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Plan at least three different means of egress and keep a close watch on all of them. Disengage and move the action elsewhere if things get too hairy. Civil unrest is most often subdued by maneuver; they will attempt to divide all the rowdy lads into isolated pockets, block egress routes, and tighten the kettle around those pockets until the rowdy lads are trapped and they can safely move in to make arrests.

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Here is a compilation of places to donate (IF you can, simply reblogging and sharing this can help) and petition to sign. I found these websites and organizations on twitter.



  • Willie Simmons has spent 38 years in prison for a $9 robbery. He had two prior convictions similar to robbery that he served time for. He was prosecuted under the Alabama Habitual Offender law and was given a life sentence for his third strike - stealing 9 (NINE) dollars. Sign his petition. 
  • Breonna Taylor was killed by police who were conducting an UNANNOUNCED drug raid, where they gave no request to enter. They bashed her door and entered, shooting her EIGHT times. They were in the WRONG HOUSE. 
  • George Floyd was killed by a police officer who knelt on his neck and suffocated him to death, after George pleaded with the officer and told him he couldn’t breathe. The officer had pulled him from where he sat in his car on an alleged FORGERY. You can also text “FLOYD” to 55156
  • ARREST THE OFFICERS WHO KILLED GEORGE FLOYD: The main police officer who murdered George is being kept in PROTECTIVE CUSTODY. You probably have heard he was arrested, but this is NOT TRUE. He was placed under PROTECTIVE custody because of the riots and “threats” on his life. 

If you know of ANY other organizations or petitions, PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST. The fight for justice doesn’t end here, it will never end. Especially when the president of the United States calls white supremacists good people and protesters of a mans death THUGS. USE YOUR VOICE. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. FUCK COPS. FUCK “BLUE LIVES”. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER!

the minnesota freedom fund is asking folks to donate to other organizations instead. the specific ones they listed are black visions, linked above, and these two:

  • northstar health collective, organized healthcare professionals working with anti-authoritarian groups
  • reclaim the block, a collective that aims to redistribute funding away from police and towards more community-oriented projects in minneapolis

these are the links i send to my facebook friends who keep running their mouths about “the protests hurting the community”

  • minnehaha food shelfcalvary church food shelf are both centered in the south minneapolis area where the riots started. the grocery stores in the area have been decimated, so food shelves and food insecurity charities need a lot of love right now.
  • northside funders group is a philanthropic group in the twin cities that’s using all its funds right now for helping local businesses
  • migizi is a native american media/history nonprofit whose office was destroyed in the riots
  • we love lake street is devoting funds specifically towards rebuilding the lake street area in south minneapolis

some more groups that could use your help

  • the healing justice foundation is a national nonprofit that’s specifically focusing on mental health resources for bipoc right now
  • ctul is a nonprofit focused on low-wage workers and workers rights in minnesota
  • mpd 150 is focused on policing and specifically trying to reroute the conversation from “we need to change police procedures” to “the police need structural reform”
  • the spiral collective is providing funds for supplies, medic kits, and other things that protesters will need on the ground
  • unicorn riot is a media collective that has had people on the ground filming every night in minneapolis

last but not least some more bail funds

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HOLY SHIT. This was extremely informative. Please everyone READ THIS!!!


Teen Vogue still hitting it out of the park, I see.


How to Safely and Ethically Film Police Misconduct

While people are inclined to whip out their phones and film when they see something alarming happening, those videos are not always recorded in a way that can be used as evidence in a legal proceeding or to support advocacy tactics.

At the human rights organization WITNESS, where I work as the senior U.S. program coordinator, we’ve learned that video has a greater chance of making an impact when it’s filmed ethically and strategically, and released in coordination with advocacy and legal efforts. Using the camera in your pocket can be a valuable way to ensure the world bears witness to abusive policing and systemic racism, help hold authorities accountable, and advocate for the real safety of our communities.

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Don’t forget who’s paying the bills

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hey! do you have any sources for the black-owned business being damaged that you mentioned?? i would really like to spread awareness about them and donate to help them out if possible!

ofc! not all of these are black owned, but all are poc and small local businesses.

scores sports bar, owned by black firefighter kb balla, was burned down. his wife is a member of the sounds of blackness singing group. they have four children. you can donate here.

ghandi mahal burned down as well. owner ruhel islam’s statement was, “let my building burn. justice needs to be served, put those officers in jail.” however he is still left with immense financial burdens. you can donate here.

holy trinity lutherin church opened their doors to act as medics for protestors, most of whom came in for tear gas related injuries. you can donate here.

jose tamay’s local and immigrant owned business was destroyed, just weeks after being destroyed again in an incident unrelated to the riots. you can donate here.

e&l supermarket and deli, owned by adil albosaad, was damaged and looted. you can donate here.

midori’s floating world cafe is a japanese owned resturaunt which was destroyed. they also appreciate what the riots are representing, but again, are faced with financial and timely damages to rectify. you can donate here.

and i’m sure there are much more, but those are some i found really quickly!! i will be donating to all of them within this next week.

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