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g4y-galaxies-blog · 69 years ago


Alright guys, it’s time for me to say bye bye to this cringy and old account.

For the ones that have seen the new theme, for all of my accounts, have already noticed this.

It took me long enough, but I made a new Tumblr account to be a bit more professional and serious with my art. I’ve had stuff going on in the background, as I usually do, and I’m still planning a lot of things out. I want art to be the main thing for me on here, and I can’t take having this blog be the main one that everyone sees.

Don’t worry though, I will make new side blogs for fandom reblogs and one to help with my inspirations and such. I just need more time to make them, so if you want, you can follow my art blog until I announce the time that those are made . 

I also want to clean out anyone that isn’t active and a lot of things that I no longer want to see or be apart off. I’ve come a long way in the past couple years and a new start with this website sounds really nice. I already did my DA account and I had to do this one next.

For the ones that are willing to stick with me and be active, I freaking love y’all to bits. 

I will be reblogging this a couple times over the next couple days, to make sure that everyone has a chance to see it! I might even completely delete this account after a couple months, that part is still undecided.

If there’s any questions or any concerns, please don’t be afraid to DM me or throw an ask my way on the new blog! I also recommend that you check it out on the computer, because I put a lot of time and love into it. 

I hope you guys are having a good day/afternoon/night!💛💛💛

@bmj-art​ ~@bmj-art​ ~@bmj-art​~@bmj-art​~@bmj-art


 ☕️Buy me some tea coffee?🍵

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💛 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━💛

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 74 years ago


let’s go on a date and by date I mean lay in bed and make out for 3 hours

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 75 years ago


reminder: you can start over at anytime. your day is not ruined. your world is not over. take a deep breath. start over.

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 75 years ago






anyone else live under the assumption that they’re constantly doing something wrong

How about the assumption that everyone’s just being polite and any minute now they’re going to snap and let you know how awful you are

Everyone who reblogs this post, please read about the psychological phenomena of Childhood Emotional Neglect.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck.

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 76 years ago




the red juice in red meat isnt blood thank you!

yeah its meat pee


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g4y-galaxies-blog · 77 years ago


Cause they don’t deserve it

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 77 years ago


i just got really motivated for like 2 minutes but it went away

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 77 years ago


*looking in a mirror trying to practice self-love* ur doing great u stupid bitch

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 80 years ago






Once my friend Henry was accused of wearing wireless headphones by a substitute so she said for him to hand them over so he took them off and handed them to her. Then later on she asked him a question and he didn’t respond so she said it louder and he still didn’t respond. She asked why he was not responding and he said “I can’t understand you ma'am, you took my hearing aids.”


one time we had a sub that was handing back papers and called my name. I asked if someone could grab it for me and she started mocking me for not even standing up. taunting me asking why I was not walking up to the front to get the paper myself.

my classmates went dead silent and after the sub’s laughter ended someone informed her that the wheelchair parked nearby belonged to me

I had a sub in English once, on presentation day. And everyone goes up and does their thing, and then its my turn. The whole time im stuttering and mixing up my words, having to stop and re-say my sentences. The rest of the class is used to this and claps. However, by the time its over, the teacher is 100% done.

Starts saying horrible thing about how im going to have to get over my ‘fear of public speaking’ and how she’s heard 8 year olds give better presentations (plus worse things but I don’t really member them). By then im in tears and on the brink of a panic attack, and then she starts telling me off for crying

The rest of the class is horrified. Then this boy stands up. He never been my friend and we never really got along, but he’d never bullied me. He told her in a pissed off, cold voice that in freshmen year I got a concussion and that I never really recovered from it, so all that was medical related and I couldn’t help it. Then he starts telling her off and the rest of the class joins him.  

The teacher is mortified and tries to cover her ass, but the whole class walked out and that boy took me by the shoulders and we all walked to the principles office and told him what had happened. Lets just say she isn’t teaching anymore.

Also, turns out that boy had a sister like me, who couldn’t really speak. We’ve been best friends for 8 years and i’ll be his best woman at his wedding next year. 

The moral is that Teachers, even subs, and adults shouldn’t scold kids before knowing the whole story, because shit like that can fuck up kids self-esteem for the rest of their life. 

When I was thirteen, I had to have spinal surgery. When my doctor said I was allowed to attend school again, he said I had to use a wheelchair when on school grounds. My first day back at school, my special-ed teacher had put up a banner in her classroom that read, “There is no elevator to success. You must take the stairs.” I asked what that meant regarding my wheelchair, and she gave me detention for “disrespecting her authority”. The next week she gave us a homework assignment to design a poster that could potentially be used as a Public Service Advertisement. On the due-date, I handed this in.

My special-ed teacher was fucking OUTRAGED. She wanted me expelled for ridiculing her authority in front of the other students. The principal proclaimed my work to be “a masterpiece of satirical genius” and vetoed the special-ed teacher’s attempt to expel me.

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 81 years ago
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g4y-galaxies-blog · 81 years ago


Hey guys, so I’ve seen some posts around about daily routines so I thought I’d share my own. I consider myself to be great at being productive even early in the morning, and here’s how I achieve that. Hope this is helpful, and feel free to ask me questions if you have any!

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 82 years ago


reasons i haven’t replied back:

- i’m socially exhausted
- i don’t have the time right now
- i don’t know how to reply
- i have a bad memory and got distracted
- i’m having a depressive episode and don’t have the energy to socialise

not reasons i haven’t replied back:

- i’m ignoring you just because
- i hate you
- i’m fed up with you
- i don’t want to be your friend anymore

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 83 years ago
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g4y-galaxies-blog · 83 years ago






I Was Always On Green Because My Mama Didn’t Play That Shit.

I got a Red for the first time ever cause I launched a basketball at this girls face 😭😭 it was an accident tho I swear lmao

This traumatized so many kids. I knew someone who had no memory of this until I said the phrase “go flip your card” and suddenly they remembered everything

I went from green straight to red because I gave my friend a piggyback ride for like five seconds

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 83 years ago
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g4y-galaxies-blog · 83 years ago



Want to know which Waffle House location has the best views of the eclipse?

if you do this you will straight up be permanently warped into another dimension

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 83 years ago


ever have one of those days 

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 83 years ago
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g4y-galaxies-blog · 83 years ago








so basically when you have your period and your lower back hurts it is because your hips are contracting and spreading apart, only slightly, to make room for the release of the blood and linings of your uterus. so basically your body is going through a small and mild labor to push out the dead insides of your uterus. so basically I have gone through labor and basically I don’t want children. 

why aren’t we taught this shit


…..this wasn’t obvious to anyone? What did you think your body was doing? Did you think the lining of your uterus just fell out of your vagina? And the cramps were what, for fun?

Considering how practically non-existent sexual education is and the fact some people with uteruses have so little knowledge available and actively shared about their body they don’t know where they pee from or that having large labias is normal, it’s probably safe to say, no, it wasn’t obvious. Nobody thinks you’re hot shit for pissing on people for not knowing something we’re rarely taught in-depth.

I hate it when people get all ‘wow wasn’t this obvious to you guys, you’re pretty dumb’ about shit like this. Shut the fuck up you’re not helping.

I never knew why I had back cramps until nursing school. I was 20 years old and had been having my period for about seven years. But, in addition to the cramping of your uterus to expel the tissue, your uterus is supported by ligaments reaching to the base of your spine, the sacrum. The uterus is also webbed with nerves that, you guessed it, reach back to the spine, causing “referred” pain. So basically, there’s a lot of shit going down in your nether regions during that time of the month and it’s a damn shame we aren’t taught more about menstruation.

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g4y-galaxies-blog · 83 years ago


The painting setup

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