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Yo what up I'm Blaine, I'm 19, and I never fuckin learned how to love

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galactixmlm·5 hours agoPhoto


saw this on twitter and i made them boyfriends .

go cry homophobes

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galactixmlm·5 hours agoText

Im so stressed about being fired that I literally had a nightmare last night where I was at work and they completely changed everything and everyone else was told and trained except me so I had customers waiting while I tried figuring everything out and no one was helping

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galactixmlm·15 hours agoText


im GAY


and i want to bury my face into someone’s shoulder

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Omg wait var and the boys going over to visti embers mom and they tell his mom all the embarassing cute shit he does and hes like so in love his eyes will not change no matter how hard he tried and goddamnit he feels angry but apparently not angry enough if his eyes wont freaking change and his mom the whole time is loving it and just encouraging the other two and it really cute and if his skin wasnt red then it certainly would be in that moment

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galactixmlm·15 hours agoText

Dude i just posted that and they shut up are they wstching me are the frogs part of the bourgeoisie now too

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galactixmlm·16 hours agoText

Ok I’ve literally never understood if hispanic counts as poc because like idk i never see it in a post of poc and i used to think it depended on what country because like spain is obv european but theb it wouldnt be hispanic/latinx and whenever i tried to ask i would be belittled sooooooo i guess I’ll never know???

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galactixmlm·21 hours agoText


Chubby boys ( both cis and trans ) have my heart like :

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galactixmlm·2 days agoText

Ok so icarus right as he’s practically dying the sirens are trying to save him thats where we left off so they find a way to fix him but it would mean turning him into one of them of course theres really no one to say yeah sure go for it and they can’t just let this kid die so they do it and it works but it only turns him half siren and pretty much how that works is kinda like an h2o situation where hes human on land and siren in the water but hes able to control when he changes so he can swin in a public pool or smth just fine and he can be a siren on land if he wanted to but that would mean dying twice so he typically doesnt choose that akfjks but another side effect is that parts of his skin permanently turn to scales so like visibly hes got a patch on his cheek and the back of one of his hands but he also has some on his stomach/back and his ears dont really change either they got sort of stuck in a fhsion between human and siren so like imagine elf ears but instead of a point its webbed with three prongs or whatever you call it and this baby boy was an aspiring singer before he got turned but no one really heard him sing outside of his family but now that hes part siren (and proud of it might i add like this kid will not stop flaunting jt skdjsl) people ask him to sing so much more often and they always think that he got his talents from being part siren and even though he didnt he doesnt correct anyone because to him its the greatest honor to be positively compared to a siren in terms of singing especially since je didnt really do it in oublic otherwise and ofc his Siren Fam knows abt it because when he was younger he wss having pretty much an existential crusis trying to figure out what his new identity meant in the world and this cutie sings when hes nervous so they obv heard and looked at each other like damn did one of you teach him that and its really cute and like his dads fine obv icarus went straight to his dad once he was revived and his dad was so happy he was ok that he didnt really care abt the whole half siren thing but every so often his dad will visit and take a lottle rowboat out to the rocks to hang with his son and Siren Fam and its really cute his dad learned a littke guitar to accompany his son when he sang because he supports his sons dreams damnit and the Siren Fam loves it because its basically a free concert whenever he vists and yes i love this blended family a lot ok shut up

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