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Reminder! The silent auction for the Venom Kigurumi ends tomorrow January 26th at 8pm CST! Visit my main page for the link to place your bid now, payment plans are an option!

Also included on this post are some detailed pictures of the kigu, namely showing the tongue scarf, eye applique, and hidden zipper closure.

Signal boosts are appreciated!

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(So I forgot to tag the original one like an idiot, so round two ya’ll)

Hello everyone! It’s Tezzyarts here with an item I’ve wanted to create for awhile. Introducing, the Venom Kigurumi!

The design for this kigurumi was specifically inspired both by the 2018 Venom movie but also art of @lonicera-caprifolium in their artwork here. I absolutely adored the 2018 movie and definitely wanted to make one of these.

Noteworthy features:

-Pockets, to carry your chocolate bars in

-Tongue Scarf, wrap it around your head for the full symbiote experience

-Hidden zipper closure, the 3 buttons are just for show

-Satin stitch eyes

-Comfy, one size fits most!

-Machine washable

This kigurumi has been made with premium antipill fleece for the main body, teeth, and scarf, a rayon spandex knit for the lining, and cotton knit cuffs on the wrists and ankles. It comes with a 90 day warranty for any repairs that are my fault in manufacturing. Perfect for both Eddie Brock cosplays and casual use.

If you’re interested in purchasing this kigu, I’ve set up a silent auction on google forms. I’m not exactly sure what to charge for this so I wanted to gauge interest. Please head to my profile page for a link (I know tumblr is bad about shadow banning posts with links). Minimum asking price is 125+ as I’ve already received an offer for that amount. I’m willing to send international but the buyer always pays shipping!

gimme love pls

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furrygeneralhux·a year agoAnswer
cum is stored in the nipples

Anon are you trying to get my account deleted

Also I know its you seb

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On my twitter fangirl account (@ soyouz_trashcan ) I did the NSFW meme. Here some kylux o7

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Under The Moonlight by kittens (2866 words, Rated Teen+)

  • modern au, werewolf kylo, demon hux
  • Kylo has moved into a new neighborhood in hopes of better keeping his condition a secret and he has a very cute new neighbor.  But he might also have a few secrets.

Hold Onto Hope by @darthkylorevan (719 words, Rated Teen+)

  • 5 times fic, fluff
  • The first time Kylo asked, Hux curled his lips into a sneer and denied it. Instead, he rose from the bed, gathered his clothes, and left. That wasn’t him–wasn’t them. That Kylo should presume to think he would accept such a request, would indulge him in such a manner…well, he’d always thought the man wasn’t quite the smartest at times, hadn’t he?

will you still love me after out first time(s) by sorryuser (1195 words, Rated Teen+)

  • first time, softness
  • some of their first times resonate with kylo.

baby, i’m preying on you tonight by @theomegapoint (1047 words, Rated E)

  • tw noncon, omega kylo, fucking machine, hot af smut
  • Ren struggles against the restraints he’s been locked into and Hux has no doubt that were he not sufficiently gagged, he would be cursing. It’s impudent behavior from an omega, especially a bitch in heat, but Hux allows it on the grounds that Ren is about to be punished enough for six lifetimes during the course of his heat.

It Will Have Blood, They Say by CrimsonFootsteps (WIP) (5605 words, Rated E)

  • witch kylo, familiar hux, violence and blood, amazing plot with added smut
  • Kylo Ren is a powerful witch, but one who was supposedly smothered in power as a child after a violent outburst during his training as a white witch.  As an adult, not remembering much if at all about magic, he began to collect artifacts that belonged to his grandfather, Vader, and in the process, activated his own immense power and the power of the Grand Grimoire. Armitage Hux is a Familiar, a human who has fused with a demon soul, and his greatest wish is to be the One- the eldest, the heir to Hell itself.  Gaining the Grimoire would instantly gain him what he desires, and at first, he thinks dealing with Kylo will be simple.  However, nothing is easy, nothing is as it seems, and a casual bond may not be enough to grant them the power to get what they desire.

whoever you are, holding me now in hand by spitfire007 (WIP) (2595 words, Rated General Audience)

  • pre-tfa, venom au, symbiote kylo
  • General Hux knew that there would be several surprises that came with taking command of Starkiller Base. However, learning that Kylo Ren was the symbiote of Ben Solo was the last thing that he expected.

To Run From What You Feel by @kyluxtrashbin (5095 words, Rated Teen+)

  • shared nightmares, hurt/comfort, plotting against snoke
  • Kylo and Hux, both exhausted from their ordeal on Starkiller Base, are suffering from disturbing dreams: dreams they share. And in these images they discover more about each other than they had suspected before.

Stars In Ones Mind by @hemlockcryptid (1117 words, Rated General Audiences)

  • pre-tlj, softness
  • A moment of peace during an on going war

Vampires Will Never Hurt You by @saltandrockets (3557 words, Rated M)

  • vampire kylo, hunter hux, sexual tension
  • Armitage hates being out in the field. He prefers to work behind the scenes—gathering information, crafting stakes and other weapons. But when conventional vampire-slaying methods fail, his only option is to play the honey pot. Turns out, vampires dig redheads.

In Good Hands by @missabigailhobbs (1809 words, Rated M)

  • sub kylo, caning, aftercare
  • An expert Dom, Hux loves caning Kylo. He pushes Kylo’s pain threshold further and further with 100 lashes, until Kylo is delirious and in subspace. Kylo allows Hux to do anything to him while he’s in this state, even share him with friends.

Below His Window by BlackKyber (4015 words, Rated General Audiences)

  • arranged marriage, prince ben au
  • Prince Ben Organa has been avoiding marriage for years. He feels that nobody would be a suitable match for him, so he studiously avoids or sabotages all the potential spouses that his parents set up for him.One day his luck runs out, when the King of a distant planet proposes that his son would be a perfect match for the wiry Ben. Unable to talk his way out of the situation, Ben begrudgingly prepares for his upcoming nuptials … when a surprise visit from an unexpected source shifts the balance of everything.

Rebirth by @jinxedambitions (7578 words, Rated E)

  • modern au, sub ben, dom hux, aftercare
  • Over a year after Ben Solo disappeared on his hunt for Armitage Hux, Poe is sent a clue by one of his informants.  While the video doesn’t give any clues as to where Ben is, it certainly shows exactly who he’s with and how he’s spending his time.  Fully embracing the name Kylo Ren, Poe’s former partner shows that years of rebellion and disciplinary actions are in the past.  By the General’s hand, he has been reborn, and he is now the embodiment of control of mind and body.

Safe Keeping by @centurytwitch (1922 words, Rated Teen+)

  • hux in peril, ghosts, protective kylo
  • The shuttle had been seized, for all appearances the crew missing. When the First Order regained control of the shuttle only two pirates were left alive. Interrogations and the blackbox told them of a better outcome. Despite the blood that stained the shuttle four individuals boarded the pirate ship, three pirates to escort the one in shackles. Kylo had reason to hope.

What The Night Takes by @camellia-cook (9148 words, Rated E)

  • modern au, summoning gone wrong, witch kylo, bottom kylo, amazing smut
  • When Kylo’s attempt to cast a very powerful, very dark spell goes awry, he accidentally calls up more than he bargained for: an ancient demoness of overwhelming supernatural power. She’ll grant him the strength he’s looking for, but only at a price.When Hux goes to investigate reports of a citizen in distress, he finds more than he expected: a naked, lust-crazed, half-possessed witch begging for his touch. He doesn’t believe in magic, but this guy says he’s going to die if Hux doesn’t give him what he needs.

Test Subject by pimpmypaws (2939 words, Rated E)

  • medical kink, subject kylo, dominant hux
  • Hux and Kylo are a kinky couple with a very elaborate fantasy which they act out on weekends in specifically rented places: Kylo is a laboratory mutt used by Hux, a sadistic scientist. Kylo spends his weekends in cages and on exam tables as Hux subjects him to invasive procedures, controls and monitors his every breath, his food, water intake and waste, administers bitter “medicines” and injects him with light sedatives only to clean him out and then push his bare cock into Kylo’s ass. Hux, actually a medical professional, knows exactly how to make the experience intense and utterly submissive for Kylo. Both are extremely into it and it’s all consensual even though they play rough and mutt Kylo gets debased and abused.

Sensory Deprivation by kyodontdoit (1168 words, Rated E)

  • blindfolds, sub kylo, dominant hux
  • Kylo Ren allows Hux to do as he likes, which starts with Hux telling him not to use the Force.

Insatiable by @shinysylver (701 words, Rated E)

  • semi-public sex, kylo groping hux
  • When Ren is high on the power of the Dark Side he’s insatiable. Hux likes him that way.

How Do You Say ‘Kiss Me’? by @flaming-dumpster (602 words, Rated General Audiences)

  • language kink, flirty kylo
  • General Hux can speak Arkanian. Kylo Ren puts him to the test.

Dark Side of the Moon by @furrygeneralhux (WIP) (7906 words, Rated E)

  • modern au, human to animal tf, maned wolf hux
  • This was not happening to Hux. He was not shifting into a giant maned wolf on the night of his date with Kylo Ren. Absolutely not, this was some sort of terrible dream. But why did it feel so real?

Dancing Ewoks, Painted X-Wings by @cynicalpudding (WIP) (14,015 words, Rated E)

  • anastasia crossover, prince ben, friends to lovers
  • Ben Solo, Prince of Alderaan, disappears when the palace is attacked by followers of the evil Snoke. Years later, Luke Skywalker, the brother of Queen Leia, offers a reward for Ben’s return. Sensing an opportunity, a scheming duo, Armitage Hux and Phasma, plan to pawn off a phony. They hold auditions and choose an orphan boy with amnesia and a remarkable resemblance to the missing prince. But, they get a bit more then they bargained for in the form of the fiery and cynical Kylo Ren.

Babe, I’m Here Again by @sinceyouaskedmeforataleof (WIP) (80,106 words, Rated E)

  • modern au, abo, omega hux, mpreg, tw cancer
  • It’s 2008 and graduate student Armitage Hux has no idea why hes still hanging out with that nerd of a second year Ben Solo. Surely he had better things to do that sit around planning Dungeons & Dragons adventures with this not-at-all-attractive Alpha who he definitely doesn’t think about constantly. A tale of illness, heartbreak, unexpected gifts, new beginnings, and rediscovery. Featuring two idiots who don’t realise how much they love each other until its almost too late.

Unexpected by @gonna-pop (WIP) (19,780 words, Rated E)

  • old married kylux, omega hux, mpreg
  • After twenty years together, Ben and Armitage have gotten comfortable. There are no surprises left in their marriage, and nothing new to learn about each other. That is, until Armitage unexpectedly goes into heat while they’re vacationing on a resort world — and a few days of renewed passion changes the course of their lives.

happy reading! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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