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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
georgeliker · 5 hours ago
wilbur: geo-george george wanna come to brighton and have cake with me?
george: you’re- i don’t know if- when you’re sounding like this maybe when you’re- when you’re better
wilbur: okay, it’s not- it’s not- it’s not rona i promise
scott: if you won’t love him at his worst you can’t have him at his best george
george: *laughs*
wilbur: george i’ll get you a cake, george if i- if i get you a personalised cake like a proper expensive one will you come visit me and eat it with me in brighton?
george: yeah!
wilbur: pog okay
george: i’ll have to-
wilbur: give me a date
george: *laughs*
wilbur: i’ll tell you what- tell you what george if i do this you can vlog it and then you can pad out enough content for the rest of the vlog
george: *laughs* vlog part 2
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georgeliker · 7 hours ago
How are we doing gnf nation
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georgeliker · 11 hours ago
i’m thinking about it and it’s really sweet actually that corpse and tina excessively thanked george for sticking around in the among us lobby commending him for “not leaving after an hour and a half” it’s nice that there’s a track record of people being genuinely grateful to george for the way he offers up his time and it must be nice to hear considering it’s likely quality time is his love language
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georgeliker · 11 hours ago
more characters with heterochromia. fuck it. it’s no longer ‘cringe’ to give your OCs two different eye colours it’s actually extremely cool and fun and sometimes extremely sexy. godspeed
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georgeliker · 13 hours ago
to last anon dnfdiary got suspended for some dumb reason but the owners have made a new acc called DNFFILES you can follow there if you want!
omg here you go anon!! thank u so much :D 💗
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georgeliker · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
George but what if the fluff on the cape was just a bunch of flat layered mushrooms
Trying out more stuff with the new brush :) I kind of like this messy style! Again, let me know what you think
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georgeliker · 13 hours ago
what happened to dnf diary??? i have a twitter only for that lol 😭
i have no idea :( twitter tends to suspend accs for pretty silly things though mass reporting, saying the word “kill”, forgetting the email or phone number associated w the acc but afaik we don’t know why they got suspended so we can assume they (the owners) don’t know either
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georgeliker · a day ago
some random george things i appreciate
- the way that he doesn't always have an easy way of expressing his emotions but has worked harder to be appreciative with his friends and it shows!!
- how he just listens when people ramble to him and actively engages with it
- he's so so welcoming to new people and starts conversations with them and makes them comfortable and many people have mentioned how nice of a person he is
- his body language <3 when he laughs and covers his face with his hands + his LOUD laugh and scream and how expressive he is
- on solo streams he always actively tries to talk to chat despite have 100,000+ viewers, actively taking in their input
- always tries to have entertaining and new content for us and has clearly worked really hard on improving his streams
- as bbh said.. he just lights up the room with his personality !! he's so bright
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