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flowerais · 6 days ago
wandering around in a quiet neon city at 3am
chaotic academia, dark academia, and plain chaotic
being a main character in new york city private school, 2008
existential crisis. listlessness. dark hole of loneliness
small american town, driving around in an old car at dusk, watching the lights in the houses. the world is ending
soft & dreamy songs to listen to in the evening before falling into dreams
lying on a picnic blanket, daydreaming about adventures & road trips
yearning and waltzing with your lover in a castle
escapes for when you feel anxious
exploring a flowery town with cute villagers
drinking a milkshake in an empty diner at 3am
real life that feels dreamlike
cute sunflower field dates
in love with the universe
softest love songs
living inside an 80s tv show
drinking tea on a cozy raining morning
you’re an angsty teen in a coming-of-age film
summer road trip in the west coast
vacation in san francisco
living in an old French film
stargazing and contemplating the meaning of life
late night drives in a 90’s movie
watching a beautiful sunset over the beach with someone you love
feeling dazed and drifting off under dreamlike sunlight
going to the beach in a camper van in 1960′s california
collecting whimsical music-boxes and taking pictures of clouds in paris
falling asleep on the moon
city lights at midnight
half dreaming,half awake in faded 60s sunlight
remembering someone else’s memories like they’re your own
being the guardian of a snowy forest who befriends wolves and takes care of baby fawns
being in a vintage fairytale
wandering the avenues of vintage New York City
living in a cinematic landscape and watching over a magnificent scenery
exploring an art museum
eating fruit in a small italian seaside town
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flowerais · 8 days ago
“I TOOK CARE OF MYSELF and it wasn’t beautiful. I took care of myself and looked at the overdue bills in the face, even though it hurt. I took care of myself and cried ugly through the therapy session; made another appointment for next week. I put in the work and wrote all the bad memories in detail. I apologized to all the friends I didn’t have the energy to talk to. I finally cut off all my dead ends and bought produce; slimly avoided sustaining myself on barbecue chips and poetry. I recycled. I set an alarm for 8 hours of sleep and did not sleep more or less. I took care of myself and it wasn’t bubble baths. It wasn’t lotion at Bath and Bodyworks and three-cheese pizza. It was uncomfortable. It wasn’t beautiful, but I am, and it didn’t have to be beautiful to be worth it.”
— Schuyler Peck, The Greatest Act of Self-Love Isn’t Always Pretty
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flowerais · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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flowerais · 8 days ago
A few things about: Loneliness
i. being lonely isn’t bad. we’re hardwired to want touch and emotional connection. being lonely is human.
ii. everyone is lonely. the girl on the bus. the guy who’s posting his amazing life on instagram. the celebrity, the friend, the parent, the popular, the shy, the cat, everybody. yet few people would admit it or even say the word. no one is too good for loneliness.
iii. loneliness isn’t something bad. avoiding it is like avoiding sadness or anger; it will manifest into addiction, desperate attempts at crumbs of connection. feel loneliness in its purest form. maybe it’s an ache, a thirst in your throat. sit with it. mother it.
iv: when you’re lonely and truly have no one, everything will be warmth. everything will be a friend. from the houseplant you’re nurturing, to the chamomile tea in your body, your bed, the guitar in your arms. this too is a full life. a good one. a precious one.
v: your needs are important, and if you can’t reach out to a physical being, reach out into an outlet: music, writing, art, nature. make your mugs and pillows your friend. make your books your friend. if it comforts you, have it in your life as much as possible.
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flowerais · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
♡ baby moo ♡
my etsy ♡ my redbubble
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flowerais · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The beauty of cottage life
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flowerais · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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flowerais · 9 days ago
“fuck you my child is completely fine”
your child wants to run into the woods and find and abandoned mossy castle with a marvelous library and cats crawling around the corners where they can live there life without society’s influence
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flowerais · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beatrix potter quilt ♡
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flowerais · 9 days ago
imagine everything in life blossoming for you, suddenly and all at once
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flowerais · 9 days ago
ways to love yourself
peel and cut fruits for yourself
express strong emotions into paper or paint
take yourself on walks to feel calmer
do rewarding things that make you feel strong and confident
go to the beach or forest, wherever you feel most connected to
love others fully and don’t be afraid of vulnerability - you’re full of love and kindness. people who matter would not take that for granted
believe in yourself - if someone else can do it, so can you
praise yourself for trying your best and making progress - even if it’s slower than you want it to be, you’re on the right path
drink enough water, it’s important but only takes a few seconds
pour your heart and soul into what intrigues you, not what everyone else does
surround yourself with soft scents, colors and words that help you feel calm
turn off electronics before bedtime so you can have a restful sleep and wake up refreshed for a new day
be connected with your body - dance, ride a bike, swim, walk
be connected with nature - it’s beautiful and can help you feel healed and thankful
allow yourself patience and plenty of new beginnings
drink warm tea to be cozy in winter
don’t turn to harmful things when you feel sad or angry. most of them make you feel worse, you don’t deserve that
take some time to make a nice meal for yourself - you deserve it
sleep with soft blankets and maybe a plush toy to hug
wear what you like - people who judge arent worth your time
be kind to all humans and animals, it’s a small way of changing the world, and it makes you feel happier too
read books that attract you in their own special way, you don’t need to read what’s popular
when you worry about your future, tell yourself that it will go well because that’s a true possibility
open the curtains and windows, be in a bright, welcoming environment. like a plant, you need sunlight to feel happier and grow
do not hurt yourself in any way - you’re soft, lovely and need to be protected
remember that you need love. you don’t deserve to be cruel to yourself.
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flowerais · 27 days ago
Reasons to live: lonely edition
watching the sunset outside your window
practicing your favorite musical instrument
making delicious meals and feeling like a chef
trying out pinterest ideas
writing new daily routines to improve yourself
learning a new language or reading books on niche subjects
reading every morning in your cozy reading spot
going on evening drives and blaring your sunset playlist
walking in your city to find cute cafes and secret gems
picking a new artistic or sporty hobby to pour your heart into
doing really fun workouts to songs you love
dressing up in cute outfits or makeup looks without going out
drawing pictures and quotes for your wall
getting a film camera and taking candid pictures
sitting in the park and people-watching
searching for small reasons to regain faith in humanity and life
doing something special for yourself each weekend
petting your cat or dog
or petting neighbourhood cats that wander into your garden
the wistful beauty of watching things & people from the distance
buying flowers for yourself
growing cute potted plants like succulents
film marathons and netflix marathons with ice cream
feeling like a lonely indie film character
dancing by yourself
trying different tea flavors
writing poetry about your solitude
write surreal stories inspired by weird dreams
noticing stuff most other people are too busy to notice
befriending your loneliness and yourself
find beautiful stuff to appreciate every day & write them down
writing detailed diary entries even if nothing happens
spending so long inside that sunlight feels like a hug from the universe
appreciating tiny warmths more, like soup, tea, blankets and songs
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flowerais · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
My bumbles in the lavender
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flowerais · 27 days ago
Remember that even good changes can make us feel depressed, because, as creatures of habit, we're resistant to change. That doesn't mean that it wasn't the right choice.
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flowerais · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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flowerais · 29 days ago
every one of my followers gets a little bowl of soup from the pot bubbling in the middle of my blog and a slice of bread with homemade butter on the side
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