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ᥫ᭡ ─ CAT BURGLAR! ⸝⸝ suguru getō.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ଘ. featuring ⸝⸝ thief!suguru x f!virgin!reader
ଘ. synopsis ⸝⸝ a panty thief has been on the loose in your neighborhood, and you could of sworn you locked your doors, but he's here to only prove you wrong and is here to steal more than just your dirty panties..
ଘ. warnings ⸝⸝ 1.0k+ wc. sws. dc. non con. somnophilia. coercion. panty stealing. panty sniffing. gagging (w/ readers panties). size difference. slight fingering. cherry popping. victim-blaming. creampie. delusions. this is really gross tbh. (17+).
ଘ. note ⸝⸝ this is the fanart that has inspired this chaos.
Tumblr media
his burglary had begun to feed his distasteful addiction, an addiction he had sought out to steal from others for his own pleasure, and yet it became an addiction itself.. because if he wanted it, he took it. that's how things are where the compulsive's are scarce, where the addictions compete for the little tastes or even to the potent smells of the linings of woman's undergarments.
he first began at laundry mats, from what you heard on the news, he'd pick at the unsuspected woman's dirty laundry before quickly stuffing their used drawls into the pocket of his coat.
after soon, things progressed into a more life-threatening problem; women being stalked, their home windows being shattered open, a loaded cold gun being pointed to their skulls in threats to show where their secrets are before being left traumatized.
it was.. odd..
he'd want nothing more, is what the victims of his crimes would say. he'd only grunt out vulgar threats with his deep and taunting voice, steal their undergarments, and just leave. and if they were sleeping, he would simply leave them alone, scavenge through their dirty clothes like a hobbit and only leave with a mess behind. he'd never truly put his hands on any of them, or truly be inhuman, to say the least, he'd just take their dirty clothes and go on with his way..
but tonight.. was different.
he easily slipped into your home, it was too easy, the kitchen window being cracked open as if it was some invite. he can only scoff at your stupidity once he climbed in, but got a little excited seeing what foolish girl left their window open knowing about the news of him spewing around.
his heavy boots dip into the soft fabric of the pink carpet in your room and he only spares your sleeping body a glimpse; seeing you tucked away peacefully, blissfully unaware of his towering presence. his thoughts were too focused on finding what he needed for tonight, quiet steps making their way towards your closest quickly after specting your entire room, no luck in finding your laundry basket..
shy like hands creak open your closet doors and dark eyes immediately track the full bin in the corner with a fresh towel and worn panties tucked into it. and he doesn't hesitate to fish for the blue-colored thong he sees.. quickly, wrapping the lace between his fingers and crumbling the soft fabric into the palm of his hand before raising it to his face, rubbing the white like soil at the crotch against the grey ski mask he wore.
his back hunches forward, luring eyes almost knocking to the back of his head from your strong scent. and he knows when dirty panties are freshly taken off; the white soil at the crotch still sticky. and these were fresh, potent, a clear sign you tossed these in after a needed shower, the smell of sweat from walking in them all day ran up his nose and tickled at his brain.
you smelt like pure heaven.
but he needed more, deeper inhales, a longer feel of raising to cloud nine at each eager sniff, so he carefully lifted the cover around his face and rubbed it harder against the point of his nose.
he was whipped over your stench and was relishing over the gentle feel of the soft fabric against his bare skin but the slightest shift you curled into the comfort of your bed behind him, those dark eyes snapped back open to reality, towering body almost freezing in place.
the man rushes to pull his ski mask back down his tatted face, stuffing your panties into his back pocket before turning around. and he swears his heart almost skipped a beat, luckily, you were still fast asleep, but the small movement you shifted around into, the warm blanket that covered you was pulled down just an inch..
just enough to show that thin pink strap of your thong that's raised over the curve of your hips..
the ache between his legs was already bad enough, but the lacey strap hooking around your sides only made an urge to shoot a stronger pang between his legs. and he tries to swallow down that urge bubbling back up in the pit of his stomach, repeating to himself deep in thought how he only came for your foul laundry tucked away in a bin.
but fuck, your hips look so nice, so squeezable.
he ponders, it wouldn't hurt to just get an innocent and closer look.. trying to peek his head over you in an attempt to get a good look at your pretty face stuffed into your pillows, his bottom lip catches between his teeth just at the look of you; so pure, so blissfully unaware of his hovering body over your smaller one..
he curses himself for the guilty thoughts flooding in his brain. cursing himself for feeling his pants tighten the more he stared at you, greedy eyes behind his mask roaming around the every inch of your smooth skin. he curses himself till it's deemed, his calloused hand taking the risk to pinch at your blanket to lift it some more, revealing the smooth skin of your fleshy thighs.
he swears he was trying to pry his needy hands away from you, but seeing the small prickle of goosebumps layer at your skin from the exsposion, he couldn't help himself anymore, the need was frothing at his tongue like a hound in heat at this point.
the addiction was only getting worse and he had to feed it someway.. or the impulses were going to itch at him till it crawled through him, probably drive him to the teetering edge of something brutally immoral.. and it was already starting to the longer he hovered over you, compelling more of his thoughts for you..
he contemplates over his upcoming actions, but the twinge in his hand was already focusing itself on the loop of his belt. and the second his sash loosened around his waist, the pads of his fingers dipped themselves beneath the mesh waistband of his briefs. a shiver licks up his spine as he traveled his hand down eagerly, feeling the prickly dark hairs at his base before curling his hand around his aching erection, slowing pulling it out from its confines.
the man curled his long fingers over the hardness of his warm, pulsing cock and caressed it, gliding the uncut skin slowly up and down, watching how his leaking tip pearled with a drool of pre before getting swept away by the extra skin. his other hand ached itself, trying to keep off of you, but he couldn't help but wisp the tips of his fingers across your hip, gently dipping beneath the string of your thong to rub between his fingers.
he choked down the groan scratching at his throat, it was so soft, freshly clean too, the fabric softener you used made his hand smooth easier across the cloth. and the slight lift made the empty gap between your hip and panties to look, comforting, welcoming even..
stroking his length long and hard with a slight twist to his tip, he gently leaned in closer, nudging his cock between your thong and hip before letting the fabric snap back against him. the smooth surface of your side was cooling against the skin of his cock as he slowly rubbed himself between the two soft pieces he calls heaven.
he watched with greedy hooded eyes, entranced with the lolling of your panties rolling against the fat of his tip as he rubbed himself against you. too entranced with the snug feel, he was losing it from reality, balls tightening, strong hips jerking harder, faster, desperately trying to gain more delicious friction as if this was some fever dream..
but he craved for more, greed creeping up his numbing brain for something more softer to fully wrap around him. and so, he carefully pulled at your panties, pulling the strings down till they were fully off and crumbled up into the palm of his large hand.
the devilish smirk playing at his lips deepened, feeling granted that you seemed to be a heavy sleeper, because rolling you over and positioning you towards him was too easy.. as if you took some sleeping pills just for him tonight.. and spreading your pretty legs apart was easy too, getting a heavenly sight of your pretty pussy; the fat of your lips looked so kissable, your hooded clit was just asking to be toyed with till it got puffy, and that tight little hole between your folds, so small, not even a noticeable stretch to be seen.
he takes a deep breath before gently teasing a pointer finger at your entrance as his eyes bobbed up and down to your closed ones and to your cunt. it's not like he was scared if you woke up, you were too small compared to him anyways, his sheer mass can take you on alone, but the metal gun loaded against his hip was ready to be grabbed and threatened with if anything..
prodding the tip of his middle finger at your entrance before trying to slip it in, having to bully his finger through your tight cunt. and the small contort to your face was cute as he did; brows furrowing and pretty lips puckering out into a small pout, but it made him freeze, slowing his movements.
he kept moving once your breathing settled, slipping his finger completely in till you started to leak, juices beginning to lap around his finger till it dripped against his second knuckle. he deemed you to be wet enough before slipping in a second thick finger, trying to budge it through without waking you.
the warm feel of your gummy walls around his digits made his cock to jerk up, twitching in need. he tried to settle himself but the way your pussy was sucking in his fingers like an invite he couldn't help himself, softly popping his fingers out from your cunt to try and replace them with his aching cock.
he drools out a wad of spit against the palm of his hand to slick the crown of his cock, shining his length with his dribble of drool to try and make it easier for you. once he prodded his tip against your small, sopping entrance, he gently and carefully, tried to budge himself through, trying to bully the fat of his cock into your cunt without making you shift around too much till you woke.
but you were too tight, barely sucking in the tip and that's when it all clicked to him.
“huh, cute little virgin.” his voice is soft, almost a whisper just for himself. he hovers over you deep in thought, the itch at his brain was clawing at his skull and finally broke through..
“fuck it.”
he draws his hips back. and the quick brutal grab to your hips was harsh, strong enough to make your eyes pry all the way open, as if someone was stretching your eyelids apart, and quick, fast in movements, his hips met yours.
you couldn't even scream, body frozen, almost like in a paralyzed state, face cold, tingly even. the quick fill to your poor cunt felt as if you were being ripped into two, your walls being bullied to spread open which felt like ripping and tearing for the man above you, the man forcing himself into your little virgin pussy.
the breath of air you try sucking in caught in your throat from the feel of your cunt being spread open so quickly, the piercing feel of his cock made your eyes to water up quickly. fat tears stream down your face almost immediately as you try to squirm away but the strong grip on your heaving stomach was like a vice.
the man leans over, your wide eyes only glimpse over the hooded ones behind the mask he wore, “only open that pretty mouth up for these panties, anythin’ else, i’ll kill you.” you couldn't even tell when he released his mean hands from your hips, still feeling the brutal pinch to your now bruised flesh, but a shinning gun was tapped against your temple as your used panties were being forced against your dry lips, stuffing your mouth full of them.
your eyes bubble up with heavy tears, barely able to see, but the soft cooe you hear and a gentle thumb wiping them away, you can see a fuzzy glimpse of the man. being able to almost immediately recognize that grey ski mask, the dark long hair peeking out from under it, the dark to colored tattoos that lined up and around his strong arms, and the knuckles of his fist.
it was the man from the news, suguru getō.
“sh, sh, sh, i didn't wanna do this to you sweetheart, but it was like you were asking for this,” the rough buck of his hips were brutal, each time he pulled out, his tip never popping out of your pussy for a mere second, to hung up on the feel of your warmth to completely pull out, “but you—fuck—you were asking for this, leavin’ your windows unlocked, knowin’ about my abouts in your town,” he grunts, smiling beneath the mask at the salacious look of the line of blood and sopping juices slicking around his cock, “‘n having your dirty panties out, even wearing a cute ‘lil thong..” getō snips.
suguru could already feel his balls convulse, your pussy was so warm, so tight, basically squeezing his cock and sucking him back in every time he reels his hips back like you wanted this. and suguru could already feel his high cradling in his groin the harder he jerked his hips against yours..
“it was like.. you were waiting for me.. planning all this out.. for me..” getō raises a large hand to the hem of his mask, lifting it, revealing his sharp features and tattoos running across his pale skin, “you wanted me this whole time, yeah? waiting for your turn like a good girl, huh, you wanted all of this to happen.“ you try to roll your head, not trying to find his exotic features attractive, which didn't go unnoticed..
“yeah, don't lie to me, whore,” getō groans, “since you wanted this, take it all then, take everything.” he cranes his head back with a guttural breathy moan to follow, slamming his hips with yours before pumping a thick load of cum into your abused cunt.
too scared to fling your hands up to hit at against his chest because just the look of his muscles flexing above you look like solid bricks, and the thought of trying to hit him would feel like shattering all of the bones in your hands. so, you laid there, helplessly, limp, now full to the hilt, bloated even, letting him rock his hips till he was empty.
“hm, i think, you were my last little prey, but my new little toy.”
Tumblr media
₍ ੭ᐢ..ᐢ)੭ @getoswhore — refrain from plagiarizing, translating, modifying, and/or reposting my work!
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ur pfp madam ☝️☝️☝️☝️ sharing is caring ☝️☝️☝️
HAGSGAGSHA here you go :D
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PSA: if druig or the actor of druig asks me to marry him, i will say yes in a heartbeat
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manifesting golden retriever bf rn 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
feat — timeskip!tattoo/piercer au. iwaizumi, osamu, suna, atsumu + sakusa.
disclaimers and consent form — by continuing to read on you consent to reading about our favourites in a tattoo/piercer au! including talk of piercings + tattoos.
store note — welcome to THE FOX DEN. a tattoo and piercing studio where you can get body mods in a clean and friendly enviournment. let us find you someone to look after you.
Tumblr media
༺ PIERCER!IWAIZUMI HAJIME who smiles so kindly at you despite his more intimidating appearance, his eyes are dark and he’s got a tattoo sleeve that starts at his wrist and travels all the way up to where his tight black shirt hugs his broad biceps. normally finding him scolding the blonde twin between appointments or cleaning up after the others. his eyes flick up to yours when he cleans the area of your choice, soothing you and reassuring you that you’ll be fine while telling you it’ll be over before you know it. hajime’s hands are strong but gentle as they hold you in place, his hazel eyes narrowing as he focuses, his tongue peeking out between his lips before finally breaking the skin “deep breath, doll.” pulling away with a low “good girl.” as he secures the jewellery with a smirk and a wink.
༺ TATTOO ARTIST!MIYA OSAMU who always works so carefully, slapping on the black latex gloves as he talks you through your design, watching his chest move under his tight black shirt as he points out different details, allowing you to notice the way the thin fabric is stretched tightly over his muscles as he smoothes over the area you’ve picked out. both his arms are broad and decorated with whole sleeves. you can feel his warm breath against your skin when he leans close, osamu’s grey eyes narrowed but they soften between precise strokes, flicking to you to make sure you’re okay as he tells you dumb stories about his twin to keep your mind elsewhere. “doin’ great, sweetheart. ya feelin’ alright?” free hand smoothing over your skin to make sure you’re not uncomfortable.
༺ TATTOO ARTIST AND PIERCER!SUNA RINTARŌ whos a little quieter than the others, but just as handsome and caring. a few random tattoos are scattered along his skin and decorate his body, half a sleeve on one arm that you’re pretty sure starts at his chest, noticing a few piercings on his skin and ears also to match the silver rings decorating his fingers. he’s so careful when he works, his green eyes narrowed, focused and sharp, while his fingers carefully trace over your skin or hold you in place. suna doesn’t mind you talking, he’s a good listener, offering a few grunts and groans in reply, just enough to let you know he’s still listening and interested, mumbling under his breath about how you’re almost done. “need a break? almost there, pretty baby.” seeing a sliver of silver everytime his tongue peeks out to lick over his bottom lip as he focuses. “deep breath for me.”
༺ TATTOO ARTIST AND PIERCER!MIYA ATSUMU who’s only in a few days a week with a gym bag slung across his chest. he’s got platinum blonde hair and a few ear piercings, mostly gold and if you looked close enough you’d be able to see the outline of two silver barbells through the thin fabric of his shirt that always seems to hug tightly across his chest. atsumu shoots you a cheery grin whenever he notices you in the waiting room, sometimes keeping you company if you’re being tattooed by his brother. he doesn’t have as many tattoos as the others, but it looks like the start of a sleeve on his thigh, maybe stretching to his ankle, one started on his arm too, similar to his brothers but with a little more colour. if he happens to take your appointment he’s soothing, always putting you at ease as his thumb smoothes over your skin, playfully flirting with you before his chocolate eyes focus, telling you to breathe for him, his voice soft and smooth like honey as his tongue peeks out from between his lips in concentration. “that’s it angel, doin’ so good for me.”
༺ PIERCER AND FRONT OF HOUSE!SAKUSA KIYOOMI he’s normally at front of house, rolling his eyes after being one of the people the twins and suna tend to tease most beside iwaizumi. he has a few ear piercings, most pretty and silver—normally visible with the way his curls are styled and pushed back, only leaving a few messy ones to fall forward at the front. he always wears gloves and a black mask but you’ve been lucky in noticing the small silver ring through his right nostril during one of the rare times you’ve caught a peek of it underneath his mask. kiyoomi has a few tattoos scattered along his arms that you’ve noticed when the sleeves of his shirt ride up as he cleans off his work space diligently. he wears glasses when he pierces, and the way he looks down his nose at you would almost look condescending if his eyes didn’t crinkle at the soft smile he gives you after, whispering a barely audible praise under his breath “you did good.”
Tumblr media
thank u everyone who helped me come up with the studio name, i owe you my life 𓆩♡𓆪 i kind of want to make this a recurring au/series on my blog but i’m not too sure where i want to go with it yet so for now, here’s the intros!
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# night time routines with their babies !
✫ ft. dad!akaashi , atsumu , suna , kageyama x parent!reader
✫ a/n: might do a part 2 so lemme know what characters you'd like to see! fair warning, this was written v quickly sorry in advance <3
Tumblr media
✫ AKAASHI — he enters the doorway after a long, tiring day at work and puts his things down to go straight to you to give you a kiss. it's a part of his routine, something he'd never skip even if exhaustion overshadowed every thought in his mind. you're sitting at the dining table as a song from a kids show plays in the background. you've just finished feeding your daughter, who's happily babbling with baby food slipping down her chubby face. she squeals with joy as keiji wipes her face with a napkin and kisses her head, murmuring a "dad’s home" into her skin. taking her out of her high chair, he takes her into his arms and tickles her sides with his fingers. her laughter immediately washes away any tension that was picking away at him, his cheeks warming up at the sound he longs to hear every day. he loves moments like this, when she’s safe in his arms with her cute legs kicking back and forth, his large hand supporting her back as she babbles away. and even though keiji can’t understand a word she’s saying, he likes to think that she’s telling him about her day spent with you — how you played peek-a-boo with her, gave her a warm bath, and how you kissed her cheeks throughout the day, making sure she felt how much love you two have for her.
✫ ATSUMU — coming back to the twins is the best part of his day. as much as he loves setting and seeing his team members every day, he loves playing around with his boys before they go to bed even more. there really is nothing better than their little smiles and identical dimples. every night, he leans over their cribs and pinches their cheeks before picking them both up into his arms. and even though it's a bit past their bed time, he brings them over to your shared bedroom and places them on his stomach as he lies down on the bed next to you. his muscles finally relax and he feels at ease with his boys sitting on his torso, gently poking their tiny fingers at his face. they should be asleep, and they'll probably be extra cranky in the morning, but atsumu revels in their sleepy giggles. without a doubt, your hand finds it's way to his hair, scratching at his scalp to help him relax after a tiring day at practice. wanting your attention, too, your sons crawl off atsumu’s body to receive some of your love and affection (they can't help it — they're just like their dad). and now you have three pouting boys splayed across the bed waiting to receive their goodnight kisses.
✫ SUNA — after a long day of practice, suna loves coming home to see his baby girl laying down on her belly on the carpeted floor. her little hands prod at the dog plushie she's been obsessed with lately. she just looks so cute, and suna can't help but lie down onto his stomach to place a soft kiss to her nose, showing her a rare, toothy smile. and while she peers up at her dad with wide and curious eyes, he takes ahold of her tiny body to lift her up in the air as he gets off the floor to find you. laughter leaves her lips as he gently tosses her into the air on the walk to her room. they find you in the nursery picking out her pajamas for the night — a purple onesie that suna was adamant on buying, knowing that it would look beautiful against your daughter's green eyes. "aw, my baby's gonna wear the clothes i got her?" he coos at her. "your dad has a good sense of style, doesn't he?" he places three consecutive kisses to her cheeks before walking over to press his lips against yours. and as he changes her into her cozy pajamas, he places her in her crib and whispers a quiet "see you first thing in the morning, cutie," before tracing her rosy cheeks with his finger to lull her to sleep.
✫ KAGEYAMA — every night, on the very sofa you two had countless movie nights, kageyama gives his daughter her bottle for dinner. even when he's drained from hours and hours of practice, he values this time the most. he looks forward to relaxing with her in his arms as she falls in and out of sleep from the warmth of the bottle and her dad's body. his eyes stay glued to her little lips as they drink from the bottle, her cheeks puffing out cutely with each sip. it's times like these when he's in awe of his life — he has everything he's ever wanted. you're curled into his side watching little animals from some kids show dance around the tv screen. if he could freeze this moment in time and stay in it forever, he would. his heart feels like it's going to burst out of his chest. and kageyama is not often overwhelmed, or so he says, but he feels his pulse quicken as his daughter falls fast asleep and nuzzles deeper into his arms. he places featherlight kisses on her face before leaning over and doing the same to you.
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11:00 pm + suna rintaro
♡︎ roommates to lovers
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
knock, knock, knock.
no response.
you knock on his door again, but silence faces you instead of your roommate.
perhaps he's asleep, or doing god-knows-what in there. with a slight turn of the door handle, you take a peek to see what he's up to. a sigh of relief leaves your lips when you see suna with his headphones on, typing rapidly on his phone.
"can i help you?" he asks you with an uninterested expression, as if you hadn't just knocked on his door repeatedly.
"are you texting your crush right now? i know i saw a smile somewhere there," you tease. he huffs, rolling his eyes at your comment. he's looking at you with those beautiful pear-colored eyes. the ones that lock with yours when he asks you where you put the tv remote, the ones that widen when he catches a glimpse of how you look before going out, the ones that are drawn to you every so often (more than he'd like).
"i'm not," he mumbles. "why are you here?"
it doesn't come off as rude, though. his words never do. they're always laced with a sliver of affection. and perhaps he know's he's fallen for you, your habit of blasting music when you're in the shower, your detailed coffee order (which is committed to his memory), your soft laughter when he tells you about his friends from high school.
"i'm hungry," you state. "and i need food or you'll be dealing with the crankier version of me."
"oh, was this not the crankier version?" his lips curve up into a smile.
"shut up. i'm hungry."
"you already said that," he sighs. and he won't tell you now, but bickering with you is one of his favorite things to do with you. "there's probably food in the fridge. go eat an orange or something."
you cross your arms at his words knowing damn well suna didn't get the groceries like he promised. that's why you two had to eat cereal and clementines for dinner. of course, he got an earful from you. something about how you always get the groceries on time, how he should start being more responsible, how there's only one packet of ramen left in the cabinet.
but suna wasn't listening (completely, at least). the exasperation in your voice translated to passion, fervor, and radiance in his head. he needed to know what else could elicit such ardor from you.
"can we make ramen?" you lightly pull on his arm to get him out of bed.
and even though it's approaching midnight, and he should be asleep soon, suna gets up with a groan. he tells himself that the only reason he's doing this is to make up for your disappointing dinner.
"who's we? you're gonna be on your phone while i make it," he looks at you as you push yourself onto the counter. you're crossing your legs and resting your chin in your hands while he places the pot on the stove.
he's right, and he knows that. he can feign nonchalance, but he can't fake the breath that's caught in his throat when he hears you laugh at his words.
suna hums as he boils the single packet of ramen that's left in your apartment, watching the seasoning bubble in the water with tired eyes. you've learned that he hums when he's sleepy, and it's never a song that you know. you've also learned that he's particular about laundry detergents — he doesn't like lavender scented ones. he's always extra cautious when you're by the stove because he remembers how his sister burnt her hand when she was younger. come to think of it, you've gotten to know your roommate quite well over the past eight months.
"so, who were you texting? you seemed kinda focused. never seen that before."
he takes a deep breath, thinking back to the texts he got from her.
"it was my sister. she was just helping me with something," he tells you.
suna recalls her words: “just tell them you like them more than just a friend or roommate. it's now or never, dumbass.”
and even though he’s worried it’ll ruin things, suna waits for the noodles to boil, he waits for you to happily take the bowl from his hands, he waits for you to offer him a bite or two like you usually do.
it's not until then does he say the words that have been sitting on his tongue for the past eight months.
Tumblr media
♡︎ 🕯 anon
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omg hi honey ! Sorry i accidentally unfollowed while trying to send this in!
But I hope you’re well! I haven’t talked to you in some time ) : saw you in my notifs so I had to come in and say hi ~ 👋🏼
and ofc, i am very very happy after reading your works last night :””))) i was weeping crying and on the floor HAHAH also, youre right it has been long :(( how are you? :00
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↳ crush!sunarin x fem!reader
tattoo!sunarin next
this wasn’t edited, it’s legit a dump. i wasn’t joking when i said i’m in my suna brainrot. im going to continuously add to this if I think of more HAHAH 
Tumblr media
crush!sunarin is the type to pin over you way before you even notice him. He’ll take short glances when you’re near, but unapologetically stare from a distance, with a slight blush to his cheeks, as he observes you smile, engage, laugh, frown, simply mesmerized by you and the beauty that you carry. 
crush!sunarin that gets caught by the Miya twins about his crush early on, and has been blackmailed by a certain blonded twin ever since. Threatening to tell you and expose him of his feelings… sunarin had to delete a lot of pictures/videos of them two because of it…. but little do the twins know, he’s already had them saved.
crush!sunarin that wouldn’t have the guts to strike conversation with you, but simply stay within distance so that you could notice him. 
crush!sunarin that secretly prayed that the gods would put you both as seating partners when it was confirmed you both had the same homeroom class as third years. And during the first day of class, it would be belittling to state that he almost passed out when he found that his prayers were indeed answered. Seeing you prettily seating at the seat next to his, simply waiting for him to join you… yea, the butterflies in his stomach went raging. he was on cloud nine.
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Tumblr media
he’s so pretty like this, you think as you watch him laugh. sakusa has a smile that could bring the sun to her knees, and he’s a pretty sight, and he’s yours. every moment with him, every word that’s spoken and every kiss he steals is like scripture you hold dearly.
“you have really cute dimples, you know,” you hum, poking the small indents of his cheeks. he gently swats your hand away, rolling his eyes. his cheeks are still flushed from the laughter from earlier, and you brush a few loose curls from his forehead.
“you don’t have to always bring that up,” he groans. and truth be told, sakusa loves when you point out little things about him, he loves the way your voice is always in awe, and he loves being the center of your attention.
“but they’re so cute, kiyo,” you pout, pinching his cheek delicately. “how was the party?”
“boring,” he mutters. “hate that they made me go.”
“well, your dad is really strict about these kinds of things,” you hum, threading your fingers through his hair as his head slumps onto your shoulder. it’s your last semester with sakusa, and then you’re both off into the real world, and you can’t help but hold onto these moments of peace a little bit longer.
“he was so annoying,” he grumbles, sinking further into your touch as you wrap an arm around him and pull him into your chest. and you should both go home soon—sakusa has practice and you have class, but you like the soft breeze kissing your skin as you lean against the trunk of a tree, and you like the weight of him in your arms as he settles into your embrace.
sakusa has never thought he’d be the type to like things like picnics in the middle of the night—but you make him live life a bit differently now, and he can’t say he minds it so much.
“tried to talk you out of volleyball again?” you murmur, and he nods, sighing. his family’s a little bit of a sore spot, but he trusts you enough to let you see those parts of him, even if they’re not his favorite.
“rambled on with my aunt about how i’m wasting my youth chasing something meaningless,” he rants, “and he said i was tainting the family name,” he spits bitterly. “you know she agreed with him? what a hag,” he spits, and you throw your head back and laugh.
“i think they’re just jealous they’ve never been on a news article,” you poke his nose, and he crinkles it lightly.
“can’t stand them,” sakusa mutters, but he relaxes a little when you press a soft kiss to his moles, making him hug you a little tighter.
“you shouldn’t listen to them, kiyo,” you say gently. “you love volleyball.”
“what if my dad’s right though?” he whispers, and there’s a small hint of doubt that’s always lingered in his mind, but you never let it surface for long.
“he’s not. you were the best player on the team as a freshman,” you remind him.
“wakatoshi played in the olympics,” he huffs. “and so did kageyama. i want to play in the olympics,” he pouts, and you run your thumb over his cheek as you cup it, smiling when he leans into your palm.
“you will,” you say, and sakusa feels his lips almost start to wobble at the confidence in your tone—no one’s ever been this confident in him. no one he’s needed it from, anyway.
“my dad’s trying to convince me to work with him in his office this summer,” he rolls his eyes. “says he thinks i’ve fooled around enough.”
“aw, kiyoomi my little business man,” you giggle, pinching his nose and making him scowl. “hope you wear a cute little tie that i can pull you into a kiss with.”
“i’m not doing it,” he scoffs.
“will you wear the suit for me then?”
“no,” he says flatly.
“at least a tie?”
“i’m having a crisis here,” he insists dramatically, and this time, it’s your turn to roll your eyes. sakusa’s always been one for theatrics, but you can’t say you don’t enjoy the show.
“oh, you poor thing,” you pout, and he huffs, shaking his head as you pepper kisses along his forehead in faux sympathy.
“you…you really think i can play pro?” he questions, and you snort, looking off to the distance as your hand rubs over his back slowly. sakusa has never been one to express himself, but if there’s one thing he does express, it’s way he loves volleyball—and lately, it’s the way he loves you.
you think you’re content with the late night rendezvous he lets you rope him into, and the evenings of waiting for him when he stays extra after practice, and the facetimes as you both study for midterms, and the way he sneaks out of family parties and you put off studying so you can have a picnic with him in the middle of the night.
“well duh,” you say as though it’s the most obvious thing on the planet, and his chest tightens. “if you don’t make it pro, then there’s no hope for japan to win the olympics.”
snorting, kiyoomi sprawls himself over your lap, grinning up at you and making his dimples surface once more. you poke them again, and he swats your hand away, and it’s routine by now.
“believe in me that much, huh?” he wriggles his brows, but there’s a soft hitch of his breath when you cup his cheeks gently and lean your forehead against his, pecking his lips delicately.
“even if no one else does, i will, kiyo,” you murmur, and this time, as sakusa really does fight off the wobble of his lips, he doesn’t think he wants to prove his father wrong anymore.
he only cares about proving you right now.
Tumblr media
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fsrintaro · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
sakusa doesn’t know how he ends up in these situations, really.
he figures all odds are just always against him.
“that’s a nasty dent,” you say with raised brows. “now that i’m looking at it, it’s really bad.” he groans, rubbing a hand over his face, sighing deeply.
“yes, thank you, y/n. i’m glad i have you around to point out the obvious,” he says flatly. and he’s not sure how anything can beat this, the day can’t possibly seem to get worse, but then you chuckle.
he debates if it’s time for you both to go your separate ways as his lips purse.
“omi,” you snort, shaking your head. “you’ve really no clue what you’re doing, do you?”
“huh?” he looks at you incredulously, and he almost looks offended by your words. it’s not his fault he’s never had someone ram into his car before. and all things considered, he thinks that makes him an excellent driver, and the same can’t be said for you—at least, in his mind.
“you just stood there,” you shake your head. “i’m the one who got their insurance. what would you have done if i wasn’t here?”
“i don’t know…” he trails off. “probably call my dad.” his lips form into a cute pout, making your heart skip a beat at the sight. you pinch his cheek as he crosses his arms and turns away from you, blush rising across his face. one month into college and sakusa’s already had his car dented by some random student in the parking lot, and he thinks it’s only going to get worse from here on out.
he wonders if it’s too early to quit.
“kiyoomi,” you snort. “you never cease to shock me. how do you drive the most expensive vehicle on the premises and not know anything else other than how to drive it?” he scowls, glaring at you as he huffs indignantly.
“first of all, i didn’t even pick this car, okay? it’s just the one my dad got. and it’s not my fault i’ve never been hit before,” he glowers. “how was i supposed to know you have to ask for their insurance?”
“because, baby,” you shake your head in amusement, rubbing over his tensed shoulders. “it’s common knowledge.”
“well, i didn’t know that,” he mumbles, staring at the damage on his car glumly. his finger traces over the edge of the dent, shoulders slumping at the feel. you kiss his jaw as you rub his chest soothingly.
“it’s okay, my little spoiled brat. you have me,” you grin. and sometimes you’re amazed at just how dense sakusa kiyoomi can be, how dependent he really is, even if everything about him screams independent. you suppose it’s to be expected when he comes from such wealth, but it’s amusing no less.
he’s mildly offended at the notion of being called spoiled, but he can’t exactly refute it, he thinks. but spoiled doesn’t always equal happy, sakusa’s the first to attest to that—but he has you.
“what if they can’t fix it?”
“it’s a dent, okay? your door didn’t fold in half,” you huff through a chuckle. he grumbles incoherently. reaching for his hand, you lace your fingers, squeezing it in yours. “hey,” you gather his attention on you. “it’s okay, when we’re happily married with two dogs and a big house, i’ll take care of you,” you grin. “lord knows you need me, you have no real-life skills.”
sakusa wonders why his first accident had to be with you to bear witness—you’ll never let him live this down, and you probably think he’s an utter fool, but his lips still turn upwards into a small grin anyway.
“don’t be so sure,” he counters. “you’re pretty lazy, someone’s gotta do things around the house.”
and you suppose that’s why you and sakusa kiyoomi work so well. you’re not opposites—you simply fill in the gaps for each other. his hand squeezes yours back, and you shuffle in closer.
“guess we’re a pretty good match, huh?” you grin cheekily, and he cracks a tiny smile, turning to face you and pull you into his chest.
in the two years he’s dated you, he’s never really considered how far you both would go. but college really changes that. it makes him crave a life with you—domestic and homely and warm. sakusa remembers when you’d told him you’d be attending university with him—he denies it still, but he definitely did tear up, your eyes were not deceiving you like he claims.
he leans in and kisses you briefly, closing his eyes at the familiarity, inhaling sharply at the way it still never gets old.
“you witnessed me get into my first accident,” he murmurs against your lips. “you have to sign a contract binding you to me for life.” he places one, two, three small pecks to your lips.
“i think i can live with that, omi,” you whisper, kissing him again. the dent on his car is long forgotten as he deepens the kiss, pulling you closer. “sounds like a great contract.”
Tumblr media
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fsrintaro · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
the water is running in the shower, and sakusa laughs melodically into the crown of your head, his arms wrapping tightly around you to keep you in place. his thumb rubs circles into your hipbone as you take a moment to steady yourself.
“you okay?” he grins, his dimples showing through. it’s foggy in the bathroom, the heat of the shower encompassing the both of you, and his hair is damp against his forehead, but you think he still looks beautiful, all things considered. reaching over, you poke his left dimple, watching how carefree he seems to be around you with a soft grin.
if only he was yours, you think.
“yeah,” you mumble.
“did i rock your world that hard?” he teases, chuckling when you roll your eyes and look away. “can’t seem to use your legs properly.” he can practically feel the heat radiating off your face.
“i think you can call me kiyoomi,” he interrupts. “we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well,” he winks. and you’re confused where this side of sakusa kiyoomi is even coming from, how after months and months of being a brooding and grumpy man, he could flip the switch and become so unfiltered.
but he’s magnetic like this, he draws you in and leaves you hungry for more. you want everything sakusa kiyoomi can give, want to decipher everything he means, want to learn everything he ever was, is, and will be.
and last night was a drunk mess, you’re not sure where it quite started or how it ended, but you know you woke up in a mess of bare limbs and tangled sheets, on a warm chest littered with moles you’d like to spend the rest of your life mapping. sakusa offers you a shower, and you take it as an invitation to see a glimpse of who he is underneath his mask—inside and out.
“geez, when did you get so confident,” you mumble, letting go of him to balance on your own. his hands keep their place on your hips nonetheless, thumb still rubbing circles into the bare skin.
“i’m not confident,” he shrugs, handing you body wash. you raise a brow at the brand, exotic and hard to pronounce, and no doubt incredibly expensive. “it’s just easy to be myself around you,” he murmurs. and you can make out the small bit of blush on his cheeks from the confession, taking in the sight of him flustered instead. but his eyes are hopeful, and your heart is in the air doing leaps.
“oh, is that so?” you hum. he nods, smiling when you lean a bit closer to him. it’s softer, and as you get closer, you realize sakusa kiyoomi’s eyes hold more depth to them than you’d initially realized. “i didn’t know you had dimples,” you mumble. “you should smile more.”
“well, you should make me,” he raises a brow.
“with your mask off,” you add. “otherwise it’s pointless.”
“ah,” he grins, spinning you so your back is against the cool tile. “that’s only for you.” he takes a deep breath before adding, “if you’ll have me, that is.” and it’s not exactly how he wanted to ask, but he’s been waiting months for this moment, and he deems this moment good enough. smiling brightly, you tilt you head closer, pecking his lips sweetly.
perhaps he’s been yours all along.
“i’ll have you,” you agree. “if you’ll have me.”
Tumblr media
even though this post is sfw, i am still a nsfw blog so minors don’t not follow me.
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fsrintaro · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
it’s a wonder that atsumu shares identical genes with osamu, and it’s a wonder that he’s gotten as far as he has—alive. he shouldn’t have survived this long with his inability to do simple tasks.
“what have you done to my kitchen—”
“baby, don’t worry,” he quickly insists. “looks worse than it is,” he offers you a reassuring smile, but he cringes slightly when you glare at him.
“miya atsumu,” you say harshly, and he deflates, pouting as you cross your arms and tap your foot. he looks like a toddler being scolded, and maybe if you weren’t so annoyed, you’d giggle at the sight. all six foot three of his stature screams dejected, and all of yours is done with his nonsense.
“baby, don’t yell at me,” he mumbles. “hurts ma feelin’s.”
“oh, i’ll hurt your feelings,” you raise a brow, “i gave you one job. one job, atsumu! i said, ‘tsumu, i’m coming home late today. pick up dinner from samu, i don’t feel like cooking.’ and what did you do? you turned my kitchen into a war zone and—”
“technically it’s our kitchen,” he interrupts, pouting deeper. he shrivels back when you take a step towards him menacingly. “we share it,” he adds.
atsumu is incredibly brave to be testing your patience, especially now that you have to clean an utterly atrocious kitchen because of his failed cooking attempt. and you wonder how one brother could be so gifted at a basic life skill, while the other manages to light up everything he touches, but you suppose atsumu’s a special kind of his own. but you’re certainly not thrilled by it at the moment.
“we won’t be sharing very soon if you keep it up,” you scowl. “why can’t you ever do things how i tell you? you always have to go and do the opposite and make my life a thousand times harder and—”
“wanted ta surprise ya,” he says quietly, staring down at his feet. shattered glass is swept into a neat pile before him, and he grabs the dustpan to broom the shards onto it. “jus’ thought it’d be nice.”
and just as quickly as your anger comes, it fades, and your features soften as you stare at your boyfriend. he’s always been a little dim, and he drives you to the edge of sanity and back, but he’s got a heart of gold—and you don’t think you could ever stay mad at him. not when his lips curl into a sad pout like that.
sighing, you take the broom from his hands and dust the broken glass yourself, avoiding his eyes as he watches you.
“tsumu, you’re a horrible cook,” you roll your eyes.
“wanted ta try,” he mumbles.
“the worst cook i’ve met,” you continue.
“don’t need ta rub it in,” he grumbles.
“maybe start with microwaveable meals. just so we can make sure you actually know how to use one,” you raise a brow, and he scowls, huffing as he crosses his arms.
“i know how ta use a microwave like a professional. reheated samu’s meals all the time before i met ya.”
“good thing we have samu, then. or you’d be dead before we could’ve met,” you snort, and atsumu glares at you with jutted lips, and you reach over to pinch his cheek with a chuckle. maybe a small part of you is touched that he attempted to surprise you, but he doesn’t have to know that. not yet, anyway.
“then maybe ya should jus’ go date samu then, if he’s so cool and helpful and—”
“but you’ve got thousands of instagram followers,” you pout. “he’s not nearly as famous—”
“always knew ya were after ma fame,” he points accusingly at you, and you giggle, letting him pull you into his chest as he flicks your forehead gently. you wrap your arms around his neck, and he attacks your cheeks with kisses, making you laugh louder as he moves on to your jaw.
“only at first,” you tease, “now i’m after your riches.” atsumu narrows his eyes at you, but the amusement in his irises makes your expression soften. maybe he’s not as gifted in the kitchen, but he certainly knows his way around your heart.
“gonna dump ya in front of all ma fans after ma next game,” he bites back. “can’t wait for it ta be all over the headlines.” and you both giggle, leaning in and sharing a soft kiss as the burnt pan in the sink and the messy counter and the broken glass is all forgotten.
it’s a wonder that atsumu’s made it this far, but you suppose he’s a little miracle that way—and you’re glad he’s your little miracle.
“what if i move onto samu then?”
“are ya trying ta break ma heart?” he whines, digging his head into your neck, and you chuckle, threading your fingers through his strands and kissing his temple.
you’ll certainly go back to cursing his name when you inevitably clean your horrendously messed up kitchen, but for now, you grasp atsumu a little tighter—and you smile to yourself when he squeezes you a little tighter too.
Tumblr media
for my baby ris @cyuus i will kill anyone who makes you sad >:(
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fsrintaro · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
it’s quiet in the car, and suna drives tensely, side eyeing you as you sit with your arms crossed. it’s evident you don’t want to be in the car with him, but even like this, he’s glad he gets to spend a little extra time with you alone.
“so…” he starts, and immediately, you cut him off, shutting him down firmly.
suna purses his lips and sighs, eyes on the road as he continues to drive to your home, and you sit there fuming. you’ve been tricked. fooled. taken advantage of by your own friend as she goes home with some guy she meets. if she can’t drive you home from the party, it just has to be suna, and you wonder why the world is punishing you so cruelly this way.
“you know, i’m a pretty cool guy,” suna insists, turning to you with a raised brow when the car stops at a red light. “you should consider being a little nicer—”
“you’re lame and annoying,” you counter, and he scowls, scoffing that you have it in you to be so bold with him in his car as he drives you home.
“am not,” he bickers back. and the light is green now, but neither of you notice as you stare each other down.
you hate suna rintaro. you hate him so fiercely, you don’t think you’ll ever feel this passionately about anything else in your life. suna annoys you in every way possible. he acts like he doesn’t care, he slacks off in everything he does, he always rolls his eyes like he knows better, and he even stands around like he owns the place. and you hate him.
you also hate that he stood you up on a date he asked you on himself, but that’s besides the point.
“are too,” you huff childishly.
“look, if this is about that date a few months ago, i told you i mixed up the dates and—”
“it’s about how little you care about things,” you interrupt, and there’s a slight quiver in your voice as you speak. it makes suna’s heart drop, and he feels his stomach twist painfully.
suna rintaro has been in love with you since grade school. he thinks it’s a miracle you ever said yes to him in the first place, and if there’s one thing in his life, one thing at all that he’d do differently, it’s not mixing up the day of your date. he thinks maybe by now you could’ve been a happy little couple with stupidly annoying instagram pictures and obnoxiously ridiculous voicemails and whatever else couples do together. but suna always messes things up, and he wishes he wasn’t always doing things wrong no matter how hard he tries.
his face drops, and he reaches out, opening his mouth to speak.
and before he can continue, there’s a loud honking sound behind you that makes you both flinch, someone beeping their horn for him to go on the green light he’s been sitting on for the last two minutes.
suna curses under his breath, pressing the gas pedal and driving off, frowning when you angle your body away from him to face the window.
“you will never change,” you mutter, “i realized that a long time ago.” and it’s cruel really, you’ve spent all this time convincing yourself you’re over suna, but all that’s led you to is falling for him even deeper—and maybe that makes the hatred fester up even more.
“hey, that’s not fair,” he grumbles. “i’m a responsible adult, it was one slip up.”
“did you make your bed this morning?”
“okay, that’s not relevant to adulthood—”
“is your sink empty of dirty dishes?”
“i didn’t get a chance yet to wash—”
“when was the last time you checked your mailbox?”
“who even reads mail these days—”
“face it suna,” you scoff. “you’re hopeless.” and suddenly, the car pulls over, and you turn to him with furrowed brows as he parks the car and faces you, determination settling in his eyes as he throws a glare at your direction.
“well, why are you still so upset over a missed date if you’re not obsessed with me?” he challenges, making you stare at him in disbelief as your mouth hangs open. and now you’re furious—how dare he insinuate something so ridiculous (even though it’s technically kind of true), and how dare he belittle your feelings (even though he technically didn’t, but his tone totally seemed like it).
“what?” you hiss, and he crosses his arms, raising a brow.
“you heard me,” he snaps back, and you should honestly strangle him—and in all realness, if you killed him right here in the middle of the street and left, no one would know it was you, but he smirks, and you lose your sanity just a little more at his hand. “you’re so obsessed with me,” he grins.
“no i am not,” you flare your nostrils, and he snickers, poking your cheek with a cocky smile on his face. you hate how attractive it is.
“i’m obsessed with you too,” he shrugs, as though it’s completely normal. “i’m not quitting until you finally agree on a redo of our date,” he adds, and you scoff.
“too bad. not moving this car until you do,” he shrugs.
“suna rintaro,” you say firmly, and he has the audacity to recline his seat back and throw his arms behind his head as he lays down.
“that’s my name,” he says casually.
and this is precisely why you can’t stand him. he never takes anything seriously, and he never puts in an effort to try, and he never cares. you don’t think he ever will.
“i want to go home—”
“you could,” he starts, “if you agree on a redo date.”
“no,” you huff.
“now you’re just being stubborn,” he scoffs, pouting lightly. you resist the urge to poke his bottom lip with your finger. “what’s the worst that could happen?”
“you stand me up again,” you deadpan, and suna rolls his eyes.
“i’m sorry, okay? it really was an accident, and i didn’t mean it. i really did get the dates confused,” he argues, and there’s a small part of you that tells yourself maybe you’re overreacting. people make mistakes, and you’re certainly not perfect, but this is suna rintaro.
he’s got his little set of fans, he’s got his promising career, and he’s got no reason to be interested in you. you shouldn’t think this way, but maybe he forgot because you really are just that forgettable.
“you wouldn’t have forgotten if you actually cared,” you pout, and he clicks his teeth, reaching over and grabbing your face, pulling your closer. you can feel his breath fan over your lips as he speaks, smelling the minty scent of his gum.
“if i didn’t care, why would i be pining over someone as stubborn as you,” he grunts. “you are really something else,” he mutters, and you give him a dirty look, features scrunching into an offended expression.
“this is not my fault—”
“well, if you’d just listened for a moment—”
“i don’t owe you to listen—”
“you are so difficult—”
“don’t talk to me—” and you’re cut off by a kiss, and you’d be stunned by the nerve of the man sitting before you if you weren’t so distracted by the heat of his lips and the way his thumb makes your skin light up as he rubs your cheek softly. you should pull away, but you only mold your lips against his and lean in closer, deepening the kiss like your life depends on it.
“knew you were obsessed with me,” he snickers as you both pull away, pouting when you shove at his shoulder harshly.
“you can’t just kiss people out of nowhere, asshole,” you hiss, lips slightly swollen and cheeks feeling hot as you look away. he smirks, pinching your cheek, and you smack his hand away.
“well, we’re both here right now,” he shrugs, “and we already kissed, so we might as well redo the date now.” you try to ignore the way your heart leaps in your chest at the idea.
“fine,” you cave. “but if it sucks, you gotta quit bothering me,” you warn, and a large, giddy little grin spreads across his face, and you almost wish he’d kiss you again as you drink in the sight.
“oh, trust me,” he winks, “it definitely won’t suck.”
Tumblr media
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thinking of changing my theme to red just so i can say “oh shit, this is red too” NCNSNJDJSS
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every summertime gives me the vibes of sun and falling in love with miya atsumu
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