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it’s terrifying to think that these kind of tips can save some peoples lives, but they really can and this is always worth a reblog
hey so protip if you have abusive parents and need to get around the house as quietly as possible, stay close to furniture and other heavy stuff because the floor is settled there and it’s less likely to creak
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​go to bed
someone tell me to go to bed omg
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Okay but Abuela Alma isn't Homophobic??
And if she was it would be the "Oh mija, everyone thinks other girls are pretty but one day you'll meet a nice man and he'll be so pretty you forget anyone else exists." and her kids just go "Oh, Mamá is bi?" And just roll with that?
Like, you saw young 20something Alma and thought homophobe?? Your honor, she used to think girls were so pretty and wanted to be "friends" with every single one and braid their hair and give them besitos but then she locked eyes with Pedro and that was it. Fireworks. A Zing. Whatever you want to call it. He was her soulmate.
(Not to mention when she was born, but that's neither here nor that.)
So her grandkid being an enby? Totally fine. Just please tell her. Oh, it's a she/her day, okay mija you look lovely, cosa linda. Oh? He/him? Ay tan guapo como tu abuelo. They/them? Uh, please she is old and trying and will say "Camilo" 70 times in the same conversation just to avoid misgendering her grandkid.
Her granddaughters loving women? Okay, great. Does she want more Madrigals? Yes. Does she love her granddaughters-in-law? ABSOLUTELY! And hey, there are 6 kids, SOMEONE will end up with kids, hopefully, please, her fingers are crossed but it's their decisions.
Abuela loves her family and I think some of you are forgetting that. So, Bi-buela Alma 2k22.
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even my chips hate me
Tumblr media
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rb to inject some life into the person you rbed this from
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reblog to show non-dysphoric trans people that you support them
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Bruno looks like his sisters tried to absorb him in the womb then showed him mercy and let him stay at the last second
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I made another Encanto comic.
I’ve been drawing all day.  My hand hurts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Dolores: When I asked for something from the beach, I meant like a shell or something
Camilo, struggling to hold a seagull: Maybe mention that next time
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Tumblr media
all I have to say for today
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hey if we’re mutuals you can literally interact w me whenever. send me whatever u want i will probably be very excited
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me when i see new messages in my ask
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
US Helplines:
Depression Hotline: 1-630-482-9696
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-8433
LifeLine: 1-800-273-8255
Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386
Sexuality Support: 1-800-246-7743
Eating Disorders Hotline: 1-847-831-3438
Rape and Sexual Assault: 1-800-656-4673
Grief Support: 1-650-321-5272
Runaway: 1-800-843-5200, 1-800-843-5678, 1-800-621-4000
Exhale: After Abortion Hotline/Pro-Voice: 1-866-4394253
Child Abuse: 1-800-422-4453
UK Helplines:
Samaritans (for any problem): 08457909090 e-mail jo@samaritans.org
Childline (for anyone under 18 with any problem): 08001111
Mind infoline (mental health information): 0300 123 3393 e-mail: info@mind.org.uk
Mind legal advice (for people who need mental-health related legal advice): 0300 466 6463 legal@mind.org.uk
b-eat eating disorder support: 0845 634 14 14 (only open Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm and Saturday 1pm-4.30pm) e-mail: help@b-eat.co.uk
b-eat youthline (for under 25’s with eating disorders): 08456347650 (open Mon-Fri 4.30pm - 8.30pm, Saturday 1pm-4.30pm)
Cruse Bereavement Care: 08444779400 e-mail: helpline@cruse.org.uk
Frank (information and advice on drugs): 0800776600
Drinkline: 0800 9178282
Rape Crisis England & Wales: 0808 802 9999 1(open 2 - 2.30pm 7 - 9.30pm) e-mail info@rapecrisis.org.uk
Rape Crisis Scotland: 08088 01 03 02 every day, 6pm to midnight
India Self Harm Hotline: 00 08001006614
India Suicide Helpline: 022-27546669
Kids Help Phone (Canada): 1-800-668-6868
FREE 24/7 suicide hotlines:
Argentina: 54-0223-493-0430
Australia: 13-11-14
Austria: 01-713-3374
Barbados: 429-9999
Belgium: 106
Botswana: 391-1270
Brazil: 21-233-9191
China: 852-2382-0000
(Hong Kong: 2389-2222)
Costa Rica: 606-253-5439
Croatia: 01-4833-888
Cyprus: 357-77-77-72-67
Czech Republic: 222-580-697, 476-701-908
Denmark: 70-201-201
Egypt: 762-1602
Estonia: 6-558-088
Finland: 040-5032199
France: 01-45-39-4000
Germany: 0800-181-0721
Greece: 1018
Guatemala: 502-234-1239
Holland: 0900-0767
Honduras: 504-237-3623
Hungary: 06-80-820-111
Iceland: 44-0-8457-90-90-90
Israel: 09-8892333
Italy: 06-705-4444
Japan: 3-5286-9090
Latvia: 6722-2922, 2772-2292
Malaysia: 03-756-8144
(Singapore: 1-800-221-4444)
Mexico: 525-510-2550
Netherlands: 0900-0767
New Zealand: 4-473-9739
New Guinea: 675-326-0011
Nicaragua: 505-268-6171
Norway: 47-815-33-300
Philippines: 02-896-9191
Poland: 52-70-000
Portugal: 239-72-10-10
Russia: 8-20-222-82-10
Spain: 91-459-00-50
South Africa: 0861-322-322
South Korea: 2-715-8600
Sweden: 031-711-2400
Switzerland: 143
Taiwan: 0800-788-995
Thailand: 02-249-9977
Trinidad and Tobago: 868-645-2800
Ukraine: 0487-327715
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Tumblr media
Smile smile😪
Tumblr media
Slow down you crazy child~You're so ambitious for a juvenile~
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Tumblr media
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Also I headcanon Camilo just, destroys anyone bullying anyone in his family. Someone says shit about Mirabel. Transforms into them and straight up says: "Do you WANT to kick your own butt? Cause your about to kick your own butt for that." Someone bullies Antonio? Transforms into Luisa and plays YEET A BITCH. "Your face is stupid." Transforms into them. "No. YOUR face is stupid." SHifting "We don't talk about Bruno" style.
Also just love the idea that even though Camilo shape shifts into Luisa & other people bigger than him he just isn’t that strong & honestly doesn’t even KNOW how to throw a punch so really it’s his family trying to pull him back while he’s trying to go and attempt to fight someone
One time when he’s defending Antonio he gets a black eye & Antonio & him have to face Pepa & she’s obviously so worried but Camilo is like “but I won though!” & when he leaves the room Antonio’s like “he…he really didn’t…”
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froggydobegaytho · 5 days ago
Hi! If you’re still doing matchups could I request a romantic Encanto matchup please?
I’m a minor, pansexual and questioning my gender 24/7 but I’m fine with any pronouns
I have short, messy brown hair and i friggin melt when my partner plays with it
I’m the kind of friend that will see a bee or spider and let it climb onto my finger.
I love writing, I have a vivid imagination and love talking about my new characters or plot lines I come up with to my partner. I love all kinds of music and am trying to learn guitar. I also love musicals, theatre, super hero movies, action movies, the occasional horror, and queer romance stories
My wardrobe is made of flannels.
I think I have depression, anxiety and ADHD but haven’t been diagnosed yet and I’m too scared to say anything. I’m sort of known as the therapist friend to lots of people. They can come to me anytime with whatever problems and I’ll try my hardest to help and listen to them, but the second I mention my problems or feelings I feel terrible and like I’m a huge burden. I’m always in need of constant validation, and my love language is physical touch.
Sorry that this is long, but I can’t wait to see what you come up with (:
Your request is here! So sorry for the wait.
I match you with...
Tumblr media
Camilo would love you before you knew who he was, but would be building up the courage to tell you.
He would love playing with your hair, because its comforting, and to see your reaction. It would be the highlight of his day.
He would never want to be away from you. Unless you had a spider or a bee on you, then he would be a good six feet away.
He would always listen to you talk about your new characters and lines, and would always want to be the first one to read your work, getting jealous if someone got to read it before him.
Camilo would be down to learn guitar with you in his free time, and you two would play it together, making up little songs.
He would watch superhero, action, and horror movies with you all the time, at least twice a week.
Camilo would be there for you to talk to about your depression and anxiety, listening to every word closely, and comforting you while he hugs you tight.
He would assure you you aren't a burden to him by talking to him about your feelings or pain, and would make sure that you always felt safe with him.
He wouldn't admit it, but he would love physical touch as well, not being able to go throughout the day without hugging and kissing you, and not being able to sleep as well without you.
Thank you for requesting!
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