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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Dating in Secrecy
(A series of a fem mc! Dating each of the obey me boys except Luke of course first starting in Secrecy. I am starting this one off with Beelzebub caus I SIMP FOR THIS MAN HARD!!)
Tags slight nsfw ? Comedy, feelings, story.
You were at breakfast with all the brothers as usual, sitting in between Asmodeus and Mammon. You picked at your oatmeal as you drowned out all the brothers until, your ears perked at Beelzebubs voice.
" Hey mc?, We are walking to school together right ?"
You smiled hiding a faint blush, you and Beelzebub had a class together in the morning. This was normal, yet before you could answer Mammon spoke up with a snort.
" Hey Beel?, Why you always wanting to walk with her all the sudden?! She's my human so clearly I should take her to class!"
You chuckled patting Mammon's hand as you spoke softly.
"Mammon..you have class at the other end of the school, Beel is just being nice ."
You went back to eating as you notified that Beelzebub was actually glaring at Mammon, as you hand Mammon hands in yours to calm him down. Once done eating you two set off for class the other brothers were not far behind, yet it seemed Beelzebub was walking faster than normal so you had to run to catch up.
"Beel..is something wrong ?"
You noticed the usually, joyful glutton was seemingly off put, as he looked at you with ...what looked to be regret as he spoke.
" ..No ...I'm sorry Mc, I just get this awful feeling in my stomach when i see you hold Mammon's hand. I know i should be happy for you two."
You stopped walking, a small smiles appeared on your lips and you chuckled. Beelzebub turning toward you confused.
' Beel, me and Mammon are just friends. I am just affectionate like that with everyone."
Beelzebubs face lite up bright red nearly matching his fiance hair as he huffed, he should of known. You were indeed always affectionate with the brothers, and even all your friends. He looked confused as to why it suddenly bothered him.
" Oh, I'm sorry Mc. I guess I just like you a lot ...please do not be mad?"
You chuckled holding Beelzebub's hand you two walking. You face blushed as you heard him admit your feeling and you eyed up the tall giant of a demon. He was indeed attractive, but what you found sexy was his sweet demeanor and his loyalty to you and the rest of his family. Pursing your lips you looked at him, noticing he was still blushing.
" I like you, too Beel..a lot actually. I just did not know how to tell you ."
Beelzebub stopped and looked down at you, he looked behind you not seeing any of his brothers yet. The tall demon bent down his eyes flaring into your, smirking showing his fangs as he gave you a sweet peck on the lips. His hands going to your backside, you were small compared to him which made him think of how cute you'd look trying to take his rather giagantic cock.
You let out a soft moan as you held onto his muscular arms, her nails painted the same as his now hungry eyes digging into his uniform sleeved. You were confused when he pulled away looking at you the same way he did Luke's deserts.
'My brother's are coming right behind us, I rather not them know about us just yet, if you want their to be an us."
You smiled beaming, taking his giant hand in yours as you both walked to school that morning.
" Yes Beel, I want there to be an us."
That is how you two decided to begin dating, not wanting to tell anyone right away but soon. The whole of Devildom would know that the Avatar of Gluttony has found his favorite meal to quench his hunger.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Pregnant Mc! Part 3
Diavolo, Barbatos, Solomon, Simeon, and Luke add ons.
Solomon: Wizard Boy
You told him, because you needed him around to help find human maternity item...like a human pregnancy test and prenatal care.
Would not really care how it happened, but will ask.
A one night stand ? Damn lucky!
Would totally try different potions on you, to see if they helped the symptoms.
Would go with you to tell baby daddy if you wanted.
If baby daddy accepted cool, just know that Mc is thiers and he will hex your ass for 10 generations if you are mean to them.
If baby daddy doesn't accept welp guess he is now cursed for 3 life times.
If you choose him you three are going to be a force to be wreckoned with for the magick families.
No...you cannot use the baby as a test subject.
Simeon : Sweet Angel
He found out afte Asmodeus did, so he could help you with any pain and cramps, you told him threw a phone call...which honestly he wanted to make a note to educate that sex is not a sin...or at least not a big deal.
You had a one night stand?
Child how do..you..always end up in so much complexity?
Will encourage you to tell baby daddy.
Will go with you.
If baby daddy accepts arranges all the visitations but makes it known sweetly you just want to co parent.
If he doesn't, welp guess who's getting bitch slapped by an angel.
If you end up with him this child will never get hurt.
Gauridan angels everywhere
Makes priest angry with the baby as the child corrects them on the proper names, at 6.
No you cannot give the child the names of an angel.
Luke: Sweet Baby Angel
Found out when you told Simeon.
Honestly would try to spray you with holy water.
After you explained the situation, would have to ask Simeon to help educate him so he doesn't offend you.
Would also encourage to tell the father.
If baby daddy accepts this man just got bonus points in heaven.
If not welp looks like Micheal going to yeet someone.
No we cannot name the baby Micheal.
Will baptist the baby.
Will totally let you practice with him, even though he wants to be taken seriously.
Totally makes you all the sweets you need.
Barbatos: The Butler
This man would know day one, like opening times lines and shit he just knows so when you do tell him he's already got you.
Would you like company telling the father ?
Yes i will tell you who the father is ..
Goes with you, and will just glare at the father in that i may be a butler but i will destiny you look.
If baby daddy accepts helps simeon make arrangements, and also there to pick and drop off the child with you.
If not this man was thrown into an extra deminison.
Will help you with everything you need.
Offers you advise.
If you end up with him, is honored to finally care for his own family.
This child will come out a proper young person.
Will not want to name the child anything with royalty to it.
No Barbatos the child does not need to be trained in 5 different kind of fighting styles...they are 2 chill.
Diavolo: Demon Prince
Is told as soon as Lucifer and Barbatos are made aware and invited you to tea to talk, accepting this change into the program.
So it was a one night stand ?
Did you at least enjoy it?
Will order Barbatos to help you figure out who baby daddy is.
Will go with you to tell him, and his presence just screams do not mess with them.
If baby daddy accept Diavolo will make it easy for him and you to exchange the child.
If not well guess who's being tortured now when they die..personally by him.
Will totally give you everything you need.
Ask ton of questions cause boi is curious.
Has Barbatos and Solomon on call for you.
If you end up with him.
Guess the next ruler of Devildom is a human.
Will totally adopt said child and treat it as his own.
You are now royalty.
The child is one of the single most powerful human children in the 3 realms.
No Diavolo we are not going to give it a traditional demon name..cause i can't say it right !!
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Pregnant Mc! Part 2
( Asmodeus, Satan, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Belphagor )
Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust
This man, was there to get you the pregnancy test, as soon as you missed your monthly. Was there when you took it and was holding you as you cried, screamed, whatever you needed.
Ask who the baby daddy is?
You! A one night stand ! mc!!!! Naughty!
Ask if you want them to know ?
If not welp THIS man will tell everyone He is your baby daddy (honestly no one would even doubt it )
If so he goes with you to tell him.
If baby daddy declines this man will be an outcast in all 3 realms and never getting laid again or even touched.
If so Asmodeus is the frost to let them know you are not into him but will happy set him up with a friend if baby daddy wants to.
This kid going to be styling and spoiled.
Totally there for all your needs and emotions.
Going to lamaze classes
Gets you cute maternity clothes.
Self care days for you and him.
100% sure he would take selfies with you so everyone would know your progress.
Wants to name the child after the top clothes lines.
Once that kid comes out, that child going to be the STAR of Asmos fans.
Going to have the sass just like his adopted dad.
If you marry this man this kid going to become one hell of a smooth talker.
No Asmo the baby cannot go clubbing.
This child will know everyone and everything by the time they are 4.
Satan: Avatar of Wrath
Found out when you told him, you had missed your study session to go to the doctors and felt you should tell him as you were now 3 weeks along.
Ask who the baby daddy is ( kinda spicy it was not him)
One Night stand !!!!! Oh this boy just gave you a smirk as he thinks of you in the throws of passion.
Gives you all the maternity books you need.
Does research on you, curious boi has questions.
Buys this child any book they want.
If you choose to tell baby daddy and want to know who he is Satan will hunt him down.
Baby daddy will die if he declines.
If he accepts makes it understood you only want a parent relationship.
He thought he could be angry but damn your mood swings scare him.
There to help you through the pain of delivery.
That child will come out knowing how to fight.
Satan there for all the tantrums.
No one can beat up this kid if they tried.
Teaches the child everything they want to know.
You end up with him. This many already has the adoption papers.
I feel like he would want the kid to be named something from a book
This child will have a kitten ( Fuck lucifer)
This child will probably end up hitting someone cause they thought it was the best idea.
No sweetie don't be like daddy.
Leviathan: Avatar of Envy
This man found out, one day because you threw up from smelling his anime themed food he made you two.
Jealous of this bitch for getting to sleep with you and get you knocked up.
Oh a one night stand? Damn... Wishes it was him.
Will ask if you want to know them and let them know.
If so you have to give him reassurance you are his, but want the best for your baby.
If baby daddy accepts this man will ( with some talking) share.
If not this man just summoned Lothan.
Buys this kid every game system one existence.
No you cannot name the baby Ruri ...
Or Henry...
The one to faint was soon as Mc goes into labor.
The one who helps watch the baby at night when mom is tired.
Plays family approved games with child.
Will accept anything the child is into.
Finds it funny when the kid ask why they don't have a tail like him?
If you marry this man.
You three are the cosplay family.
Definitely has gotten in trouble with that kid for an all night game session.
Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony
You told this man when you two got close, feeling he would support you after he told you about his nightmares.
He will be super protective of you more now following you around like a body gaurd.
Need a body pillow this your man.
Will understand your cravings, finds it scary when you start getting hangry.
Will carry you if your feet swell to much.
Super gentle with you so he does not hurt you.
Ask if baby daddy knows.
Oh he doesn't do you want him to?
Goes with you to tell him once you let Lucifer find out who it is.
If baby daddy declines, Beel will eat him.
If accepts super chill about co parenting as long as baby daddy knows his place.
No Food names for the baby.
Will ask to eat the placenta.
Fliesyou to the hospital !
Will not leave you at any moment.
First to hold this baby ( sorry the other brothers are not going first because this man took you to the hospital)
Has to be told to share the baby.
End up with him this man is prepared to be a dad.
Will feed this child anything it wants..so out down food boundaries soon.
Will support the kid in everything.
Super gentle with this child.
This child may try to see if they can out eat their dad ( mom come get him)
Belphagor: Avatar of Sloth.
You actually told him, when you met in the attic, but after you had the child and died you were hesitant for Belphie to meet them or the baby daddy but when he won your heart after many many talks you let them meet officially.
He regrets everything he did as soon as he meet the baby.
Promises to never hurt you or another human again.
This child is forever under his protection.
This child never has one bad dream in their life.
If baby daddy declines to accept and is still alive somehow, well Belphie now keeps them up with nightmares at night driving them insane.
If baby daddy accepts he's super territorial of the child.
If you marry him.
He lets EVERYONE know that this is his family.
Family nap times with uncle Beel is a norm.
This child has a cow onesie.
This child is the only thing besides you that could wake him, and not anger him.
No insomnia for this kid unless they hanging with uncle Levi.
No Belphie the child's name CANNOT be sleep related names.
Will want to name them after a constellation.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Pregnant Mc!
This is an Mc! That got pregnant right before going to Devildom from a one night stand the weekend before leaving, trying to have fun.
M!c let's the baby daddy in their life if they wish but makes it known they don't like them romantically as they have fallen for the boys.
Reactions from the Obey me Squad and how they found out.
Lucifer and mammon
Part two here
Lucifer: Avatar of Pride
How he found out:
You actually did not have to tell him, he could smell it on you the first time you met. You were not aware so he did not want to scare you with his abilities. Once you told him crying he just takes it in stride and is there the whole way.
Hugs, you and ask you if you know the father ?
Oh it was a one night stand? With a stranger ?!
Ask if you want the father to know.
If not then guess what this kid getting the Avatar of Pride as their adopted dad.
If you do tells them, but if the father doesn't want to accept it well baby daddy will die.
If they do, let's the come visit and helps you co-parent with them.
You tell them that you don't have feelings for this person, you are just letting them in the kids life.
That kid ends up think they are part demon.
Begs you to not give it any religious names.
Once this child is ready to come out Lucifer will make sure he is there.
Has everything you could need.
When you go home the child still comes visit cause that's Uncle/ Dad
That child will never have to worry about being bullied.
If you make the kid Lucy/ Star if it's a girl this man dead now
You choose to stay and marry Lucifer this kid is now the most dangerous thing in Devildom.
Mammon: Avatar of Greed
Figured it out when raiding your room, and found the pregnancy test..this man just became twice as protective.
This man will be the first to blurt it out he knows.
Promises to keep it a secret (except Lucifer and Diavolos)
Buys you anything you need
If baby daddy declines welp...looks like they witch food.
If baby daddy accepts he just makes sure to make it understood you are his first man.
Unless baby is a boy happily accepts second.
No one harming that baby.
Sleeps in your room more now.
If you get together with him, that kid may end up with a money name.
Goldie if it's a girl ( Mom said no :(..)
Super protective of the family.
You have to tell him no he cannot teach the baby how to scam people.
That kid going to be a danger in the casinos.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Human Culture 101
I figured that Mc would educate the crew of obey me on human Culture i thought the funniest one was songs or confronting them about what humans learned.
You were hanging out with Satan and Belphie, each taking turns to see who could actually make Lucifer loose his cool. Lucifer had actually challenged the house, if they could no chores for the weak. You smiled at the boys as you were swamped that week and wanted a break.
Mc: " I think i have an idea, but i want you all to gaurd me okay?"
Oh All the house wants to see this shit go down. You waited until you were standing in Lucifers office the boys surrounding you as Lucifer chuckled.
"Really? mc? You think a human can piss me off ? Okay go a head and try ."
You smiled : " Okay Samael."
You lucky you an exchange student.
You better run.
Lucifer was angy and asked How the fuck? How dare you !
Good thing you had all his brothers protecting you.
You won the game
The Brothers were shook you actually knew the name, and you even through in his Hebrew name.
Satan was impressed.
You definitely found this man's trigger.
Those two names are no longer allowed to be uttered by you.
You survived but ended up to scared to abused the week off.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
The Talk / Gn Mc!
What if a Mc has to explain what ovulation in humans are to the boys? Like maybe demons have heat but they don't know humans ovulate.
I thought to use a Gn MC that has a monthly and ovulates but is Gender Neutral in identity. The reason? Because it is not only cis women who can experience this.
You were about to start your monthly, yet you were a week away. You felt your hormones making your body sensitive and everyone in the house could tell something was off.
The boys got worried taking you to the castle as you smelled of alluring pheromones even the angels were curious to what was happening.
You were trying not to laugh once you figures out why they were all worried. You could see Solomon, Asmodeus, and Barbatos trying not to snicker so you pulled them into a private room and came back to the others with a white board and markers and began to explain about Human Ovulation, periods, sex, and etc.
Honestly he would of been, more confused why his dad made you guys so complicated.
Had figured this is what was happening, but did not understand how it worked for humans.
Made sure to order anything you needed for next year.
Takes notes during the lesson, for the next exchange student so he can be prepared.
The most mature about it.
This man sure, heard about it from witches...but thought they were messing with him.
Kind of scared of humans now.
Wait? You bleed for how long ? And DONT DIE ?
Super clingy boi when you start ovulating so other demons don't try to mess with you.
Definitely steals your underwear when your ovulating.
This man fainted as soon as you brought out the diagram of a vagina.
Sees it like a weird human thing.
Wait humans shed?! During their what ?! Bitch are you a snake ?!
Your skin also sheds *cue Leviathan calling you snakey snek now*
Brings you all the pillows you need for your cycle.
Steals your clothes when you ovulate to um...yeah..
Has only read about this?
Apologizes for the whole period thing (0.0)
He said he's sorry!!!
Makes notes to never give anyone an apple again.
Researches you and sends you cat pictures when your feeling sad due to your monthly.
Brings your teas to help the pain and bloating.
He helping teach the class !!
Would be the expert in this field.
Helps you with your acne, makes you baths, gives you healthy sweets.
Loves the human pheromones smell
Club member number 3 of stealing your underwear.
Super protective of you when your on your cycle and ovulating. Bitch this is his sin he is not letting any other demon touch you at your natural sexual peek.
He's happy he learns that no you are not in pain.
This talk actually makes him not hungry anymore.
Why do human pheromones smell like food ?
Gives you any sweets you need and protects you while your ovulating .
He is asleep through most of it.
Gives you all the pillows and blankets you need.
Becomes your body pillow
Club member 4 of stealing your clothes when you ovulate.
Gives you stuffed animals when your really tender to the touch.
Makes sure you sleep good on your cycle.
The extras
He thought his dad was evil, but damn did sky daddy have to go this hard?
Kind of terrified of how people can go through this.
Let's you have any days off incase your ovulation smell is too strong, or a bad cycle.
Is super into learning this because he likes understanding human.
Let's you borrow barbatos if you need someone to help with the pain.
He helping teach the class also makes you any tea or stuff you need for your cycle.
Helping teach the class
Makes you potions to ease any pains or hormones levels.
Makes you potions that help keep your scent away.
Also offers to make you a potion to stop them completely and not harm you.
Laughs because he honestly thought demons and angels knew.
Is a little shit when you two have to explain that people can sync up periods comparing you to a bluetooth device setting.
He was surprised, grossed out, and understood why the humans having to go through this cursed at big sky daddy.
Super attentive towards your needs.
Makes you anything you need, and even heals your body if you are cramping to bad.
Like Asmodeus gives you any type of self care you need.
Let's you stay in his room if the demons are being to much.
Has so many questions!!!!
Simeon covers his ears through some parts.
Makes you all the baked goods.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Twerking with a Prince
Diavolo Learns to Twerk sfw
Will make a nsfw later
Since a lot of you liked the Wap one I thought i would add in a F!Mc that teaches Diavolo to twerk poor boy needs a friend.
You happened to see Diavolo sadly sighing at his phone, in the hallway in R.A.D walking up to him you smiled.
“Hey Lord, Diavolo...is something wrong?”
Lord Diavolo, looked down to the small woman, and showed her his devilgram feed. 
“I just, wish they invited, me along for once....I know I am the Prince, but I also want to have fun.”
Your heart melts and aches, thinking soon looking up to Diavolo.
“Um..if you want maybe we can schedule a girls night out? no.. um a friends day out?”
This boy just died on the inside, and felt like he was reincarnated as an angel.
“Really?! MC! yes... I will have Barbatos get everything ready, and you can educated me on what a human friends day is.”
You were soon englufed into a hug, soon interrupted by Lucifer.
“My Lord?”
Lord Diavolo smiles to Lucifer beaming putting you down.
“Lucifer, Mc is going to teach me about friendship days they have in the human world!”
Lucifer death glares you but, could not deny Diavolo.
“Fine..when will this be?”
Diavolo smiled, as he knew this weekend he was free and knew he could pull some strings for you.
“This weekend! Barbatos will come pick Mc up, and she will come stay the weekend and we shall commit the day of friends!”
You had packed your bag, not listening to the boys, as you stayed over you were talking to Diavolo about dances you did in your old school and the subject of twerking came up. Diavolo, wanted you to show him so you did he got really turned on but asked if it was a mating dance.
You laughed and told him it was a dance, and you told him you were going to teach him.
Diavolo soon stood beside you, as you taught him how to bend his legs and slowly roll his back and pop his butt.
You: " Diavolo, I'm sorry but why do you have a thicker ass than me and do not know how to twerk."
Diavolo snickered as you soon picked up the pace, and showed him how to drop it low and twerk, the lazy twerk, and soon you taught him how to just booty wiggle .
You smiled at him eagerly doing dances, even stopping to order Barbatos to make you both matching booty shorts.
Barbatos had to ask you what the hell he was taking about? Once you told him he would just leave soon coming back with purple booty shorts yours saying "Best" his saying " Friends" in gold letters.
Diavolo: " M/c ?, What if we take a video of us doing our new friend ship dance and shows everyone !"
You giggled and would put on some Get Low by Lil. Jon, once your dance partner was ready you let Barbatos record you two. The song ended and you chuckled at Diavolo throwing i back giving anyone who watched a whole banquet to look at next to your bubble butt.
Barbatos smiled at the Prince, yet told him no he cannot order everyone in Devildom to make that the new national dance.
You soon took sent the video to Devilgram as Diavolo wanted to show everyone the dance, once sent. you and Diavolo sat down to watch the Titanic together.
Back home
The house was quiet, as they kind of went back to their old return before you showed up. Mammon was pestering Levi about selling his collection, Beel was helping Belphie find his good pillow, Lucifer in his office and Satan reading.
The silence was interrupted by Asmodeus screaming ,everyone running to his room for once he tried to hide his phone not wanting to share because DAYUUUM YOU TWO LOOOK HELLA FINE!
(Asmo can be greedy too but we love him 💕)
Lucifer walked up to him slowly, noticing his brother was bright red.
Lucifer: "Asmodeus? Did another demon send you an unsolicited picture of their .."
Asmodeus smiled showing him his phone of the video of you two: " No...but i did get video of two glorious cakes on display!"
Soon everyone saw you and Diavolo twerk to Get Low.
Back in to The castle.
Your phone went off with several text and call, you did not want to ruin you and Diavolos night. Diavolo heard it and wanted you to tell him what they thought.
You smiled:
" Lucifer, said I am going to be hung from the ceiling when i get home...and ask why you never made him a pair of those shorts?!"
" Satan, said nice shorts and a picture of applause for us getting Lucifer to have a stroke."
" Asmodeus says, he will make us all the shorts we need if we give him a private dance...you know ignore him .."
" Mammon, says I should not dance that way around demons or succubi, or anyone except him..he sent a sticker then said actually just never dance like that again."
" Leviathan, said good moves for normies , and if i will dance in anime girl costume like that.... and i think Asmodeus stole his phone so nevermind the last comment.."
" Belphie, just sent a confused sticker"
" Beelzebub just said good moves and wants me to bring home one of Barbatos cakes back home."
Diavolo laughed and you soon went back to ignoring your phone, as you showed the prince the wonderful world of Disney movies.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Dearest Siblings
This was requested about my Oc Juniper, here ya go @storypanda88
This takes place after Belle messages you about having siblings, you two end up over at Lord Diavolos due to him suggesting to play a Game of 21 questions (after you taught him about it)
You were sitting in between Mammon and Leviathan, wearing your jean shorts and tank top with a flannel overskirt as it was the weekend. We had just went one round of 21 questions soon landing on Beelzebub again.
Beelzebub:" Okay ...um I choose Juniper."
Beelzebub had to be reminded to ask a question, as he was more focused on his bag of lamb jerky. You chuckled nodding for him to ask.
Beelzebub: "So...I wanted to ask how many siblings do you have?"
Your face went bright red, mainly cause now everyone was staring at me asking why you never told them.
Juniper: ' oh, um..I am the oldest of five, Lucifer i think it's your go now!"
You tried to hurry the question but Lucifer, seemed shocked he wondered why you filled out you had zero siblings on your application.
Lucifer: "I also pick Juniper, why did you if you have siblings put zero in your application?"
You nearly choked, on the tea you were drinking to calm down.
Juniper: " My family is super cautious, so we do not tell about our family incase the people who hire us or something try to harm us."
The boys looked at you sympathetically, it was sort of a half lie...your family was cautious but it was because they did not want anyone coming after them if they could use magick on them.
The next turn belonged to Diavolo who smiled to you, as your heart raced.
Diavolo: " What are their names? "
You figured to give up on changing the subject, finishing your human phone out of your bag you brought always keeping it on you even though it did not work out of habit. You soon pulled up photos of your siblings the first one being your twin brother.
(so i will describe each sibling cause why not?)
You showed them your younger twin Hawthorn, but you usually called him Thorn. He is 6 foot tall compared to your mere five foot 3 tallness, yet had our silver hair like your mom his eyes matching your odd green and nearly bluish purple eyes in each eye. He was beside you at last year's Beltane before he left to an out of state college to finish his degree.
Juniper: " This, is my twin Hawthorn..but he goes by Thorn."
Beelzebub nearly giantess that you were also, a twin and Asmodeus cooed how cute he was.
Mammon: ' Wait, so you have a twin? Is he as weak as you ?"
You pushed him and stuck your tongue out soon going to your younger brother Jasper.
Jasper was 21, he stood at 6 foot 1 had long dark blue hair with dark green eyes like your dads and gauges done he was a tattoo artist the picture was him also at Beltane playing a guitar.
Juniper : " This is my little brother Jasper, he's kind of like you Asmodeus a Huge flirt!"
Asmodeus squealed at your brother: "Juni! He's so cute and that beard ! He looks like he could -"
Lucifer cut him off with a hand to the back of his hand.
Lucifer: " Show us the rest of them, please ?"
He was genuinely curious and felt more close to you as he was also the eldest.
You ran through phone, going to your little sister Esmeralda, she was only 19 standing at a good 5 foot 7 going to school to be a mechanic at the time she had her braid done like yours, but with Black hair as your dad her eyes were slightly dark blue nearly purple like your mom's.
Juniper: This is Esmeralda, she's 19 but she can fix cars better than any damn mechanic in our town."
Diavolo said she looked like a sweet succubi he had met once. You honestly did not know if to thank him or hit him.
Satan said she looked cute, but only because she was wearing a cat print ribbon.
You scrolled to soon show your youngest brother Larkin was was 5 foot 8 he had black hair that was curly like your mom's, and green eyes he was only 16 and you took this picture at his birthday last year.
Juniper: " This is Larkin, he just turned 16 this April."
Leviathan seemed to be laughing as he pointed to your phone:
" Why do you all have name or nature? Is that normie thing or just for humans?'
You saw Mammon death glare at him as you smiled.
Juniper: " Well, actually we do it because we love nature like you live anime bit my parents are hippies ."
This was true your parents were hippies, and did not help they were also witches bit that's besides the point.
You scrolled down to your last sibling who was holding your family cat and with your parent. The youngest was your sister Peridot at age 14 and 5 foot 5 she had black hair that was braided like yours and her eyes were a deep blue purple she looked so much like your dad next to her who stood at 6 foot 3 wearing a his normal flannel over his shirt after getting off work from the school where he taught history. Your mom with long white silver hair in braids wearing her long sweater and skirt as she used to work as a nurse before falling sick she was small yet muscular woman at five foot 4 you were the smallest yet oldest.
Juniper: " This is Peridot, and she's the baby like Satan so she's also spoiled on the left is my Dad his name is Caspian my mom is on the right her name is Estelle"
You put away your phone, as you did not notice you had teared up Diavolo holding your hand gently.
Diavolo: " Would ...would you like to speak to them ?"
You looked up you, nodded your heart aching for you family as it had been a few weeks since coming here. The Brothers soon gathered around you to comfort you as Diavolo spoke.
Diavolo: " Well, i could let you and Solomon's phones have the ability to contact your relatives and friends...I guess i did not consider this asking humans to come here."
You tackled this man to the ground , Lucifer picking you off him with Barbatos . Soon you all went home you and Solomon soon calling your long missed families as soon as you got home.
That night, you could actually let the boys see your family through video time. The whole making it seem like a normal country was the easy thing, explaining their names meant something else into their country for your familie's sake you just called them Beel, Luci, Mamo, Levi, Sati ,Asmo . When they met Diavolos and Barbatos through the phone , it was Dia, and Barbatos.
Simeons and Luke were easy to pass and Solomon you just said he came from a super religious family, when they called and could see Belphagor you called him Belphie saying all these names were normal thing in their country with ease.
The hard thing was convincing your siblings that no you were not dating Mammon.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Witches in Devildom Part 1.
So here is how I imagine what would happen if an actual practicioner got sent to Devildom (some jokes and just having some fun i am a real practicioner so thought this was a funny idea)
Let's be honest Pagans, Witches, and Practioners would be prepared for this! We literally read and research and dedicate our lives to this shit. Especially the practicioners who work with demons, you guys would OWN THIS GAME!
Once you realize where you are
Gender neutral mc!
Arriving there: Diavolo begins preparing you and you realize where you are:
Witch Mc reactions:
Hades/ Persphone kids in looking at you guys for this reaction ):
Um...so This is Devildom? Can I go to Erobos now ?
If your mean to me I'ma go get my dieities !
Wait? You have Cerebus here too! Omfg lemme see my dad's dog!
Nope, Lucifer you are not the boss of me ...talk to my dieities about it.
Tries to call Hermes to come get them as soon as they are handed the D.D.D. and ask about if they can contact other supernatural entities.
Fuck you guys think I'm scared of you have you seen Lady Persphone angry ?!
Diavolo has to explain to Hades why he wants you there before you go?
Persphone would be the one to get you settled in.
You would not have died, or if you did You would just come back with Hades and Persphone ready to throw hands.
Charon was the one who told them.
Hermes the one who takes you home.
The Death God/Goddess kids entering in reactions
Wait...i know this place ?
Oh its just Diavolo..should i tell em?
Your dieities just storm into the room, and help explain the situation.
Why you are not scared to die, or the thought of being apart of Lilith.
You kind of scare Lucifer because of your comfortably just chilling with your death Gods.
Makes a note to never accept death witches again after seeing you do a perfect crossover for a human when they ended up in hell and you were there.
You ain't having any of Belphies shit
You ended up just helping people who poof into hell once they die.
Simeon ask you ton of questions
Luke follows you around because your just vibing with death entities
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Witches in Devildom
Okay so i am an actual practicioner of magic irl I have wanted to write what an actual practioners would do from my perspective if they got into Devildom jus comment if you want to see me write a small series.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Story List:
Hey guys so I will be Organizing Stuff under here
Request are open just comment them below Message me :)
Obey me!
SFW -F!Reader
Hitting Mammon
NSFW - F!-Reader:
SFW -M!Reader: 
NSFW -M!Reader 
SFW G/n! Reader
NSFW G/n! Reader
Hell Has No Fury
Part One: Lucifer
Singing Wap
My OC(Juniper)
Sketch of Juniper
The Teddy Bear Story 
Juniper Hits Mammon
Backstory part 1
Backstory part 2
Dearest Siblings
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Sketch of Juniper my Obey me Female oc!
So this is Juniper m. Meadows that i play as my oc in Obey me.
Yes she is buff but i made her have a more muscular broad body as I myself wished more female ocs in games that they made you play had women that were not pushed into sterotyped but rather muscular and fit, even if it meant you were stocky.
Will make a digital rendition when i have time.
She is 5 foot 2
Mulitcolored eyes and hair
Has tons of piercings and tattoos.
As you see stocky and broad.
Tumblr media
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Hell knows no Fury
G/N mc get hit on by random Demon obey me.(will do F and M readers if asked.) Will be done in parts so each Obey me character can have a share.
Nsfw ( Be ware that this will have gore, sex, violence, death, public sex, bondage, biting, unprotected sex)
( okay so i just wanted to write this cause the MC! Is supposed to have lines of people wanting to give them candy eh? What if one of the demons got a little too fresh?)
Part 1.
Lucifer: Avatar of Pride
Lucifer had been on his way to, pick you up as you had decided to take up tutoring other students in your science class.
He just left his late meeting when, he saw you pressed against the wall with some low-level demon towering over you. You were unable to touch your pacts with them to help, or reach your D.D.D. as the Demon held your arms above your head muttering.
Rando demon: " No..wonder the seven rulers keep you to themselves, your soul smells ... intoxicating!"
Your chest, heaved as tears ran down your eyes, you felt the demon part your legs until suddenly you heard the fluttering of wings.
Lucifer had ran toward you in full demon form, attacking the lower demon, grabbing him by the throat looking back to you.
"My love are you okay?"
*You nodded, as you suddenly feel to the ground fixing your clothing.*
Lucifer, looked at the demon his claws digging into his throat his chest heaved in pure rage. You were his lover, his partner, his sweet little human!, How dare this low life think they could touch you.
"My love, i want you to turn away...I do not want you to see what is about to happen.
Rando Demon choking as they felt Lucifers claws sink into their throat, muttering out demonic curses.
" Lucifer, you really want to kill your own over a weak human? Common we could shar.."
A sickening snap was heard, You saw the demon turn to ask and blood drip to the floor. You were in shock ..you stayed where you sat. Then your boyfriend, turned to you as he wiped off the demons blood off his gloves on his coat his eyes glowing in the dim hallway as he walked up to you helping you up his wings protectively wrapping around you.
" Mc..why did you not call out soon?"
You had tried, but the demon was so fast, you muttered this to Lucifer, as you two walked to the outside of R.A.D him cuddling you making sure you knew you were safe until you got to his car where he sat you on the hood.
Lucifer, looked at you with hunger in his eyes. That demons smell was still on you he wanted to replace it with his. Lucifer kissed your lips softly his claws going to your pants soon ripping them off as he bit your next .
"M/c I want to claim you now....I want you to take my cock..to the point no demon would touch you because your very skin smells of me.'
You let out a small groan, as your felt him rip off your underwear, giving him a nod to go further as his hands caressed your sweet wet hole his left hand preparing your hole to take his cock. The other one caressing your most sensitive area of you gentialia you moaned loudly as you laid back on the hood of his care.
"Luci..Luci? What if ..someone sees us?"
You as as you felt him kiss your abdomen, leaving bite marks, so deep the broke skin. He looked up at you his wings fanning out, as he would feel you were near your first orgasm.
"Then...they will know you belong to me.."
You blushes deep red, as your hips rocked against his hands, feeling your core tighten as you screamed his name causing the birds nearby to fly off as you orgasmed on the hood of the car.
"Such a good little pet...now my turn."
Lucifer left you with hardly anytime to fully prepare for his cock and knot. You screamed at his roughness bringing him back down from his primal high.
He cursed himself, .. He calmed down as he brought your face to his pulling on your uniforms tie kissing your lips going slower until you were ready.
"Sorry, my sweet pet you are the one thing I have a hard time controlling myself around."
He grunted as you were so tight around his large cock, slowly he managed to see you take him to his large knot you had screamed his name as he counted your orgasms. The smell of your arousal and orgasm nearly sent him insane.
"Sweetie, please..the campus will hear the fact you are about to become my mate."
You lifted your head up seeing you stomach stretched around his girth, your legs were numb over his shoulders. You let out a small whimper
"Lucifer..please ...I want all of you?"
Lucifers wars perked as his wings flared out, gently guiding you to take his large knot. He waited for you to continue once he was sealed into your tight unforgiving hole. He began assaulting it with a rough rhythm only, to slowl down to your hand gestures and small meek words .
The impact of his thrust cause your body, to create an ass dent into the hood of his car. He would leave a bite on your calf cooing at you so flustered moaning so loudly.
"Look..the sweet pet has marked third territory on my car ...now let me mark my territory."
You felt the moment he came inside of you, painting your insides with, a massive force of cum. her let out a demon howl so loud causing a nearby street light bulb to break from the shear force.
Lucifer slowly pulled out of you, to where an audible pop could be heard, he panted going to the back of his car. Retrieving a blanket and soon back to you with the blanket to wrap up in it.
Lucifer was kissing you telling you if how beautiful, perfect you were. He settles you into the passenger seat, soon driving you mother home.
The Brothers saw you both knowing it was odd to see Lucifers car to pull up so haistly and him carrying you until you two came through the door. and no one said a damn thing, but Asmodeus was floored and knew he had to get all the details tomorrow.
Lucifer used his wings to help keep your cum filled hole, and bruised body hidden from his brothers this was all his.
The two of you stayed in his room, and the whole Kingdom could hear you both.
Lucifer would not stop until you both stopped from orgasming so much. Then the night ended with you both nude covered in bruises, hickeys, and claw marks your scents were covered on eachother.
You were in bliss as you laid on his chest asleep, and your loving Boyfriend could not be happier.
The morning after bonus.
Lucifer came down his neck covered in bite marks, wearing only his pajama pants for the first time in history , and his back marked with claws , his scent stunk of you, and he seemed happier than ever.
He got both your plates glaring at his brothers.
"Mc...was nearly attacked by a horny lower demon last night."
Leviathan nearly died and Mammon garbled about him being your first..
Mammon: " Yeah, and what you took care of it?"
Satan snickered knowing Lucifers temper:
"So...Mc managed to get you to kill them...and then you."
Lucifer snapped a look at his brothers as asmodeus grinned:
"From the lower demon, to ending up mated to the Eldest Brother of the 7 rulers....mmmh Mc must be quiet .. impressive."
Lucifer smiled as he walked away from them.
"They are, and they are all mine."
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
My OC! F
Juniper and the tale of Patches the panda.
( description My oc Juniper secretly sleeps with her stuffed Panda bear Patches. She has had him since she was 4 her twin has an identical one with one button that the dog tore off when they got the toys naming his Pirate. Juniper brings Patches to Devildom and soon the boys find out one by one that the tough girl sleeps with a teddy)
@storypanda88 here is the Teddy story
Lucifer: Avatar of Pride.
How he found out:
Juniper actually ended up, accidentally letting Patches fall out of her bag moving in. Luckily no one saw the bear except ...the one who found it laying out in the hall way.. Lucifer came into Her room to see her searching her bag holding out the bear after closing the door.)
In OC :
I rushed and hugged the poor worn out bear clamping it to my chest smiling " Patches!, oh my goodness ! Lucifer..thank you I looked for him everywhere!"
Lucifer: " So.. it's name is Patches ?"
I blushed like a tomato speaking softly :
"Yeah..he's been with me since I was four, i never sleep without him."
Lucifers Reactions:
Externally: " Well then, i suppose i will not hassle you to much about the bear.
Internally: "Oh...my .. Diavolo so...fucking cute ..must hold back on head pats!"
Reassures you that he will not tell his brothers.
Ends up giving you more stuffed animals, and even has protected Patches from Mammon trying to steal into his room.
Mammon: Avatar of Greed
How he found out:
Ooc : It did not take long Mammon basically lived in Junipers room so one morning coming barreling in as usual he caught her cuddling it as she napped of course the moron woke her up from slamming the door during his entry.
In OC :
I jumped holding Patches in the crook of my arm, and realized the dumbass in charge of my safety now saw me with my panda
" Mammon...I will give you five hundred Grimm to not tell a soul what you just saw..."
Mammon: " Wait...is that really a teddy?'
I sighed showing him my panda bear
" Yeah...his name is Patches..he helps me sleep.."
Mammon: " Oh..pffft..silly human if you needed help sleeping just ask the Great Mammon for help!"
I threw a pillow at him and hid under my covers, as he asked me about the bear.
Mammon's reaction:
Mammon thought it was the cutest ass shit ever.
Teased you about patches in private nonstop.
Secretly jealous of your bear.
Tries to steal your bear when, you are gone to long.
Demands you cuddle him or he will hurt Patches .
Gives Patches accessories as gifts because if he's going to sleep with his human he will be looking fly.
Leviathan: Avatar of Envy
How he found out:
So Juniper actually showed him on her own when Leviathan was feeling down for being picked on for his figurines. Juniper went to her room and came back to his to show him Patches.
I had hid my bear under my jacket, and came back to Leviathans room closing the door. The poor man was stilly sulking as I joined him on the bed smiling.
' Hey..Levi? I know it's not the same but i understand ..'
Leviathan looked up to see me holding up patches.
" Juniper what is that?"
I smiled holding Patches
" So..patches is the name of this panda bear and when I cannot sleep i cuddle him!"
Leviathan blushes feeling better and even shows you some of his body pillows.
Leviathans reaction:
Leviathan. Exe has crashed from adorableness.
Slightly envious of the toy.
Offers to our Patches in some of his outfits for male anime protagonist he liked.
Let's you borrow one of his body pillows if he can sleep with patches.
Will never admit he does it to just get your scent.
Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust
How he found out:
Juniper had borrowed one of Asmos nail polishes, Asmo went to her room entering without knocking seeing her paint her nails and the bear on her bed.
Asmodeus: "Juni-bear! I did not know you had a stuffie!'
I nearly jumped up, yet managed to not spill the red nail polish i borrowed sighing at Asmodeus..I actually did not mind telling him he was one of the brothers i could bond on sensitive matters.
" That is Patches, before you he was my only make-up buddy...well before "
You stopped yourself, because you did not want to talk about how much you missed your little sisters..
Asmodeus just assumed you meant him, climbing on the bed holding Patches in his arms as you two spent the rest of the night gossiping.
Asmodeus Reaction:
Fixes Patches anytime he gets a new year from Someone ( Mammon or Levi) being to rough on him.
Gets you need stuffed animals as well.
Supports you about your teddy and will tell off a bitch if any of his brothers teases you, spilling about their own secret childhood toys they keep around.
Makes Patches all the clothes a bear needs and had tea parties with you with the stuffies because he finds it adorable and it appeals to the younger viewers of his fan base.
Makes a new Vlog of tea time with teddies with you to help young ones learn things using stuffies.
Satan: Avatar of Wrath
How did he find out ?
Juniper actually found out Satan had a stuffed cat toy, and ran to her room to march up into his room and show him hers.
Satan honestly, thought you left to laugh...but when you returned with your Panda he nearly died.
You jumped on his bed and smiled
" Well..you showed me Socks, this is Patches."
You and Satan from then on bonded over this similar thing even sharing stuffed animals to sleep with.
Satan's reaction:
Demands you share your stuffed animals with him.
Wishes you had more cat stuffed animals.
Puts cat ears on Patches
Second member of the best anyone's ass who makes fun of you for it.
Finds it adorable and awesome you do not judge him.
You two sometimes cuddle together with your stuffies.
Belphie: Avatar of Sloth.
How he found out ooc:
Belphie actually found out when he wanted you to stay in his bed for bed time.You meekly told him you could not sleep without your bear..
In OC.
Belphie: " Your bear?'
You got up to leave and came back with patches showing him to Belphie.
This man literally snatched Patches away and used that thing as a pillow along with you mumbling
" Hey..it looked comfy."
Belphies reaciton:
He snatched Patches anytime you are not around for nap time.
Protector number two of Patches.
You have to sometimes go get Patches from his room and remind Belphie it is your bear.
Let's you borrow the cow pillow sometimes if you happen to loose patches cause...he may of hid it in his room.
Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony.
How he found out ooc:
He actually found you asleep with the bear, when he was told to get you for breakfast. You quickly explained the bear.
I woke up in haze to see Beel, looking at him and to the bear in my arms.
" Shit! Beel listen..this is my bear Patches i sleep with him when i cannot fall asleep naturally.'
Beelzebub smiles ' It's okay Juniper, Belphie and Satan sleep with stuffed animals too.'
You melt cause sweet angel boy understands.
Beelzebub reactions:
He thinks it's Adorable.
Third member of the Protect Patches squad.
Gets you big teddy bears from every carnival he can.
Finds it adorable when he sees you cuddle with it.
Wishes you would cuddle him that way but is okay for now that you were comfortable letting him know about patches.
Sweetest boi, and gives Patches head pats before you leave for school thanking him for helping you sleep and to protect the room.
The extras
Diavolo: Prince of Devildom
How he found out ooc: You actually brought Patches to school one day for p.j. day despite being teased soon you were pulled into his office because boy was curious.
In occ:
You sat in your flannel pajamas holding Patches in your lap explaining to Diavolo:
"So human kid, also sleep with stuffed animals and use them to help them feel safe at night. I have had Patches since i was 4."
Diavolo writes it down and smiles soon showing you his own old toy..it was a dagger but ..it was his first one.
" It's okay Juniper, i also find it hard to part with my old toys."
You end up educating him about more human children things.
Diavolos reactions:
Finds it cute as hell
Makes Pajama day a normal thing once per semester.
Fourth member of Protect Patches squad.
Third member of beat up people who pick on you for it.
Let's you bring patches over during sleep overs and even ask to cuddle it.
Barbatos: Butler
How he found out occ:
Juniper accidently left patches there, after sleeping over due to studying with Diavolo for exams. The butler soon came to her door in the House of Lamentation to give it back.
In OC:
I saw Barbatos holding my what i just took him back and thanked him, before i could explained he just bowed and left.
Barbatos reactions:
Not much he raised Diavolo
Thinks it's cute.
Second member that would sow up patches.
Let's you all have stuffed animal tea parties at the Castle
Finds it cute to see all of you have fun in your pretend.
Simeon: Sweet Angel
How he found out ooc:
He actually found out because you had shown him, the bear because he said there was nothing you could do to make think you were weak...he was right.
In OC:
You held up your bear to him: " I sleep with my bear named patches when i can't go to sleep on my own.'
Simeon blushed and pats the bears head
"Oh, Juni..my father let humans make these thing to protect his children at night regardless of age."
You felt soothed and flustered at the same time.
Simeons reactions
Thinks it's precious
Fourth member of beat people's ass squad who make fun of you.
Fifth member of Protect Patches squad.
Enchants the bear to near break again after it was torn really bad.
Solomon: Wizard
How he found out Ooc:
He was looking for his bok he lent you on herbalism when he found the bear and you cuddling on your head as you were reading said book.
In OC:
I looked up to see Solomon enter my room, and see my bear...it as not long till he laughed and i threw the book at him.
After explaining the bear Solomon's teased me about it, and also would pretend to "kidnap" patches from me when I took off with his books for too long.
Simeons reactions:
Finds it adorable and funnu
Does not stop teasing you.
Final member of beat their ass squad if anyone else teases you.
Makes Patches wizard hats.
Kidnaps patches for you to give him back his tomes.
Ends up actually wanting his own bear.
Luke : Sweet Angel Baby Boi.
How he found out occ:
Luke was upset in your room, from the demons always teasing him. You let him hold patches and told him about the bear and how it calmed you down.
In OC:
I handed the poor child my bear and wrapped him in my blanket patting him on the head.
'I like to cuddle with my toy bear when I'm sad or can't sleep"
Luke is honored and sometimes will ask you for your bear as he tells you about his issues.
You two bond and you actually end up giving Patches to Look before you leave Devildom.
Luke's reactions:
Finds you sweet and cute for having a bear.
Finally member of Protect Patches squad.
Is the honored when you give to him as a gift.
Sleeps with it every night when you leave Devildom.
Even shows it to Micheal and Simeon.
Final member of fix patches squad.
See you as his big sister after you let him cuddle it and use the bear to help his mood.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Tumblr you pick
So i have many ideas for both sfw and nsfw stories both including no none mcs and my oc so I'ma let you guys pick which ones to write cause i can't pick. Please halp!
Comment below to pick!!
My OC( Female named Juniper)
Sfw: Safe for work
The obey me boys find these things out about Juniper you pick which one to write about.
Is an amazing seamstress
How many tattoos she exactly has
How each one finds out shes a witch.
That she has a stuffed animals she sleeps with.
Can twerk
Can fire spin
Can actually box
Actually loves motorcycles
Had a s/o back in the human realm
Is Pansexual.
Has siblings
Can do traditional irish dances
Can dance ballet
Snorts when she laughs.
Random demon/angel flirts with them.
Nsfw: 18+ lewd
Has sex with each of the boys and how everyone reacts the next day.
Has nipple rings
Can twerk
Is a switch
Has a birth mark near her pussy
Can use magick in the bedroom
Has a weird habit of stealing their clothes after they slept together.
Demon/angel rando flirting with them.
Gn, Male, Fem Mcs! ( You guys pick)
safe for work:
Can twerk
Can sing
Really good at art
Finds out about a childhood friend and a very embarrising story.
You end up calling asleep in their lap.
You can cook
Your smol
You tall!
Beat them in a play fight.
Demon/ angle flirting with you.
You end up lossing your virginity to the boys and reactions.
You end up pregnant/ wanting kids
You end up fucking a lower demon and the boys find out.
You can twerk
You can pole dance.
You have a kink for bondage
You are hung/thickk
You have genitalia pericings.
You need their help with a demon who won't stop hitting on you.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Gn! Mc sings Wap around the Obey me boys
( Nsfw 18+) ( felt it would be funny to see how the boys react to Mc singing Wap)
Lucifer: Avatar of Pride
You were listening to the human music you managed to get Solomon to download a music app on your D.D.D, you had your head phone in so as you did your homework you started singing along to WAP
Boy nearly has a heart attack when he hears you say "Hit that dangle thing on the back of my throat!"
Comes into your room, locking the door immediately making it sound proof before his brothers hear!
Tugs out your head phone as you did not hear him do to the volume.
Lucifer: " Mc! Why are you being so ...naughty and so loud my brothers might of took it as an invitation?!
You quickly explained that it was a song from the human world.
Lucifer quickly, pulled you down onto the ground giving you smile.
"Oh, mc...but what if I want to hit the back of your throat?"
Your mouth became his fuck toy for the rest of the day.
Oddly having a note from Lucifer to explain why, your homework was turned in late is an amazing charm.
You decided to sing for him more of the raunchy human song, making note to prepare yourself.
Mammon: Avatar of Greed
You had the song stuck in your head, as a result your ended up singing some of the verses as you walked with Mammon to school.
Mammon .exe has crashed as soon as you said Wet ass pussy.
Picked your ass up taking you to a nearby alley way, covering your mouth.
Pins you against the wall uncovering it.
Mammon : " Mc! What the fuck you doing?! Other demons can hear you!.
You had never seen Mammon this pissed, but you explained it was a song from your world.
Mammon: " Yeah?..well know this you are to never sing that song in public! Your mine and I own your cock/cunt! Understand?!"
Nodding furiously he had yet to put you down.
Let's just say you made that a Wet ass alleyway and we're late for class.
Satan: Avatar of Wrath
You see humming the tune, as you helped him organize his books. He said it looked wet outside and you randomly said not as Wet as this wet as pussy.
What in Diavolos name?!
Charges toward you asking what the hell you just said ?
Blushing furiously.
You explained it was a song.
Immediately pulls down your pants and underwear, demanding to see if you were wet or throbbing.
You ended up making a bigger mess in his room than originally.
Leviathan: Avatar of Envy
You heard a similar tune in one of the games to the beat of wap, and decided to sing and you managed to get to " I need weed smoker" before you were stopped.
At fist Leviathan crashed 🥺 someone come get him.
Blushes and stunned!
Then came the verse of what you needed and since some of it didn't describe him he got jealous.
Covers your mouth and pulls you into his lap.
Leviathan: " Mc? , Do I need to remind you who you belong to ?"
A firm slap came across your ass, as you blushed you explain it was a song.
Nope, does not care ends up fucking you until you remember that he is your boyfriend and the only one you should mention in that way.
Belphie: Avatar of Sloth
You were listening to the song as, you were getting prepared to go to bed with Belphie. You sung along as you brushed your teeth and soon your hips were grabbed by Belphie.
He kissed your neck telling you if you wanted to be filled just ask?
You managed to brush your teeth, explaining it was a song.
Drags you to the bed, spreading your legs smiling up at you.
Belphie : " Well...since you sing about it so loudly and proudly maybe you will not serving as my cocks sheath tonight ?"
You ended up staying up together and in the morning you were to sore to go to school.
Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust
Actually knew the song before hand, but was shook you were singing it when you were helping him shop that day.
You made it to his bedroom before being flung onto the bed.
Asmodeus: " When did my, little flower become so Lewd?!"
You explained as he stripped off your clothes.
Asmodeus: " Honey, i was there when the song was written..now relax and let me see how much you want this Big Mac truck in your little garage ."
You did not come out of that room for a long time.
You had to have home use make up to cover your hickeys so you could at least go to school and not have sex written on you.
Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony.
You were helping him, pick out a new snowboard online in his room as he mentioned he was hungry and you sang " Gobble me, swallow me, drip down inside of me."
He was surprised but soon climbed on top of you kissing your ear.
Beelzebub: " Oh..mc i mean if you want I definitely can do that."
You quickly explained in-between moans that it was a song.
Beelzebub was already slowly taking off your pants, kissing down your abdomen.
Beelzebub: "Yeah..but now I am hungry for my favorite meal."
Both of you ended up going to dinner late, and Beelzebub had to bring yours to the room as he had fucked you until you could not move.
You reminded yourself to never sing that again around him, ...except on the weekends.
The Extras
Diavolo: Prince of Devildom
You were humming the song as you waited for Lord Diavolo, as he finished up his last meeting. He insisted you come by so you two could catch up. When you entered you were stilling humming it and Diavolo ask about the song as you seemed to be enjoying yourself.
You explained the song and the dance trend singing it for him and doing the Dance.
He has you teach him both, because he wants in on the human trend.
You clap in his honor and soon we're picked up onto his desk.
Diavolo: "Now for teaching me this i think i will fulfill your request for a King Cobra?"
You tried to explain in a blushing manor that it was the song.
Nope...you are fucked literally your scent ends up everywhere in the office.
You come home hella late, yet with the Demon Prince beside you no one asked questions.
Barbatos: Butler
You were studying with Barbatos as you needed personal help, with your Culinary class. you were listening to the song as you cooked one headphone in as you listened and cooked you forgot about Barbatos.
Barbatos takes the spare headphone, nearly scaring you to death.
You quickly explained that this was a human song, and you liked to listen to music as you cooked.
Barbatos puts the phone up to speaker so you both can enjoy it.
After your done cooking he, grabs ahold of your waist smiling.
Barbatos: " Lord/Lady MC, you see the only reason I did not want to test your sweet throat...was because then your cake would have burn."
You got an A for your cake.
Barbatos ended up making you cook to similar songs since then.
You passed you culinary class with flying colors, and sore legs.
Solomon: Wizard
He sat up the app so you could listen to the music, so you naturally tried it out ending up on WAP and singing.
Sings along with you cause ya know it's what humans do.
Enjoys seeing you look like a derp.
As you begin to leave he grabs your hand.
Solomon: " Mc? You forgot that you owe me interest from this little favor..."
You ended up just staying the night.
When you came home Asmodeus was all over you about it.
Simeon : Sweet Angel
Simeon was helping you, clean your room as he was the only one not to tease you about your clothing. You began singing the song as you played music when you cleaned and it popped up in your playlist.
Simeon blushed !!!
Once back to reality found it adorable !
Ends up singing it with you!
Once the song is over he steps behind you pushing you into the bed head first.
Simeon: " Sweet ...pure..Mc...if you are going to sing such sinful things you should preform them"
You ended up in your room a loooong time.
The demon bros were not happy with you having sex with an angel..but at least you were not causing trouble.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
My OC! Hitting Mammon
(so like last entry I figured Juniper would hit mammon for messing with her braids and breaking a ribbon ( these are Irish braids i will add a picture of them later)
I was coming out of my room wearing sweats and a tank top, it had been three weeks since coming to stay in Devildom. I was more comfortable showing my body, hoping none of the boys realized some of my tattoos were magic symbols.
All the sudden I heard Mammon come up behind me as I was trying to go to the kitchen for dinner.
Mammon : " Hey Rainbow, why do you always wear that ribbon in your hair ?"
I managed to make it down the stairs before answering, Mammon behind me.
Oc: " Oh...um my mom and my family all wear their hair like this ."
Mammon found it cute, but was doing his normal Tsundere act as you two came into the dinning room with his brothers.
Mammon: " Well I think, you look like a kid with them in."
Mammon ruffled your braided hair again, but this time the green ribbon it it snapped due to him being rough with his claws.
You froze, seeing the ribbon now on your shoulders your long silver curly locks falling to your tail bone. The mid-length and ends dyed multiple colors the braids loosely now keeping your hair together without the ribbon.
You heard Mammon apologize, and Asmodeus telling you he could sow it back together. You let out one tear as you saw Mammon get in your face about how sorry he was.
Lucifer had invited everyone to the House for a special dinner to fully welcome you. Your face turned blood red as you had enough and decked Mammon in his face sending him to the ground as you yelled.
Oc: " My mom! Gave me that ribbon ! When I turned 13!!."
You hit him there times after ever word, as you and trapped him under your crying as your mom's ribbon was now torn.
The Brothers reactions
Lucifer: Avatar of Pride
Honestly understood Junipers anger but was the person to throw her off his brother.
Held Mammon back from retaliation.
Was impressed by her strength and knowledge of fighting.
Called for his younger brother help as soon as he saw your fist fly into his baby brothers face.
Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust
Had collected the ribbon and saw it was pure satin, tucked into his pocket to fix.
Was amazed how fast you could move.
Loved you with your hair down tbh but would bring that out later.
Turned on at the sight of you holding your own.
Was the first to make sure your hands and hair were okay after the fight.
The person to call for Satan to help get you off since he was not the one to get physical.
Satan: Avatar of Wrath
Ran toward Juniper, once Lucifer threw her off catching her and holding her back.
Damn how can a five foot 2 woman be so strong.
Honestly heard her cursing in Gaelic at Mammon..was shook that she was bilingual.
Easily restrained her but damn she was not making it easy.
Leviathan: Avatar of Envy
Recording the thing to use on Mammon.
Tagged it with Human normie kicks ass!
Saw you now as a small anime character with extreme power.
Tags the fight with Tsunderes fight !
Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony
Shook a small human could do this.
Stands between you and Mammon.
Picks you up and takes you to your, room so Barbatos can tend to you.
Ask you how you learned how to fight.
Tries to give you food from the dinner party to calm yourself.
The extras
Diavolo: Prince of Devildom
Stunned at the display.
Makes a note that humans are not as fragile as they all thought.
Keeps Mammon from harming you as you were swept away.
The one to calm down Lucifer
Joins Lucifer later to lecture you about fighting.
Barbatos: Butler
Amazed at your skill
The nurse to both parties.
The one to help both sides go back to being friends.
Offers Juniper lessons on fighting.
Trains Juniper later on to fight with swords.
Solomon: Wizard
Yells praises at you and hypes you up.
Gives you both healing potions.
Find out your little witchy secret that night as he recognized your tattoo of Awen and protection on your shoulder.
Demands you tell him of all your gifts.
Simeon: Sweet Angel
He praised you for your win but, lectures you on fighting demons.
Ends up looking after you, as you rest.
Part of the calm the demons down squad.
Is excited to see his father's children display so much strength.
Luke: Sweet Angel baby.
Has questions for Micheal when he returns about this.
Ask you ton of questions when Barbatos and Beelzebub take you away.
Brings you a pastries when he learns why you got upset.
Pairs up with Asmodeus to bring you back your now repaired ribbon with some upgrades to make sure nothing can break it again.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Mammon gets hit by F!Mc
So the reason for this one is that I love me some Mammon, but I feel like the amount of time he picks on you in the game and ask you for money Just One day you haul off and hit him!
Will do a GN and M Mc in different stories ♥️ ( I will do one with my Own Oc as well Later)
Mammon finally did it, he pissed you off. You were hanging out with the other brothers in the living room reading, you happened to be cuddling with Satan but your version was having your feet in his lap.
None of the brothers thought it was odd, as you had done this with all of them except Lucifer. Mammon however could not stand you even touching another man so he ran over sitting in between you two playing your legs on him.
You grumbled as, you did not mind but during being moved you lost your place in your new mystery book.
Satan grumbled because it was Mammon. The other brothers chuckled as this was normal of their Tsundere of a brother. Then it happened Mammon thought he would show all his brothers that only he could truly cuddle you and that you were his little human!
Mammon tugged on your bracelet on the hand nearest to him. This was a tact that you would moved your hand to where he would grab it holding it briefly to toy with you and his brothers. This time however the bracelet broke and small beads flew.
You sat up putting your book down, gasping at your bracelet now in pieces! Mammon mumbled apologies to buy you a new one. This was the last straw that bracelet was actually a friendship bracelet given to you by your friend in the human world before going to Devildom and now like everything else in your like had been shattered.
Your face got red as you stood up, you tried to get away you were pissed!
Mammon stood up and tapped your shoulder and apologized, saying it looked cheap that's why it broke!
That is when you hit him square in the face, you decked this poor boy so hard he feel to the floor his eye turning purple on his tan skin.
The Brothers reacting
Satan: Avatar of Wrath
Was shook
Impressed that a small female human could do that.
Person number one of the Hold her back squad.
Made a mental note to not make you this angry.
Finds it kind of cute.
Leviathan: Avatar of Envy
Recorded the whole thing and now it was on the gram.
Would never let Mammon live it down.
You looked like an anime character who unlocked their final form
Person yelling worldstar.
Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust:
Yass beat his ass Queen
Was prepared to have supplies ready incase you got hurt, so your face would be still pretty.
The first person to tend to your hands.
Amazed you manged to knock down one of his brothers BY YOURSELF!!! DEFINITELY HIDING THE FACT HE TURNED ON.
Lucifer: Avatar of Pride
Making sure Mammon does not retaliate.
Surprised you actually hit him, and it hurt his brother.
Gives you a lecture how in the future to not use violence.
Uses this against Mammon in private.
Belphie: Avatar of Sloth
Napped through the arguing
Woke up in time to see you knocking the shit out of his brother.
Goes back to sleep.
Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony
Hold her back squad before you end up getting yourself her.
Impressed you could do this to his brother.
Decides to ask you, how you learned to fight .
Leaves your sweets in the fridge alone for a month.
Extras If they had been there.
Diavolo: Prince of Devildom
Laughs and impressed
Helps Lucifer hold back Mammon
Also reminds you not to fight demons.
Writes in his report that humans are suprisingly strong.
Barbatos: Butler
Gets every medical supplies kit imaginable.
Tends to both wounds.
Gives you praise on your win.
Offers to teach you different types of fighting styles.
Solomon: Wizard and other Human
Was the real person to scream world star!
Laughs at Mammon
Eggs it on for you to finish it.
Helps with any wounds and makes note that you were not as weak as he thought even though you were not magical.
Simeon: Sweet Angel
Last person of the Hold her back Squad.
Impressed yet not surprised as humans did have a record for showing impressive feats in combat.
Keeps watch over you so Mammon doesn't try to do anything when you're being tended to.
Luke: Sweet Angel Baby
Feels safer with you around now since he knows you can kick ass.
Also lectures you about not fighting.
Ask you to teach him some moves.
Also gaurd you as you are tended to and teases Mammon.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Road To Devildom | Part 2
(To catch up Juniper thought she died on her way to the bus station to the College she was going to in an exchange program when she actually just Arrived ( I always pictured the school as A college as the amount of stuff you have to do ))
( Fluff, Sfw, Of story)
You keep mumbling the protection spell that our grandma taught you, as your body was engulfed by the light. You soon open your eyes in a large Corridor with a giant man in what seemed like royal attire ? Did you accidentally die and your afterlife was now in some royal court.
The man looked up and down, as he leaned forward going over slowly about the whole Devildom, exchange program and uniting the three realms. This man introduced himself as Lord Diavolo the thudding of your heart, you were sure you were dead and now had some weird purgatory this ended soon.
The moment you knew you were not dreaming was when the man named Lucifer came into the room. He smelled of magic and supernatural to be fair you were, just now coming down from the shock. The decision was to be to keep quiet observing smelling the magic in the air, yap you had signed a magical contract. The thing was you understood perfectly what this world was but decided to not break down crying over this whole mess even though you wanted to.
Lucifer soon handed you the D.D.D, telling you to call someone named Mammon. The phone call was short and brief and soon you were surrounded by demons even though they had introduced themselves it was all a blur.
Mammon was the first to point out your rainbow colored braids and the fact your eyes were two different colors.
Mammon: " You have to be kidding me, so I'm stuck with a walking Rainbow!"
You honestly would have decked him, but at the moment all you could do was wait until you were guided to your room.
The eldest brother Lucifer told you when dinner was, and all you needed to prepare to survive your year here. Lucifer soon left and you were finally alone, you locked your bedroom door to cry into your pillow.
How stupid could of been not to test the contract?! Your family would kill you finding out you did not use any of the protections they gave you for college! You were sure it was a human contract, you thought back to it....yes everything seemed right!
You stayed in your room crying to see if your phone worked. The answer no , this hurt you the most you now could not even tell your family you were okay! You muttered irish words under your breath of how you had to survive to go home, go back to your siblings, your parents, your family that needed you.
That moment as you wiped the hot tears from your pale skin, that you were going to crush this year and also earn enough money so your family will not have to worry.
The decision came as you fixed your white braids that were tied up in green ribbon they were died purple, blue, pink, and red at the mid length to the edge. Your left Emerald Green eye was as swollen ad your almost purpleish sapphire eye from the tears as you tried to use your make up you had packed to hide it.
After many tries you cleaned up and fixed your uniform, taking off the hot jacket and going down stairs. the Demons may think you were a weak human, but this human was a witch, a witch that was determined to kick ass, survive, and go home a legend.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Obey Me x Female Mc! : Oc Juniper
Prologue { So I know I am late to the Fandom, but I love the game and wanted to write about my OC Juniper here below is here Backstory}
Road To Devildom Pt. 1
(Part 2.)
Juniper M. Meadows
This was the big day your trip to a new country as an exchange student! The entry for it was offered to help the students who won out with their college degree and you badly wanted to get ahead of the curve to be an Art teacher. This seemed like a good way to get a free ride for college the entire year.
Packing the last of your bags, you texted your family you were on your way to the airport. This was a much needed stress relief as, you were the oldest of five children and your mom had fallen ill last year leaving your dad to take care of everyone. You and your twin brother had to do the whole college thing on your own including finding money. The last bag was packed as it contained all your ritual stuff, you hoped they let your practice your craft in this country.
The uniform that was sent was made for a male, this was fine as you had requested it. This was because the female's uniform skirt showed way too much of your tattoos and you wanted to at least know if they would be cool with that before you flaunted your tattoos and piercings. Luckily the uniform fit you well, yet was comfortable you walked off to the bus station humming a soft tune making sure your hair was pinned up with bobby pins and tied with green ribbon as this was a long trip and you did not want your curly hair to be a frizzed out mess by the time you got there.
The bus stop was a little bit aways, your bags behind you one on your shoulder as you crossed the crosswalk to the bus station . Then a white light hit and aloud ringing in your ear went off you wondered if you accidentally walked into traffic.
To be Continued in part two !
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