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“He gazed into her violent eyes, the most beautiful eyes in the world, eyes which he feared would become… Everything, he knew.”
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Yes, Geralt answered in his thoughts, you’re not mistaken. There is only she, Yennefer, at my side, here and now, and only she matters. Here and now. […] That’s what I’m thinking right now, thinking only about her, thinking endlessly about her, smelling the scent of her perfume and the warmth of her body. And you can all choke on your envy. — Time of Contempt
“And to yours, Yennefer,” Dandelion toasted her in return. “To health for which, as of today, I shall pray whenever the occasion arises. I’m indebted to you, beautiful lady, and I shall repay the debt in my songs. I shall explode the myth which claims wizards are insensitive to the pain of others, that they are rarely eager to help poor, unfortunate, unfamiliar mortals.” — Blood of Elves
No, Triss had not desired to take him away from Yennefer. As a matter of fact, her friend was more important to her than he was. […] “Nonsense,” Triss Merigold interrupted, looking at Francesca and Ida Emean. “Yennefer will not betray us.” — Blood of Elves & Baptism of Fire
“Thank you, Lady Philippa,” Ciri said after a few moments, squeezing the head of the sphinxes in her hands. “I’m also honored at the offer of bearing the name de Tancarville. However, because a surname is the only thing in this whole matter that depends on me and my choice, the only thing that isn’t being imposed on me, I have to gratefully decline and choose for myself. I want to be called Cirilla of Vengerberg, daughter of Yennefer.” — The Lady of the Lake
YENNEFER APPRECIATION WEEK Day Two ▸ Favorite Dynamic(s)
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you’re back. are you alright?
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based on
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Sometimes I wish that I could. — Sue Zhao
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Yenalt + Forehead Touches 1.06 and 2.06
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*coughs in yennskier*
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Jaskier: I love you guys, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Geralt: We're the best thing that's ever happened to you?
Jaskier, cheerily: Yes!
Yennefer: I'm starting to feel a little sorry for you.
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A toast… to all that binds a family as one. — Addams Family Values
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When you look at your partner and realise both of you have a crush on THE BARD of all people…..! hmph!
I finally watched season 2! Forgive the rough colours, I’m on a new laptop and I gotta get used to it. Please consider a reblog to support me!
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Hello dear, I hope you're doing great!
For the Spotify Wrapped ask: could you do Yenralt with song 26? :D (or Geraskefer if you feel more like it, as a treat haha)
Thank youuuu 💕
thank you so much for the prompt dear!! now it's a greek song and i went for mild horror (which i can't actually pull off), i only peppered some geraskefer and ciri in there, mainly it's yenralt and geralt having a really, really bad time. hope you enjoy 💜
wc 960, cw nightmares
26. o timvorihos (the graverobber) - miltos pashalidis
The stone is cold under his fingertips and he curses under his breath, shakes.
"No, no, please..."
There's fog. So much fog, reaching its tentacles around his ankles, up his legs, dancing between his fingertips and the stones standing in front of him, neatly in line with the same distance between them, like children's dolls, only that they got to play with him.
Geralt whimpers, deep in his throat so as not to hear it himself, and stares. Two stones, no, three. A cry rumbles in his chest. Four. He knows the names. Five, six. "NO!" he screams "PLEASE NO!" and the names carved on the stones gape like wounds of gushing blood, wide open and laugh at him and the blood runs down the grey marble.
He's not thinking. He knows, the day would come.
But gods, he isn't ready yet.
He takes some steps forward, falls on his knees. Fingers trembling, he touches the soil, wet still and he doesn't know if it's the rain, or the tears, or the blood. The letters are neat and elegant, a curve messing with them at the edges, just like she would want, just like she was. There's a lump choking his throat and his fingers dig into the ground. "Yen," he whispers and the fog twirls around him, invades his nostrils, blinds him. The stone laughs. "Yen," he says, "Yen this is no joke, Yen come back," and his fingers dig deep and before he knows it the dirt is subsiding under his hands and he digs, fingertips rough and skinned as he rips the ground in half and sweat drops from his forehead on his wrist, and it's red.
It's red. The blood, he thinks, and digs and digs and pants and growls and digs to get back what was stolen from him, and the stone laughs and he digs and his fingers brush over something soft and he stops.
Shaking. He knows this. He knows what he's touching. He's touched it so many times before, tender, a caress over silky shoulders. He knows. Shaking, he pushes the soil away, and there's more of it, more skin. Dirty and bloody and cold. More, and he raises his hand, and slowly wipes the dirt of her face and she's there, eyes staring at him, lips blue and curved in a dead smile and the stone laughs and he screams.
"What are you searching for, Geralt?"
Keep reading
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pov: your witch girlfriend is sacrificing you on an altar to harness the power of an old god
or: i took a shitpost way too seriously
i’m imagining this as established relationship, a scene they both get really into but not in the way you’d expect. only yennskier can be Somft in the middle of spicy ritual sacrifice
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Kiss it better
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chaotic trio + tumblr asks
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what you see is not the dark
For this week's Witcher Quick Fic, I wrote a Yennefer-focused post-season 2 fic. You can read it here on AO3 or find the first few scenes below.
Relationships: Geralt/Jaskier/Yennefer; Ciri & Yennefer; Tissaia & Yennefer
Rating: M
Warnings: Canon-typical violence; flashback to Yennefer's season 1 suicide attempt; hallucinated child death
Summary: In the aftermath of the battle with Voleth Meir, Geralt, Jaskier, Yennefer and Ciri retreat to a seaside cottage to hide from those who wish Ciri harm and to heal. Yennefer rebuilds her relationship with Geralt, gets to know Ciri, and lets the new romance between herself and Jaskier bloom. She has her chaos back. For the first time in years, all is well.
But when an unexpected betrayal rocks Yennefer to her core, she starts to realize that her mind may no longer be her own.
Excerpt: When they leave Kaer Morhen, there’s still blood on the cobblestones in the great hall.
“Just like you to leave us with all the clean up, you asshole.” Lambert slaps Geralt on the shoulder with enough force to topple most men. In the two days Yennefer has been at Kaer Morhen, she’s learned that calling people assholes is the closest thing the redheaded witcher has to a love language. “What the fuck are you going to do now?”
Geralt raises an eyebrow at his brother. “Probably safer if you don’t know that.”
Lambert doesn’t like that answer, which he lets Geralt know emphatically.
Yennefer and Jaskier stand at the edge of the great hall and watch what’s left of the witchers of Kaer Morhen say goodbye to each other and to Ciri. “Where will you go?” Jaskier asks in an undertone.
“We’ll find somewhere safe,” Yennefer says.
“Is there anywhere on the Continent that will be safe for her?” Jaskier is rubbing his thumb and forefinger together. She can’t tell if it’s a new habit or an old one; she never paid much attention to what the bard did with his fingers before now. She healed his burnt fingers as soon as she was done healing the witchers’ injuries after the fight with Voleth Meir, but he keeps looking down at his hands like he doesn’t quite believe it.
“I don’t know,” Yennefer admits. “But if there is, we’ll find it.”
Jaskier flashes a ghost of his usual smile. “Well, before you go, if you wouldn’t mind making me a portal to Oxenfurt, I’d appreciate it. Now that we’re friends, I trust I don’t have to worry about you portaling me to some monster-infested swamp?”
“I would never inflict you on a perfectly good swamp,” Yennefer says. “Anyway, don’t be a fool, bardling. You’re coming with us.”
“And why would I do that?”
“The fire fucker is still out there.”
Jaskier looks away, expression shuttering. “I doubt he’ll come for me again. He didn’t get what he wanted out of me the first time.”
“Except now he has good reason to hold grudges against Geralt and against me,” Yennefer says. “If he can’t find us, he may decide that you’ll do as someone to take his anger out on.”
Jaskier begins rubbing his fingers together again. “Ah, well, I suppose you shouldn’t tell me where you’re going then. I held out quite heroically the first time, though I admit to shedding some manly tears when he wasn’t look—”
“You’re coming with us.” Yennefer puts enough steel in her voice to let him know that she’s not joking.
Jaskier glances over at Geralt, who is embracing Coën. His mouth wobbles ever so slightly. “I would hate to be an imposition.”
“You’ll be far more of an imposition if I have to come save your life again.”
Yennefer grabs his arm, looking him dead in the eye. “There was a family in Sodden that took Ciri in for just a night right after Cintra fell. She portaled us to their house when we fled the Temple of Melitele. The fire fucker had found them. They were burnt alive.”
He grimaces.
“You’re coming with us,” Yennefer says again, remembering those twisted, burnt bodies and the gaping mouths, the way they’d been huddled together, like they were trying to shelter each other in their last moments.
Jaskier’s throat bobs and he nods. “Okay.”
“What’s going on?” Ciri asks, joining them. Geralt is on her heels.
“Jaskier’s coming with us,” Yennefer says, more to Geralt than to Ciri. She doesn’t think he’ll protest, but it’s hard to tell with him.
Geralt blinks, like he doesn’t even understand why this is a discussion. “Of course he is.”
Jaskier makes a sound somewhere between a laugh and a sigh, without any trace of humor in it.
“Where are we going?” Ciri looks between the three of them, brow furrowed.
Yennefer glances down at the blood on the cobblestones. “Somewhere no one will find us.”
“Home sweet home.” Jaskier looks around the cottage with his hands planted on his hips, projecting the air of an explorer who’s just discovered a new continent. “Well, ‘sweet’ may be an overstatement.”
Yennefer rolls her eyes at him. The cottage is perfectly serviceable for their needs. It’s a three-room house on a remote stretch of coast in Kovir, long abandoned for reasons unknown. It’s dusty and the roof is in need of repair, but it’s structurally sound. Most importantly, no one will think to look for them here; none of them have any links to Kovir. “What were you expecting, bardling?”
“Well, witch, since you were the one who procured this abode, I expected gingerbread walls and children roasting in ovens.” Jaskier winces. “Too soon?”
A few short weeks ago, when she encountered him in Oxenfurt, she would have snapped back, responding to his accidental cruelty with purposeful cruelty. A few short weeks ago, his cruelty wouldn’t have been so accidental. The bard is exactly the same exasperating, arrogant, foolish ass that he’s been in all the years that she’s known him, but at some point in the last few weeks, he became her exasperating, arrogant, foolish ass. She no longer bristles at his barbs, because she can hear the affection behind them.
“No more or less tasteless than everything else that comes out of your mouth,” is all she says.
“Tasteless?” He makes a show of acting offended, because everything is a show with the bard. “I’ll have you know, Yennefer of Vengerberg, that I am renowned for my good taste.”
“Only because you normally travel with Geralt. Comparatively, an endrega has good taste.”
Jaskier throws his head back to laugh, even though the joke really wasn’t that funny. “And here I thought we were becoming friends, my dear.”
Yennefer is about to fire back when the door to the cottage opens and Geralt and Ciri step inside. The laughter abruptly silences on Jaskier’s lips and Yennefer feels her own spine stiffen of its own volition. Geralt’s gaze flickers about the room cautiously, as if he expects to find a threat lurking in every dusty corner. Standing behind him, Ciri watches a spider weaving its web on the ceiling with disgust, like the girl didn’t just spend a winter in a crumbling fortress.
“It’s the best I could find on such short notice.” Yennefer hates the note of defensiveness that creeps into her voice. “I can’t exactly take over a wealthy merchant’s home or a noble’s manor without drawing attention to us, now can I?”
“It’s fine, Yenn.” Geralt offers her a small smile and she feels her shoulders relax just a fraction.
“It needs a bit of love, that’s for sure.” Jaskier looks around with a too-bright smile, the same expression he’s been wearing whenever Geralt is in the room for the past week. “But it’s nothing we can’t handle with a bit of elbow grease.”
“Or magic.” Ciri looks at Yennefer hopefully.
Yennefer shakes her head. “If I clean this place up with magic, it won’t be real. It will just be an illusion of cleanliness.”
“Does it matter?” Ciri asks.
“Yes,” Yennefer says. Her voice comes out rougher than she means it to, crueler.
There’s a beat of silence, broken as always by Jaskier. “Where do we start then?”
“Where do we start?” he asks again much later, after the cottage is as clean as it’s going to be after a single day’s work, Ciri is abed, and Geralt, Jaskier, and Yennefer are gathered in front of the hearth, passing around a bottle of truly foul gin.
“Start with what?” Geralt asks.
“I don’t even know.” Jaskier shrugs. “I’ve never been on the run from Nilfgaard and the Wild Hunt and gods only know who else before, especially not with a thirteen year old princess in tow. What are we going to do?”
Geralt passes Yennefer the bottle. “Yennefer and I are going to continue teaching Ciri how to defend herself.”
“And me?” Jaskier asks.
Geralt’s lips quirk. “I’ve been offering to teach you how to defend yourself for decades, Jask.”
A smile flickers across Jaskier’s face. “I’ve always told you, my greatest defense is my pretty face.”
Yennefer remembers Jaskier’s screams as the fire fucker burned him. His pretty face didn’t do him a damn bit of good then. “You’re here because when you’re here, you’re not out there getting into trouble. And Ciri just spent an entire winter trapped in a castle with a bunch of witchers. She could use some civilized company.”
Jaskier flutters his eyelashes at her. “ Civilized. Now, that’s the greatest compliment you’ve ever paid me.”
“It’s probably a stretch.”
Jaskier plucks the bottle of gin out of her hand and takes a swig. “How long do we think we’ll be safe here?”
Geralt is watching the bard with an expression that Yennefer can’t quite read. She’s never been sure whether Geralt and Jaskier were fucking or if Jaskier just wished they were. Before, she never particularly cared. But with the way Geralt’s eyes go soft whenever he looks at Jaskier, she thinks that the bard may not be the only one harboring a not-so-secret desire.
“I don’t know,” Geralt says quietly. “I was sure we would be safe at Kaer Morhen. We weren’t. I was sure we’d be safe at the Temple of Melitele. We weren’t safe there either.”
Yennefer stares into the dying fire in the hearth, trying not to think of all the ways she was complicit in making the Temple of Melitele not safe for Ciri. “They’ll find us here eventually. My hope is that Ciri will be able to control her own chaos by then. Once she can harness her own powers, she’ll be near unstoppable.”
“Let’s hope.” Jaskier puts the gin down on the table with a thud. “Because I imagine that the two of you are probably damn tired of saving my life. It will be her turn next.”
Geralt rolls his eyes and Yennefer snorts. Jaskier meets her eyes and winks broadly. Yennefer can only shake her head, exasperated. The world is changing around them so fast that she can hardly keep up. But in this little cottage, with the ridiculous bard and the only slightly less ridiculous witcher, she feels strangely at peace.
Read the rest on AO3
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She risked her life for me.
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