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Just another gem from @nopunattempted

he’s not used to being bad at stuff…

“This is called a chord.”

“How the fuck do you get your fingers jumbled together like that?”


“Why can’t I just place them like this, this makes more sense.”

“Because that’s—“


“Merlin, that sounds awful.”

“…that’s just a mess of notes.”

“Isn’t that just music in general, Galliano?”

“I appreciate the philosophy, but no. And it’s Gimeno.”



“My name is Gimeno. Try again, you’ve almost got it.”

“Bollocks and hell. You sure I’ll need this one to play Joni Mitchell?”

“Language. Yes, you’ll need this one play almost anything, it’s A major.”

“A major pain the arse, more like.”

“Hey, hey! No drinking on the clock! You’re supposed to be teaching me!”

“You aren’t paying me, Soren.”

“…Did people make jokes in the Renaissance, or have you lot learned from the students?”

“A bit of both. Now try again.”



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“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

― Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Ginny Weasley through the ages.

(The GIF is really low quality because of Tumblr’s size limit, sorry!)

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f*ck up the friendship // f.w.

summary : Y/N is in her seventh year at hogwarts and is still a virgin. she doesn’t want to be intimate with just anybody, so she asks her best friend, Fred Weasley, to be her first.
word count: 7k
warnings: 18+ smut, oral sex (fem receiving), cussing, your usual sexy time stuff. unprotected sex but i mean they’re wizards so surely its fine right?
(gif not mine)

Y/N Y/L/N sat beside Hermione Granger in the Great Hall, eating lunch at the end of the table and chatting about the latest muggle book Hermione had read and wanted to share with Y/N. She listened intently while her best friend smiled and frowned at the twists and turns of the plot. Breaths into her latest sentence, Hermione stops, peering somewhere behind Y/N with wide eyes and pursed lips, nudging Y/N to turn around before she could get a question out.

Angelina Johnson and George Weasley entered the Great Hall at the same time, sheepish grins on their faces. George scratched the back of his neck, biting his lip while grinning as they parted ways, he headed towards the other side of the Gryffindor table where Fred, Ron, Harry and the other boys sat. Angelina hurried off towards the girls, taking a seat before Y/N.

“You’ve got to be joking!” Hermione exclaimed as Angelina sat fully.

Angelina was glowing.

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tag yourself as the big seven

harry; just wants to get an extra hour of sleep, procrastinator, overthinking the little things, contagious smiles, heart of gold, bear hugs, witty remarks, blasting music out of car windows, sports-oriented, bruised knees.

ron; funny friend, worn flannel, gives good advice, personification of lazy sundays, gold aura, hearty laugh, untied shoelaces, drive-in theaters, scrawling handwriting, jumping in leaf piles, driving down empty roads.

hermione; bullet-journaling, plans to travel the world, soft fairy lights, the mom-friend, coffee rings, the sky’s the limit, jane austen’s ultimate collection of works, practicality is key, scrunched noses, knowing your friends extensively.

ginny; summer fruit salad, would die for their friends; loud and obnoxious, distinctive voice, vanilla scented candles, raging feminist, neon lights, outdoor concerts, inside jokes, electric guitars.

luna; soft voice, running through a field of daisies, pink undertones, thrift-shopping, glittery makeup, constant day-dreaming, cherry blossoms in full bloom, extends kind words to those in need, finishing a crossword puzzle, worn ballet slippers.

neville; owns way too many succulents, falls in love easily, sitting in front of crackling fire, early to bed early to rise, unaware of their own strength, black and white cinema, believes tea is the remedy, sweaters, morning bike rides, and forehead kisses.

draco; cold hands, dimly lit diners, dark sense of humor, violin ballads, has made several questionable decisions, looks like they could fight you but can’t, lighting touching the ground, wakes at odd hours of the night, trust issues, old hollywood glamour.

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So I was always going to do one for Sirius, too, because I need it for reference, but y’all really went hard for the Remus Through the Years & asked me to do one for Sirius, too. So I pushed it up on my priority list for y’all. <3

But really for myself, because I LOVE Sirius. Nearest and dearest to my heart: he’s homoromantic demisexual, and he’s a nonbinary man. Another *very* honorable mention is that he’s actually quite a reader. Borderline bookworm, even. 

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This is me introducing my first long series!

Since I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter and an enthusiast for Greek Mythology, I decided to merge both of these things. 

There will be ten parts of this, each of them with a different character. Some of them are inspired by popular myths and others by gods and goddesses, or the muses. You don’t need to know every story, most of those fics will be written based on concepts of the myths or whatever aspect of them inspired me. 

I tried to branch out and include some characters I’ve never wrote for so that way everyone can enjoy this series!


PERSEUS AND ANDROMEDA: Harry Potter x Reader.

DEMETER: Neville Longbottom x Reader.

ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE: Fred Weasley x Reader.

EROS AND PSYCHE: Remus Lupin x Reader.

HESTIA: Ron Weasley x Reader.

URANIA: Luna Lovegood x Reader.

HEBE: Ginny Weasley x Reader.

HEPHAESTUS: George Weasley x Reader.

NIKE: Oliver Wood x Reader.

THE FATES: Sirius Black x Reader.


I will probably post the series on January, but I’m so excited and I couldn’t stop myself from posting this “announcement”. 

The moodboard is mine but I found all the pictures on Pinterest, so credits to the owners.

Tagging some mutuals that I love and admire:

@vivianweasley @feetoffthetablee @gcdric @shadowsinger11 @thisismynerdyself @cappsikle @idont-knowrn @theweasleysredhair @aesthetically-hailey @slytherinsunrise @bannerbubble @lilac-wrists @storyisnotover

April, I love this idea! I already know this is going to be amazing. Can’t wait to see what you write!

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toujours pur–💀✨

[ID: (beautifully styled fanart of the Black cousins - Narcissa, Andromeda, Bellatrix, Sirius, and Regulus. They are all wearing black and looking very fashionable. Sirius is the only one wearing sunglasses and he has a cigarette dangling from his lips. Andromeda is the only one with a soft smile; the rest are frowning.) end of ID]

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Big Black Boots And An Old Suitcase Part 3

Series Masterlist

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Chapter Summary: (Y/n) comes to terms with her newfound feelings

Warnings: Mentions of nudity?? I think that’s it

Word Count: 1.3k

You paced back and forth in your room, a million thoughts bouncing around in your head. Perhaps this girl was right, maybe there was something more to your relationship with Sirius than just friendship. You thought of all the times your stomach had hurt when you saw him flirting with other girls. You had always assumed that it was revulsion, but it may have been jealousy plain and simple. You thought about his long hair. Godric you hated his stupid hair. But suddenly you found that you didn’t hate his hair. If you were being truthful, it was quite attractive. You thought about his stormy grey eyes and how they could pierce through you and read your every emotion. And you thought about how he wore his own feelings so openly in those beautiful eyes. 

But no, you couldn’t like him. It was Sirius Black for Merlin’s sake. You had seen him through his awkward phase and held his hair for him when he’d thrown up after a common room party. You’d watched him drink the milk straight from the carton and eat a piece of pizza that he dropped on the floor. There was no way that you could like that. 

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I’m such a simp for Gary Oldman as Sirius Black I feel like I can’t breathe properly.

Especially in the order of the Phoenix when he looks like that:

I can’t help it. I’m so in love with him it is unhealthy-

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More Sirius Black Headcanons

Because I love him so much

  • Speaks french fluently
  • Knows how to ballroom dance, he’s really good at it but hates it
  • Plays piano beautifully but will only play for Remus
  • Will pout to get his way, he has those puppy dog eyes and they almost always work
  • Paints his nails
  • P I E R C I N G S
  • His feelings get hurt pretty easily, he usually won’t say anything about it out loud but he’ll get this heartbreaking look on his face
  • When he’s genuinely angry, he doesn’t usually yell. Instead, he gets very quiet and gets this very cold demeanour. He has this like bitter, icy tone and stoney face. But this doesn’t happen super often.
  • Warm smile
  • Pretty hand writing
  • Asks Remus to braid flowers into his hair
  • Says things like
  • “Toxic masculinity is NOT punk rock, stop it” When people are being judgemental about femininity
  • Makes the funniest but cutest face when he’s confused
  • Crinkles his nose a lot
  • His favourite colour is red
  • He wears a lot of rings and they’re gorgeous
  • His. Hands.
  • Twirls his hair around his finger sometimes
  • Freakin awesome music taste
  • His socks always have fun patterns and colours on them
  • So do his boxers lol
  • Loves cheesecake
  • Has a habit of not thinking before doing or saying things sometimes
  • Always leaves the top few buttons of his shirts undone
  • “It looks COOLER LIKE THIS! Moony, tell me I look pretty!”
  • Makes really good tea
  • Looks GOOD in crop tops, wears them on occasion
  • Takes Remus on amazing trips all the time. They go on fun dates around the world, he has his parents money and doesn’t care about how much he spends because they suck
  • Scared of the dark
  • Actually likes heights, they make him feel really alive and free
  • Remus gave him a necklace for his birthday in 5th year and he’s never taken it off
  • Really good at making friends
  • Very protective of his loved ones, especially Regulus
  • Wears beanies and knitted hats in the winter, they look adorable on him
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It’s loving Sirius Black hour! Tell me your favourite headcanons about this sweet, beautiful boy🥰❤️

Please do it, I want to know em all

(Also yes, every hour is loving Sirius Black hour here)

Sirius is Always full of energy and he’s Always moving. He drums his fingers on the table, messes with his hair, twitches his foot, rocks his chair back on two legs. The number of quills this boy goes through oh my god- he’s always rapping them on the table or holding them too tight. He’ll be in the middle of charms and his quill snaps and he Panics and then james or remus will roll their eyes and hand him yet another quill under the table.

Related side note: Sirius can’t remember anything unless he writes it down. He takes the most meticulous notes- sometimes moony will copy his- and writes down the times of all his classes. But he’s Terrible at organizing it all. His book bag is just a mess of loose parchment and his pockets always have scraps of paper in them. If something’s really important he’ll write it on his hand so he can’t lose it.

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there is a clear distinction between gof sirius and ootp sirius so let’s talk about it because it’s all i’ve thought about for days.

in gof, sirius lives in a fucking cave eating rats in order to be near harry during the triwizard tournament. this is a decision that puts sirius in danger – being so close to hogwarts with ministry officials prowling around could easily land him back in azkaban. but here’s the thing: sirius doesn’t choose to live in hogsmeade for a laugh, or for his own personal gratification. he did it to protect harry – in the cave scene, when the trio ask what he’s doing, the first thing he says is “fulfilling my duty as godfather.”

and he is. because throughout gof, sirius gives advice, guidance, and comfort to harry. he tells him not to take unnecessary risks, to stay safe, to focus on getting through the tournament alive. sirius chastises harry after he finds out that he went into the forest with krum, he offers sympathy when harry talks about the fight he has with ron, and also, he lived in a cave and survived on rats just to be close in case harry ran into danger.

consistently throughout gof, sirius is a comforting presence to harry. he is intelligent, protective, and even paternal. this is sirius black at his best.

and sirius black at his best stands in stark contrast to the man we see in ootp: angry, mercurial, moody. reckless. he constantly makes bad, impulsive decisions: seeing the kids off at king’s cross, popping into the gryffindor fire, picking fights with snape. in ootp, sirius causes harry more worry than he assuages – directly conflicting with his goal of fulfilling his duty. not to mention, his treatment of harry, which is in direct opposition to what he displayed in gof: now, he encourages harry, compares him to james, even guilts him – “you’re less like your father than i thought.” that’s a shitty, low thing to say to the boy you’ve sworn to protect.

and all of this is leading up to the crux of the matter: sirius’s obvious illness. he’s depressed, he shows signs of bipolar disorder, he has tendencies toward alcoholism. he’s likely dealing with some form of PTSD after twelve years in azkaban. these things are true of sirius no matter where he is, but in gof, he’s in a healthier state – ironically, given his living conditions.

the trigger for sirius’s behavior in ootp is grimmauld place. it’s imprisonment, it’s being locked up in a house that he loathed, one that he was almost definitely emotionally abused in. it’s being kept from having an active role in the order, it’s being goaded by snape, it’s being stuck and unable to help, all in a place that represents everything he spent his teenage years trying to escape.

hermione consistently points to sirius’s instability, says that she thinks he’s being unwise, and when harry takes it as an insult on his mental state – it isn’t an insult, it’s a correct observation – hermione says that he’s been lonely for a very long time. and she’s right. in ootp, we see the effects of all of this on sirius, and they’re invariably negative in the extreme.

it’s heartbreaking to see the contrast here, because in one book we see the best of sirius: loyal, selfless, protective, and loving. immediately following, we see the worst.

but even at his worst, even amid his own battles with illness coupled with the fucking infuriating things about sirius black, he protects harry. he goes to the ministry to fight because harry is in danger, and he dies protecting harry.

sirius was fucked up but even at his worst, he still fought for harry in the end because there was no way in hell the person he loves more than anything else could be in danger without him there to protect him. he lost his duel with bellatrix because he underestimated her, because he’s prone to losing himself in the thrill of the fight, because he couldn’t resist the temptation to goad someone he loathed.

but he went into the ministry that night to protect harry. he would have done it for james, sirius, remus, peter, or lily at twenty; he would have done it healthy in gof; and he did it as sick as he was in ootp.

in spite of everything that happened to him – and everything intrinsic to him, all the cruelty and grudges he clings to by nature – sirius is a good person.

because there is nothing sirius black would not sacrifice for a person he loves.

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Something I always think about is how much strength it must have taken for Sirius to be disowned and run away. They briefly mention it in The Order Of The Phoenix but we do not talk about it enough. He grew up learning these lessons on blood purity and how inferior muggles are. Do you know how confusing it is to then meet friends who tell you how wrong those views are? And then finding the strength to leave your abusive household? Standing up to your enemies is easy. It’s something that’s automatic, almost like a reflex. But to stand up to your family? Knowing that they’ll throw you out? That takes strength and courage. Sirius Black doubted the sorting hat’s choice for years. He didn’t feel brave. He didn’t feel courageous. He always thought that he chose Gryffindor to get as far away as possible from the death eaters. What he didn’t know, is that it was never a choice. And in that moment, walking to the Potters, he realized that Gryffindor is exactly where he belongs.

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For y'all’s enjoyment.

Remus is, decidedly, wrong.

So I’m doing Pinktober this year for my art challenge. Today’s prompt was Sassy, and I ended up drawing this:

And someone on the twitch stream commented that they liked the dramatic cat pose, and it hit me.

Same energy.

I guess this is just the pose my brain has for “being really fucking obnoxious.”



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