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&nbsp When stockpiling for an emergency, food security is our number one concern. We have to make sure that our family won't go hungry during a catastrophe.At Wild Oak Trail, we offer a great variety of brands and products that can efficiently provide you with much-needed emergency survival food storage kits.Wild Oak Trail offers you the best brands of Food Storage that are highly recommended by various communities who are into serious planning and emergency preparation. Profile Links YouTube Blogger Wordpress Gravatar Tumblr Twitter Diigo Weebly Evernote Getpocket GDrive OneNote AboutMe Pinterest Newsblur Aboutme Instapaper Disqus
foodstoragekits · 9 months ago
Best Solar Generators 2021
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The Best Solar Generators For You and Your Lifestyle
Recently, the annihilation of damaging typhoons and quakes in different parts of the world made many individuals mindful of how under-set they are in facing different disasters. Also the presence of a worldwide pandemic that shook the world. It is undoubtedly safe to state that being prepared is no longer being completely supplied with the standard substance of your Home Medicine Cabinet and a Go-Bag yet rather, in these difficult occasions, we need to ensure that we are exceptional to survive all alone for quite a long time. Luckily, we are likewise at a time where one can undoubtedly put resources into an incredible solar generator that can be promptly accessible in the midst of hardship.
In spite of the fact that fuel generators have been very famous for individuals who have just been living off-grid, a Lithium-controlled solar generator is demonstrated to be a vastly improved other option. Not exclusively will these decrease the carbon impression in the present climate, yet additionally, picking a solar generator is significantly more powerful when you are in a position wherein fuel isn't readily available.
An ever-increasing number of organizations are making solar based generators easy to utilize and comprehend. They are likewise outfitted with easier parts and easy to use. Did you know that the potential sun-based energy that we can gather a day is at 173,000 terawatts? This is multiple times greater than the absolute populace energy utilization! As indicated by the International Energy Agency, we will procure a lot of long haul benefits by utilizing solar energy. In addition to the fact that it is inexhaustible, it is a limitless, clean, import-reliant, manageable asset. Matched with the continually improving innovation, we have unlimited possibilities!
Here is a useful guide in getting the best Solar generator that accommodates your experiences and your home!
Best Portable Solar Generator
In reality, as we know it where the vast majority would want to remain inside and appreciate the organization of their different hi-tech gadgets, there are still a few people out there who desire adventure. These individuals might want to appreciate the best of both worlds, being out in the wild while having the choice to use the solaces that they are utilized at home. That is the reason the requirement for versatile generators is on the ascent. Furthermore, these generators are likewise an extraordinary advantage to the individuals who are utilizing electronic clinical gadgets. They also can go out and luxuriate in the excellence of nature without agonizing a lot over running out of juice for their gadgets.
Anyway, what is the best compact solar generator out there?
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On the first spot on our list, we have the now-famous Titan Solar Generator by Point Zero Energy. The Titan Solar Generator is prepared to furnish you with a trustworthy solar generator that will be ready whenever you need it, making this quite possibly the most flexible versatile solar generator available. It's gladly worked with viable, quality parts that will cause you and your family unit to feel at ease during power outages or crises. The MPPT charge regulator is an incredible touch as it permits you to amount to 2000w sunlight based information.
With the assistance of its natural 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter innovation, the Titan Solar Generator can without much of a stretch adjust to any sort of circumstance you toss at it. This inventive methodology will give you more prominent transportability without bargaining power. By isolating the battery from different segments you can add or supplant batteries rapidly and effectively, extending to your individual force needs. You can charge the Titan Solar Generator with Solar, Wind, and the standard AC charger, even every one of the three simultaneously.
The Titan additionally offers an advantageous path for you to add another battery by their clever stacking framework. This creative methodology will give you more noteworthy compactness and adaptability in what you can control with your solar generator. By just adding more battery packs you can extend or replace your batteries rapidly and without any problem. By separating the battery from the other components, you can easily carry each part.
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Different from other organizations in this industry, Point Zero Energy is really a family-owned and worked business with an incredible enthusiasm to make a dependable solar energy framework that will protect and secure families inside the nation.
The Titan is the brainchild of David Willis, who with the assistance of his degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, had the option to construct and plan a smart framework that tends to the vast majority of our necessities. With David driving Point Zero Energy, they are driven by their craving to make quality sunlight based reinforcement frameworks that are powerful, sturdy, and above all, solid for homes and organizations.
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Ended for the current year, we actually have the Inergy Apex on our rundown! Inergy has made an incredible introduction when they delivered their Kodiak Solar Generator a year ago. It was a hit with solar community learners and experts alike. The Kodiak has likewise gotten very well known for outdoor, boat, and RV enthusiasts. Following this achievement, Inergy had chosen to think of their second solar generator while making it far and away superior to its archetype.
The Apex has been gotten emphatically by shoppers. Because of it being essentially "fitting and play", even the newbies were very satisfied with regards to the fact that it is so easy to use. It is additionally simple to move around at just 25 pounds.
For what reason would it be advisable for you to get yourself an Apex?
Read here:
5 Reasons Why You Should Choose the Inergy Apex Solar Generator.
What are customers saying about the Inergy Apex:
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Click Here for More Reviews on the Inergy Apex
Best Emergency Solar Generator
In spite of the fact that it has just been demonstrated that Solar Generators would now be able to be a steady power source and not just supplemental, a few people just buy units that are left away and are just brought out during crisis circumstances.
In instances of this said crisis, it is vital that each individual from your family should realize how to work your solar generator. It should be easy to use enough that your children could deal with it. An attachment and play kind are likewise substantially more liked. Something that needn't bother with a lot of muddled links or wiring. So, we accept that the Titan 500 Kit by Point Zero Energy is extraordinary compared to other crisis sunlight based generators out there. Allow me to reveal to you why. Besides it being a flexible workhorse, this pack is certainly one that would fit anyone who is not kidding with regards to extreme preparation. Realizing that you can charge your generator utilizing 5 adaptable sunlight based boards in only 2-3 hours is incredible in addition. You can even attach extra Point Zero Energy batteries to stretch your long periods of use. Considering adding two batteries? Don't worry about it! Simply stack them straight up! Three? Sure! Four? Simple peasy! You can even add 5 batteries on the off chance that you need to! That is the way a major monster this Titan is! Additionally? In occurrences where setting up boards or utilizing the divider charger are unrealistic choices, you can generally use your vehicle charger, divider charger, or even wind power! The Titan 500 Kit can control up a wide range of delicate electronic gadgets that you have with no issue. Most don't take into account voltages more than 30-50 volts. The Titan, then again, can take up to 145 volts. This implies your sun-oriented board wires will have extremely low amps going through them making them considerably more proficient (they will be cool to the touch where others will be exceptionally sweltering, squandering power). It likewise makes wiring up your sun powered boards a lot simpler and more secure.
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What comes with your Titan 500 Kit 1) Titan solar generator with one 2000 watt-hour battery (5) 100-watt flexible solar panels (1) 50-foot mc4 extension wire (1) cigarette to SAE (for charging from a car) (1) MC4 to SAE (for resetting battery with solar) (1) MC4 to Anderson adapter (for connecting solar panels) (4) 30 watt USB adapters (2 with two USB, and 2 with 1 USB, and 1 USB) (1) AC charger (20A) (1) Manual
Best Solar Generator for RV Living
An ever-increasing number of individuals are getting allured to join the "Van Life". Who wouldn't? With the guarantee of independence from a 9-5 employment which ties you on a work area, being out and about will likewise allow you to encounter various prospects while inundating yourself in different wonderful spots and the organization of inventive individuals.
A Solar Generator is absolutely fitting to be another wellspring of intensity for Van Lifers. A lot of van manufacturers these days are preparing for the Inergy Apex and it's Linx boards. Which would lead us to enthusiastically suggest the Inergy Apex Silver Linx Kit as the most suitable choice for this set-up.
The Inergy Apex has a 30amp RV plug. This source is for you to have the option to associate with your EV shore power line. It has 12.5amps or 1,500w most extreme consistent yield from all sources and with a 3,000w beginning flood greatest.
This bundle incorporates 3 premium Linx boards that you can set up on the top of your RV or van. Since these monocrystalline boards just weigh 8lbs every, it's very simple to cut them down when vital. What's more, the pre-bored openings with metal grommets would make mounting and making sure about a serious breeze.
NOTE: As you may have as of now hears, the Inergy Apex has been ceased early this year as they are currently dispatching the organization's third Solar Generator, the Inergy Flex. We've heard the buzz of fervor going on and we can't hold on to perceive what Flex can offer! Until further notice, you can at present update your Kodiak and Apex units by buying the Inergy Linx Solar Panels.
What comes with your Apex Linx Silver Package(1) Apex Generator 
(1) Apex Generator (1) Standard Wall Charger (3) 100 Watt Linx Solar Panel (3) Chainable Base Camp LED Lights (1) 30 ft Solar Panel Cable (2) 6 ft EC8 Solar Panel Cable (1) 1 Year Warranty
Best Solar Generator for Off-Grid Living
With the abrupt increment of interest in off-grid living, it's safe to state that the solar energy industry is undoubtedly staying. Truth be told, last 2018, there was an increase of solar energy use by around 10%. This measure of produced energy alone is as of now enough to control over 12.7 million American homes.
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The chance of accomplishing an independent way of life is currently turning into an objective for some. An ever-increasing number of individuals want to live in an off-grid framework and the thought of acting naturally adequate to the point of not depending on public utilities, for example, electricity is currently a trend. That is the place where the Humless become an integral factor. The Humless Universal 30.85 guarantees a reasonable framework that is prepared for both Off-Grid and On-Grid living.
This great 30kWh of lithium house battery stockpiling is working to last with its 6.8kW inverter, charge regulator, battery, the board framework, and an LCD screen checking. This framework has enough capacity to get most if not the entirety of your home apparatuses working. Moreover, this battery framework additionally incorporates an astounding 5000w of battery reinforcement power. Purchasing a Humless 30.85 doesn't just give you and your family an incredible electrical option for your home yet it additionally gives you genuine feelings of serenity.
Best Solar Generator For Off-Grid Camping
All work and no play will surely make you a dull individual. Furthermore, what better approach to appreciate an incredible holding time with you and your family than outdoors! It has been demonstrated over and over that outdoors doesn't just fortify family ties yet hardens you up to us well. Also, a significant quiet approach to disengage from your online media and reconnect with mother earth. In the event that you're totally supportive of pursuing undertakings, at that point, Wild Oak Trail suggests the Off-Grid Camping Package by Lion Energy.
At $899, Lion Energy ensured that you would have the option to advantageously take power alongside you while you drench yourself with the miracles that nature can bring.
What's included in the Lion energy Off-Grid Camping Package?
Lion energy's Lion Safari LT
A 100 watt folding solar panel
Three light bulb string
A 25-foot Anderson cable.
The Off-Grid Camping Package incorporates Lion Energy's Lion Safari LT which has a long period of more than 1000 charge cycles. What's incredible about this unit is that its battery innovation can hold a charge for a whole year. You'll never be found napping with Safari LT, come downpour, a day off, or tremor.
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Best Solar Generator Package Under $3000
In the present innovation, different producers have made solar generator frameworks that permit the regular individual to have an inclination to live off grid, without using up every last cent.
At the cost of $2,530, Nature's Generator will assist you with creating and storing more power. Nature's Generator Platinum WE System can give you a consolidated 1,920Wh of run time. Not just that, you will likewise have the decision to outfit the intensity of the breeze during those days where sun exposure is minimal. This implies that you can remain charged and connected in practically any climate situation.
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What's included in Nature's Generator Platinum System?
Nature's Generator with a pre-assembled Heavy Duty Cart, Nature's Pulse Smart Key, and Power Cord
Nature's Generator Power Pod
Three Nature's Generator Power Panels with Two 50ft solar panel cable and One MC4 branch connector
Nature's Generator Wind Turbine with Hub, Nose cone, 5 blades, 100ft wind turbine cable, Controller box, Hardware and tool bag
Owner's Manuals
Another incredible component of this unit is the capacity for you to oversee and control it using your smartphone. Nature's Pulse Monitoring App is a superb expansion that will give you all you require to think about your generator. Through the application, you can screen your battery and the ability much power your sun-oriented and wind turbines are delivering. It will likewise tell you the run times on all of the appliances that you have connected to the system. What's more, it can uncover a point by point use history of your generator and even run diagnostics on your unit. The application likewise empowers you to contact Nature's Generator for any worries or questions that you may have which is advantageous and productive.
Best Solar Generator for Both Home and the Outdoors
In the event that you have been following the Solar Industry, at that point you may have heard this mainstream smooth, and gleaming new distinct advantage. EcoFlow and it's DELTA 1300 Portable Battery Generator. On the off chance that you know about the robot organization, DJI, whose drone batteries are probably lightweight, enduring, and amazing, at that point you should realize that EcoFlow is in its equivalent proficient hands. Similar business people who had the option to plan the ideal battery for extremely delicate gear, for example, a robot had the option to step it up a score and assumed on the liability of designing a similarly magnificent generator with an uncommonly quick charging battery
The DELTA 1300 sneaks up suddenly at an incredible 1260Wh of energy stockpiling limit. At long last, a battery that can genuinely be a home generator and an outside generator simultaneously.
Stay controlled for quite a long time with a wide scope of gadgets and apparatuses, whenever and anyplace. With a yield of 1800W (3300W flood), Eco Flow DELTA satisfies any guideline of any divider sources so you'll generally feel right comfortable. Charge your PC, TV, microwave, coffee maker, and fridge on the double.
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EcoFlow's most grounded battery generator additionally flaunts a snappy 1-2 hours of full charging of your battery. You can revive from 0 - 80% in as quick as 60 minutes. Having a Universal solar input, you don't need to stress over charging using your panels. The DELTA can even charge your Electric Vehicle!
For as long as two years, EcoFlow has committed their valuable time and energy into making the X-Stream Recharge Technology. This innovation gives the quickest energize rate available, working 10x occasions quicker than contending brands of battery-controlled generators. This permits DELTA to be completely revived in less than two hours using any regular wall outlet
EcoFlow additionally offers a variety of inventive items and are as of now raising a kickstarter for their new units. This organization is surely conquering the Solar Industry and are staying put.
What do you think? Which one of these captured your interest? Feedback is very much appreciated!
If you're looking for Generators, Wild Oak Trail has a great resource for you. Below you will find a copy of their post on Best Solar Generators 2021 that was originally posted on January 9, 2020. You can find it here
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How To Choose A Survival Food Kit
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Setting up a survival food kit for a crisis is perhaps the sharpest move you'll make for yourself and your family. Nobody knows when a crisis will cause power blackouts or food deficiencies.
Regardless of whether you set up your nourishments together or purchase an instant survival food unit, here are the main variables to consider:
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The measure of energy you get from your food is quite possibly the main variable to consider while picking your food. The wellbeing of you and your family ought to be your main need, and arriving at your everyday calorie admission is the best thing you can accomplish for survival.
In a crisis, you'll probably require a greater number of calories than ordinary as stress and higher effort implies consuming your calories quicker.
Ensure you have 1600-1800 calories for every day.
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Calories are significant however you'll need to go after nourishments with high health benefits to keep you going long haul. Pick meals with calories moderately adjusted among carbs and fats, containing loads of fiber and different supplements.
Numerous prepackaged survival food packs are very carb-substantial with high sodium substance and low healthy benefit. It's essential to check the bundle and be educated about the supplements you and your family need for ideal wellbeing.
Numanna is a decent model for what a healthfully adjusted pack resembles.
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Presently it's an ideal opportunity to get somewhat more explicit. What ingredients would it be a good idea for you to purchase and store? You won't have the alternative of going to the market in a crisis, so you will need to pick nourishments that you realize how to cook, are nutritious, and have a long shelf life.
Go for nourishments with an assortment of cooking and putting away strategies. You would prefer not to just depend on frozen nourishments and risk the power going out in your home. On the other hand, you don't need just canned products, as those can be hefty and difficult to move on the off chance that you need to move rapidly.
Related  – Best Prepper Food Checklist
Cooking Methods
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How you're ready to set up your food will affect which nourishments you choose to place in your pack. Remember - most prepackaged food packs require boiling water to get ready.
While dried foods like rice and beans are extraordinarily fatty and low space nourishments, you'll need to have an assortment of different foods close by in the event that you don't have quick admittance to boiling water or hardware. Nourishments, for example,dehydrated, freeze-dried, or canned food sources are for the most part great to have accessible, as they don't need fire or boiling water.
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Taste is regularly positioned lower on the survival food kit significance scale, however it shouldn't be overlooked. Keeping up assurance is a basic factor in a crisis, and nothing improves mind-set and resolve like a decent delicious dinner.
Children are frequently the most hard to please, and they might not eat at all if the food doesn't taste great. Pressing your pack with delectable dinners will guarantee you just get lousy nourishments.
Protip - If you're purchasing prepackaged nourishments check online audits as clients regularly incorporate their assessment of the item's taste.
Specialized Diet
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The thought of dietary requirements and hypersensitivities is basic. In an emergency, you might not approach life-saving medication in the event that somebody has a terrible response, so you need to evade any opportunity of having a negative response to your food.
Make a rundown of every dietary limitation and hypersensitivities you and your family have prior to assembling your survival food pack or purchasing any pre packaged dinner units.
Survival food pack organizations have extraordinarily improved their items as of late to take into account a wide scope of dietary requirements and limitations. Make it a point to watch that the item you're purchasing is secure for you and your family.
Weight & Storage
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The capacity of your food is another significant component of your survival food unit. You need to consider how much space you have in your house, as it is prescribed to have at any rate 1 to fourteen days of allocations at least.
You should pick a capacity place in your house that is cool and dry, with great ventilation. Cellar or root basements are for the most part the most ideal alternatives.
In case you're setting up a bug-out sack, you'll need to pick nourishments that don't have pointless bundling or fixings. Pick foods that are moderately lightweight, for example, freeze-dried and dehydrated food sources.
Protip – Top-quality holders can add years or even a very long time to your food's timeframe of realistic usability, so pick cautiously. We suggest something like Nutrient Survival Food Kit for packs that are light weight and have a long shelf life. 
Shelf Life
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Above all the other things, the timeframe of realistic usability of your food is maybe the main factor to consider when purchasing a survival food unit. Nobody knows how long food deficiencies will be in a crisis, or how costly food will get when hard to find.
On the off chance that you need to stay outdoors for extensive stretches, you need the significant serenity to know the food with you won't go off. Try not to depend exclusively on frozen or refrigerated nourishments, as the force regularly goes out at the most exceedingly awful occasions.
Need more assistance assembling your survival food kit? Look at our broad scope of items intended for any condition and spending plan. We're generally here to help, so call us and we'll be happy to respond to your inquiries!
At Wild Oak Trail, we are here to help and glad to address any inquiries you have. Call us at 1-844-945-3625 or email
If you're looking for Survival foods, Wild Oak Trail has a great resource for you. Below you will find a copy of their post on How To Choose A Survival Food Kit that was originally posted on November 12, 2020. You can find it here
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Best Prepper Foods For Survival Food Storage
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One of the key elements to being prepared for an emergency is building up your food pantry. Food can be scarce, expensive, or not available at all In times of trouble.To ensure you and your family are safe and well fed in case of an emergency, buy the right food stored in proper containers.
During hard times, Here is a list of long shelf life foods to store.
Before shopping, these are the things that you need to consider
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Before you do your shopping, you ought to have a decent comprehension of significant components to consider when arranging your prepper food list. Here are the overall models to follow.
Easy to store
Easy to prepare
Long shelf life
High in calories
Meets special dietary & allergy needs
Related – How To Choose The Best Survival Food Kit
Bulk Dry Foods
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Dried foods should make the heft of your food prepper storeroom. Lightweight, long-life, and healthfully thick, dry nourishments are adaptable and store well.
Wheat Pasta
Wheat Berries
Flours (potato, corn, etc.)
For best outcomes, keep dry merchandise in food-grade compartments cleansed of oxygen with oxygen safeguards and Mylar liners. Remember, some dry products do require preparing, so ensure you have the fundamental hardware close by to accomplish the work.
Canned Foods
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Canned nourishments are snappy, helpful, and simple to plan storeroom staples. You can discover nearly anything in a can, yet be cautious about expiry dates, as the time span of usability for canned products is regularly 2-3 years. Here is a rundown of normally put away endurance food storeroom canned things
Canned Meat (Ham, Chicken, Sausages, Spam)
Canned Fish (Tuna, Salmon, Sardines)
Vegetables (go for higher calorie veggies like potato, yams, etc)
Meals in a can (prepared chili, ravioli, stews, etc)
Canned Soup
Cooking Oils
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Fats and oils are basic for a sound eating regimen. Oils and fats are a healthful stalwart that fulfills appetite and makes all the difference for you. However, most fats and oils have a timeframe of realistic usability of 1-3 years.
Nut Butters (also good protein)
Vegetable Oil
Olive Oil
Canola Oil
Coconut Oil
Animal Fats (Lard, Ghee, Tallow)
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Water obviously is your generally significant "food" to have close by, yet different refreshments are lightweight, long-life, and add genuinely necessary flavor to help spirit and satisfaction.
Kool Aid Powder
Gatorade Powder
Coffee Granules
Hot Cocoa
Powdered Milk (Good for cooking & baking as well)
Spices & Seasonings
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Flavors and spices make your food taste better, yet some of them can keep going forever if rightly stored. Ground flavors may lose power throughout the long term, yet stay eatable for a long time.
Soy Sauce
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
Chicken/Beer bullion cubes
Pro Tip – Buy whole spices and grind them yourself for longer-lasting spices!
Freeze Dried & Dehydrated
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Dehydrated and freeze-dried meals have sprung into the standard as of late and incorporate a gigantic scope of delightful, nutritious alternatives.
Freeze-dried and dehydrated full meals are a survival food prepper's fantasy presenting lightweight, calorie-thick, all set suppers across the board bundle. They can be exorbitant contrasted with purchasing mass and dried merchandise, yet their straightforwardness, comfort, and long timeframe of realistic usability make them an extraordinary expansion to your prepper pantry.
Various recommended dehydrated food kits include:
Nutrient Survival
If you are searching for the best quality freeze dryer, we propose Harvest Right.
Foods To Avoid Or For Short Term Use Only
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In case you're taking a gander at good stockpiling and a long time frame of realistic usability there are a couple of typical staples you may instinctively reach to place in your survival food unit yet ought to be evaded.
Seeds & Nuts – High-fat content means spoiling quickly
Granola Bars – great for hikers, but won’t last long
Brown Rice – much lower shelf life than white rice
Whole Wheat Flour – much lower shelf life then bleached flour. If you want the nutritional benefits of whole wheat, you can buy whole-wheat berries which last much longer, and grind them yourself.
You can alter your survival food prepper list to suit your definite necessities, preferences, and dietary prerequisites. This rundown is in no way, shape or form a total overview of things you should have. However, make sure to have sustenance, shelf life, stockpiling, cooking techniques, and dietary necessities as a primary concern, your survival food storage kit can be incredibly flexible and fulfilling.
At Wild Oak Trail, we are here to help and glad to respond to any inquiries you have. Call us at 1-844-945-3625 or email
If you're looking for Survival foods, Wild Oak Trail has a great resource for you. Below you will find a copy of their post on Best Prepper Foods For Survival Food Storage that was originally posted on November 12, 2020. You can find it here
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foodstoragekits · 9 months ago
Adventure Essentials
Organizing your next escapade? Whether you're tramping the wilderness, go off on a canoe trip or wanting to put up your off the grid home, you'll ought to have the fundamentals covered. Here's what you'll need:
 #1.) Water Filtration
Water is kind of crucial. As you know, it's vital to your survival, so having a potable and safe to drink water source is imperative for you. We have a variation of Berkey sizes available to fit your necessity. Our Go Berkey Kit is compact and viable, making it an effortless solution.
 #2.) Food Storage
Whenever you have your water source covered, you'll need to arrange food. Obviously you can plan to fish and chase your way along, however it's consistently a smart thought to have a reinforcement plan on the off chance that you run dry, get harmed or would simply like to prepare. Food stockpiling is freeze dried food that is lightweight, shouldn't be refrigerated and won't turn sour. The best part is that it's really scrumptious as well. You can discover a huge load of assortment on our Survival Food and Emergency Food Supplies page.
 #3.) Shelter
Shielding yourself from the components will protect you cozy and guarded. Sure smashing in your camping cot under the stars sounds decent as well, yet climate and neighborhood natural life don't generally make that conceivable. So you can locate some incredible spring up tents here, or for a more strong arrangement, here is an astounding tent that will cause you to feel comfortable.
 #4.) Outdoor Power
In case you're intending to be away from human progress for some time, you will need a force source that you can rely upon. Having a Solar Powered Generator will be an absolute necessity so you won't have to rely upon the framework to get you by. Here are a couple of tough, trustworthy solar powered generators  that we hold on.
If you're looking for Adventure Essentials, Wild Oak Trail has a great resource for you. Below you will find a copy of their post on Adventure Essentials that was originally posted on February 20, 2018. You can find it here
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