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frecklydork·9 hours agoText

i self harmed at work today in the bathroom and i havent done that in a while… i rly wanna get on better meds bc im struggling a lot. and i even bought myself a cameo yesterday which should be sent to me within 3-ish days, and normally when i Feel Bad i think “oh but im getting a cameo!! soon!!” and then i’ll feel a little bit better but i was just so hollow and broken and lonely today that i couldn’t even feel any joy from that ;n;

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frecklydork·20 hours agoText





Megatron: Alright, listen up you little shits

Megatron: Not you, Soundwave. you’re an angel and we’re thrilled you’re here

“decepticon employee of the month every month”

That mural doesn’t account for the fact that Starscream would 1000% replace the pictures of his own face and then claim he didn’t know who did it

who says Soundwave wouldn’t have it on video and rat him out

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frecklydork·a day agoAnswer

hey keri, i just wanted to say that you're not alone in dealing with the effects of an abusive ex :") reading your posts reminds me of how i was treated too, how my ex invalidated my ocs and interests and acted like i was useless without her. that's why i find it so nice to see you loving yourself and your interests despite what happened to you, you know? i hope you remember that even though progress isn't always linear and healing isn't always pretty, you've come so, SO far!! all your f/os must be so proud of you, especially starscream - and i'm happy you're still pushing forward 💕 - NDH

Oh anon, you sweet sweet person ;-; 

I am so so sorry to hear that you have also had to go through such a toxic and hurtful relationship. It wasn’t fair and you didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly like that. I can tell just by your personality when you send me these messages, you’re a really kindhearted person. Every time I get a message from you, I get so excited and my heart fills up with joy!! I love to hear from you!! And a person who treated you like that, invalidating your OCs and interests… well that’s just horrible, and you deserve so much better and I am relieved that your ex is no longer (hopefully) in your life!! romantically, in any case!!

Thank you for your kind words!! ;w; I especially loved the little reminder about my F/Os, especially Starscream- he’s gone through abuse too so I’ve always felt the closest to him during hard days like these >////< that makes me feel better. Thank you sweetness!!!! I am SO proud of you for making it through such a difficult relationship, and so are YOUR F/OS!!! >:DD 

We got this!!! You’re right, healing is messy and not linear at all, and there are gonna be some days where you sit there and you’re like “ooh, shit, this hurts! this hurts today, ughhh” but you gotta let it hurt and let yourself feel everything that’s coming out of your open wound in order for it to heal. And I’ve got you!! You’ve got this!!! You can get through this, I can get through this, even when. the. going. gets. TOUGH!!!!!

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