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Utopia- Within Temptation

Summary: Tragedy strikes at one of the Rejekts’ concerts. Roco finds a little help from his favorite drummer in getting back his spark.

TW: Guns, violence, blood, NPC death, emeto

Another night, another show was soon to pass them by. The lights of fireworks danced above their heads, their sharp, crackling reports echoing over the howls of the crowd and the untamed fire of the band who stood before them now, their spirits ablaze even as the skies had started to sprinkle overhead. Countless trolls, more than Siroco could ever hope to count in a single sitting, cheered the band on, and the audience roared when the frontman stepped near the back of the stage, taking his drummer’s hand in his own and raising it. “Ooone mooore time! Are yooouuu feelin it’?!” Shockwave grinned under his mask as the cheers rose to new heights. The crowd was fired up. It was time to carry them through to the end.

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the nerd who is the lead guitarist, and singer, of her band. literally the kindest soul and would never swear outside of song lyrics she performs uvu

“I ‘unno if I’ve ever heard yer music before….but I’d love t’ give it a shot! Leme look ya up some time. I c’n give a better score then.” 

“That’s a real nice guitar you got. Here, hold on-” 

> You dig in your pockets and fish out a few guitar picks. Some are novelty, there’s one Whysteria one and a broken black one. You smile as you give them to her. 

“I like yer outfits. The drum corps lookin’ jacket’s real cute. I like the yellow on it. I think you’d fit in wit Whysteria- though Wicket might try ‘n flirt up a storm. That’s just who she is though. Gotta love ‘er for it.” 

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im a bit late but, a bastard

“Listen, champ, I’m shore yer a swell fella. You gotta understand the risk yer puttin’ me in. I get it, y’know, fuchsias c’n do whatever the fuck they want. Only the heirs ‘n heriesses. Run of the mill loser musicians like me? We ain’t got that kinda freedom.” 

“So when I’m out here, riskin’ my life every day by existing with a mutant in my life, you gotta understand why I don’t wanna be seen with more. You look fine, no mutants in Whysteria, I’m shore you’re great at singin’ or whatever.” 

“But I ain’t gunna keep puttin’ my quad at risk jus’ t’ rate some stranger.” 

“Get that eye checked out. Looks bad, buddy.”

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A former bassist and amazing singer for a well known band, Revvas Valeni.

“I take it yer a former bassist ‘cos yer missin’ a finger? Felt that. Losin’ my arm was almost the worst thing t’ happen t’ me. Got a purdy sweet deal gettin’ one that c’n still play. Otherwise I’d be crushed.” 

“I ‘unno if I’ve heard yer music before. Maybe? It’s possible. I’ve heard a lotta tunes in my time. You got the right vibes fer Whysteria. Unfortunately there’s only room for one bastard. Arguably we got two but I don’t wanna be mean t’ Wicket.” 

“Red pants are a look! I don’t hate it. Reminds me of when I used t’ wear space pants. I like the tatts. The colors look real good.” 

“You got more tatts hidden elsewhere?” 

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