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fluffyomlette · 6 hours ago
Prompts for a death god with a florist?
The death god is trying their best to grow plants but just cant so the florist helps them calm down if you can.
Ahhh this is so cute! I hope you like these prompts :)
- - - - -
“Why are all your plants so...colourful? Roses, lillies, sunflowers. Let’s get something deadly!”
“No. Now, come help me plant these hyacinths.”
- - - 
“I appreciate that you’re very invested in gardening but uh, you might want to get back to your real job? People aren’t dying anymore. Overpopulation and all that.”
“Not my problem. How do you grow tulips?”
- - -
“Ah, I like how you think!”
- - - 
“Hey, was that customer being a dick? Do you want me to kill him?”
“Wh- No! Okay, we need a serious talk. No killing my customers.”
“Didn’t say anything about not killing their plants.”
- - -
“Why did you get into gardening anyway?”
“Oh, I was trying to impress a cute florist I knew.”
“Ah, well, I think they’re smitten.”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 2 days ago
Can I request prompts for OTP who have met each other after a long time and one of them was presumed dead? And it's a very very happy time for both of them :) Thank you!
Of course! I hope you like these :)
- - - - -
“You! I mean, I’m sorry, I... I mistook you for someone else.”
“It’s me. Really.”
- - -
“I thought you died!”
- - -
“Where...where were you?”
“Does it matter? I’m here now. With you. And I’m not leaving.”
- - -
“So you didn’t die after all.”
“Oi, don’t look so sad about that!”
- - -
“Are you happy? You’ve driven me mad, now I see ghosts. I see you.”
“What do you mean? I’m really here!”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 6 days ago
Can I requests prompts about a calm, dense but sassy immortal exorcist (male) and a boy who just wanted to die before he fell in love with that person and decides to stay as long as possible with his love? Thank you!
Of course! Hope you like these :D
- - - - -
“Gah, you eat like it’s your last meal.”
“You never know.”
“I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen.”
“Yeah, sure, what can you do?”
“Cook a meal thrice as better as that one.”
- - -
“So what are you here for? To make sure I don’t cause trouble if I don’t pass over quietly?”
“To make sure you don’t cause trouble at all.”
- - -
“I don’t want to be an immortal! Who could stay alive for so long, see all the terrible things, and be okay with it?”
“Well, you clearly don’t know me. Maybe we can go on a few dates and rethink that mindset?”
“...are you trying to seduce me into staying alive?”
- - -
“I swear, if someone asks me about some major historical event from this period of time, I’d say I was too busy dealing with you.”
“Aww, cheer up. I’m more amazing than any major historical event.”
- - -
“You should take an immortal’s word. Just because I can’t die doesn’t mean you won’t with all these you’re testing.”
“That’s exactly what I’m going for!”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 10 days ago
James-Henry Anniversary fic!
It’s been a year since @starliight-musings and I started writing about James and Henry! Thank you to @quirkykayleetam​ for helping me figure out words. This is inspired by @fluffyomlette‘s doctor prompts here. 
Content warnings: blood, gunshot wound, mention of stabbing
Word count: 536
 Come to your office
James rolled his eyes. Really? It had been a year since he’d found a man bleeding out in an alley on his way to work. James had visited the man - Henry -  when he woke after surgery, and one thing led to another, and a year later, James was in the process of selling his apartment, since he spent all his time at Henry’s anyway.
Henry had an intense way of flirting. James had known that from the start - at first he’d thought it was because of the blood loss, and then the pain killers, but then Henry had asked to buy him coffee, and bought him flowers, and swept him off his feet, pulling off even the cheesiest lines.
A few months after they started dating, Henry had shown up at the hospital. “I bit my lip,” he’d said after giving James a moment to panic. “Kiss it better?”
Another time it was a paper cut. It was as if Henry took every excuse he could find to tell James he needed a doctor. James still hadn’t decided if he found it more charming or annoying.
“What is it this time?” he asked as he pushed open the door. “Did you stub your toe?”
Henry was slouched in one of the chairs. “Hi, Angel,” he said. He liked calling James that. His ‘saving angel’. “Happy anniversary." 
"Already?” James said, taking the bouquet Henry handed him. Blue and yellow flowers, like the first time. “Has it been that long since we started dating?” He felt a little guilty about forgetting, but he really hadn’t realized.
“Since we first met, yes.”
“…you bought me flowers for the anniversary of you getting stabbed?”
“Of you saving me.”
As Henry leant in for a kiss, James put a hand on the other man’s hip.  His hand met something red. Henry tried to hide a flinch, but when James looked down, his hand was red.
“Are you bleeding?” he asked, looking between Henry’s face and where the wound had been hidden under his jacket.
“I’m fine, babe,” Henry said, as if he could stop James from asking. “It’s just a graze.”
“You got shot?”
“Babe,” Henry groaned, but didn’t argue when James pushed him back into the chair. “I’m fine.”
“You came to me for medical help over a papercut,” James reminded him. “This needs stitches, and antibiotics. Let me call a nurse and we’ll take care of this.”
“Don’t.” Henry’s grip on his arm was sudden and firm.
“Don’t call anyone. Can you do it yourself?”
“I… yes,” James said slowly. A year ago, Henry had gotten stabbed, and he’d never talked about why. James hadn’t asked, had thought it was a random incident, that it was traumatic. He hadn’t had reason to think otherwise until now. “What happened?”
“It doesn’t matter. I’m fine.”
James wanted to argue, but Henry’s eyes were clear and serious.
“Don’t tell anyone. I’m fine.”
“…okay,” James said, and gently moved Henry’s hand from his arm. “Let me get some sutures. I won’t tell anyone.”
Henry nodded.
James stitched him up in tense silence, and they both knew they would have to have a difficult conversation tonight.
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fluffyomlette · 10 days ago
Hello! Maybe a quiet athletic male and an out-going female? Slightly competitive with each other once they became friends, I’m thinking basketball would be good :) Thank you!!l
I have some competitive prompts here, but here’s more! Hope you like them :D
- - - - -
“Let’s have a bet. If my team wins, you go on a date with me.”
“I mean, I’d go with you anyways, but sure.”
- - -
“Stare at me any longer and you’ll be whacked in the head with the ball once again.”
“Not my fault you’re so awesome.”
“We’re supposed to be on opposing teams!”
- - -
“You’re distracted. We need to win this. If you’re sick or something, sit this game out.”
“Wh- I’m not-”
“You need to take care of yourself, okay? I need you on this team.”
- - -
“That- That wasn’t fair! You know what, you and me, mano a mano after school.”
“If you wanted to get me alone, you could have just said that.”
- - -
“If we’re late to practice again, coach will have our head.”
“Is it already time? I was hoping we could stay for a while longer.”
“How did you go from liking basketball to liking me? Gah, I’m such a bad influence!”
“Heh, the worst.”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 12 days ago
could i request a couple where one of them has a prosthetic arm(or limb in general)? the others a little confused but has the spirit
Of course! I must warn you, though, I have no experience with prosthetics, so if anything is wrong/offensive please let me know in the notes.
- - - - -
“Jeez, can you please stop leaving your arm around? Nearly gave me a heart attack in the dark.”
“Heh, I’m gonna do that again.”
- - -
“Gimme a hand!”
“Oh come on!”
- - -
“My hand died again!”
“Where now?”
“It’s stuck on the microwave.”
“*Sigh* I’ll get the cord.”
- - -
“I’ve kept all my old legs.”
“That’s a terrifying sentence out of context.”
- - -
“Does your arm have wifi?”
“I don’t think so, I’ve never-”
“Can I rickroll your arm?”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 12 days ago
Please, I need more of your colleagues to lovers T_T)
Ahh of course! Hope you like these :)
- - - - -
“Are you coming to the Christmas party after work? Everyone’s going.”
“Hell no, I don’t want to get stuck under the mistletoe.”
“And there goes my plan.”
- - -
“Oh my god, you’re wrinkling my shirt. The boss is gonna get mad at me.”
“You could wrinkle my shirt too...I’m just saying— “
- - -
“You’re stealing supplies too?”
“Listen, I’m all out of pins.”
- - -
“I’m only here because you’re good at this, okay? I don’t- I don’t like you or anything, I just need your help.”
“I mean, (name) is also good at it...you could ask them-”
- - -
“Come with me to the event.”
“It’s couples only!”
“They don’t need to know we aren’t dating.”
- - -
“I’m gonna report you to HR for being this cute.”
“Please don’t get us both fired.”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 15 days ago
Any prompts for a demon in love with an ordinary human? Love your prompts, By the way.
I have some angel x demon prompts, but here’s human x demon ones! Hope you like these :3
- - - - -
“Are you and Satan friends?”
“Oh yeah, best buds. We go waaay back.”
“Wait, really?”
- - -
“Love, you should really stop summoning me without warning.”
“Why not? I missed you.”
“You’ll miss clean carpets if you do that again.”
- - -
“Is God real?”
“I’m the last person you should be asking that to.”
- - - 
“I have a phone for a reason! You don’t need to try summoning spells again.”
“I’m trying to be better at them!”
“Please just call me.”
- - -
“Do you humans generally despise demons? I mean, look at this movie poster. I’m a demon and I’m not nearly as horrendous.”
“You’re lovely, darling, it’s just humans.”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 16 days ago
Childhood friends to enemies to lovers?
my brain only thinks of catradora now lmao here you go, hope you like these :D
- - - - -
“I don’t- I don’t need them! I never needed them. We’re on opposite sides now. I don’t have time to think about what was.”
- - -
“Remember when we were friends? As kids.”
“Remember when I tried to kill you?”
“I’m trying to pretend that didn’t happen.”
- - -
“You know what? You were wrong. We were never friends. Friends don’t leave.”
“(Name), I didn’t leave you because I hated you, I left because I ca-”
“If you cared, you would have stayed.”
- - -
“You know, you’re pretty cute.”
“Even when I try to kill you?”
“Yeah, even then.”
- - -
“(Name), please stop. This isn’t you.”
“But you don’t understand, this is me. I’ve never felt better. Turns out all I had to do was be your enemy.”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 17 days ago
Idk if I've asked this before but maybe otp where one of them is bilingual and the other isn't? (Adore your prompts btw!)
I have something like that here, but here’s more! Some aren’t dialogue prompts, more like...action prompts?
- - - - -
B learns A speaks a second language and asks them to teach them swear words. A teaches them nice words, and B starts using them more often than they realise. It’s hilarious to watch them yell at a driver on the street.
- - -
A using the second language for some words they don’t remember, and B being very confused.
- - -
“It’s amazing being bilingual. You can understand double the memes.”
“Double the sad songs too.”
- - -
“What’s this word in (language)?”
“What’s that? What’s this? What’s-”
- - -
“You’re amazing.”
“A, you know I don’t speak (language).”
“Yeah, yeah, I know.”
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fluffyomlette · 25 days ago
This is absolutely not based on real life events. Girl and a guy, known each other since childhood but not really close(1 of those relationships). Call each other bro and sister, always teasing each other. Guy has a crush on girl, girl is confused if hes flirting or just teasing her like always.
feel free to ignore lol
Something like that here, but here’s more!
- - - - -
"Sooo, when are you taking me to meet your parents?”
“(Name), we’ve been friends since diapers. You’ve met my parents.”
“Oh, you haven’t told them we’re dating yet?”
- - -
“Are you flirting with me?”
“Yeah, is it working?”
“You’re joking, you aren’t flirting with me.”
“I am literally flirting with you right now.”
- - -
“*Sigh* You’re lucky I love you.”
“As a friend?”
“Yeah, sure.”
- - -
“OOooh you got a crUUshh”
“Yeah, it’s this really oblivious dumbass that doesn’t get the hint.”
“Damn, must be annoying.”
- - -
“I am very confused, are you serious? Like, about the flirting.”
“Oh my god I’ve been so oblivious.”
“You have, yes.”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 25 days ago
Any prompts for colleagues to lovers?
Of course! Here you go, hope you like them :)
- - - - -
“This is...very unethical.”
“Your face is unethical! Now, will you go on a date with me? After working hours.”
- - -
“(Name), we’re on a date as friends. Not colleagues. Stop talking about the workplace, tell me what your favourite flower is.”
- - -
“This is (name), my colleague. We, uh, work together. And do work stuff.”
“Yeah. Work stuff. We’re a great team.”
“You think so??”
- - -
“Oi, how come only (name) gets donuts? I thought we were friends!”
“Oops, I’m all out.”
- - -
“Are you sure we should be doing this here?”
“We absolutely should not be doing this here.”
“Let’s do it.”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 25 days ago
Any prompts for a powerful entity being a Yandere for a human? Love your prompts btw. (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。
I have some here, but here’s more! Hope you like these :D
- - - - -
“You...You won’t hurt them. You can’t.”
“Do you want to bet on that, darling?”
- - -
“Shhh, I hate hurting you, sweet. I know, I know, but you make it so difficult sometimes. Be a good pet and listen to me, okay?”
- - -
“I could kill you if I want to. You know that. It’s a miracle you’ve stayed alive this long with that sharp tongue of yours.”
- - -
“You’re very lucky, you know that? I can do anything, anything I want, and I’ve chosen to spend that on you. Don’t I deserve a reward?”
- - -
“Sleep well, my love. I’ll deal with our little problem. I’ll be back quick, don’t worry.”
- - - - - 
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fluffyomlette · 25 days ago
I hope this isn’t to specific .Two alien lovers crash land on earth in the 1950s they use the last of their ships energy for human disguises so they can live a normal life the problem is their human disguises are both male
Of course! Hope you like these :]
- - - - -
“Yo, that’s kinda gay.”
“What’s a gay?”
“Whatever you’re doing now, for sure.”
- - -
"How did your parents take you coming out?”
“I don’t remember, I was a fetus when I came out. Maybe they were happy?”
- - -
“Lisa has been hitting on you all night.”
“Oh, I noticed. I’m dating (name), though.”
“You’re, um, you know...(hand movement)?”
- - -
“Do you have any clue why that old woman has been staring at us, dear?”
“Maybe because you look stunning in the...what’s it called, tuxedo?”
“You flatter me.”
- - -
“You know, maybe its a phase.”
“I can assure you (name) is the one I have loved all my life.”
“You should give it thought, you know?”
“Maybe crash landing here was a bad idea.”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · 25 days ago
Heya!! Could I get some prompts where A is trying to comfort B after a really intense nightmare?
Ahhh comfort scenes are my favourite, here you go!
- - - - -
“You- You won’t leave me, right?”
“I wouldn’t dream of it. C’mon, let’s get you to bed.”
- - -
“It was so real, I-”
“Shh, it’s okay. I’m here.”
“...thank you.”
- - -
“Do you...wanna talk about it?”
“Yeah. Yeah, er, that would be nice.”
- - -
“Can you come over?”
“B, it’s three- wait, are you crying?”
“I just. I had a really bad nightmare.”
“I’ll be over in a few minutes.”
- - -
“I don’t think I can sleep alone tonight. Um, do you mind if I...”
“C’mere. There’s plenty of room for us.”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · a month ago
Would you ever do prompts where person A keeps getting injured so they can see person B, who is the medic/doctor? (Maybe even where person B is actually the flirtatious one, that'd be a neat twist.)
GOSH this, I love this so much. Here you go!
- - - - -
“You’re here because...”
“I scraped my knee.”
“*sigh* Again?”
“What can I say? I just can’t stop falling for you.”
- - -
“Your pulse is a little high. Is it because I’m holding your hand?”
“That, and the fact that you’re too close.”
“I wonder what will happen when I do...this.”
- - -
“It...wasn’t supposed to get this bad.”
“You absolute idiot, you- you could’ve just asked me if you wanted to see me! Not go out there and sacrifice yourself.”
- - -
“Take off your pants, it’s getting bloody.”
“Whoahoho, slow down there. Shouldn’t we at least go on three dates?”
“Are you assuming I’m some uncultured person who doesn’t get dinner first?”
“Well, I wouldn’t know.”
- - -
“You’re not supposed to pick favourites, doc.”
“Trust me, if I didn’t, you’d be dead by now.”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · a month ago
how many asks do you have right now?
Around 12, I think? I have some half answered, and some fully answered but need to be tagged in my drafts too.
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fluffyomlette · a month ago
hiiii!! can i request for an otp prompt where character A tries to make character B smile without them knowing?? A supposedly hates B so they have to go out of their way to both make B smile, and to make sure B doesn't find out they're behind all the little things A tries to make B happy. things like putting a piece of paper with a smily face on it on B's desk or secretly bribing (?) their barista to add extra whipped cream on B's latte–things like that!! thank you so much!! :DD
This is so cute 🥺😭 hope you like themmm
- - - - -
“How did you know I like  M&Ms?”
“Ehh...stab in the dark? Hey, do you know why the M&M went to college?”
“It wanted to be a smartie!”
- - -
“Oh, you like almond milk compared to normal milk? Sure would be a shame if there’s no milk except almond haha...ha...here’s your coffee.”
- - - 
“You know, you’re the only person who sends me hand-written thank you notes.”
“I find it has a certain charm.”
“Well, C just told me you don’t send those to anyone else.”
- - -
“What are you doing?”
“Doodling on the margins of your notebook. That’s your dog, and that’s you.”
“They’re stick figures. Cute stick figures. I like it.”
- - - 
“Did you write these quotes on my notebooks?”
- - - - -
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fluffyomlette · a month ago
Just wanted to say I love seeing your prompts whenever i'm scrolling through. Even if I don't plan on using them, they always bring a big grin to my face because they're so fun!
Thank you so much! It makes my day when people tell me they love my prompts 🥺💖
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fluffyomlette · a month ago
you are now my favourite person on Tumblr and i won't let you convince me otherwise
Tumblr media
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