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Jasmine: My mom is having another baby? What if she forgets about me? Will she ignore me?

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This cutie, THIS FUCKING CUTIE!!! I want to kiss him so bad.. sorry.. XD

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Fic request, fic request! \o/ Hope it’s up to standard lol.

Benson and Tia were spending their Sunday evening on the couch at his apartment, watching whatever was on TV, when she noticed he seemed to be becoming bored. Truth be told, so was she. She watched her boyfriend as he leaned on the armrest, head in hand, eyes fixed toward the screen but not appearing to be paying attention.

“Hey, Benson?” Tia purred. She had a mischievous glint in her eye as her tail twitched.

“Yeah?” Benson looked at her, sitting up a little at the sudden sound of her voice.

“Are you ticklish?”

“Uhh… no? No, of course not. No. Yeah, no.”

“Really?” she asked, incredulous, a smirk growing on her face. She leaned over and lightly stroked his side. Tia’s ears pricked up when she heard her boyfriend snicker. She narrowed her eyes at him and reached over again, this time attacking his underarms with light taps. This time Benson burst out laughing. “Really? Then what was that?”

Benson straightened up and supported himself with a hand on the back of the couch. He took a second to catch his breath before a roguish smile spread across his slightly red face. He began tickling her, peppering her stomach, sides, and underarms with light touches, causing her to laugh out loud. Before long, both of them had rolled off of the couch and onto the floor, Benson not ceasing his attack for a second.

“Stop!” Tia shrieked, grabbing her boyfriend’s attention, “Stop or I’ll pounce on you! I mean it!” She breathed as she assumed the position close to the ground on all fours, continuing to giggle.

Despite the threat, he resumed, looking her straight in the eyes as he reached out with both hands and stroked her neck.

“Okay, you asked for it,” she smirked again as she pounced and gently pinned him to the floor. His hands went to her face. He tried to shove her off of him but was unsuccessful.

“Look! A ball of yarn!” Benson shouted, pointing to the far corner of the room.

Where?!” Tia looked away for a second, and this was enough of a distraction to allow Benson to shove her onto her back.


She swiped at his face with her hand and bared her fangs before giving him a nibble on the arm.

This continued for a while before the couple stopped and laid down next to each other on the floor, both of them now feeling well and truly worn out.

After about a minute of silence between the two, save for the sounds of the TV and their breathing, Tia finally spoke again, “…I win…”

Benson narrowed his eyes at her and chuckled, “You wish!”

“Really? You wanna go again?” she giggled, “oh, wait, you don’t want to lose again! Haha.” Tia lazily rolled over and positioned her face above his, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “I love you, Benson.”

Benson smiled into the kiss. “I love you too.”

Omg this is perfect!! 😍😍 Thank u so much, @terrortalesv! 😊

Why did I think this is going to be dirty? XD

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freakydreamlord·3 days agoAnswer

does alastor hate anyone?:00

Yes. This guy.


They apparently don’t get along at all because of their opposing views on modern technology. With Vox living for it and Alastor basically being my dad.  

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Tag 9 People You’d Like to Get To Know/Catch Up With

wasnt tagged for this but uh i wanted to do it…

the original post was getting pretty long so i started a new one :)

Three Ships: ive been obsessing over Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard, um kandreil, and kevneil 😳

Last Song: Misery Business by Paramore. yeah its an emo classic and i listen to it at least once a day.

Last Movie: i re-watched Coco because my sister wouldn’t let us watch any other movie from the plethora of options available to her

Currently Watching: Victoria on Masterpiece, im on episode 9 season 2 (and oh my god Drummond :((( poor Alfred). beautiful show. 100% recommend it if you want to learn about Queen Victoria’s life through a narrative.  

Currently Consuming: a greek salad for my lunch and some h2o 👍

Food I’m Craving: enchiladas. my mom makes them really good and i want some bad 

Tagging anyone who wants to do this and these guys: @thegreenerartist @ah-jeez @hi-raethia @alittlelately @koholania @bisexual-genderfluid-fan @miru99 @superiordemisexual @kiirynilcc <3

Thanks @thegirlwiththepuffhat and @foxlolpop!! !

Three ships: Andreil, Herongraystairs, and Mr Rochester and Jane😍😍

Last song: Bubblegum Bitch, Marina

Last movie: I rewatched National Treasure a while ago and haven’t gotten around to the second one

Currently watching: Julie and the phantoms, Atla (finally), Supernatural, and rewatching good omens because why not, and also every single historical documentary that Simcha Jacobovici has directed

Currently consuming: nothing, I have to go down for breakfast in a bit, so porridge?

Food I’m craving: I miss eating Taco Bell with my friends before movies, but not really craving it. There’s this amazing food from this ashram that I love and I am quite possibly craving that.

Tagging anyone who sees this as well as @junkiejosten10 @sugawxra-koushi @vibecheck-fromgod @thebeautyofthunderandlightning :)

Thank you so much @bisexual-genderfluid-fan!! 💫😊

Three ships: Andreil, Stucky and Patrochilles 🥺

Last Song: Achilles, Come Down by Gang of Youths because I’m obsessed 😔

Last Movie: Bee Movie 🐝 (it was hilariously weird)

Currently Watching: The Haunting of Hill House 👻

Currently Consuming: Nothing rn, but a few minutes ago I ate a salmon sandwich

Food I’m craving: Sushi, salads and Ice cream

Tagging: @imanightperson @thecornerweirdo @ablogofeverything @blxck-lavender @justashleystuff @bringbackkylosolo @bisexualbiscuitss @thestealthydinosaur @ms-mongoose

And anyone who wants to do this <3

Thanks a bunch @thebeautyofthunderandlightning !! ❤❤❤

Three ships: Mallrats (Grace x Simon), Mabifica (Mabel x Pacifica) and Chansaw (Veronica x Heather Chandler).

Last song iv listened too: The Other Father Song from Coraline

Last movie: Steven Universe the movie, probably

Currently watching: Nothing right now

Currently consuming: I was drinking an iced coffee and iced tea earlier

Food I’m craving: Pizza or some sort of cheesy pasta

Tagging: @gaysailormoonn @zodiacbiologist @www-dummy-com @floralfaeryprincess @thatfreak03 @jacksope @scipunk63 @extremely-pearlmethirsty @shslargue @shineyboysparky @kookyvonkoopasposts

Thanks so much for tagging me @ms-mongoose!!

Three Ships: HNNGG THIS IS SO HARD BUT— Pearlmethyst (Pearl x Amethyst), Rupphire (Ruby x Sapphire), and Pricefield (Max Caulfield x Chloe Price); I love way waaaaaay more than just these three though

Last Song: Dyke Bars Never Last - Sapphic Lasers (Really good song btw!!)

Last Movie: Atomic Blonde, I think?? It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to sit down and watch a movie lmao.

Currently Watching: MSNBC News (yes, I know they’re biased shhhh XD)

Currently Consuming: Water!

Food I’m Craving: Hot pockets 💔

Tagging: @angel-blitz @verminator-rex @bugaboo-valerie @corneliaskenzie @strawdool @paleotoons and anyone else who wants too!!

Aww thanks Ellie! I’m happy to share more about myself too.

Three Ships: Oh man I’ve got so many but I’ve gotta choose only three. I’ll go with the ship I’m currently obsessed with, Armin Arlert x Annie Leonhart (Aruani) from Attack on Titan, Lapis Lazuli x Peridot (Lapidot) from Steven Universe since that show has so many ships, and Kaminari Denki x Jirou Kyouka (Kamijirou) from My Hero Academia since these two are great together and a bit underrated in the fandom.

Last Song: Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac, great song definitely recommend.

Last Movie: Treasure Planet (I implore everyone to watch this movie if they haven’t already).

Currently Watching: Beastars (I’m not a furry I swear).

Currently Consuming: Pretzels (the ultimate snack food).

Food I’m Craving: Usually steak but I had that for dinner so nothing at the moment, but it’s usually that.

Tagging: @burritodetodo @bubblegumlover99 @loomingwillow and @arjb612 but only if you’d like to. :)

Awww thanks bro! 😄 Let’s see what I’ve got :3 (though for some reason when I reblog something, everything’s just one big paragraph and it annoys me x( ) Three Ships: Oof, this is a tough one… Okay! Pamson (Benson and Pam from Regular Show), Catadora (Catra and Adora from She-Ra), and Rupphire (Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe) Last Song: Addict from Hazbin Hotel (that shit really IS addictive, and I feel bad for Angel Dust, don’t @ me 😎) Last Movie: Black Panther, cuz Wakanda forever! 🙅‍♀️ Currently Consuming: Nothing atm 😅 Food I’m Craving: I always crave for burgers 8V~ 🍔 Tagging anyone who sees this as well as: @the-wish-intern @pamson-fan @flufflepops @skeez-queen13 @freakydreamlord @terrortalesv @benson-dunwoody @leela-small @kiddoryder

Three ships: Charlastor (Charlie x Alastor), Chaggie (Charlie x Vaggie), Radiodust (Alastor x Angel Dust)

Last song: X by Poppy

Last Movie: Regular show the movie

Currently watching: Helluva Boss

Food I’m craving: Alastor jk Takis

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Alastor and Pam


Benson: ajajajsjsjajaksks dieeee sisisksos

Oh I can definitely see this happening! Thanks dude!

Alastair would’ve knocked him out because he is one of Hell’s overlords

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Day 6: Rivals!

The comic pretty much explains it all xD

I mainly didn’t color this one, cuz well, it’s late, but mainly cuz it was based on a Detective RP me and @flufflepops did together back on Discord. Good times <:‘3

Btw the fox Tia is fighting with is my other OC Fifi Quinn xP

Damn Tia wild ❤️

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Day 8: Red

Red with anger! 😡

I’m not sure if I colored the red in right, cuz I kinda made her look like she was out for blood 😅😅

Poor Tia

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2,121,566 people are not Hans and counting!

We’ll find you Hans.

This post is scandalous.

reblogging because hans cant. 

If you scroll past this I am going to assume your name is Hans.

I couldn’t not reblog…

3,531,544 non-Han’s

5,943,343 non-Han’s

Wait- wasnt this exact post about people who are not ashley??? Whatever, i am neither hans nor am i ashley, soooooo

This post must have been from the editable posts era

(I’m not Ashley OR Hans sooooo)

huh. i’ve seen an almost exact replica of this but for amanda…

we will find you you damn Prince Hans of the Southern Aisle and we will kill you

I saw one exactly like this, but for Amanda.

I am neither.

i am none of the above

I’m not a Hans but I’m a Jade

10 million people are not Hans

We must reblog to defeat the Hans. 

My name is not Hans, but it is Sarah 

I’m Bre who’s Hans???

How many notes does it take to break a post?

I would also like to know

I am also not Hans

Obviously XD

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👀👀 not gonna name names but SOME of u are sweet and kind and deserve the world and i am rooting for u

fuck you im naming names

@dust-on-the-radio @menditheshe-angel @bayouboy-alastor @rabbit friend whos username i forget @that one person with strawberry in their name which i also forget @splanoot @flitsy (not allowed to tag u for some reason but im tossing u in anyway) @everyone else I forget because my memory sucks

My turn!

@ayveestars @pride-all-day @voodoonot @vaggatha

Fucking hell, I wasn’t tagged but I wanna name some peeps!

@amarynthian-fortress @realtoasted @storykeeperkyle @undergrounddweller89 @thesmoothpudding @zatyrlucy @demydems @juniemunie @strawberry-plmp @incorrect-hazbinqotes @tablefilpapocalypse @dust-on-the-radio @ripdays @lovinglylavishing @atomic52 @blank-canvas-bc @asheepsblog @spider-provider @hanekdraws @flailchicken @gothamopossum @gabendselarom @lorechaos @noxybloo @words4bloghere @danthemanramos @powerofkitz @xxstar-bluesxx @widgetthecatsghost @luminaxandra @azulazurite @sznufkin @mercurius-orion @thearcist @v-mod @villainous-epiphany

Not tagged either, but here I go! @saschagemruler

Ahhh thank you!! ^^

@ratatatattatatatta @radioshowbiz @cantankerouscanuck @hopeless-chicana

B-bro… thanks! Let’s see…

@cirirto @aphamericanhero @hariible @cinnabunni5123

Thank you for the tag!

@gizmovi @gyro-gayloose16 @crappybagelsandallthat @forfuckssakejim @shizu-twg @tanglelover @mediocrecartoondrawer @gompereatsall @infamousquack


Need to do it again because a lot of the mentions didn’t work sksksks

@beaglelover62 @turtleduckdog @imonlyhereforthefanfic @junior-woodchuck @bi-baudelaires @toge-kisses @drummergirl231-2 @clusterduck28 @juniorwoodchucks @responsiblelying @mediocrecartoondrawer @thatgirlwholovescartoons @theofficialpeanutgallery @whisperwillyou @ramblingguy54 @nanininni235 @rechicken-and-waffles @greenhoodie-lou @puzzleducks

oh thank you I needed this!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

@kiddoryder @bubblegumlover99 @leela-small @strawberrybuncake @luclipse85 @the-wish-intern

Aww, thank you! 🥰

@opheliawithrosesinherlungs @kiwibirdlafayette @ronnie-vv @kunimiya @miss-a-z-fell @findthefish @lazy-brown @sir-lancethot @lilpeonyfay @craziestgirleversince98 @discomelody @princeasimdiya12 @avgustea @lukymi @ladyblob @atimes @eroticfriendfictions @jackie-sugarskull


Awww, thank you Becca! 😄❤️ @pamson-fan @freakydreamlord @skeez-queen13 @apricottandoori97 @benson-dunwoody @flufflepops

EEEE, thank you for tagging me Tia! @bubblegumlover99, @flufflepops, @the-wish-intern, @disturbingly-intriguing, @terrortalesv, @freakydreamlord, @thegoodnam3saretaken, @lovecolemagrath, @shypuppershroom, @chrisy-birb, @tabbyxthomas, @stevarts

@bubblegumlover99 @pamson-fan @yellowleader32156 @the-wish-intern

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I wanted a background with my 4 favorite boys so I made it myself ❣

This isn’t NSFW but I drew this and wanted to show the world lmao

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Random Alastor Headcanons

Because why not?

  • He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1896 Making him 37 when he died. 
  • He is mixed race. His mother was African American and his father was Irish. 
  • He is one of the few demons to have had good relationships with both of his parents. 
  • Despite growing up a mixed race child in the early 1900s, Alastor is very well educated. This was because he was kept out of the subpar and biassed education system, available for people like him at the time, and homeschooled instead. 
  • Alastor grew up very sheltered from the world around him. He didn’t know truely know what rasism was or how bad it was until he was older. Unfortunately, he learned it from experience. 
  • He fell in love with jazz when he was young. It was what made him want to work in the music industry. When he wasn’t broadcastting in his beloved station, he was the jamming on trombone with a band that might as well had been made of his brothers.
  • He loves reptiles, especially alligators. During his serial killing days, one of his favourite pass times was feeding the local alligators his victims remains. He says it gave every bit of peaceful pleasure and state of tranquil mind as one would have when feeding the ducks. 
  • If he ever found out someone flushed an alligator down the toilet, he would drown them in said toilet. 
  • If you asked Alastor what his favorite film is, he’d say The Man Who Laughs but that’s a lie. It’s secretly, Diseny’s The Princess and the Frog. 
  • He also adores The Blues Brothers and detests Blues Brothers 200 with a passion.
  • One demon Alastor doesn’t get along with is Sir Pentious. He seems to represent everything he hates about the modern word despite being older than him. In short, his constant, all but desperate attempts to stay hip makes Alastor die inside.
  • He knew Mimzy when he was alive. They met and bonded through jazz and grew very close over the years. He was very sad when Mimzy died. 
  • He can’t actually remember Mimzy’s real name. It’s just been too long. But when he saw her again in hell, he reconised her face immediatly. He tries to keep it a secret from Mimzy to spare her feelings and also because he’s a bit embarrassed by the fact he can’t remember her name. He thinks it might have been Irene. 
  • Alastor tends to get himself established into certain social circles and doesn’t often risk befriendeding anyone outside them. In life, those circles were his coworkers, the black community, the jazz community and his mother’s side of the family, all of which overlapped each other. In hell those circles are the higharchy and maybe one day, the demons he meets at the Happy Hotel.
  • He has never met anyone from his father’s side of the family except for his grandmother. But that was on accident and not a pleasant experience.
  • Alastor is a very social man with many friends. However, since he views all emotion as weakness, he never opens up to them and therefore isn’t nearly as close to them as he thinks. 
  • One of Alastor’s powers is hypnosis but he rarely uses it. More often than not, manipulation is just as effective.
  • His murder victims were mainly racist people. He practically hunted KKK members for sport but his victim list extended to anyone he knew was a horrible person. Or anyone who got in his way. His other victims included, other serial killers, human traffickers, a friend’s abusive husband and someone who shot one of his favourite alligator friends. 
  • Even tough he’s been in hell for the best part of a century, he still doesn’t think what he did to get there was that bad. We’ll at least not as bad as some other demons. Yes, he killed people but they were all horrible people who deserved to die. It’s not like he ever harmed the innocent
  • Despite this, he doesn’t actually believe he’s redeemable. He just enjoys killing, maiming and destroying people a little too much.

Oh wowwwww this is very interesting!

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Yoooo sooo I’ve been looking for a good fix with Alastor and a pregnant Reader just like him finding out some nice fluff and the rest of the gangs reaction to it. Obviously it’s a request so you don’t have to do it, but if you do I hope you have fun.

Hiya! I had two requests for pregnant HCs so for this one I focused in a more canon-aligned Alastor reaction. I’ll be doing the other soon, so keep an eye out! Thanks for requesting, hope you enjoy!

Alastor’s Reaction to his S/O’s Pregnancy

> Alastor is strangely apathetic at first when it comes to your pregnancy. Not in a bad way, but more of a “Oh darling how nice, now what would you like for supper?” way.

> It’s not that he doesn’t care, per se, but it’s more as it doesn’t fully click that he’s going to be a father and you’re going to be a mother.

> He might even come across as callous within the first few months, given of his flamboyant nature and fast-paced lifestyle. He’s not really doting, or understanding within this time.

> You’ll find plenty of comfort and support from the others at the hotel during this period, especially Niffty and Husk. Charlie is absolutely ecstatic when you announce your pregnancy, same with Niffty and Angel Dust. Husk and Vaggie congratulate you, but will later voice concerns about Alastor being a father. Where Vaggie’s comes from a bitter place of tell-tale lore based on Alastor’s reputation as the Radio Demon, Husk’s comes from a more personal place. He’s known Al a long while, and when he tells you that the deer bastard will eventually clue in and come around, it gives you a sense of hope and comfort.

> You hugged him when he told you that and, for once, he accepted it without much complaint.

> Alastor doesn’t clam up or show any negative reactions to the pregnancy, mind you, it’s more like it’s as if you never told him. He’s just as doting and bouncy as he was before you told him, but he just never really talks about the baby or how he’s going to be a dad.

> When you start showing, however it’s an entirely different story.

> It’s a bizarre event, but one day Alastor just looks down at your tummy bump and it clicks in his brain “This is mine. I’m a father.”

> Given he’s a demon, once it clicks, Alastor treats your pregnancy in a very primal way, his usual fatherly instincts accentuated by his demon deer bastardness.

> Protect the mate. Feed the mate. Bond with kin. Den. Protect. Protect.

> He actually makes an effort, and will find the materials he needs to be able to know how the next few months will progress. Charlie will find old baby books for him to read, Niffty will regale him stories from her time helping as a midwife in her mortal life, and yes, he’ll even ask Lucifer and Lilith about what it was like being pregnant with Charlie.

> Lucifer’s enthusiasm and instant bubbly disposition while talking about what it was like raising the princess really puts Alastor’s feelings in perspective, and even, dare I say, makes him excited for your pregnancy.

> For as little emotional reaction as he shows, Alastor becomes ridiculously protective. In a subtle way, of course. No need to stress you and the baby out. His shadows are always with you, even if he is too.

> The further along you are, the more excited everyone gets for the incoming life that you’ve made. Charlie will hold a baby shower at the hotel, and you’re positively spoiled with gifts by the end of it. Niffty has sewn so many onesies and cloth diapers you’ll probably never run out, Angel Dust pulled some strings and managed to find you baby lotion, baby powder, all sorts of infant products for you to use, and Charlie, with Vaggie’s help, has found truckloads of toys and plushies for you as well.

> Alastor will have a place for you to stay away from the hotel, and if it was up to him you’d stay there until the pregnancy was over, possibly more. But Niffty had chided him about isolation, so he tolerates your visits to the hotel.

> When you sleep together, he lays his head on your chest and curls around your stomach, a hand laying on it protectively. He’s very in tune with your body, oddly enough. Alastor will purchase a variety of foods and snacks for you, healthy of course, and is wierdly good at anticipating your cravings.

> Your up-and-down emotions throw him for a loop, but he’ll try his best not to upset you.

> Overall, he tries his best, even if it’s not very good. But, thankfully, you have enough people in your life to make up for it, a family in of itself.

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