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I’m sure, babe
Summary: Harry’s girlfriend is a hardcore Larry
Pairing: Harry Styles x Larry!reader
Word Count: 1,015
⚠️ Warnings⚠️ : none? Larry!! so if you don’t like that, then leave
Tumblr media
“Oh, my God!” I squealed, covering my mouth like a giddy school girl, because that’s what I was at the moment.
Well, giddy, not a school girl. 
I was currently scrolling through my Instagram feed when I fell upon an account I’ve never seen before. It was a very old photo. I can tell because it was a picture of my boyfriend, Harry, when he was really young. It was him and his friend, Louis. 
I love Louis. I met him a few years ago at a bar. We became friends, and he introduced my to his friend, who is now my boyfriend. 
Speaking of my boyfriend:
“What are you giggling about in here?” Harry asked as he kicked off his shoes, just entering the small apartment. 
“Oh, nothing...” I pressed the screen of my phone to my chest so he couldn’t see what I was looking at. 
“Oh, really?” he chuckles with a smirk, making his way over to the couch I was curled up on. 
“You wouldn’t like it,” I pressed my lips into a line with a shake of my head. 
“No?” he sat down next to me on the couch, resting my hand on my thigh. “Okay,” he settled into the cushions and grabbed the T.V remote from the coffee table and brought up Netflix on the large screen on the wall.
“Okay! You dragged it out of me!” I sighed over-dramatically and flopped my upper body over onto his lap. He chuckled and hovered his arms over my body. 
I sat myself up and scooched closer to him so our outer thighs were touching. 
“Look!” I pushed the bright screen in front of his face and leaned my shoulder against his so I could also see the screen. 
I scrolled down the Instagram profile with endless photos of Harry and Louis. 
Some of the photos were real photos, some were drawing their fans made of them.
Some of them were even a little inappropriate. 
My thumb stopped moving as a video started playing. It was a short clip of young Harry turning towards young Louis. Harry got down on one knee, holding out a white rose to Louis, who covered his mouth with his hands and gasped out of shock. 
Louis then took the rose from Harry and pressed his nose into it, inhaling a deep breath. 
Then Harry stood to his feet and wrapped Louis in his arms for a big hug.
As the two young boys stood in a tight embrace I paused the clip and squealed at the cuteness.
I pulled the phone away from Harry’s face and brought my knees to my chest. I rested my phone on my bent knees, right in front of my face, continuing to scroll through the feed.
“Babe, what?” Harry spoke after a few silent seconds. 
I looked up to see him giving me an “is this bitch serious” face.
“What? Look at how cute this is!” I shoved the phone back in his face to show him a drawing someone had made of the two of the young boys cuddled up on a couch. 
“I- what are you- why is that- I’m so confused,” Harry stuttered out, grabbing my wrist and bringing the phone away from his face. 
“Why?” I asked, blinking seriously at him. 
I don’t see anything wrong with this situation.
“Babe, that’s me,” he pointed to the phone then to himself.
“Yea,” I replied shortly, bringing the phone back to my face to continue scrolling. 
“I’m your boyfriend,” he leaned forward to look at my face. He reached his hand to rest on my chin to bring my head up to look at him.
“I know,” I spoke as I nodded my head. 
“So why are you looking at pictures of me and our friend like that-”
“It’s just sad, you know?” I cut him off, looking back to the phone screen. 
“What is?” he asked, with a hint of amusement in his voice.
“I mean, you guys seem so prefect for each other. It’s sad that your management, like, dragged you apart,” I spoke, with my shoulders slouching a bit in sadness.
“Uhm...I don’t- I’m not sure what you mean,” he spoke, quietly.
“You and Louis. You are so cute together. I mean, look at these old videos and picture of you two. You seem to happy together, but as the years go by you’re being ribbed apart by your management. I mean, I can’t even imagine how awful it would be to be ripped away from the one you loved while they’re so close,” I spoke sadly, continuing to look at the pictures online. 
“No, babe, that’s not true,” his voice held a playful tone as he grabbed my phone out of my hand and pressed the power button to make the screen go black. 
“It’s okay if it is. I understand,” I patted his shoulder with a curt nod.
“It’s not. Louis and I never dated. Baby, I’m straight. I’m literally dating you,” Harry stated, with humor in his voice. He was entertained by this. 
“Are you sure...?” I asked, quieting my voice a bit, just incase there was someone listening in. 
“I’m sure, babe,” he nodded with a smile and pushed a piece of hair behind my ear.
“Like, how sure we talkin’? Like pretty sure, kinda sure, almost sure?” I spoke as he smiled and moved closer to me.
He brought his face down to hovered his mouth right by my ear and gripped my hips with his big hands.
“Do I need to remind you who I come home to every night? Who I wake up to every morning?” his breath was hot against my neck as he spoke deeply. With on quick motion, he lifted me and swung my legs from underneath me and laid me flat on my back. Crawling between my legs he pressed a warm kiss right beneath my jaw close to my ear. “Who I fuck senseless every chance I get?” 
I swallowed thickly, placing my hands against his muscular chest.
“Just checking,”
Wow, that got steamy there at the end. I just thought this would be cute and funny. AnYwAy... bye
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Plz this and only this
“Are you almost ready?! We’re gonna be late and you know how important this dinner is to your mother!” I yell from the entryway.
“Hold your horses, we have plenty of time,” I heard him grumble as he walks through my small apartment.
“We were supposed to leave,” I paused to check my watch, “half an hour ago, babe,” I whine as I let out a sigh.
“Calm down, we’ll be fine,” he continues to rush around, trying to calm me down at the same time.
“If you’re not ready in the next three minutes, I’m leaving without you,” I cross my arms, and tap my foot.
“Okay, okay. I’m ready,” I unfold my arms and grab my keys from the hook by the door. “How do I look?” He pulls a fancy pose, hopping in front of the small entryway where he was hidden from view.
Tumblr media
“Spectacular, let’s go,” I reach for his hand to pull him towards the door, but he pulls his wrist out of my grasp causing me to spin back towards him.
“Nuh-uh, not till you kiss me,” he raises an eyebrow with a smirk pulling at his features and resting his closed fists against his hips.
“Alright, I’m leaving without you,” I begin turning to head out the door, knowing he’d follow anyway, until my grasps my hips, turns me around, and presses me against the closed door with a larger smirk than before.
“Kiss me,”
“Please,” he gives me the pouty lips and puppy dog eyes that I always seem to fall for.
“Fine, but then we can go?” I check to make sure this isn’t a trick to get me to stay home with him.
“Then we can go,” he reassures, but I’m still not so sure.
“Promise?” I rest my hands on his wrists where his hands are holding my hips against the door.
“Scout’s honor,” he nods and moves his face closer to my own.
“Harry, you were kicked out of the scouts after you almost burned down a whole cabin at a camp retreat,” I reminded him, which made his smirk drop into an annoyed eye roll.
“Just kiss me, idiot,” he moves in to rest his forehead against my own, waiting for me to initiate contact.
“Whatever you say, loser,” and with that I closed my eyes along with the small distance between our lips.
I moved my hands up to rest around his shoulders, and pushed off the door, moving further into hall just a few steps.
He went to grope my bottom, but I pulled away and turned around opening the door, pulling him out of the apartment.
He gasps, but doesn’t pull back.
“You snake,” he lightly tapped my bottom after he pulled the front door closed.
“Yeah yeah,” I walked over to the car and hopped into the driver’s seat beginning our journey.
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I don’t know how Tumblr works
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Matthew Gray Gubler with a manbun/french braids... that’s it, that’s the post
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Much thought went into this, I very much appreciate the effort.
How do you think the Hargreeves would do in the Hunger Games??
I think they’d be too busy arguing with each other and everyone but Five would get killed.
Just kidding!
If we’re saying this is a scenario where the siblings don’t know each other, I think they’d do okay at first. Vanya has tons of raw power and would be able to protect herself but would probably try to hide as quickly as possible and not seek anyone out. I think Ben would probably do the same, and they’d meet in a Rue-Katniss scenario. Five is a trained assassin with a lot of mobility, so I think he’d strategically seek out and kill other participants on his own. Klaus would be able to conjure teammates to protect him, but he doesn’t seem to like to fight or use his powers, so I think he’d try to hide but fail and join up with some other participants. Allison would be able to get a bunch of teammates to protect her and could basically get out of anything using her rumor power, so she’d probably seek others out and make them kill each other along with her group of cronies. Diego would want to strike out alone and fend for himself, and his power is great for stealth takedowns. Luther would try to lead a small team and keep them loyal in order to have better chances.
I think they’d all be able to survive for a while and take people out, but eventually, it would come down to pure wilderness survival skills. All of the Hargreeves kids except Vanya have probably had survival training, and Five would be the best at it because of his time in the apocalypse. So, unless Ben was able to protect Vanya in the aforementioned Rue-Katniss scenario, Vanya’s probably out. Luther would be next, with his teammates betraying him. Diego would be able to take a good amount of people out, but would eventually get caught by a group of people and not be able to take them all out. After Vanya dies, Ben would be alone and would be able to take out big groups with his tentacles, but if surprised, could be picked off. Klaus would be protected for a while, but once enough of his group died, he could be taken by surprise in his sleep and picked off. Others would probably catch wind of Allison and try to take her out to sow chaos, but would just get rumored to kill each other. Same with Five, but they’d be killed, and if Five ever failed, he’d just turn back time a few seconds.
So, it’s down to Allison and Five. Because Five is extremely paranoid and hypervigilant, I don’t think he could be surprised in his sleep. I doubt the same could be said of Allison. She’d try to stay awake as long as possible and sleep in high/hidden places, but the people running the game would inevitably draw the two together. Eventually, Five would be able to catch her unawares and do a quick, efficient assassination.
So Five would win. And I just wrote you an essay.
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Summary: Five comes home after a stressful day and reader decides to relieve him of some of that stress
Pairing: Five Hargreeves x reader (Both Five and reader are aged up to 18 years old, don’t come for me)
Word Count: 1,734
⚠️ Warnings⚠️ : S M U T, daddy kink, lap sex, desk sex, distracted sex, unprotected sex (Wrap it before you tap it!) 
Tumblr media
It had been a long and boring day, seeing as your boyfriend, and your sole form of entertainment, Five,  had been gone all day on some “super secret high-risk mission”. You begged him to let you go with him, but you ended up laying on his small bed with your phone in your hand all day. You did, however, decide to get dressed up for yourself. You had put on a flowy, floral dress with combat boots and a denim jacket. 
Once Five finally walked in through his bedroom door, he closed it behind him roughly. You raised your eyebrows as he went straight to his old desk chair, and began scribbling nonsense onto a piece of paper. 
A few minutes of silence went by and you noticed how frustrated he seemed to be getting. Just then, a plan popped into your head. You deliberated for a moment before deciding you were going to carry out your devious plan.
You stood up slowly and stood next to Five, not saying a word. He looked up at you with questioning eyes.
“Can I help you?” he asks shortly, searching your face. 
You make a slightly pouty face before you ask, “Can I sit with you?”. He nods wordlessly, scooting his chair out a bit more so you could toss one of your legs over his lap. You press your chest to his and rest one of your hands around his waist and the other on his shoulder, holding your phone up so you could continue your mindless scrolling. 
After a few minutes of silence, you toss your phone to land back into the twin-sized bed. Once the phone was safely face down on the bed, you moved your other hand down to rest around the other side of Five’s waist. 
You begin to leave soft kisses on his shoulder, moving towards his neck and jaw. He ignores what you’re doing, but when you start kissing right below his ear, where his neck meets his jaw, he quietly asks, “What are you doing?”. 
“I don’t know what you mean,” you tell him with a small smirk playing at your lips. He goes back to his work, so you just continue kissing his neck, leaving small purple marks here and there. You suck on a small patch of his skin, earning a sigh from the boy.
“Babe, I’m trying to focus,” he tells you, softly pushing your face away from his neck. 
“I’m not doing anything,” you tell him, again, with a smirk. Again, he just goes back to his work. 
You slide your hands up his chest, starting to loosen up his necktie. You take it off of him and slide it over your own head, letting is hang loosely there, causing Five to let out a breath of laughter. He knows what you’re doing, and you know he knows. 
Still, you begin to slowly unbutton his white dress shirt, and slide your hands up and down his toned chest and stomach. With the newly exposed skin, you begin leaving kisses on his collar bones and his throat. 
You being to slowly, and softly, grind your hips against his. He shuts his eyes for a moment, feeling his cock begin to throb. He tries to ignore his growing boner, and goes back to his work. You run your hands down his chest and begin to rub him through his shorts. He lets out a breathy sigh, and you smile in content. 
He tries, desperately, so focus on the important numbers and equations on the paper in front of him, but you don’t make it easy for him, as you lean back in order to undo his belt buckle. Once you manage to get the belt undone, you lean back into his chest and continue your kisses on his warm skin. You undo the button and zipper on his uniform shorts, pushing them away as much as possible. 
After you pushed the fabric out of the way, you wrap your hand around his, now, fully hard cock and begin to slowly stroke him. He groans at the release of all the pressure from his tight shorts, and the feeling of himself in your hands. You remove your hand from his cock long enough to lick your palm and going back to running your hand along him. He groans again, at the feeling and lets out a strangled moan. You smirk at his reaction, and continue to go agonisingly slow. 
You push your skirt up, so the fabric is now bunched up at your hips, and you slowly move your clothed heat against Five’s cock. You close your eyes and lean further into Five’s ear to let out a breathy moan into his ear. He shuts his eyes and takes in a sharp breath, not only at the feeling, but at the sounds you’re making. 
You move the cotton fabric away from your entrance and use the tip of his cock to spread around the wetness that had gathered in your panties. Five shuts his eyes and clenches his jaw for a moment. Slowly, you sink down onto his cock, leaning your head back, closing your eyes, and letting out a loud moan. Five swallows quickly, and, begrudgingly, goes back to his work. 
After a few seconds of stillness, you lift yourself almost completely off of him, and sink back down fully. You wrap your arms around Five’s shoulders, one hand with your fingers locked in his hair, and the other gripping onto his shoulder, as you try to contain your moaning. 
Continuing to move up and down on Five’s cock, you pull harder on his hair, and grip his shoulder harder with your nails digging slightly into his skin, but not enough to cause him any pain. 
Switching things up a bit, you begin to grind your hips forward and backwards against him, letting his cock hit the deepest part of you. You bite your lip and squeeze your eyes shut as you feel yourself getting closer to your high. 
Five, still clenching his jaw and trying to focus, grabs your hip with the hand that’s not holding his pencil, and dug his fingertips into your exposed skin. He continues to work on the equations, with much difficulty working out the number in his head. 
As you feel the knot building up in your stomach, your remove your hand from Five’s hair and bring it down to your core. You begin to rub quick figure eights on your clit as your forehead rests on Five’s shoulder. The only sounds leaving your mouth are strangled moans and breathy sighs. Your mouth hangs open and your breathing comes to a halt as you feel yourself right on the edge of your high. 
“Fuck, Daddy!” you yelled, much louder than you would have liked, as you tilted your head back. You continued moving your hips and your hand on your core as your high came crashing over you. Your heart was pounding, and you were trying to catch your breath when you heard Five speak.
“Fuck it,” was what he said. He pushed his paper and pencil away from in front of him and gripped your hips, lifting you off of him. You barely had time to react as it all happened so quickly. He set you on top of his desk with your back flat against the surface. 
He grabbed your hips and began quickly and roughly pounding into your sensitive core. You gripped the edge of the desk as the feeling of his cock hitting your g-spot with every thrust he made, along with the sensitivity of just having an orgasm began to be too much to handle. 
Your toes began to curl and your eyes began to water. You started to feel the all too familiar bubbling in your stomach as another orgasm built. 
Five relentlessly thrusted into you, as groans and strings of curses fell from his mouth. One of your hands let go of the wooden desk and moved to grip Five’s wrist. You removed his hand from gripping your hip and moved it closer to your core. He had a confused look on his face for a moment, but soon understood what you were silently asking. 
He used his thumb and applied a small amount of pressure to your clit, causing you to inhale sharply. He smirked at your reaction, and did it again, this time applying more pressure and moving it in slow circles. Your brows furrowed, eyes closed, and your mouth hung open at the pleasure you were feeling. Five could’ve came just at the sight of your face alone, but not yet. 
“Call me Daddy again,” he told you, as his eyes closed and head leaned back. Your hand searched for something grip as the pleasure was very overwhelming. As you searched for something to grip, your hand landed on the edge of the desk behind your head. You squeezed your eyes shut, once again.
“Fuck, Daddy, don’t stop!” you yelled out, not caring who could’ve heard you. “Harder!” you added once you felt your pussy start to clench around Five’s cock. 
This, of course, made five grip your hip harder and slam his hips against yours as he felt his high coming as well. With his thumb rubbing circles on your clit, you screamed a string of curses as you came all over Five’s cock. 
Five didn’t slow down, however. His thrusts got sloppy, along with his breaths. His hips slammed against yours once more and his whole body froze. He leaned over and groaned into your ear. With a few final thrusts you felt his warm cum fill you up. You moved your hand to rest on his hip, keeping him inside of you for a few more seconds, before he pulled out. Your hand went down to your core, running your finger along your slit and around your clit, still coming down from your high. 
You propped yourself up onto your elbows with a final sigh and looked around to see Five, already back to working on his equations next to you, but this time with a dopey grin on his face. 
“I knew you needed a distraction,” you spoke, sliding off the desk, landing on your wobbly legs. You leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Daddy,” before wandering off into the bathroom for a hot shower. 
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The Umbrella Academy
- The Kid Wants Coffee. Black. (Five Hargreeves)
- Distraction (Five Hargreeves x reader) ((Smut)) Five comes home after a stressful day and reader decides to relieve him of some of that stress
Tumblr media
Outer Banks
- You guys, I’m gay (Kie imagine)
Tumblr media
One Direction
- I’m sure, babe (Harry Styles x Larry!reader) Harry’s girlfriend is a hardcore Larry
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“The kid wants coffee. Black.”
You and Five walked into Griddy’s Doughnuts and sat next to each other at the bar. You stared at your phone while Five rang the small bell that sat atop the counter. After a few seconds, you heard footsteps coming from somewhere in the large, open room. You looked up from your phone and smiled when you noticed the woman wearing that God awful pink uniform. 
“What can I get you two?” she asked, holding the tip of her pencil ready against her small note pad. 
“I’m gonna have a glass of orange juice please,” you said with a large smile. The woman nodded jotting your order onto her note pad.
“And for you?” she asked, gesturing to your boyfriend with a smile. He gave her a stiff smile.
“The biggest cup of coffee you’ve got.” he replied shortly. You looked over at him as he ordered his coffee. It’s like he could inject it into his veins and it still wouldn’t be enough. The woman nodded and jotted that down as well.
“Any cream or sugar in that, hun?” she asked wearily. He snapped his head up to looked at her with an incredulous look splayed across his face, his brows furrowed.
“What? No! Are you crazy?” he asked, raising his voice slightly. You rested your hand on his bicep and gave him a warning look.
“Sorry, no thank you,” he corrected himself, realizing what he had said was quite rude. 
“Oh, okay. I’ll be right back with that,” the lady turned with a nervous and confused look etched onto her face. She rushed over to the coffee pot and poured a quite large mug full to the brim with hot coffee. 
She placed that, along with your orange juice onto the counter. Five nodded with a slight smile, and you made sure to thank her for the drinks. 
You slapped a ten dollar bill onto the counter and dragged Five by his blazer collar to a small table in the corner. 
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“You guys... I’m gay,”
Ok, hear me out...
“Guys, I have something really important I want to tell you,” Kie said, walking into the chateau.
“Sure, you can tell us anything,” JJ said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.
“Yeah, this is a safe space,” Pope joined, rubbing her knee. Everyone gave her looks of reassurance and slight confusion.
“I’ve been thinking about this for a really long time,” she started, looking down at her hands, suddenly becoming really interested in her chipping manicure. “and I don’t want this to change anything, because nothing has changed.” She spoke, glancing around at all of her friends.
“I don’t really know how to say this...” she trailed off with a sign.
“It’s okay, take your time,” JJ spoke softly, rubbing her back.
“You guys... I’m gay,” she spoke bluntly, closing her eyes. After a few moments of silence from her friends, she opened her eyes and scanned her friends reactions. John B has a proud smile in his face, Pope looked confused, but also like something had just clicked in his mind, and JJ had a dumb smirk on his face.
“I’m so proud of you Kie,” John B told her as he ruffled her hair. She smiled and looked at her lap. All of her friends gave her words of engagement and support.
“I’m so glad I finally told you that,” she spoke with relief and happiness in her words.
“I’m really glad you felt comfortable enough to tell us,” Pope nodded and gave Kie a friendly punch on the arm.
“Alright, who’s up for some food at the Wreck?” JJ asked, standing up. He held his hand out to help Kie up. Once she stood in front of him, he pulled her into a tight hug.
“I love you, Kie. I’m really happy for you,” he spoke into her ear as he gripped her tighter. She just smiled into JJ’s chest and pushed him away with a grin.
“Let’s get some food boys!” Kie shouted marching towards the door. The three followed her like their lives depended on it.
“Have you told your parents yet?” John B asked, linking arms with Kie.
“No, I wanted you guys to be there with me when I did,” she replied with a nod.
“I called it,” JJ whisper yelled towards Pope as he draped his arm over Popes shoulders.
“Man!” Pope exclaimed pulling his wallet out of his back pocket. Once he pulled his wallet out, he handed 5 dollars to JJ, which he immediately shoved into his back pocket.
“Oh, and, I have someone for you guys to meet,” Kie turned to look at all of her friends with a dopey grin spreading across her face. All of the boys responded with various “oooo”s and “ahhhhhh”s. Kie just smiled at the thought of her friends being so supportive.
Once the Pogues arrived at the Wreck, Kie led the hyperactive boys toward a table with a girl already sitting there with her back towards them.
Kie tapped the girl on the shoulder and the girl turned around. She was confused for a second, but became very excited when she saw who has approached her. She had long dark wavy hair, and beautiful tanned skin, similar to Kie’s. She had a wide smile and kind brown eyes.
“Ally, this is Pope, John B, and JJ,” Kie introduced the girl to all of her friends, pointing at them as she called out their names, “and Pogues, this is Ally, my girlfriend,”
Tumblr media
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