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17.10.2020 // i definitely miss going to outdoor cafés with my bestie and enjoying some delish half-melted ice cream :( but, i drove to her part of the city yesterday and we went for a walk - it completely recharged my batteries, 100/10 would recommend

day 17 - Tag someone who you think is really kind

i think no one will be surprised by this: @rylie-studies, you my friend are one of the nicest, most kindhearted people i’ve met, full stop. not just on here, in general. your posts are such gems of positivity, you always leave incredibly lovely feedback in the tags and your enthusiasm about life is so contagious, it boosts my morale from the other side of the ocean. i’m so glad i stumbled across your little corner of the internet bc girl, you’re a literal ray of sunshine! hope today’s treating u well, you deserve the world <33

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19/10/2020 Monday 6 :00 pm

My first term exam started today. I had Key Issues in Journalism which was okayish. Well, I can’t say I did really good in that exam, but I’m not entirely sad. I just woke up after a two hour nap because I didn’t sleep yesterday.

I don’t have any idea for tomorrow’s exam that is Media Perspectives. I have to listen to 18 recordings and time is very less. Tbh, I’m seriously freaking out for the coming three exams. I don’t know how it’s going to be. I’m just going to try to complete atleast ten recordings.

( and also yesterday was my birthday. Obviously I didn’t celebrate it because I spent my entire day infront of my laptop, studying for the first exam.😕)

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1. Do Past Papers

- Practice makes perfect! Do the LATEST exam paper first (2019 –> 2018 –> 2017 –> 2016 etc). This is because past papers can help you predict the “trend”  of questions. If you focus on old exam papers, you can’t really predict the question “trend” accurately. Besides, the syllabus might be outdated and may have changed.

- You still have to do the old past papers for practice, you just have to do the latest ones first!

- Write down the question types and the topics that come up frequently. You will find that some topics appear every year while some don’t. If you have suggested answers/ a marking scheme, compare your answers to the suggested ones. Write down the mistakes you made in a notebook and study them before the exam.

2. Study Session Duration means NOTHING if you cannot focus

Do not set daily goals like “I have to study tort law for 2 hours today”, especially when you can’t concentrate well that day. Sometimes we just couldn’t finish our work within the time limit! What if you can’t focus during that 2 hours? Busy does not equal to productive. So sitting in front of your desk for 2 hours doesn’t necessarily mean that you are productive. You achieved nothing and did not produce any quality work. (while you feel like you have done sth…)

Instead, I set goals like “I have to finish the readings for this topic (e.g. duty of care) of this subject (e.g. tort law) today.”

3. My very weird study habit – nap / sleep after a study session

Researchers found that human’s memories are shifted to more permanent brain regions when you sleep. Your memories are re-organized and stored. Sleep therefore can strengthen your memory. The “study –> nap –> scan through the notes again” method always works well for me.

4. Your Pomodoro Timer Doesn’t have to be 25 mins

Despite the fact that the traditional 25 mins study “rule” works well for some students, it is too short for me to study anything. Having frequent breaks makes me difficult to concentrate, especially when I’m already in the “flow” after 15 mins of studying. I like to have 1 hour or 2 hours study session followed by a 10-minute break. The key is to find out what works best for you.

5. Do not follow all the suggestions on the internet

We see a lot of studying methods suggested on the Internet, but you must figure out whether those methods suit you. I used flashcard when I was in high school but this method didn’t work for me when I studied law in the University. You can first consider which type of learner are you, what subject are you studying and what level of study are you in , then figure out which method works best for you!

6. Treat Open-Book Examinations as Closed Book Examinations

Trust me, you WON’T have time to flip through the pages and find your answers in the books during the exam! Open book exams are usually harder than closed book exams as they are not testing your memory at all. So treat it like a close book exam and have enough preparation.

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Studyblr community challenge

Day 17 : Tag someone who you think is really kind.
  • @rylie-studies OMG this person is an angel who cares for everyone’s state. Someone who deserves the love of all this community
Day 18 : Tag someone who makes you think more deeply about things.
  • @sociologi LOL when she talks about something it seems so deep minded
Day 19 : Tag someone you are grateful to have met.
Day 20 : Tag someone who has a lovely Aeshtetic
  • @gentlepalettes-study WITHOUT ANY DOUBT . She has a really kind and gentle Aeshtetic .@productivelia YAS,I REALLY love plants, and in most of her post are plants so I love a LOT that vintage Aeshtetic.

@studyblr-with-wastel​ awww thank you so much for tagging me!💙💛

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