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flamingdisaster·2 months agoText


The Cryptage story so far:

When we first encounter this beautiful bromance, Mirage is talking about the recent events of the tower collapsing and the new planet. He admits that they needed a change of scenery, adding once he finds out who’s responsible for the tower, he’d buy them a drink.

Gibraltar asks why he doesn’t question the new guy, seeing as he’s an excellent hacker— knows everything about everyone.


Mirage is quick to smile, making his way across the drop-ship he introduces himself to Crypto, calling him the second smartest guy in the Outlands— besides himself.


Despite Mirage’s best attempt at befriending the hacker, he pushes boundaries by placing his hand on Crypto’s shoulder, asking if he’s hiding something.


It’s revealed later on in a letter to Mystik that Crypto had thought Mirage knew he was the one that took down the tower, and was onto him. This act causes Crypto to pin him in an arm-lock in self-defense.

The other legends ceased whatever they were doing and gathered around the two thanks to the commotion they were causing, it was only until Gibraltar had laughed it off that the tension had dropped.


Crypto releases Mirage, shooting him a subtle grin, though Mirage is less than impressed.

As the countdown until drop starts, they all get assigned into their respective teams.

You could say they haven’t started off on the best of terms, so seeing as he’s paired with Crypto, he lets out a discouraged, “Seriously?”

Talk about luck, right?

As they descend from the lowering ramp, Mirage mocks Crypto by saying, “Hope you know how to count, kid.”

Which causes Crypto to jab back with, “Try and keep up, old man.”

It’s an endearing moment when you think about their one year age difference, and the fact that Mirage is the younger one. But Mirage calls everyone kid, so hearing someone reply by calling him an old man is a first for him.

So naturally Mirage is surprised and taken back, he’s about to give Crypto what appears to be the start of a dad-lecture but luckily Lifeline makes sure there isn’t too much squabbling between the two before the match even starts.

Crypto takes on the challenge of stacking up the kill count, and the two get off to a competitive start.

As they get cornered inside of a building though, Mirage is shown downed and Lifeline is trying to help him back up. Crypto however is hiding behind a shelf in drone mode, seeing the damage being done to his squad.

Mirage states Crypto had better not mess up his stats or his hair, doubting Crypto’s skill that he could take on a squad by himself.

However once Crypto has seen what he needed to, he leaves drone view and goes full beast mode with his wingman, his drone EMPing the remaining squad member.


Lifeline is impressed while Mirage is staring at him in complete utter shock and disbelief upon seeing what he had just witnessed. Crypto takes this opportunity to add to their scoreboard, “That’s seven.”

Cut to Mirage stealthily landing onto the train, he lines up his shot on Wraith and Pathfinder.

He smugly declares, “And here comes ten and eleven.”

As he goes in for the double kill however, Crypto being not too far behind swoops in and steals the kills effortlessly. Mirage gets irritated, complaining that those kills were his. Crypto then aims his charge rifle at Mirage, giving him a wink.

“Woah, woah, woah, kid, it’s me! It’s the old man.”


Mirage is alarmed and freaks out, frantically trying to convince Crypto not to shoot him.

Nonetheless Crypto fires his shot, hitting Caustic that was sneaking up behind Mirage.

Mirage looks behind him, seeing Caustic defeated. He turns back towards Crypto with yet another astonishing look.

They are instantly interrupted by Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, Crypto quickly runs towards Mirage, but Mirage is making no effort to move as he’s still recovering from what just happened, but relieved he tells Crypto- “I thought you were gonna kill me.”


It’s only until Crypto reaches for his shoulder, turning him away from the incoming explosion, in which he bluntly says- “Don’t be an idiot.”

The explosion from the train causes the two to be launched from it, they stare at each other on the way down and Mirage takes the opportunity to declare, “I’m not an idiot!” before landing onto the snow below them.

Can we appreciate the fact that Crypto could have jumped off by himself, and saved his own skin. But Instead he ran across in order to save Mirage too. Mirage almost died in that explosion, if it weren’t for Crypto going out of his way to push Mirage off the train, he probably would have.

There were instances in this match in which Mirage probably shouldn’t have survived, but Crypto was there to save him. The time in the building, to the train explosion. Crypto even proving he wouldn’t turn on Mirage when the Caustic situation happened.

He could have let Caustic kill Mirage, and not have said a word.

But he chose to protect him instead.

Crypto can say Mirage knows nothing, is an idiot, and talks too much all he wants. But at the end of the day he wouldn’t do something to put Mirage in harm’s way while being on the same team. Even though Mirage did nothing but tease him, doubt his skills, and got upset that he stole his kills- Crypto still looked out for him, never once turned his gun on him or threaten him in any manner.

So now let’s talk about the simple cute lil details on some Mirage/Crypto—

  • Family means everything to both of them. But they’ve suffered loss. Tae Joon had lost his sister, and Elliott lost his brothers. But they both share a close bond with their mothers, keeping in contact whenever they can.
  • It’s been revealed that Mirage is Mystik’s favorite legend. How ironic, right? Elliott is someone that Tae could take home to his mom and she’d 100% approve.
  • Even before Crypto was officially added into the game, it didn’t stop him from already hacking his way into the hearts of many by…. Hacking Mirage’s face, covering it with his logo.
  • Crypto and Mirage have been seen being on the same team on multiple occasions, hinting at the possibility of a developing friendship if anything.
  • Mirage and Crypto have the ‘opposites attract’ relationship dynamic. Crypto is a rather serious and reserved individual, while Mirage is the carefree loving trickster, not taking anything too seriously.
  • Although complete opposites, they share a hobby such as working with tech, well sorta. Mirage isn’t really tech savvy, in fact he had no clue what R.E.C meant. But he knows a hell of a lot about Holo tech. Seems like they can both teach each other thing or two.
  • Recently the two voice actors for the pair have been on each other’s social media platforms in character, Johnny Young has even posted a picture wearing a Mirage sweater, and has added some quality Cryptage on his insta story a few times. It leaves fans wondering what’s going on with Crypto and Mirage behind the scenes.

Whether you ship the two or not, you can’t deny the developing bond Respawn has been cooking up for them, slowly but surely. The coincidences between these two at this point is unreal, I honestly believe they have something in the works for them.

A bromance or romance, either or, I just want them to be happy. Both of them are lonely boys that needs friends, what better way to start than each other.

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flamingdisaster·3 months agoText


oikawa falls in love like a tsunami’s last breath. the first time he realises he loves you, he thinks the earth beneath his feet has fractured. terrified, he recedes from your life, pulls back from your outstretched hands, withdraws from your longing gaze, hoping that his feelings will, too. instead, they surge forward with a roar, swell to monstrous heights, foaming viciously at the crest. and soon, the colossal wave collapses against the shore, unable to fight any longer. when his words finally flood out, that roar of the tsunami arrives in the end as a whisper–– “i love you.” and everything is washed anew.

iwaizumi falls in love like a tree branch under snow. his feelings accumulate crystal by crystal: a touch here, a smile there, a picture at 2 am followed by “i saw this and thought of you” and a reply of “go to sleep, idiot” seconds later. you worm your way into his heart so slowly he doesn’t notice it at first, doesn’t notice the thick layer of snow on the caving wooden limb, doesn’t notice that one more fleeting brush against his fingers will tip the scale–– until the branch finally snaps. and when he opens his eyes to a world bedazzled by snow, the only face he can see is yours.

kuroo falls in love like honey on pancakes. with him, there’s no sudden realisation, no flashbulb moment of his adoration, because he’s been happily fixed in a golden state of mind ever since the day you met. every day, his name sounds sweeter out your mouth. every day, he wakes up with sugar on his lips. it’s slow, how his love for you grows, but it’s steady. and now, as you kiss every knuckle on his hand to pull him back down to earth, he can only let out a soft, amused exhale through his nose. his half-lidded gaze focuses on your decadent features. “i’m here,” he purrs. 

kenma falls in love like eyelids after dark. very rarely do the gears in his head stop spinning; he’s lived his entire life on alert, taking in and apart details to survive. but with you… there’s no need to take in and apart the way your lips feel against his, the scent of your hair in his nose, your shallow breath against his neck. it all feels so safe. with you, he’s home–– he can finally rest. so even when light drains out from the sky, even when the world is at its worst, at the feeling of your body curling up to his, the gears in his head grind to a halt. and he lets his heart beat instead.

bokuto falls in love like a fledgeling from its nest. he knows it’s reckless––  ridiculously reckless–– to have so much faith in wings not yet fully formed, but there’s something about you that makes him want to soar. maybe it’s that you remind him of a cloudless blue sky or a valley that stretches from both ends of the earth or an ocean that glitters beneath the sun. maybe it’s that your name is a call to adventure. and at that moment, he realises that birds don’t fly when they’re ready–– they fly when they’re called to. so he steps to the edge, spreads his arms out, and leaps, your name a prayer on his lips.

akaashi falls in love like silence between friends. it comes over him naturally, instinctively, right as he thinks that he could do nothing next to you forever and still be satisfied. the feeling wraps his shoulders like a blanket and, with a twitch of his lips, he pulls it closer around himself. his eyes dart over to your figure, wondering if you know–– if you’d known this whole time. and then when you catch his gaze, when you ask “like what you see?” with a smirk on your face, he feels the fabric stretch around his shoulders as if to fit a second body. his reply comes to him like second nature, like instinct. “no, i love it.”

atsumu falls in love like skydiving from a plane. he’s meticulous, guarded, the most untrusting of fate. so he fights to gain the upper hand: he picks his parachute, his pilot, the day with the best weather–– everything is in his control. and when you come in full view, he finally thinks the dropzone is perfect. only then does he throw all caution to the wind, diving head first, eyes closed all the way down. an awesome wave of euphoria washes over him, lasting even when he realises he’s landed right in your arms, hair mussed, cheeks flushed, pupils wild with excitement. he wants to freefall into you again. so he does.

osamu falls in love like night over the city. it’s as inevitable as the cycle of the sun and moon and when it happens, he’s still the same–– yet everything is different. beside you, he feels the air change and all else fade into the background. beside you, the hum of the world turns into a steady beat, a pulse awfully similar to the one in his chest. and he flickers to life, a mosaic of light, when you touch him. he doesn’t usually look like this, you think as you draw circles on the back of his hand, trying to pinpoint what about him has changed. smiling softly, he knows that you’ll figure it out soon. or… he could say it now.

kita falls in love like a seed into the ground. he doesn’t feel it when it’s sowed, nor when it takes root beneath the soil, but he sure feels when it sprouts. its stem crawls around his legs and up his trunk, keeping him safely fixed to earth. it grows with every “good morning” and “i’ll save you a seat”, it grows when you prance over with a joke on your lips and two coffees in your hands. it grows when he sees you with your eyes closed, head tilted towards the sky like a sunflower, and realises that you are all he’s ever wanted. your head turns. your eyes meet. and as spring does with the cherry trees, he blooms.

ushijima falls in love like a comet past the sun. as he hurtles by, your radiance melts his icy exterior into the glimmering cloud in his wake. every inch of his body is on fire. he feels the power in the pull of your orbit. feels you could utterly ruin him. feels he’d be okay with it, too. but you don’t. instead, he thinks himself made of anti-gravity as you trace constellations into his skin. he sees stars collide when you kiss. and when he remembers how a comet can spend thousands of years without passing the sun in its orbit, he looks at you asleep in his arms and holds you just a little tighter to his chest.

tendou falls in love like confetti on new year’s eve. this moment has spent all year in the making. ten, from the day you pummelled into his life. nine, the time that slowed when he saw you smile. eight, when you changed each other’s names in your phones. seven, that time he dragged you out to a party. six, how you retaliated by taking him to a play. five, your shoulders touch during said play. four, his fingers wrap around yours during the finale. three, you hold hands all the way home. two, he walks you to the door. one, you stop. zero, he leans in. and the world explodes in full colour.

kageyama falls in love like a fawn upright for the first time. it’s all new–– the butterflies in his stomach, the sluggishness of his tongue in his mouth, the short-circuiting of his brain when you’re around. he stumbles and trips and topples over navigating through the tingling in his body. “are you okay?” you ask, peering into his eyes. his cheeks burn as he nods, unable to form words. he thinks he’ll be fine, though, until you place a hand on his shoulder. the touch sends another flood of electricity through his nerves. “you sure? you look like you’re about to hurl.” and he resolves that he will do something about this.

tsukishima falls in love like a chest in resignation. he didn’t believe in softer emotions–– or at least, that’s what he told himself. and he held out for so long. but then you came along with your dumb sparkly eyes and your stupid smart mouth and infuriatingly sweet smile. even with the argument still fresh on his mind, he still adores you to death. especially right now, as he struggles to breathe knowing that he might lose you. fine, he thinks, no more running. he picks up his phone and sends the message that’s been sitting in his notes. and finally, he lets out a sigh. you win. he’s never been happier to lose.

sakusa falls in love like the last leaf before winter. just as a tree holds onto its foliage for dear life, he is stubborn in refusing to fall. still, even he is powerless against nature. as autumn goes, winter arrives in your form. he thinks you are the strangest cold–– the kind that soothes instead of stings, the kind that kindles fires and bakes chocolate chip cookies, the kind that turns his cheeks red without a touch but with a smile. but he likes it. so when winter knocks at his door and asks if he’s “ready to go?” he, the last leaf on the tree, finally flutters down to the ground.

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flamingdisaster·a year agoText


Looks like a cinnamon roll, and actually a roll

Looks like a cinnamon roll, but can hit you

Looks like a cinnamon roll, but WILL KILL YOU AND ROB YOU RIGHT NOW

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flamingdisaster·a year agoAnswer

Where is mirage’s facial hair??

He shaved xD

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