fur to dry my feet on. went to psych. Lemmy got stolen. clothes smell like fire and cigarett smoke. I put them all in a suitcase and headed for France before I lose a vital organ, my hair or anything else attached to my body. sanity is long gone. but hell- don’t we all look forward to #walphurgis night? I know I do

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Barometern. The Local newspaper in my shitty home town of sweden. When will they hire Gonzo journalists, I wonder..

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Att gå in för att leva ett helt liv med 84 år

med vetskapen och inställningen att förmodligen så kommer fyrtiotvå av åren att bli super

och fyrtioettvå av dem förmodligen kommer att bli riktigt piss

är för mig som att gå in på krogen och beställa en hel kanna öl med orden

”hälften öl och hälften piss, tack”

dricka upp och sen betala för det

går cold turkey med pisset nu

-no more piss for me, mate.

I’m going home to order ”a small glass of piss, please” at the Café de Negotians at rush hour because I lost a bet to my sister

but after that Im changing back to drinking vodka, dancing naked and having fun before I start killing people to support my piss-habit. 

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I wonder who found my favourite doc martens’s size 4 In Malmö in august

I put them by the side of the road at Nydala

there was a note from me, Fiona stuck inside

I used a page fron Kerouac’s “on the road”

that’s where I am now

on the road

enjoy, you lucky dawg who found them 

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I can feel my heart beating from inside
on the outside I don’t feel a thing
and  not only only on days when I’m really down
I look up to you

I value my life as much as I hate everything

very much

that’s so weird..

but I value me and you the most

above everything

i love the world

i love to travel

but dont forget, J

my world is also you

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fionalune-posts·a month agoText

money is not the world
but every single part of the world is

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